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  1. I'll be shocked if Fields ends up being the #2 QB this draft.... If the jets screw this up, I'm on the phone trying to go up and get Wilson. You can't fix a slow processor.
  2. That's more of an argument against Watson being worth trading for, than an argument against going super hard for a QB who can be elite. The stats for teams in competition for a ring every year overwhelmingly favor elite QBs. There's not really an upper price ceiling on getting one, because either you have one, or you are statistically a complete non factor regardless.
  3. I don't really see it changing all that much for us, tbh... I was expecting to have to trade up to #2-4 to land Wilson regardles, I'm not sure either us or Detroit has a great shot at Watson, and I'm not sure I care if they takes Fields or Lance and (imo) screw themselves for another 5 years..... So really Detroit doesn't really much of change anything for me... I'd add, that while Detroit might be a threat to trade up themselves, Stafford is likely going to take another QB hungry team out of the draft pool at the same time. It's kind of a wash.
  4. My list right now would be: 1. Wilson 2. Watson I think Wilson is the real deal, but his injury history scares me a bit. Watson is good, but not quite elite (but more than good enough), the issue is how do we retool the rest of the team when all of our draft picks and cap space is being spent on Watson? I'll be happy with either, but I prefer Wilson for perceived upside, playstyle, and the ability to have cap room to fix the numerous other holes in the shorter term. Watson is less risky as he's a known commodity, but I want an elite level talent, and Watson is (imo) not
  5. Chicago at this point looks like it needs a full rebuild... or a time machine. The offense has twice as many black holes as it does quality players filling positions. The defense is starting to show significant cracks, and is unlikely to hold itself together over the 3+ years it will take to fix the offense. And we retained literally everyone who consistently failed in management (coaching and ownership) that led us to this place, including retaining the GM who traded up to get literally the only one of Mahomes/Watson/Trubisky that sucked, so he's going to picking our next QB as well,
  6. And right now, the Bears don't have a viable future, as they are currently constructed, and they're extremely unlikely to change that with the cap space, draft capital, or the muppets making the decisions on how to spend those two things. Your optimism for this team in the short term is entirely 100% unearned, and borderline delusional.
  7. You are working under the presumption that things are going to get better, not worse in the next 3 years. You are vastly overrating the future outlook of this team as it is currently constructed. Just fixing the QB problem is going to cost us multiple years of draft capital.... that's not addressing the useless walrus at LT yet so that whoever we get for QB doesn't die or spend all game running for their life, Robinson likely leaving, and Foles likely starting the season for us. This rollercoaster is headed down, and this past year wasn't anywhere near the bottom.
  8. The same defense that has 2 glaring weaknesses in coverage that get exposed every game in Skrine and Trevethan, and a near inability to touch the opposing QB without a blitz, (that they also rarely do).
  9. You both are far too accepting of mediocrity.... 8-8 is a nigh inescapable hellscape purgatory where you're just good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to actually be a threat for winning it all, and never in a good enough draft position to really change things. Our ability to have good morale while getting our butts kicked and exposed on a 6 game losing streak I guess? Our near complete and total lack of accountability maybe? It's not just the Trubisky pick, that just happens to be the most egregious one.... That pick also set us back a minimum of 5 years for Bi
  10. That is significantly closer as a team to picking #1 overall than picking #32 overall. The goal is to be picking #32 overall.
  11. Not that this would all stop me from doing it, but how much would it suck for Foles to have Minshew follow him from Jax-Chicago and then replace him again? That said, regarding the actual possibility of Minshew, that's actually a VERY likely scenario for us if we whiff on being able to trade up and get a guy or dont like Mac Jones.
  12. Bad owners Bad GM Bad HC Bad DC (retired) Bad OC Bad Scheme Bad drafting Bad FAs Bad contracts Bad draft position Bad accountability for people who suck Bad accountability for people who are ok, but do stupid things like punch the same jerk CB from the saints after listening to a 15min speech about avoiding him Bad OLs Bad WRs Bad QBs Soft defensive scheme Bad pass rush Bad sack totals Bad interception totals Bad ILB pass coverage Bad safety play and Good Aaron Rodgers. That's what I'
  13. Trade them Mack. Or others if need be. One thing that was made abundantly clear yet again in the playoffs, is that it's QB driven.... There's a reason this years list is Brees, Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers, Allen (who I wasn't a fan of coming out, but is playing phenominally) and why the teams without good QBs are all among the first ones to exit stage right. In only 2 of the 10 playoff games this year did the better QB's team not win the game (Rams vs Seahawks and Browns vs Steelers).
  14. Agreed. And @ thread, If anything, Watson would have incentive to come to the Bears because it would basically mean the GM is full on apologizing and admitting publicly how badly he screwed up. That said, I still want Wilson.
  15. I don't want Dak, or Wentz, or anyone else proven to not be able to hack it. 8-8 is just as useful to me as 0-16. I'd take Watson, or maybe Stafford (who I think is pretty good, but just on the Lions), but I sincerely doubt either of those guys would be made available. Then I'm looking to draft QBs if possible, and when that also appears out of realistic/afforable reach, I accept that this season is screwed and grab OL and maybe a WR (and I'm really really starting to want a coverage ILB to get Trevethan the hell off the field)
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