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  1. can Dallas pull off a win here without a Viking collapse?
  2. let's go to Reality School of the 2000 Championship, maybe you can learn the facts here... in 2000, the Championship was extreeeeeeemly close, less than a one point win, if that's even possible, in the Florida game. so challenges to that game's outcome could have realistically changed the entire outcome of the entire Championship. so they HAD to be reviewed, and they were. in 2016, the Championship result was very different, one team prevailed and won in something between a blowout and a very convincing win. so the challenges to petty individual plays, even if they are successful which so far they have not been, (over 30 of them have been thrown out by various reviewing Commissioners), will not result in enough points being reduced to change the winning and losing teams. this is fact, not opinion. it's about points, that's how you win games. the team with more points wins. at some point the Losers (and you know how rarely i capitalize here...) have to at least pretend to care about good sportsmanship and the rules of how games are played and have always been played, and just let the rest of the sports world move on. many, many fans of the losing team have said this too. it's the way of American football. there's always a loser unfortunately, and one has been declared. multiple times now.
  3. welllll...a game played in Georgia has now been fully reviewed at the request of the losing team. every minute of the game was looked over and the result was found to be the same, the other team won. so what has the losing team now done? requested a THIRD complete review of the game! so according to your request that the games be fully reviewed before a winner is officially announced, now that they have (or at least the Georgia game) and the results have not changed and the same teams won and lost, are you prepared to say that game is over, at least? because if the Georgia game is over, and the Penn game is over, then the Championship has been decided.
  4. not likely it's going to go that far. all the replays show the correct call has been made.
  5. well, if they wouldn't have tested him, then he wouldn't be hurt, right? isn't that how it works...?
  6. first of all, the bandwagon of cheerleaders you refer to are American football fans, and they have every right to cheer during and after the game. there is no "singularly proper" time for them to do so. games played in the past were all decided the same way. as to was this game finished...? oh yes, very much so it was. every credible sportscaster and expert sports historian certainly saw it that way. the score never changed, from the end of the game until now, regardless of all the coach's challenges attempted and all the replays reviewed.
  7. so let's say we won the Super Bowl a few years back, but it turns out Canada helped us immensely through deceptive means. would we have cheated then? my friend is very curious.
  8. so if we lose a game, can we just refuse to concede and continue to insist we won? regardless of what the scoreboard says? asking for a friend.
  9. Vikings LB Eric Wilson is the only player in the NFL in 2020 with 3 INTs and 3.0 sacks. : mnvkn.gs/probowl
  10. The Vikings defense allowed just 79 yards in the final 3 quarters of last night's win in Chicago. vikings.com
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