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  1. Affording Nursing School

    1. I think (2) firsts is too high a price to pay for a safety, even Adams. I REALLY like Randall and think he will be around for the foreseeable future. 2. Trent Williams is a good tackle and I could see a 2nd and 4th being reasonable for him. Still have to pay him which sucks but keeping Baker upright is more important. 3. Ramsey will be SO expensive, and we have (2) very good young corners. I don't see the need to trade for him.
  2. Njoku Hit

    What we need is a well rounded TE who can block... I'm not sure Ebron is the answer to that question....
  3. Whats up with Baker

    Maybe this is the browns fan in me. I've been hurt too many times to get my hopes up that high assuming we will figure it out. I think we could be a playoff team even starting the season 2-5, but I am preparing myself to start the season 2-5 yes.... At least i'm happy looking at the second half of our season :-P
  4. Whats up with Baker

    But we have yet to prove that we are good. Laid an egg week one. Looked stagnant week two. Again if we want to beat the Rams, Ravens, Pats or 49ers, we need to play better offensively. I think we can beat seattle playing the way we are, but not the others, so just trying to get a read on what others think is going on offensively.
  5. Whats up with Baker

    That is both depressing and not overly acceptable as an answer. Sorry for not being super excited about looking bad and beating a bad team that we should beat handily. I understand and have lived through being terrible and I'm not overly happy accepting "not terrible" as being a good thing. If we want to have any chance at winning more than 1 of our next 5 games, our offense needs to play better...I think we can but I'm CERTAINLY not going to pound by chest over beating a team with crippling injuries that we should beat...Were not the same browns from the past 3 years...
  6. Whats up with Baker

    a 20 point win on the road is less impressive when it was a middle of the road team who was playing their 2nd and 3rd QB, the leader and best player on their defense was out, and one of their stud Dlinemen was out. Our defense played great! Our offense was constantly at midfield and sputtered. We can play much better than that....
  7. Whats up with Baker

    Yeah very much this. This is what I believe I am seeing on the field. I do still think there are some accuracy issues that I hope will be fixed, but we need to get back to quick passes and quick decisions...
  8. Whats up with Baker

    understandable. This is just a process of getting him to do more? Taking away the crutches and getting him to process more?
  9. Whats up with Baker

    My question is simply was he not all those things last year? and last year his ball placement just looked SOOOO much better. Hell this preseason his ball placement looked better...
  10. Whats up with Baker

    Lol yeah playing like we have played were not winning 10 games. Our offense needs to click and he's the key. Hes on pace for 4800 yards but hes also on pace for 32 interceptions and 16 touchdowns so ya know...there's that...
  11. Whats up with Baker

    I certianly hope so. Its less of a problem with field reading IMO and more with the accuracy of the throws he does make. There are some he should read quicker, and he DID read quicker last year, I don't know whats up this season. But when they're open hes not hitting it well and thats unusual for him. He was super accurate in college, in HS, and last year. I don't think you just lose that.
  12. Whats up with Baker

    So putting aside such the way our offensive line played in week 1 because of disqualifications and injuries... Putting aside the fact that the play-calling is not to Bakers strengths as we are back to a Todd Haley hold the ball wait for plays to develop system it seems like... Whats going on with Baker? Hes pump-faking the right time to throw the ball and letting it go when its less open. Hes not accurate on the slants and missing wide open guys. Hes not seeing guys as well down the field. Is the second year just getting to him? Is this the hand injury from week one causing issues and hes timid? Is this the lack of time our offense has together? Hes worrying me a little bit I admit....
  13. 5 Up, 5 Down

    I am not calling out Njoku for what happened yesterday, or really focusing on anything from yesterday, but I do think we need a TE. When we drafted Njoku I didn't want him because I saw him as a receiving threat and not much of a blocking TE. Unfortunately its looked true and his hands have been a concern which becomes a MAJOR concern when that is supposed to be the best part of your game. I really wanted George Kittle the year we drafted Njoku, I really wanted TJ Hockerson if he fell to 17 last year. I think we should spend a pick on a good blocking, decent reviving TE. I'm not saying we cut or Trade Njoku, we just don't sign him to a long term deal....
  14. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Lol like I'm confident that this won't be the case, but what were to happen here if we were worse than the Lions in 2021? Do they get a QB and a higher draft pick?
  15. Preseason Game 4: Freddie's Favorites

    I hear it will be Gilbert. I'm excited to see more of him.