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  1. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    Hardly meaningless. If he's traded to NY, unless he truly hates the city, he'll get re-signed. Not like we won't have the money.
  2. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    If he is traded to NY, they're going to have a year of negotiations with him, which gives them a significant advantage over everyone else in its own. The narrative will always be that The Baltimore Orioles traded Manny Machado to The New York Yankees.
  3. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    You don't know where he's signing. Why would you give him to a division foe? It'd honestly be the dumbest move they could make, unless NY gave them something outlandish.
  4. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    Not a chance. He goes to the Yanks, and destroys them for the next decade?? That's an awful idea.
  5. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    There's no way he's getting traded within the division. We're talking about a decade plus of seeing him 10 plus times a year. Way too risky.
  6. Official Yankees Thread

    Is he projected to be cheaper ? I gotta say I think Headley is better.
  7. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Wow... That's very surprising. I can't see the Yanks rely on 2 rookies in the IF...
  8. Official Yankees Thread

    Headley gone... There's no way we're going to rely on 2 rookies in the IF.
  9. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    Joe is the absolute best in WWE. Him and KO. But my god is he great.
  10. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    I love him too. I do think however that we need to see if Hicks is legit or not. Gardner is a FA next year anyways, we can def let Clint be more of a spot starter this year.
  11. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    If we get rid of Frazier, we better be selling high. He's going to be REAL REAL good. I'd much rather keep him, Gardner's contract runs out after 2018, and it's insurance just in case Hicks was a fluke.
  12. Green Bay Packers 2017 Playoff Watch

    Do not want to be a killjoy, but I don't see there's anyway we contain Minny's WRs with one CB. I'm really happy that we're still in it in December though!
  13. Official Yankees Thread

    That we did! Wow. I’m still in shock. Great great deal for us.
  14. Stanton and Castro gone !!!! Wow! What news!
  15. Official Notre Dame Thread

    If they haven't said anything by know, BK's job is probably safe, no?