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  1. Again, I'm playing devils advocate. I agree with you that we do need more game changes. Hell I want a linebacker whos all over the field. That being said I don't think this front office does that unless they are pushing them to be pure pass rushing DE's.
  2. Its not about the effectiveness of the defensive line as much as it is about the financials of the situation. Williams is seeking 18-20 million. Assuming he wont get that but will still get 13-15. With only 32 million under the cap, Ward, Teller, Chubb and Mayfield to extend, it doesn't leave much wiggle room. Considering cutting Richardson would save 12 million, that is probably where you gain the flexibility to do that.
  3. So I like the thought, but a few things I wonder about with realism. 1. Reggie hit on it, I would be super surprised if we go anywhere near linebacker in the first round. I would LOVE a linebacker in the first as I think its our major need, but from everywhere I hear they just don't value the position as highly. They want their DE's to rush the passer, their CB's to cover, and they want more versatility in the safeties to act more like linebackers than the linebackers being that good. They want Taki-Taki type players to come on the field for running downs, and the Malchom Smith type gu
  4. I don't think, in fact I'm pretty sure we aren't spending much on a LB, I assume we are drafting guys that fit the scheme. I could see spending a decent amount of money on a DE. Melvin Ingram is a little older than I assume they go after. Leonard Williams fits the age but I don't know about scheme. Hes more of a pass rushing DT or a 5 teach. I'm not sold on Dupree or on Hendrickson. But they very well may go after one of them. I could see Judon if the Ravens try to keep Yannick instead? I think Malik Hooker is exactly the type of guy this front office looks at howev
  5. This would be the perfect situation. We find out Saturday with a raiders win that we would clinch with a jets win. Then we root for the colts to beat the steelers to give us a shot at the Division the following Sunday! Couldn't have imagined being in this position 5 weeks ago!!!
  6. I understand the sarcasm here but do remember, its not just about O'dell, its about baker too. This is his 3rd offensive playbook under 3 different offensive play callers. There is something to be said about getting used to a scheme and a play style. I'm sure that has a lot to do with Baker and OBJ's on field relationship as well. It could be but it doesn't diminish his value as a wide receiver and his abilities to get open and make plays. Would I like him to be a better route runner? of course, but some times you play with what you have and his talent and ability i
  7. its not necessarily about him progressing, its about the offense and baker progressing. Its also about an off season of working with baker and getting some things taken care of. From what I can tell, Baker is best running a quick passing offense with quick decisions and relies on his receivers to be where he expects them to. He is great at back shoulder fades and hitting receivers out of their breaks. Again this is just what I'm seeing but Odell is more liberal with his routes. He does get open but he goes about it in a less calculated way in more of a how it feels way.
  8. We did but he wasn't active. Right now hes a PS guy. I wonder what we're going to do with Hall and Willies. I assume WIllies stays on the PS and Hall gets Taylors playing time
  9. I think they have to have OBJ come back next year, and see if he has progressed with the offense if baker keeps balling out. If OBJ isn't better with the offense, you look to trade him. If he is, you could still look to trade him knowing we don't NEED him or keep him and really have a ton of talent. The nice thing is as of right now we can afford to keep him, and if we decide to cut him lose or trade him there is zero dead money.
  10. I think the chances they are picking up bakers 5th year option are already near 100%. We don't have any other options but to let him improve and grow with the team.
  11. I wish I had seen the first iteration of this. I REALLY like Besham. I don't think we need a super star pass rusher on the other side of Garrett, but I do think we need someone who defends the run well, who has a good set of pass rush moves, and who is a high effort player. There are a lot of guys who have been VERY successful who weren't super athletes (JJ watt for example) but with effort and moves is effective as a pass rusher. I like the idea of drafting a CB in the first round however. I think our biggest needs are CB and DE, i just think its harder to find a good DE in l
  12. I really hope we face Buffalo. That would require us to be the best WC team and I don't think we have any chance of that. Gun to my head this is what I think will happen. Lose to the Titans and Ravens, Beat the Jets and Giants. Go into the final game of the season and the chiefs will have lost one more so the Steelers wont care about the last game, rest their starters, and we will win. That makes us 11-5 and tied with the ravens for the best record as wildcards, but because they have beat us twice it will make us the 2nd best wildcard and we will play the TItans. Its
  13. People often forget that Brady had the best defense in the NFL for the first several years of his career. It wasn't until he got Moss that he really showed he was more than just a dink and dunk passer. I am concerned about Baker, but I'm not willing to jump off the ledge yet. He has had a TERRIBLE start to his career in terms of number of offensive coordinators and head coaches. He shows moments of great accuracy and moments of terrible passes and decisions. We need to give him time and the opportunity under the same coaching staff with the same offensive line and weap
  14. Hodge, Taylor, and OBJ are out. We only have 3 WR's left in Landry, Higgins and DPJ. I'm looking forward to 3TE's a RB and a FB out there just jaming it down their throats. I don't expect us to win this one, but I don't say we can't or its impossible. Were still a ways away from beating good teams consistently with this defense. With an offseason of drafting on the D side of the ball, and getting Delpit and Harrison back and a full year together, I think we can put up similar numbers against a more difficult schedule!
  15. I hadn't logged on in a while so I didn't see this. My apologies, and you sent it on my birthday no less! Yeah I've been enjoying the football season, and without the need to feel like the whole team needs to be fixed and a lack of things to complain about I admit I haven't been around lately. I need to change that! I'll have to start logging on more and seeing how everyone's doing! Also I have some game management called by Stefanski I can certainly complain about! I hope everyone's been enjoying to season so far!!
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