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  1. Free Agency Discussion

    I wouldn't say we didn't have much return. We did have what, 34 sacks through 12 weeks of the season? We were on pace for 45, which would have been top 10 in the nfl. Didn't help that Garrett got himself suspended. That Vernon got hurt. Again I don't think that vernon is fairly compensated. We owe him 15 million which is a ton of money. But I also think for 1 year its that bad. Its less money than a franchise tag. Its less money than a transition tag. Hell its less money than a 5th year option at this point... No reason to let him go. I think we might but I would much rather have a replacement for him before we do because we have nothing behind him
  2. Free Agency Discussion

    I also think people are under-rating OBJ and Vernon because they had down seasons last year. I would give them both another full year in Browns uniforms and see if our tune changes...
  3. Free Agency Discussion

    I agree we keep vernon because we have no one else. And honestly, hes being paid a lot, we are paying him to be the 12th highest paid edge rusher in the league, which he is not worth. That being said we are also paying Myles Garrett to be the 29th highest paid edge rusher in the league, which is WAY under value. All and all 25 million dollars for Myles Garrett and Olivier Vernon is not that bad.
  4. Free Agency Discussion

    I don't disagree that we definitely have some holes to fill on this roster, but I will also say that this is a little more doom and gloom than I think the actual state of the franchise. Just a year ago we were talking about how good our front 4 looked, with Garrett, Ogunjobi, Richardson, and Oliver. Oliver was hurt, Garrett got himself suspended, but those 4 will be just fine on the line when they play together. Oliver is old and has an injury past, but we have plenty of cap space and he is under contract until next year, until he is no longer on the roster I won't assume the worst. I do assume the DE position will be something we need to take care of, but its not an immediate need. We can look in this draft or in next and see if something becomes available. Same with DT, it would be something I spend the next two years looking for to eventually replace what we have on the roster. Our offensive tackle spots are absolutely troublesome. The good news is this is the best draft for offensive tackles that I have seen in a long time. I think we get at least one from this draft and possibly one more in free agency. Will it be the strength of our team? probably not, but it wont be as bad as last year. I also think our RG position will be fine with Teller or Forbes. We may draft one but I don't assume the guard position will be too hard to fill, Yes with Randall not being retained we now need a free safety. Morgan Burnett played decent for us at the SS position last year, and Burris and Redwine stepped up admirably as well. I think we go hard after Harris from Minnesota to replace Randall, and I wish we still had Jabril Peppers, but I think we will be okay at the safety position too, and thats if we don't draft someone (which I suspect that we might). I think the linebacker position will need some additions. Not just in the draft but also players in free agency. We cut Kirksey which was not surprising, and Shobert was too expensive for his play. I think we need to replace them. That being said we drafted 2 linebackers last year, and I assume we will sign and draft more this year. Its a position of need, but luckily its not a position that needs to be addressed in the first round and we have 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. WR3 and blocking TE I agree is something we need.. I also don't expect us to run a ton of 3WR sets so the focus should be on blocking TE and go with what we have at the WR position. With Hunt and Njoku both being pass catchers, I could see us lining up in a LOT of 21, 12, and even 22 and 13 personnel. I think we will absolutely look at FB's and blocking TEs in free agency and in the draft Here's the other team. There is no teams that have no holes. We can put together a good team and compete. I think the biggest difference this year is going to be coaching. Hopefully we have a competent coaching staff and can string together a few wins with our schedule. I don't think everything is that doom and gloom for us!
  5. Listen not saying that Joe was an idiot. I really like Joe and love his commentating now. I'm just saying, I'm not going to pick someone because Joe likes him. Hes a nice guy who doesn't want to upset anyone. He likes everyone... Hes like Gruden for QB'S "MAN! I LOVE THIS GUY!!!"
  6. Yeah but Joe also thought Hue Jackson was our best coach. I think he was an amazing play, and an amazing person, but maybe not the best Judge of coaching or players. Sometimes you can be really good at something and not good at evaluating what you're good at.
  7. I tried looking for it. He was on the Dan LeBatard show and they asked him who the best tackle in the NFL is other than him. He said something along the lines of "you guys are going to make fun of me for this, but cleveland has a guy on the right side that is more suited for left tackle, in a few years Shon Coleman will be the best tackle in the game"
  8. He also thought Shon Coleman was the second best tackle in the NFL...
  9. Which Offensive Tackle Do You Want?

    Certainly possible. It will be REALLY interesting to see what this front office is looking for. I think a lot of the pass protection plays are going to be much different in stefanski's scheme. He disguises so many things I don't know how much pocket pressures there are going to be. I see mostly move play action stuff and I do think that fits very well into Wirfs skillset. Again I actually think Thomas is my favorite prospect. I just think Wirfs fits the best with us.
  10. Which Offensive Tackle Do You Want?

    Personally I like Wirfs the most as our tackle. If we were in a normal blocking scheme I would probably look at Andrew Thomas more, but I am thinking in the zone blocking scheme, I want Wirfs. He is by far the most athletic OT in this draft (everyone is talking about Becton but Wirfs is the more athletic of the two and its not close). He is a monster of a man who can really move out for the blocks needed in ZBS. I think he will improve with Technique under the teaching of Bill Callahan and take all that raw talent and become the best tackle in the group. All that being said I would be very happy with Wills, Thomas or Wirfs at #10, and I would be thrilled with a trade down and still get Becton or Jones later in the first while picking up more draft picks. I'm really interested to see what happens in free agency and what our draft needs will actually be
  11. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I certainly hope you are right. Ability to play defense would go a long way to making him a serviceable player in our lineup. Having Andre Drummond behind him will help
  12. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    He was a big part of our championship. And I haven't looked up the numbers when he was with Cleveland. But with Brooklyn, the nets are significantly better with him off the court than with him on the floor. Hell when he was with us we didn't necessarily do better with him than without him... Its not about being just offense or just defense, its about making up for your deficiencies somehow. Kyrie is AMAZING with the ball in his hands. The handle he has is like no one i've seen in a while. That being said, Brooklyn is not a better team with him. They are more unified and better defensively without him which more than makes up for his offensive production... Trey young is all I have to say. Watch him play. He is ASTOUNDING offensively. But he is SOOOO bad defensively that team plays 4-5 on the other end of the court. They will never win that way regardless of how good he is.
  13. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Welcome to the new draft rules my friends. We will not lock up any likeliness for the #1 pick. Regardless of being the worst of 4th worst team in the NBA, the highest percentage we can possibly have for the #1 picks is 14%. Hell if we are the worst team in the NBA and have the worst record we have a 48% chance of getting the 5th pick and a 52% chance of getting 1-4. 1 - 14.0% 2 - 13.4% 3 - 12.7% 4 - 11.9% 5 - 47.9% The odds are no longer with us. Really just being in the 3 worst teams is all we need to do.
  14. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    agreed. The nba still hasn't realzied you can't win with players who can't play D. Kyrie, Trey Young, those types of players the team is actually worse with on the court...
  15. Combine Thread Let's Get It Started

    honestly the reason I follow the combine is to find out where people are securing their draft position. If Simmons comes out and lights the world on fire, he will probably be gone by the time we pick him. If Jeudy looks slow, he might be there when we draft. Its all about what happens around us not who we are actually picking.