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  1. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Oh I agree their window for winning a championship is closed. I think Lebron should leave. That being said we didn't miss it! We jumped through the window for the limited time it was open. Nothing anyone can do right now with the best team, probably in the history of the game, out in golden state.
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Absolutely. I was mad when he left 8 years ago, mostly with how it happened and where he went. This time, I want to see him go down as the greatest of all time. Its his career. Hes not winning another one here the way Golden State is set up. Go get it!
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    How do you miss a championship window when you win a championship?
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    I think it would have to be a situation where simmons plays the 4 when lebron first gets there, and Lebron transitions to the 4 as he gets older with Simmons taking back ball handling duties. I'm not saying its the best fit right now, but if he wants sustained winning, you have the best chance in philly.
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    I don't think hes staying in cleveland. The problem with Houston is they are losing a lot of their guys too. I could see him going to philly, they have more incredibly young talent than I've seen in a while. Boston is deeper talent wise but they don't have the same level at the top as Philly does/will.
  6. Are the playoffs really out of the question?

    Its because NFL writers and NFL analysts have no creativity. If you look at the rankings, its almost identical to what the ranking was at the end of last season. This just doesn't happen year after year in the NFL. No one has the forethought to understand the off season does make a difference.
  7. Your Personal Draft

    For me, assuming we didn't trade any of the picks because we didn't have the offers, this is how I think I would have handled our picks. 1. Sam Darnold QB, USC - He was always the best player in the draft to me and the best QB on the board. I am okay with Mayfield but my dream was Darnold. 4. Bradley Chubb DE, NC State - I thought pairing him with Garrett would have been ridiculous! I thought this was the best way to help the team. 33. Courtland Sutton WR, SMU - I thought Courtland was the second best WR in the draft. I don't think we can rely on Josh Gordon to stay clean and wanted a big bodied WR to paid with Jarvis Laundry. 35. Connor Williams LT, Texas - I honestly still think hes the best LT in this draft. I would like to see Shone Coleman get a shot, but I thought when Williams had another off season to recover from his knee injury, he would go back to his 2016 form, which was truly dominant on the blind side. I still thought we needed a CB but he was too good to turn down here. 67. Maurice Hurst DT, Michigan - If I'm being completely honest, I would have been praying one of the CB's fall to here in Carlton Davis or Isaiah Oliver, but with them gone, and my draft crush Rashaad Penny going so early in the draft, I go where the draft takes me and choose a value pick player here. I think we would be fine with E.J. Gaines, and T.J. Carrie as our starting CB's this year, especially with Mitchell, Calhoun, and Howard backing them up, so I take the best player on the board, giving me 5 players who were supposed to be first rounders in my first 5 picks. 114. Saquem Griffin LB. UCF - I thought this kid was one of the best players in the country and a steak in the 4th round. We could use some depth at LB and he at the very least would be an amazing player to have in the locker room and a special teams kid, and at the best he could compete at LB. 150. Tavaris McFadden CB/S, FSU - I'll be honest I go value picks 4th round and later. I saw him as an incredible player back in 2016 but got burnt in 2017. He is good at press man and zone and I think it would be worth a shot to see if he could be a CB or backup Safety for us with Greg Williams system. 175. Equanimous St. Brown WR, ND - Again value picks here. I think he was a project well worth a middle 5th round pick to try and bring competition to the group. If he didn't work out it didn't kill us to take a shot here. 188. Deshon Elliot S, Texas - I thought he would end up going in the 3rd round. I think we need some depth at the Free Safety position and I really liked watching this kid play in college. Had we been sitting there in the middle of the 6th and he was still on the board I wouldn't be able to help but take him. Not everyone here would have panned out I'm sure but I think the draft, especially after the 3rd round, is worth taking a risk on guys that fell for one reason or another. If nothing else it would be exciting to see how things shake out.
  8. Why are you here? (10,000th post)

    My Dad has always been a Browns Fan. I saw how angry he was at the TV all the time, so I tried my hardest to avoid it. I was but a wee lad in the early 90's and rooted for the Cowboys because they were good. Then tried turning my attention to an expansion team in the mid 90's when the Jaguars came on, but I was still too young to understand and I think I picked them because I liked the logo and the colors. When the browns came back in 99' however, I almost had no choice, the excitement in my household was running very high and I jumped on the hype train with my Father. Unfortunately the train lost control and though it is too depressing to stay on but going too fast to jump off so here I am. That's how I became a browns fan, how I joined this Forum is probably close to @mistakey, I have never lived in a location where other browns fans existed. Started as a fan in Upstate NY, then went to school in Kentucky, Moved to Maryland, Princeton NJ, Grand Rapids MI, and now settled back in NJ not too far outside NYC. There just aren't enough browns fans in these locations to argue with so I come to argue with you guys! Also this forum keeps me in my relationship because if I ever started trying to talk browns with her, she would have run away a long time ago....
  9. Pick #33: Austin Corbett - OL, Nevada

    This is a really good point. Hubbard was brought in to bring competition to the offensive line and make it better. If Coleman pans out and Corbett can play RT, then great! If Coleman pans out, Corbett looks like hes better on the interior (taking over for Tretter in a year) then okay! We have Hubbard at RT. We have a lot of options this year and can see what pans out for us.
  10. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    I'm not sure what would be required but that is something I would do in a heartbeat if I were them too. I think Khawai is the perfect compliment to Lebron. Scoring ability and great defense without needing to command the ball.
  11. I think its more this than sucking at drafting. You think of the guys we had but don't have anymore, here's just a few that left our team to become starters elsewhere around the league... Mitchell Schwartz Alex Mack Taylor Gabriel Travis Benjamin Deon Lewis Tashaun Gibson Willie Snead Demario Davis Terrell Pryor Xavier Cooper Jordan Poyer Johnson Bademosi Jabaal Sheard Danny Shelton Jason McCourty Benjamin Watson Joe Haden Barkevious Mingo K'Waun Williams We don't suck at drafting, we suck at keeping players who are worth something....
  12. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    I absolutely agree. Honestly I hope to see him finish out his career winning another championship or 2 somewhere else. I live in NJ so I think my dream scenario is he goes to Philly along with a trade for Khawi... Simmons, Fultz, Khawi, Lebron and Embid would be a team that could give the warriors a run for their money.
  13. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    So I am assuming Chad Thomas ends up being our backup LDE behind Ogbah. I could see him used like Greg Williams used WIlliam Hayes for the rams. Big bodied DE with limited pass rush but could stuff the run effectively. I think after drafting him in the 3rd Carl Nassib is going to be gone. I know we paid Carrie more money, but based on Talent you don't think EJ Gaines is going to end up being our other boundary corner? he played very well in Buffalo, where Carrie hasn't been a boundary before. If i'm not mistaken wasn't he the nickle for Oakland? I think the Undrafted Free Agent from a Division II school is going to have a hard time taking over LT in the NFL, I would be shocked if he was even the backup there. I think there's a better chance of having Donald Stephenson or Corbett back up LT, or the possibility of moving Bitonio to LT and have Corbett play LG is also a possibility. But I do think Coleman will get the first show. Lastly, you think Caleb is more fit to be a run stopping NT that a pass rushing 3-tech? For some reason I thought Caleb was better at pass rushing and Ogunjobi played NT in college and has more experience there. Regardless, I think we let Shelton go because we wanted more pass rush from the NT position than we were getting. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ogunjobi and Brantley both start by the end of the year.
  14. Baker Mayfield: League Perception

    I've heard a lot of this to be honest, that there was much more traction of teams around the league who liked Mayfield much more than the media did. I wonder a lot about what Sashi would have done, because based on analytics, I think he would have gone Baker Mayfield at #1 also. When "Football" guys and "analytics" guys agree on something, were still finding ways to be pissed about it. I wanted Darnold more and I am on record saying that many times, but I do think Mayfield will succeed in this league and we will be very happy with this pick...
  15. Pick #33: Austin Corbett - OL, Nevada

    I also think there is a chance that we have him compete at LT, but also at LG. What he lacks aside from arm length at LT is elite athleticism, which Bitonio has. I think you could end up seeing Corbett at LG and Bitonio at LT. Just a thought though