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  1. Agreed. I've seen too much staring OBJ down and forcing throws in. Again this is all a hope. This being said I also hope OBJ plays great so we can get good value trading him!
  2. Agreed. And I will say, at least publically OBJ has been nothing but a great teammate to the browns. He hasn't thrown any public fits. He hasn't acted childish. Aside from the billboards in NYC, he's just put his head down and work. I don't know if it was baker focusing on him because he thought he needed to, because odell required it, or because it was the game plan, but Its not about getting Odell the ball, he should make our team better by just being there. 1. He has great hands and should be able to get open. But more importantly. 2. He takes up the teams best corner so
  3. All this being said it will be nice to see how we play without OBJ to start the year vs how we play with him. I hope baker is learning and doesn't force the ball to Odell anymore and we are a better team with him than without him.
  4. From what I understand they didn't want to because they thought he might be able to play. His doctors have said they want him out 3 weeks. The Browns I've heard are more in the boat of leaving it up to him, if he feels he needs to be out there he will be. I hear there was a decent chance he might be out there against KC because he felt he needed to, but because we are playing Houston and Chicago next, the chances are less because the team will probably be okay without him. All that being said I understand not putting him on IR before the season because then he would have been out f
  5. I'm not sure what you are hoping for to be honest. Every contested catch that baker threw was caught except for the one to Schwartz where the defender made a fantastic play. There were so many passes that were VERY close to defenders, several to Jarvis and the one to DPJ, and they all ended up with the ball in hands. What are we upset about? We had 3 touchdowns on the first 3 drives and then it was the end of the half (despite that end of the half going 87 yards in 1:31 from the Kansas city 1 yard line). We came out in the 2nd half with an unfortunate fumble, then drove down the f
  6. I agree with Clowney, I think people are talking about pass rush but his run defense is really what makes him stand out. That being said, when talking about the "when healthy" portion of the argument, I don't think Vernon gets as much credit as he deserves with his run defense. But yes, I agree overall improve but the question will definitely be how much.
  7. I am slightly worried about how improved the Dline is in front of them. Not that Sheldon Richardson and Larry Ogunjobi are world beaters, but Malik Jackson is good and Billings looked pedestrian in the pre-season. I hope he fits the role on running downs that they need. See my previous post about McDowell though, if he ends up starting and being what I think he can be then I may completely agree with you.
  8. so a side tangent for a second... I'm probably hyping him up way too much, but is anyone else as excited as I am for what Malik McDowell can do?!?! He's had his problems in the past, but he was being talked about like Erik Armstead and Deforest Buckner when he came out. If we can get that kind of production from the defensive interior that is a game changer. One of the biggest game changers for a defense is a pass rush from the inside. The rams are one of the best defenses in the NFL, not because of their outside pass rush (Leonard Flloyd?!?!) not because of their secondary (e
  9. I understand this but I do think our linebacking core will be much better this year. Takitaki was actually VERY good vs the run last year. I thought our best LB was Malcom Smith who we brought back. We added JOK. I thought replacing BJ Goodson with Anthony Walker was also an upgrade. Not world beaters, but I thought we got the best linebacker for us in the draft and only had to give a 2nd to do it.
  10. This is very true. But I also know we are going to have to pay players other than these in the future. Guys like ward, guys like a DE. I think we are eventually going to be replacing good players with drafted players and working the team that way, but I don't think everything can be assumed into increase of the salary cap. Though that will certainly make it easier to swallow the cost of the increase in QB and offensive line etc. I do think we have great depth at guard atm however and I think the more valuable player on the team has been Teller compared to Bitonio atm. I a
  11. TO be completely honest I see OBJ and Juice money to help pay for Mayfield. We can get 15 million dollars by cutting or trading OBJ, and we can get 15.1 million dollars for cutting landry. Right now we pay mayfield roughly 10 million. We will have to pay Mayfield 40 million. Without much thought I feel like that is where the money initially comes from. Granted, we only pay mayfield 18 million next year, so under this information we can afford to keep bitonio if thats the case. But only for the last year of his contract before he starts to take less or we find money els
  12. So this is the most interesting question to me. I know Teller has been an integral part to this rushing attack. Teller missed 5 games last season, against Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, the Raiders, the Giants and the Jets. In those five games, the browns rushed for 75, 82, 101, 106, and 45 yards respectively. Those were the 5 lowest totals all year. In those 5 games we rushed 114 times for 409 yards (3.59 yards per carry). In games teller did play the browns rushed 381 times for 1965 yards (5.16 yards per carry). Now, a very important factor was also for three of those games (PIT, CIN a
  13. Yeah. Honestly what worries me about this front office so far is they have yet to drop any of the players they have drafted. Granted the late round ones seem to have been good! DPJ and Felton they weren't letting go, but its something to watch and be concerned about. I hope they are willing to admit when a player isn't worth keeping just because we used a 4th or 5th on them...
  14. Well we Waived Joe Jackson, so I have no idea I guess...
  15. I think they were always going with 4 DE's. Joe Jackson or someone similar is making the 53 in my mind. I would have been very surprised if we kept Day over a 4th DE. I was disapointed it wasn't Weaver however. I thought he had the most upside. Maybe its a cut from another team...
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