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  1. Pre-Combine Mock 2020

    My major concern with this mock, is running into the season with: 1. Trubisky 2. Matt Moore as the only two QBs on the roster. I just can't see any scenario that EVERYONE doesn't get fired for that going into 2021. If you get a completely non threatening vet backing Trubisky up, I think the team NEEDS to draft a guy as well or otherwise hedge their bets with some kind of younger guy who they could sell hope with (whether that's realistic or not). Then again, I'm also already at the point of more or less completely writing Trubisky off as a bust until he proves otherwise. Beyond that sticking point, I like the mock overall.
  2. The new rumor from the same guy is that we're now going for the #2 pick, again via selling mack. Because not only are we leveraging our future for a QB, but we're also trading our best player, and doing it for a QB who will be on IR.
  3. That would be a very pace thing to do.. and missing on back to back qbs would bury this franchise for years after he was promptly fired....... Herbert is non existent in bigger games.
  4. My thought is this : Incredibly unlikely that we'd be able to get this all done. Like.. Miniscule chance of happening. That said, I also don't don't entirely discount these rumors. 1. There's been a bunch of smoke that the feelings towards Trubisky are significantly soured from people in the organization, and those rumors seem to point most at Nagy. 2. Nagy right now, also could feel himself being on the hot seat making him more desperate for a change to be made. Does he get another year if the offense is still atrocious in the 20-21 season? 3. Burrow is basically the only option that offers -any- hope to me as a fan for the 20-21 season. There are zero other qbs in this draft that I'd trust to start this year (Gordon is basically the only other qb I'd even be interested in and he's a sizable project) , and frankly none of the FAs are worth wasting the money on. So I actually can believe the rumors because I think Burrow might literally be the only chance Nagy has to keep his job and basically would be the only hope for this coming season not already being punted before we are talking about how we move up for Lawrence or Fields.
  5. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Maybe none of Burrow's teammates went to his birthday party... Like that draft day movie.
  6. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    The guy that started the Bears - Burrow rumor also just said that Mack was on the table as part of it. Makes sense, he's the only thing of serious value we have, in the absence of actual draft capital.
  7. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Wasn't aware there's that much dead money if Mack was moved... No idea how we'd be able to even attempt a trade up without using Mack as trade bait.... Mitch isn't worth anything on his own and we lack the draft capital this year.... Ah well, it was a super unlikely thing that was likely never more than due diligence on our part at best, and /or even just clickbait trying to get attention or put out a smoke screen. It is lying season after all
  8. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Regarding the Burrow rumor, Bears just doing their diligence I imagine. But fwiw, package Mitch, Mack, and Two future Firsts. With Mack off our books we could afford the TE /OL revamps we need to make. It's a massive blow to the defense, but there's no point in wasting a talent like Mack when we have a bum like Biscuit under center... And frankly mitch probably needs a change of scenery if he's going to turn his career around, I don't think hes doing it here, and maybe the Ohio thing helps sell him. The problem is I'm still not sure why Cincinnati would do the deal... Getting Mack would be huge for them, but they'd be betting their team's future on Biscuit being salvageable vs Burrow being good... Unless they're expecting to use Mitch as a stop gap in a rebuilding year and gun for Lawrence in 21
  9. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Floyd is currently playing opposite Khalil Mack..... Beasley is not. Beasley also managed a season where he lead the league in sacks.... and has consistently gotten more sacks than Floyd has during his career, barring their first years.
  10. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I'd absolutely sign Vic Beasley and cut Floyd. He'll make about what Floyd does, and doesn't suck at pass rushing like Floyd, especially when you consider that in this defense he'd have Khalil Mack opposite of him. That said, he also might try and leverage his one exceptional season into a bigger deal than he's worth, so money is a large factor. The big concern to me is that like said above, Burton, Leno, and Massie are all big cap hits to get rid of, and represent 3 of our worst players last year. Very curious if Pace has the balls to send any of them packing, and who (particularly the OTs) he'd even consider replacing them with that is affordable.
  11. I'm not a big Carr fan, but he's outright better than any QB in this draft not named Burrow (unless Tua made a miraculous recovery). That being said, I just don't see it being a possibility. I really don't think Pace wants to "risk" bringing in any QB that might be considered an outright better option over Mitch on day 1. It's also for that reason I don't see us using either 2nd rounder on a QB in the draft, and think the absolute best case scenario for us is probably gonna be Anthony Gordon with a trade-down 3rd rounder getting brought in as "Mitch's backup" then getting thrown into the fire around week 10 when Mitch is still Mitch. FWIW I also don't see Carr being a fit for the offense we're going to be forced to run with our WR group and/or Biscuit, either.... Carr has a big arm, and we pretty blatantly have zero deep threat guys, and really don't push the ball down field. Carr, I think, would probably be best served going to like the Buccs where he can play a more vertical passing game.
  12. Bears sign CB Tre Roberson (CFL)

    Is this "official" confirmation that Prince is gone, then? Can't imagine they'd do : unless they where freeing up other money.
  13. QB Rankings

    You seem to have misread what I said. To clarify, I said that despite placing significant value on arm strength, I still can't bring myself to like Eason, Love, or Herbert... and instead am most interested in Anthony Gordon, a QB I specifically mentioned arm strength being a mild concern for.
  14. 2020 post Senior Bowl Mock Draft.

    In this scenario, Burton is kept for now because he's getting paid too much. I'm still Ideally moving on from him asap, however. His issues this year and during the Philly game last year are just too weird /concerning to trust him.. I'd also expect him to outperform the others, however. I mean if Horstead AND Holtz both outperform Burton in camp, then I'd have no problem getting rid of him now regardless of money. He's getting paid to be the guy he damn well better be the guy and bring me ROI.
  15. QB Rankings

    I've tried hard to sell myself on Eason, Herbert, or Love and just can't bring myself around on any of them, and I typically want big arm guys under center. My money right now would be on Anthony Gordon being the non burrow QB to find success as a future starter from this class (Fromm I can also see having a solid career as a backup) I will readily admit Gordon is a sizable project, however. Footwork issues, arm strength concerns, size concerns and limited experience (and that experience is in an air raid system).... He's not a year 1 starter.That said, I at least see his issues being more experience related than talent related. His ball placement, quick throwing motion, ability to throw off platform, and his reads are all standout pluses (reads somewhat taken with a grain of salt for the system he's in).. He's also reportedly highly intelligent, has had teamates come out to do media on his behalf pre draft, and had a pretty solid video breakdown from Mark Schofield. I'd add he also was responsible for the most points put up on Oregon all year.