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  1. Yeah the more I read the more I watch of him the more excited I get. I think he is the perfect safety/LB to fit the rover role, but a Rover that stays on the field as a linebacker in the base package, so you really don't know what were doing. I was arguing for him in the first round, I was STOKED with him in the second.
  2. Wilson could be great. They switched systems between 2019 and 2020, he was a first round pick going into 2020, and he just didn't show up last year. If he can get back in shape and back to form, he could be a hell of a nose for us. We payed him like the highest UDFA money in history to get him here, I think he could be a great move for us. At the very least we just waisted a couple hundred thousand (sounds fine when its not my money).
  3. Something tells me with drafting Tommy Togiai, signing Marvin Wilson, and taking a shot at Malik Jackson, that we can now be pretty confident we're not expecting Richardson back :-P. That being said I like the signings of McDowell and Wilson, these are low risk high reward signings. If they don't work out, okay. If they do, that's only better for us!
  4. I hear you. I just think people put too much stock in the play makers early in the draft because they are flashy. The Chase move would sell tickets, the move would sell Jerseys, but I can't argue there move would help the team anywhere near as much and taking Sewell. I'm just saying there is no argument that could make me pass on Sewell if I were the Bengals. Williams played college at RT in college and was great at it. I would let him do it again, Reiff can also shift inside for the 1 season hes signed, and you have bookends for the next decade. Sewell would not only improve
  5. 1 - Its not about the other team having to game plan for a left tackle as much as it is your team not having to game plan for a defensive end. Having Sewell at LT means you don't have to plan a TE chipping or a RB covering to help on Myles Garrett. You can let them go 1 on 1. Will Garret get the best of him? from time to time sure, but your not constantly trying to figure out what to do to help. 2 - I understand the thought but you don't find a tackle with that kind of talent in later rounds almost ever. Most stud left tackles do tend to be high first round picks. You do find DK Metc
  6. I struggle with some of this also. And maybe its my love for who we ended up with last year. There were some athletic issues but I would have pounded the table in the 3rd or 4th round for Curtis Weaver. If were not taking someone with super athleticism and allow our coaches to teach them pass rush moves (oweh) or give them time to bulk up (Ojulari) I don't know that I would want to take someone later. I would just want to see what Weaver has! All that said I think we have the ability to sit someone behind Garrett and Takk and Clowney and only come in as a pass rush specialist at first, an
  7. So I agree with you on the every one has a question mark, but I don't remember this many talented DE prospects in the first round, or options in the late first round. If there weren't question marks or issues with their game, they wouldn't make it out of the top 10, that's kind how DE's work I can't help looking back at 2018. Marcus Davenport was a good prospect but had a lot of question marks, Strength, 2nd move, competition level, etc. The Saints traded up and gave away their future 1st to get him. I look at this draft and wonder where Davenport (as a prospect not today) wou
  8. Personally I think DE is the best option. I want to build with the best player available, not because we think we need a corner most. We also need a #2 corner not a true #1, we can find that in the 2nd round. I also think this DT class sucks, and I don't know if Barmore is high because he really is that good (he shows flashes of it) or if its because there really is no one else. I think we are hoping for a lot from Clowney and Takk but neither of them are resigned past this year, and neither have shown flashes of being really good. I think the DE class is the deepest a
  9. I don't understand the Chase to Cinci rumors. I don't get if your the Bengals how in a million years you would consider passing on a sure fire LT like Sewell. The main job of the bengals at this point should be protect Burrow. Past that you can worry about weapons. But Byrd, Higigns and Tate are a REALLY good compliment of WR's. Throwing the ball isn't their problem. Keeping a guy who can throw the ball alive is :-P.
  10. I agree, though I'm not ready to start building a team to stop other teams period. Unless we have like 1 team in our way and its the missing piece to compete for a superbowl. I think we should try to build the best team we can and compete with everyone. Lamar Jackson is great, one ankle injury and all his illusiveness is gone and he's JAG as a passer. Build for sustained success, not to hope to beat another guy...
  11. He is honestly my favorite of the pass rushers. He has the most moves and ties it with the athleticism and motor necessary to compete in the NFL. Honestly the comp I heard which makes a lot of sense to me is Yannick Ngakoue. He is about the same size, and I had heard a lot this offseason that we were perusing him. So based on what Candyman said, I think he fits the scheme we are trying to become. I think we want our edge rushers just out there rushing the passer. And It seems like more of a wide 9 than a traditional front.
  12. Why would Washington trade Settle? He's a 5th round pick so he's cheap. Though his contract is up after this year, He adds valuable depth on the defensive line this year. And this is the worst DT draft in a LOOOOOONG time so theres no replacement this year.
  13. I really like what you did. I would be fine with a WR 1 because of your reasoning, though I don't know that drafting a WR in the first round is ever necessary, if we want him to take over for OBJ right away I could see us doing it. I love your second round pick. Though I personally love the trade and Besham, I don't know that the browns would do it because of his age. It seems they have the thought process of if hes closing in on or at 23 years old, they wont go near him. That being said I would LOVE for this to happen. Overall I would be thrilled if this is how the draft
  14. And honestly when we played him his rookie year, I thought he CONSTANTLY got to the QB and put pressure on him. Not much of a run defender but he can certainly rush the passer.
  15. Thats right! Well then I don't see that as a reason he was cut from the Raiders. I would love to know what it was.
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