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    1. Replace Hue AND Amos with Dave Toub.... You only gave me 2 moves and I didn't want to waist both on coaching changes...so....win.... 2. Sign D-Lawrence to play LDE. It would just be insane to have Garrett and Lawrence across from on another. I assume we can get a VERY good DT in the first round of the draft, and we can continue to build WR's in the draft also. I vote make the defense insane, then go from there....
  2. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    How nice it is to actually have flexability...Hopefully this is what we see. I like the idea of having 2 SS's out there in Kindred and Peppers and have Kindred play a more traditional roll with peppers closer to the line most snaps.
  3. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    This is great news for us. Aside from Ogbah we are virtually at full strength for a much needed game.
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Tyreke hill was certainly an impressive get... Granted color me slightly less impressed with an average starting guard in the 6th round. That being said its hard to find any starting players in rounds 5-7 anyway so it was a very good pick. I know its only been 1 year, and only 2 games, but so far Ward looks great (even though I wanted Chubb), Callaway looks like a stud for the 4th round. Avery looks insanely talented for the 5th round. Way to early to tell on Baker and Chubb, and color me unimpressed with Corbett and Thomas, but seems like this guy has some idea how to draft... I loved Sashi but this is certainly a difference from the years of Farmer...
  5. 2019 Draft Prospects

    It would be such a relief if we find the left tackle of the future with the undrafted free agent we brought in. Also getting a possible #2 WR in the 4th round. I know guys are troubled and we are giving them chances and putting our neck out for them, but if they pan out and become upstanding players, the payoff is huge. This upcoming draft seems absolutely LOADED with DT's in the early rounds and we just happen to need a DT right now. We may not be in position to go BPA, but when the best players in the draft happen to fit one of our biggest needs, you jump at the opportunity... I just hope we don't have to reach at a QB anymore and can start looking to players in the first round that continuously improve our team and stay on our team...
  6. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    And WOW the difference between Peppers last year at FS and Peppers this year at SS.... Half of the addition Randall made was just moving Peppers back to where he belongs.
  7. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    Not that it matters a ton but I think Randall was questionable instead of doubtful. I really hope Randall and Landry an play. Ogbah we played pretty well without, I was hoping it would mean more Avery but I guess not based on the saints game. Devalve is whatever, hopefully he will play for us eventually this season. Kirksey we can play without, I always like how Burgess plays when he gets the chance. Randall is a difference maker in our secondary, I REALLY hope he can go. Landry obviously with Gordon down we need.
  8. Tyrod Taylor - Thus far a disappointment

    The O line looked pathetic against the steelers. Looked significantly better against the Saints. Improving the lines work together is reason enough that Tyrod is the starter. Baker also came from a very different system in college, I am more than happy to give him time not just to learn but have the playbook memorized and be 100% ready to go when his name is called. We weren't going from 0-16 to 16-0. There is no reason why Baker needs to start right now either...
  9. Tyrod Taylor - Thus far a disappointment

    I completely agree that if Tyrod shows he can do that consistently we should do it MUCH more often. I honestly believe that we should be throwing deep passes much more often. It would open up the running game and it would make people respect Tyrod's arm. Also Ndjoku, Callaway, and Duke are the guys we should be throwing deep to, so far I have only seen it done to Higgins and Landry which is concerning. It is hard to execute short pass play after short pass play all game long and I think we should take more shots. That being said I don't think 4th and 5 if we don't complete the pass the game is over is the only time during the game we should do that, that's all. Its very hard to say if they had a 1/10th chance to win the game if he completed a 5-10 yard pass there, no one knows what would have happened. That being said we completed a bomb, scored a touchdown, but we left too much time on the clock, and we still lost. Would we have been able to score if we completed a 5 yard pass? I don't know. Would we have been able to complete a 5 yard pass? I don't know. I'm not arguing any of that. I'm just saying, statistically speaking, when its 4th and 5 its not a good Idea to throw a low percentage pass for 47 with the game on the line and a QB who hasn't shown the ability to make that throw. Especially when that same QB has shown his wheelhouse is the ability to make a high percentage pass for 5 yards or scramble for 5 yards. Its really hard for people to agree with me because it worked and I understand that, but just because something worked didn't make it a good idea in the first place.
  10. Tyrod Taylor - Thus far a disappointment

    Oh yeah! Right over by Seneca falls. Every time fall come around I think back very fondly on that area. Rolling hills with the changing leaves and lakes. Great place to go visit!
  11. Tyrod Taylor - Thus far a disappointment

    I certainly hope he is. The last thing I want is for Baker to be thrown in because Hue panics and fears he will lose his job if something doesn't change.
  12. Tyrod Taylor - Thus far a disappointment

    Early years in Rochester, High school years in Corning so right in the finger lakes region
  13. Tyrod Taylor - Thus far a disappointment

    I don't want Tyrod benched...I want him to play all season... I can both dislike the decision that was made, either by the QB or the offensive coordinator (Landry and Callaway were both running go routes) but still want them both to succeed and hope they remain in their positions...
  14. Tyrod Taylor - Thus far a disappointment

    also you act like callaway or Jarvis were wide open when the decision was made to throw the ball... 0:47 seconds in that video you can see a clear shot of where people were when the ball was released... the defensive player had turned around and started running downfield and still had 5 yards on Callaway.... and when he caught it, it was by the tips of his fingers with the DB just trailing him. He was fairly well cover but was too fast and made a GREAT play on the ball. If it was a wide open player sure! but that pass and catch had to be perfect, and they were, but that's not something I'm putting the game on the line hoping to get...
  15. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    This. I feel like if we want to be competative, we need to AT LEAST win the jets game, and quite frankly I think we need to win the Oakland game too. This is the easiest stretch of our schedule. He came of a VERY difficult 2 games against two of the best offenses in the league and showed up against both of them, almost winning both games. If we lay an egg against the Jets it will be very disheartening. And if we cant beat Oakland either, who has just been bad this season, I will have little faith that this team can sustain winning football play.