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  1. Turner was playing LT in the NFCGC, with Wagner at RT
  2. Implied probabilities of the Divisonal opponent: 33% - SF 31% - LAR 20% - PHI 16% - ARI ...here's to Philly pulling the upset (with the added bonus of taking out Tampa, of course)!
  3. Did you make your picks in real time or after the draft was completed?
  4. Estimated odds of the next opponent based on current lines: TB 42% LAR 27% CHI 19% WAS 12% /// After the first NFC game... if SEA wins… TB 63% CHI 19% WAS 18% if LAR wins… LAR 81% CHI 19%
  5. Dude you were 'fluffing them up' 3+ quarters of this game
  6. You honestly expect 2-3 throughout the rest of the schedule with 3-2 being lucky? Assign a win probability to each of the remaining games and try again.
  7. LOL, always the contrarian
  8. It is hilarious how many more posts are made after a loss than a big win...
  9. Mainly, that Rodgers has the ability to kill the motion. To a lesser extent, you are implying the assumption that Rodgers knows two defenders will follow the motion, which is obviously ridiculous. In addition, we don't know if a Bronco was lined up incorrectly and would have moved regardless, especially if Rodgers has the option to bark out a 'kill motion' and had done so. It is easy to critique a play knowing the outcome. Many other factors are at work, several of which we, as fans, will never know. We also need to remember that plays within a game are not independent events and showing
  10. I thought this original post would be a bit more comprehensive than using one play (and unbased assumptions) to take a broad view on Rodgers. For someone who thinks he's smarter than the vast majority of other posters on this site, it really is a pathetic attempt to drive an agenda.
  11. Great, now normalize this for down and distance...
  12. E.J. Bibbs (different player) http://www.draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=129773&draftyear=2015&genpos=TE
  13. That's some pretty weak cherry picking...GB was losing to the Rams heading into the 4th and had marginal leads vs the Vikings and Seahawks.
  14. The assumption of a 3rd round comp pick is generous and GB will likely be players in FA next year so it is a pointless comparison anyway
  15. You can't compare the 4th to a potential comp pick if you think GB are going to be players in free agency and they most certainly will be.
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