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  1. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    That was the Pro Football Writers Award. He won Rookie of the Year. Saquan Barkley offensive Rookie of the Year. Darious Leonard defensive rookie of the year. The associated press one is the one that everyone pays attention to. I believe that gets announced the day before the Superbowl?
  2. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I've said before I don't mind singing older veterans to help the younger guys find their place. I'm not sure Suh or Richardson have the personalities you would be looking for as leaders, but they would be contracts that aren't overly longterm and see what production you could still get. I'm sure its been said but I wouldn't mind bringing in a guy like Thomas Davis from the Panthers to work with Wilks and our young LB core and be a coach on the field. He may not have many years left but hes still playing at a high level...
  3. I heard that too. I didn't know if he was talking about John Dorsey "Mr. D" of if he was talking about Jimmy

    DVOA numbers are important but also play into the personnel who are on your squad. I took a deeper look into his ST numbers for the teams he's coached... In 2006 Mike Priefer took over as special teams coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs... In 2005 KC's ST DVOA was 23rd. After Priefer took over it was 13th in 2006, 24th in 2007, and 30th in 2008. (immediate improvement but went down hill after) After he left KC their ST DVOA was 27th in 2009. In 2009 he took over as Special Teams coordinator of the Denver Broncos... In 2008 Denver's ST DVOA was 31st. after he took over it was 18th in 2009, and 27th in 2010. After he left Denver, thier ST DVOA became 18th in the league. In 2011 he took over as special teams coordinator of the Minnesota vikings. in 2010 Denver's ST DVOA was 19th. AFter he took over it became 27th in 2011, 5th in 2012, 6th in 2013, 10th in 2014, I dont know why I'm typing this read above. He generally seems to do more good than he does harm. I will say this he has never been fired for his work, hes only been fired because of head coaching changes or most recently was asked to re-sign with the vikings but turned down the offer to come home to Cleveland. I'm excited for the difference he HAS to make over Amos....
  5. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Absolutely. We need to keep our draft picks because we will have to play our best players sometime soon (Garrett & Mayfield specifically) and we are going to need to have young guys on the books to take over for more expensive acquisitions or players who are coming off their rookie deals. Unfortunately when you pay a QB and a DE a ton, you need to make sure you have the drafted infrastructure behind them to be able to be sustainable. Trading away future draft picks for a second edge rusher is exactly the wrong direction to go for that... Take the best players available that fit needs for our team that fall to use, and go from there. I think we are undervaluing Avery a little bit. What he did as a rookie moving from MLB in a AAC school to pass rusher in the NFL was amazing. Also unless were getting a true #1 WR i don't know that depth si what we need at WR. Again Callaway going from not playing last year at college to being the #2 in the nfl is a HUGE jump. I think our biggest needs are DT and LB. I think we need more depth at CB if Gaines goes elsewhere. I wouldn't mind adding depth at Blocking TE, DE, and OT This of course hinges on what we do with Perriman, and Robinson of course.
  6. For me it's someone with experience as a HC and wants to stick with the 4-3. Though 3-4 principles are fine for the right guys like Pagano. But Vance Joseph seems like a good option. Someone in here brought up jack Del Rio and I liked that idea. I think experience as HC to help Freddie be the CEO is important though.
  7. I really don't care, you root for who you want to root for. I'm glad your enjoying the eagles win. And it's fun to see the browns winning. I always root for a second team come playoff time because the browns aren't there. That being said could you have picked a more terrible fan base to join? I live 45 minutes from Philly, I have never disliked the eagles or flyers or Phillies, hell I like Joel Embiid and the 76ers. But those fans....woooow...the just feed of getting people to hate them... I get taunted for enjoying the browns winning games, who hates the browns? Especially in Philly? They should just feel bad for us like everyone else!!!
  8. Pre-FA/Draft Expectations

    I put 9, mostly because we have yet to get a winning season so I want to set expectations low.... That being said here's how I see the season playing out.... Games we should win: Bengals (Home), Bengals (Away), Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Broncos, 49ers, Cardinals Obviously these are games we could lose one or two of, but we should be able to go in as favorites. Best case (8) worst case (6) Games I don't expect to win: Rams, Patriots Granted I'm not saying there is not a chance, but I don't expect to beat the rams, or to beat the Pats in Foxboro. Best case (1) worst case (0) Games I see as a toss-up (50/50?): Titans, Ravens (home), Ravens (away), Steelers (home), Steelers (away), and Seahawks I think these are games we should be competitive in and have a decent chance to win. I would throw them as 50/50. I think best case (4) worse case (2). So looking at this season I think worse case we should be able to go 500. Best case we should be able to get between 9-12 wins... Our schedule actually looks pretty easy so we will see what happens!

    My understanding is there was a SUPER weird relationship between Pagano and Grigson. From my understanding Grigson not only had control over the 53, but he had control over starters and playing time. Also as far as roster construction, Grigson spent almost all high draft picks on offense, with TE's and WR's and OL. Bejon Warner was the only one I could remember and he was a 4-3 DE for Pagano's 3-4 defense. It just wasn't a good fit...

    In his defense, I think it was Ryan Grigson who ran the colts defense into the ground...

    1 - I think having a D Coordinator with head coaching experience will be a good thing for Freddie. Also Arians was one of Freddie mentors and speaks so highly of Pagano it might be a mutual trust. 2 - This is the thing that scares me. Doesn't Pagano run primarily a 3-4?

    Ahh didn't realize. Figured you could sneak in with the AHC label....

    I would love to get strong assistants behind Freddie. Dave Toub ST Coordinator & Assistant HC
  14. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I'm not sure that's a good thing. The taking plays off shines with Jamie Collins, and though I think he can be great, he doesn't seem to have the motor. When you are trying to change the locker room and the effort in the locker room, it starts with getting rid of experienced guys who don't fit your culture and adding experienced guys who will advance it. Perfect example, Jarvis Landry. Having a guy who comes in and works hard and is willing to fight for the locker room and tell guys you cant take plays off makes a difference. Losing Josh Gordon who does the opposite despite talent makes a difference. Just because our team is inconsistent and bad against the run doesn't mean we keep all who are. I means we figure out how to change it without effecting our young cornerstones on the team.
  15. Buh bye Gregggg

    This is how I feel also. Maybe not loved him as a human but I loved his personality and what he did for our team... This! I feel bad for how it turned out based on how much he did for us!