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  1. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    Running back Adrian Peterson has missed the last two games with a neck injury and there’s no reason to think he’s going to be back in the lineup for this Sunday’s game. There’s no current reason to think that he’ll be back in Week 16 or 17 either. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said on Wednesday that he has “no idea” if Peterson will be able to play again this year. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/12/13/bruce-arians-has-no-idea-if-adrian-peterson-will-play-again-this-year/
  2. Da D' Nasty Game

    Week 1- Atlanta 301, on pace for 301.0 Week 2 - Oakland 271, on pace for 286.0 Week 3 - Pittsburgh 304, on pace for 292.0 Week 4 - Seattle 237, on pace for 278.3 Week 5 - Minnesota 274, on pace for 277.4 Week 6 - Denver 276, on pace for 277.2 Week 7 - Carolina Week 8 - Cincinnati Week 9 - Arizona Week 10 - Chicago, on pace for 280.8 Week 11 - Jacksonville on pace for 272.0 Week 12 - New England 221 on pace for 267.8 Week 13 - LA Rams 312 on pace for 271.2 Week 14 Cleveland 350 on pace for 276.8 Week 15 - New Orleans
  3. 5,000 or Bust 2017

    eek 1 - Matt Ryan 321 +26/+26 on pace for 5457 Week 2 - Drew Brees 356 +61/+97 on pace for 5754 Week 3 - Derek Carr 118 -177/-80 on pace for 4505 Week 4 - Carson Palmer 357 +62/-18 on pace for 4896 Week 5 - Tom Brady 303 +8/-10 on pace for 4947 Week 6 - Kirk Cousins 330 +35/+25 on pace for 5058 Week 7 - Cam Newton 211 -84/-59 on pace for 4847 Week 8 - Case Keenum 288 - 17/-76 on pace for 4854 Week 9 - Matthew Stafford 361 +66/-10 on pace for 4997 Week 10 - Jared Goff 355 +60/+50 on pace for 5100 Week 11 - Alex Smith 230 -65/-15 on pace for 4992 Week 12 - Carson Wentz 227 -68/-83 on pace for 4897 Week 13 - Philip Rivers Week 14 - Jimmy G on pace for 5021 Week 15 - the Dallas QB. Dak? Zak? Zeke? Deke?
  4. 2017 NFL Pick 'em

    Denver at Indianapolis 4 Chicago at Detroit 11 Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City 6 Philadelphia at New York Giants 12 Cincinnati at Minnesota 16 Baltimore at Cleveland 10 Arizona at Washington 9 Green Bay at Carolina 3 New York Jets at New Orleans 15 Miami at Buffalo 5 Houston at Jacksonville 13 Los Angeles Rams at Seattle 1 Tennessee at San Francisco 8 New England at Pittsburgh 2 Dallas at Oakland 7 Atlanta at Tampa Bay 14
  5. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    most of the Twilight Zone episodes dealt with paranoia and fear.
  6. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    how's GB's o-line lately?
  7. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    Aaron Rodgers: "It's been a long road from that day to this, but I'm happy to say I've been medically cleared to return. Thanks for all the love, support, prayers, and well wishes over the past 8 weeks ❤️ and a big thank you to Dr McKenzie and our incredible training staff."
  8. The 2017 Receiving Corp, who's it going to be...?

    great stadium environment for fans, and soon to add great training facility for players and surrounding community.
  9. The 2017 Receiving Corp, who's it going to be...?

    for all we know, the Vikings' respectful handling and support of Floyd could be the deciding factor in signing some other free agent in the future.
  10. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends We're so glad you could attend Come inside, come inside. Come inside, the show's about to start guaranteed to blow your head apart Rest assured you'll get your money's worth The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth. You've got to see the show, it's a dynamo. You've got to see the show, it's rock and roll .... ELP, 1973
  11. The 2017 Receiving Corp, who's it going to be...?

    Michael Floyd: “Looking back on the past year I have experienced both the highest highs and the lowest lows. I would like to thank the Patriots and the Vikings for taking chances on me and for everyone else who has helped me over this past year. A year after making the biggest mistake of my life, I can honestly say, I’m a better person from it all and hope to continue to do and be better.” http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/12/12/a-year-after-extreme-dui-arrest-michael-floyd-says-hes-a-better-person/
  12. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    The NFL projects the 2018 salary cap to fall somewhere between $174.2 million and $178.1 million for next year, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. The league will reveal the exact number before free agency begins in the spring. It will mark the fourth consecutive year the salary cap has increased. This year’s salary cap is $167 million. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/12/12/report-2018-salary-cap-projects-somewhere-between-174-2-million-to-178-1-million/
  13. Who Gets #1 Seed in NFC?

  14. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    ooh, oooh! can we quote you on this during the Game Day Thread??