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  1. 2018 Draft Prospects

    There where some rumblings in the draft forums that both Roquan Smith and Lorenzo Carter failed medical checks... I wasn't looking as much at Roquan, but Carter was one of the more interesting guys for the second round.
  2. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Something that has been bugging me on Harold Landry's tape, and I was only able to put my finger on it yesterday... No it's not his run support, which isn't nearly as bad as it's often portrayed....... but rather.... try and find a clip where he really hits a dude.... because I'm not sure it exists..... He bends the edge, and he has plenty of sacks, but even when given a free shot you don't see him ever laying a guy out.... it's almost universally hand/arm contact bringing the guy down.... Compare that to Chubb's tape, and he outright destroys some people when he's given a free shot to lower his shoulder and drive through someone. This is my big problem with our current draft position.....I can't really seem to find one prospect I'm all in on for the #8 pick, and I just can't see any scenario where Chubb-Edge, Nelson-OG, or even Barkley-RB make it to us. I can make a case against any of Edmunds-ILB, Ward-CB, James-SS, Minkah-S, Davenport-Edge, Landry-OLB, Vea-DL just as easily as I could make a case for them...
  3. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Vea graded out as one of the best pass rushing DL of the past 2 years, in addition to being one of the top run stuffers.... His pass rush is honestly pretty heavily UNDERrated. That being said, he's also not exactly Aaron Donald bursting upfield. My board more or less changes every day, but currently, after our FA thus far: 1. Nelson-OG is by and away the #1 choice who might actually be there (and that's a very slim chance) #2-6 is where I'm hitting a wall.... I think EDGE guys are now the critical team need... I'm just not sure they'll be the best players on the board. By team need I'd have it Landry-OLB > Ward-CB > Davenport-OLB > Edmunds-ILB(with OLB potential but I think is probably staying MLB) > Vea-DL That said I really would need to get some interviews with all of the LB guys, because each has some flaws and particularly in Davenport and Edmund's cases, they are raw enough that you need to make sure they're actually capable of learning/adapting.
  4. I feel like the reason we didn't try and be cute waiting 5 days to match, was specifically because Green Bay did us a solid today..... No reason to screw them over after they did us a pretty large favor.
  5. First Wave Free Agency Thoughts

    They'd have already been overpaying with 21 and 22 for 8 (via the draft charts), there's no way we get 12 and 22 for pick 8.... Odds are they trade into the top 4-5 with those picks. Where I'm at, there's Nelson-OG at 8, then there's about 5 or so guys I'd be happy with right now that that next tier of player, so I'm ideally looking to drop down those 5 or even 8 or so positions to ~pick 13-16. Each of them has that whole "they're great.... ***BUT*** part to em" Landry-OLB: Great pass rush, but not so great run defending.... Little concerning how his season was derailed last year from a seemingly minor injury. Edmunds-ILB: Great ILB prospect but more or less a novice at his position... Leap of faith that he's smart enough to develop and then play with instinct instead of just being a stud athlete. Davenport-OLB: Highest ceiling Edge guy in the draft.... bit of a projection that he's a 3-4 OLB and not just a 4-3 End... 3 cone/agility metrics a bit lacking. Vea-DL: only guy on this list a as "safe" as Nelson-OG..... His question is playtime (is he on the field when we're in nickel?) and pass rush ability. Ward-CB: If he was 2 inches taller and 15 lbs heavier, this wouldn't even be a discussion. Then the 5 wildcard guys who probably aren't in the discussion but could sneak up into it: McGlinchey-OT: If the OL coach vouches for him, he could be hard to pass up... Statistically a stud OT on PFF (which IMO is seemingly more accurate for projecting OL prospects) Derwin James-SS: Probably means we're either moving to a 3 safety defense or considering moving on from Amos so a bit questionable here.... but James has the talent and the athleticism to be a useful defensive tool Fitzpatrick-S: I'm not really sure where he plays fulltime, but like James he's the kind of guy you can find/make room for. Jackson-CB: Long ballhawk corner? Yeah, everyone can always use those... His combine wasn't great, but it was hardly crippling to his draft stock. Ridley-WR: Almost assuredly not the pick after today's FA frenzy.... but I do think his strengths play into the style of offense we're aiming to run here That's like 10 dudes I would be pretty satisfied with overall in our draft range and the projected area just after our #8 pick..... and I don't know that any of them are above and beyond good enough to make me want to run up and draft them immediately rather than trade down a bit and grab another pick and get whoever is left of that bunch.
  6. Forecasting the 2018 Bears Offense

    DJ Chark would be the perfect final WR piece. Blazing speed, and as a rookie we could use him more like the Rams did Watkins this year (just stretching the field and keeping defenses honest) Trade back in 1, get another 2nd or 3rd (depending on how far we move down).... Trade down in 2 like we did with Shaheen. 1. Landry-Edge ~pick 13-15 2. DJ Chark-WR ~ halfway or through the 2nd. 3. Should have enough draft capital to come back up and look for a CB, another EDGE like Lorenzo Carter, or if we get back up into the 2nd, another move TE in Gesicki
  7. 2018 Free Agency targets

    I think I'd feel incredibly bad for anyone going against that front 7...because.... Damn.. I'm not super thrilled with the mid rounds since Kirk didn't have the combine I was expecting and I'm just not a fan of EqSB.. Carter would be a nice get however, even if our first rounder was Landry (though is imagine Edmunds makes more sense in this case) ... Rotating those two and Floyd could be some fairly serious pass rush depth... And Floyd and Carter have both shown really solid coverage ability as well.. Seems to be a Georgia thing.
  8. 2018 Draft Prospects

  9. 2018 Draft Prospects

    A few things of note so far: 1. We had a private dinner with Calvin Ridley-WR A bit interesting here, as it was AFTER his combine.... the night before his "Pro Day". I do like him as a scheme fit, but man, I was fairly certain his combine would have knocked him completely off Pace's board. Wonder if it's a potential indication that we might be looking for a trade down, and as such are diving deeper on potential trade down targets. 2. We have a private workout scheduled for Minkah Fitzpatrick-S/"CB" Again a bit of an interesting situation here.... I'm not nearly as high on Minkah , and don't really think he belongs as a Corner..... nor do I think we really need a safety.... And even if we did, I think Derwin James makes significantly more sense.... Furthermore I don't see Minkah taking a real draft day slide, meaning we'd probably have to take him @ 8.... Due diligence perhaps, but seems like a questionable choice for a private workout (which you are limited on the number of those you get, if memory serves)
  10. Free Agent WR Preference

    Only one of these two is a top tier FA, imo.... Robinson from this list... Landry, despite not being officially a Free Agent should probably be included on this list considering Miami can't afford to keep him.
  11. Non Top Tier Free Agent WR preference

    Chose Wilson because he knows the scheme... Sammy Watkins belongs on this list too.... He's nowhere near a top tier WR, despite his athleticism and previous draft status.
  12. Post Combine Hot Takes

    My hot takes: -Gesicki-"TE" and Chark-WR are probably my favorite 2 receiving targets right now... Gesicki is athletic enough a TE to be a mismatch ala Gronk... and his terrible blocking to me just means that he runs exclusively out of the slot, and Shaheen can be the inline guy...... Chark on the other hand I want as our field stretcher.... The issue I see now is that I think BOTH are gone before the middle of the 2nd round now... -Ridley-WR a guy I was super high on pre combine really let me down.... I still think his skillset/ability to get open and run routes makes him the #1 WR from this class, but man I just can't get behind him as the pick, when previously he was one of my top 2 wants. -Harold Landry-Edge has to be in the conversation for #8.... He put up statistically elite combine numbers and has shown enough pass rush over 2 years to be in the conversation. His droppoff this past year is incredibly concerning, however... https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-harold-landrys-combine-performance-puts-him-in-rarified-air -Davenport-Edge..... I actually moved off my board.... his 3 cone wasn't good, and I think he's going to have to make his $$ as a 4-3 DE. He simply isn't agile enough to be a 3-4 OLB -Jackson-CB's combine wasn't that bad.... but it also wasn't good enough to take him top 15 on it's own... His tape is good though I don't want him outside of a trade down -Ward-CB's combine was exceptional..... but I have trouble going for a shorter than desired corner who's also lighter than desired. I'd probably still put him above Jackson, but I think there's better options at 8.
  13. 2018 Free Agency targets

    I mean.... I'm much more of the mind to fix other positions via FA and draft our receiving targets.... BUT.... We have the money and Meredith is better from the slot anyhow.... couldn't we just, you know..... get both Watkins and Robinson? Carry 6-7 WRs next season and you could have Meredith White (until he goes on IR) Watkins Robinson Draft pick (CHARK-WR is my guy) Draft pick (I like Gesicki-"TE" who's athletic enough to be a giant WR) And the hypothetical 7th would be Wilson-WR from FA if we really wanted to break the bank (via tripling down on FA WR), or Kendall Wright from our current roster. That completely removes every WR we had who sucked from last season, gives us solid starters this year, and some long shot upside on White/Watkins and some stud depth from the draft who are under absolutely no pressure year 1. I'd also add, with that kind of depth, we could REALLY push a downfield route constantly and then swap people out so they don't gas.
  14. Who helped/hurt their stock the most so far?

    I haven't gone nearly as in depth this year, and instead have just been looking more specifically at positions of need for Chicago. Hurt their stock: Brown-OT.... That might have been the worst combine I've ever seen a prospect have. Ridley-WR, Kirk-WR, Washington-WR: Disappointed with all 3 of them. Ridley I had a top 10 guy, and I think now he's a 15-25 guy... Kirk I had as a 15-25 guy, and now I think is probably an early 2nd rounder.... and Washington after his senior bowl was potentially a borderline 1st rounder, is imo back down to a mid 2nd rounder.. Josh Jackson-CB.. Slow and looked stiff in a few drills... There was potential top 10 hype on him... and that's just gone now. Helped their stock: Sequon Barkley-RB Not that his stock needed a big boost, but dude lit it up Taven Bryan-DL Outstanding combine from him all around Gesicki-TE He's in the 99th percentile for NFL TEs right now... His blocking is atrocious he could quite possibly be a full time "TE" that's effectively a wr. Ward-CB If he was a few inches taller he'd be a top 10 lock no question... I think his combine was good enough to make teams overlook the height. Vita Vea-DT.... limited in what we got to see since he pulled a hammy.... but 5.1 speed at his size is still nuts. DJ Chark-WR: Arguably one of the best combines of any position this draft year.... People where hoping he would slip to the 4th.... I think he goes earlier-mid 2nd round now Gallup-WR A guy I wasn't high on because I didn't think he had great athleticism proved me wrong... another potential 4th rounder guy who moved up at least a round I think Landry-Edge Him being one of the best SPARQ # edge rushers this year probably gave his stock the shot in the arm it needed.Sadly I think that knocked him out of my teams range (hoping he made it to the second), and I think he lands in the 15-32 range now. Carter-Edge He had a very favorable combine compared to his former teammate and current Bear Leonard Floyd.... Yet Floyd was considered a top 10 pick, and Carter is looked at like a 3rd rounder.... ./shrug. Draft sleeper if he goes anywhere past the front half of the 2nd, imo.
  15. 2018 Free Agency targets

    I don't think we're a division contender this year regardless.... The system itself takes time to learn. I'd rather do that with people I like long term... and while Robinson would easily be the best guy from the roookie-heavy setup I mentioned year one, I find him even less exciting long term than I did Jarvis Landry.