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  1. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    Maybe you're right, but the way baker just throws that ball up with the line backpedaling has ALWAYS scared me. That could just be something I don't like to see. But it as proven useful in the last game, counting as a forward pass not a hand-off so its not a fumble. That being said he threw it up to himself once, I never want to see that again. I'm not saying the HC is the only one to blame, but one of those interceptions should never have been a pass, we should have run the ball and the clock at the goal line. One of those interceptions was because we were trying to drive down the field and win the game, we should have been in position to run out the clock there instead of trying to come from behind. 7 of those points should NEVER have happened as Seattle shouldn't have had enough time at the end of the clock. So all that being said, if the coach made JUST ONE better decision (one that we both agree was dumb as hell) it could have reduced the turnovers to 1 fumble and 1 interception and a defense only giving up 23 points to Russell Wilson and a good Seattle team is acceptable. Again every decision is scrutinized because 1 bad decision can completely change a game, and I thought that was an easy decision to make. This is true. Baker hasn't helped at all. Like in the NE game, hes gotta see whats coming and not throw that shovel RIGHT AT a defender when the play clearly isn't going to work because the defender is already in the backfield. Not everything is on I can certainly agree with this, what hurts me is seeing the same bad decisions week after week. We need to run the ball more and we continue to throw the ball all over the place. Our team is #2 in the nfl in rushing yards per attempt, ranking only behind Baltimore, yet we rank 24th in attempts (an only some can point to being behind at the end). Buffalo was a great example. We were doing GREAT on the ground in the first half, ran 18 times for 110 yards. We were WINNING THE GAME and we ran only 7 times in the second half. We need to wear down the defense on the ground, and be able to extend drives and keep our defense off the field. Running the ball more does all of that. We need to learn that we are a run first team NOT a pass first team because we have 2 of the best RB's in the league. Week after Week I hear in the press conference we should have run more yet week after week it doesn't seem like hes doing that. Those are the kind of things that worry me. True. The schedule was very tough at the beginning. Tennesse hurt, Seattle I think hurt more because we were in position to win it. I honestly thing the Broncos game hurt more though. We can't beat Brandon Allen and the 2-5 broncos? How are we expected to beat teams like Pitt and Arizona if we can't be Denver without a QB. Had we finished the game against Seattle, and were able to beat Denber, win the games we should win, this is a completely different conversation at 5-4. But we are 3-6 and can really only lose 1 more game if we want ANY chance at the playoffs...
  2. I really wish I knew what changed between the second half of last year and the first half of this year... It seems like all that creativity is gone. Granted I REALLY liked what I saw with the 2 backs in the last game, but we just have been in a rut.
  3. Agreed. We NEED to be consistent. Obviously there is a worry that keeping guys who aren't succeeding with as much talent as we have is wasting the few years that we have that talent. That being said the reason we have been so bad for so long is because we don't let anyone stay and improve with the team. Honestly I know its a cop out answer, but I'm glad I'm not the one who has to make the decision...
  4. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    I do think you give Freddie less credit for the losing than he does deserve though. Chubbs 2 fumbles were absolutely not freddies fault and I'm glad we kept rolling with Chubb even with 2 consecutive fumbles. The flip pass in that situation was pretty stupid after 2 consecutive fumbles. Is that the head coaches fault? no. Is the offensive coordinator in part to blame. Yeah probably. All that being said the NE game was in no way Kitchen's fault. The Seattle game, however, was probably freddies fault. Instead of just running the ball, slowing tempo, and going into the half with at minimum a 23-12 lead, he "wants to get the ball back again" and runs a no huddle hurry up, an interception happens and instead we go into the half 20-18. That game was in our hands and we just couldn't make smart decisions... I think its more Freddie than you are willing to admit, but CERTAINLY not as much as other people are willing to blame.
  5. I think he has just been overwhelmed, but I have a hard time cutting Freddie after 1 season or less. I don't have a hard time taking play-calling away from him however. Not having a play ready. stupid decisions like not letting the clock run at the end of the half. Going for it on 4th and 9. NOT going for it on 4th and 11 but then getting a penalty and going for it on 4th and 16.... For Freddie to be successful he needs to be involved in less. I would get a good OC to call the plays and let Freddie be the head coach. The reason we brought him on as HC is originally because of his play-calling, no one knows where that dude went, but hes not here anymore.
  6. Understandable, but even Riley is far from a sure thing. He has never coached at this level. McCarthey is uninspiring in general. I never liked his play calling. I don't know that I wan't more of passing when we should run...
  7. I completely agree with this. This honestly is why I liked Dave Taub as the head coach. He can bring in OC and DC to be successful, but I like him as a leader of men and a situational decision maker. Every time he talks hes able to talk intelligently on the game situations. Big fan of hiring special teams coordinators. I think they are more set up to be head coaches than OC or DC
  8. I don't disagree, but he can do those things AND get the play in fast enough that were not up against the clock every time right?...
  9. Amen. There is some concern for injuring our best players, but we need to put our best food out there on every play. I would love to see Jarvis always returning punts
  10. Sorry. I wish I could have given you 100 football likes but it appears one is the max...
  11. absolutely. I hope our offensive play caller can find out how to appropriately use all of those guys. Our team is SOOOO talented.
  12. Agreed. I like how much we used Hunt in the passing game. I liked putting both back there at the same time. I think he should get the ball more just because I think our running game should get the ball more in general...
  13. I get what your staying, but one has played on a PROLIFIC passing offense that allows more open running lanes starting 27 games and rushing for 2151 yards on 453 attempts for 4.7 yards per carry. The other one has been on a team who has crowded the box MUCH more, started only 18 games, but already rushed for 1915 yards on only 366 attempts for 5.2 yards per carry. The only reason Chubb doesn't have a pro bowl on his resume is because Jackson was too dumb to start him. Chubb is also on pace to BLOW AWAY hunts measly 1327 rushing title single season mark. On pace for 1,633. I honestly believe Chubb is the better running back. But we agree, lets not use chubb less, lets use hunt more. And 11 touches in his first game back and first game in this offense was a good start. I would like to see it grow from there.
  14. Agreed. If they are worried about over usage certianly. I do think Chubb is the better RB, but Hunt is more versatile. Catching out of the backfield also. I hope we can utilize both of them. I like what I saw from the snipet though. both in the backfield is an excellent thing!
  15. I mean is that more loser ball than turning the ball over twice at the 1 yard line because you can't get it in either time?