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  1. I don't know that I would cut Lamm. He played well as a backup. It doesn't hurt to have guys with backup experience.
  2. OBJ issued warrant for slapping cops booty

    Do you see this as leading to Antionio Brown? Or anything even remotely comparable to what Antonio brown has done? A media circus comes with him yes. He has a personality and likes to be his own person, yes. Did you hear once from him he wasn't getting the ball enough? Did you hear once from teammates that he doesn't practice or put in the time or put in the effort? No its not about the yards, its about him requiring a double team every time hes on the field. When he has a coordinator who knows how to throw fades to him in the corner of the end zone he will be well worth being the 12th highest paid wide receiver that he is...
  3. OBJ issued warrant for slapping cops booty

    yeaaaahhhh. sorry.... can't get behind this at all. I didn't love the trade. But in his first year he went for over 1000 yards and looked bad doing it. And all you're willing to give him is that one year to figure things out with clearly a bad offensive play caller?
  4. Stefanski’s staff

    Agreed. I also think it helps if you utilize the talent you do have, ESPECIALLY when you are missing key pieces. Listen we will be fine if we keep Wilks. I just think if were changing over the team we would be better off with someone else. Someone who will bring the talent of our current players out more.
  5. Stefanski’s staff

    Well i mean it doesn't help that I despise zone defense. That being said no. Your right, that's not the reason we imploded. But they are a reason I believe he is not the answer. Things like that, never playing Avery, playing Eric Murray as our slot corner, these are reasons that I don't want a coach back. If you can't determine who the best players on the team are, I don't want you coaching said team... This is not about our defense not being good last year. This is about our defensive coordinator not being smart last year.
  6. Stefanski’s staff

    I understand what you mean but at least Wade Phillips, using the same base scheme, is able to put players in positions to utilize their abilities. Wilks on the other hand played more Jermaine Whitehead than Terrance Mitchell because...nope...I don't even think I can come up with a reasonable explanation...
  7. Stefanski’s staff

    Yeah I'm assuming we're keeping Wilks which I'm not overly happy about. He didn't seem to know how to best use his players. Tried to play 3 safeties when we were so much more deep at CB. I want a guy who will form his scheme around the players he has not trying to go with a scheme despite not having the players for it.. I was praying for Phillips. But at this point I will take anyone but Wilks
  8. Who’s on Board (Stefanski)

    I honestly had no idea who i wanted as head coach. I thought McDaniels could be a train wreck. But his offensive scheming and talent was undeniable. I was just as worried about his leadership abilities as I was excited about our offense with him at the helm. I thought Schwartz was the one with the most experiance and who I trusted considering we need to get this right. Stefanski was the one I knew the Analytics guys wanted and I had heard great things about his leadership but the fact that he hand't done this before scares me. Saleh was the most fiery and I thought he would be the coach the players would run through a wall for. All that being said i'm REALLY excited about Stefanski. His leadership, His level headedness. I hope he doesn't call plays and focuses on being a leader and the decision maker. Hoping we finally got it right. But hope is a dangerous thing...
  9. Stefanski’s staff

    To me its about constantly trying to fit round pegs into square holes. I did NOT like Wilks last year. Ward and Greedy are more man corners and they played way too much zone. Our strength was our depth at CB most of the year and we constantly tried to play a 3rd safety instead of a 3rd CB. I want someone who will adjust the scheme to the players strengths. Not the other way around.
  10. Who do you want as head coach?

    Yeah i wanted Freddie. Based on his playcalling he looked like the right call. Clearly couldn't handle it though.
  11. Sources of info for the Browns and NFL?

    Understandable. I would like to say that's the most frivolous purchase I make. But its not even close....
  12. Sources of info for the Browns and NFL?

    I honestly have really enjoyed the orange and brown report. I feel they have the most accurate insider information that I've heard. other than that, the 93 sources on twitter of course... I haven't started listening to a podcast yet. I should
  13. Who do you want as head coach?

    Happy to...
  14. Who do you want as head coach?

    I don't understand why people thinks coordinator success leads to head coaching success. If he can teach players to be disciplined that's one thing. if he can scheme a good defense, who cares if hes not going to be the DC?
  15. Who do you want as head coach?

    Exactly. If DePodesta really wanted him last coaching search, and you know Minnesota wants to keep him around as a future coach, he might be the right option. Josh McDaniels is highly respected as a play-caller, and I have faith in him to make our offense run WELL. The question is can he be a good HC. Lets hope we make a decision we actually stick with for the next 3-5 years...