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  1. I lied about what happens if im killed. The death note dies with me. Didn't want mafia to know
  2. No I said a while back I wasn't going to hit you and I'd call my shot. THat's what i just did
  3. Ok I don't know why that matters, you are a joint entity and the death note that doesn't kill one of you is gone
  4. What makes you think that? I just didnt read your explanation for that.
  5. I'm not gonna hit you btw. I wrote Mwil23's name in the death note
  6. Tentatively believe Naz/Whickers story. It makes more sense than not
  7. I don't think we know that one of the death notes were in the hands of mafia. Sorry if I missed you explanation on that. The mafia has a basic stabbing hit. Naz/Whicker claim they lost their death note. I got mine from Light (squire) so I believe mafia or the other have the other death note, but I believe Whicker/Naz saying they lost theirs
  8. Honestly I thought it would be pretty obvious I'm a civ, and as I explained my situation it would be clear i'm telling the truth. Having me clear would be worth it since pwny passes the death note on to a civ. But it's played out kind of weird. I think the obvious vote is daboyle, but i would have liked to learn more from matts
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