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  1. Is anybody else picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl?

    No, but I wouldn't be shocked if they made a nice run in the playoffs this year.
  2. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    A fitting end for Goff tonight.
  3. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Wow just wow. This has been some horrible Qb play tonight.
  4. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    I hate the Bears, but I loved that play call.
  5. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    I think it’ll be a close game with the Rams winning by 7 or less, should definitely be a good game overall.
  6. Week 13 GDT

    Lions gonna Lions
  7. Week 11 GDT

    No problem. As a Lions fan I'll take it, but it definitely was a bad play call on behalf of the Panthers.
  8. Week 11 GDT

    I think is most likely due to the fact that the Panther's kicker was having an off day, missed a previous xp and also missed a 34 yard fg earlier.
  9. Panthers @ Lions

    Thank you good sir, but this team is just to inconsistent to be taken seriously to contend for the NFC North imo.
  10. Panthers @ Lions

    Never thought I'd say this, but Zenner ices the game.
  11. Panthers @ Lions

    The Lions inability to run out the clock is going to come back to bite them in this game.
  12. Panthers @ Lions

    Golladay is something special
  13. Panthers @ Lions

    Can't argue that
  14. Panthers @ Lions

    Considering before the game I figured we'd be down 14-21 points by the half, I'm pleasantly surprised.
  15. Week 11 GDT

    I'm surprised Carolina didn't challenge that.
  16. Lions @ Bears

    I really like Golladay and Keyyron Johnson. I was skeptical of both picks, but I'm glad I've being proven wrong.
  17. Lions @ Bears

    Is it sad that I think the interception was a better outcome than if they punted it?
  18. Week 10 GDT

    Any WR is a sure start when they play the Lion's secondary, especially when Slay isn't playing.
  19. Lions @ Bears

    He had a lot of room in front of him. I don't know why he didn't pull it down and run, he missed the throw pretty bad.
  20. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    I was not aware of that rule and now that I am, I don't like it.
  21. Week 7 GDT

    I know Jim Schwartz was, I'm not sure of those two though.
  22. Week 7 GDT

    The Patriots almost gave that one up.
  23. Who Wins the NFC North?

    I actually think any of the four could win the division, but I think Minnesota has the better chance followed by Green Bay and then Chicago. I feel those three will be neck-n-neck-n-neck until the very end and I only threw in Detroit because… well there my team lol.
  24. ThuNF Week 7: DEN @ ARI GameDay Thread

    Very nice grab by Sutton.
  25. Lions release DE Anthony Zettel; claimed by Browns

    I agree with this assessment 100%, a very nice breakdown. I think he'll do well in Cleveland in a reserve roll.