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  1. Thoughts and Observations: Ravens

    Depends on the type of team you have, tbh...... Forte (assuming a younger/prime Forte) would thrive in a NE-type offense (or Detroit or N.O.) where they are pass heavy.....like he did in Trestman's system Current Bears I don't think Forte would be nearly as productive.... He wasn't great up the middle, and lacks the elite burst/change of direction to hit the edge where our WR grouping isn't as strong either catching or blocking (Forte had Alshon and B-Marsh blocking for him in his day) Howard is pretty vastly superior in every aspect of being an actual runner, and I think that's more important to the Bears right now.... even if I think Forte is still the better overall player by being so versatile... and has higher potential with a proper setup and a skilled offensive coordinator (I'm still not very high on Loggains outside of a gimmick 1-2 plays a game)
  2. Jahns: Markus Wheaton out 4-6 weeks

    I mean... he might as well have been "out" for the first 5 weeks as well, considering how worthless he was.
  3. Bears could definitely use an ILB right about now too, considering their string of injuries.... That said, we're also pretty clearly no where near playoff contention...... so it would all boil down to his love for Vic Fangio as the Defensive Coordinator.
  4. I understand it, because Demps is probably gone faster than Fox next year, so having DHC as a backup S can be a stopgap solution if we are unable to get good draft value. That being said, Gentry has still shown more as prospect we have a critical need at, in both camp and even this last game, than DHC has shown in his entire career thus far. I'm also of the opinion that this season would be significantly better spent trying to develop young talent with potential like Gentry-WR, Irving-OLB, and the obvious Trubisky-QB than it currently is rostering a fullback, both of a Mike Glennon/Mark Sanchez (and at this point, I'd actually keep Sanchez of the two), and trotting out "starting" WRs like Bellamy and Thompson. I don't expect us to be a good team this season either way, but we're hamstringing our potential future by continuing to cater to Fox's desire to salvage what's left of his career.
  5. Bernstien: Fox will be fired

    My current vote is a Jim Bob Cooter + Fangio system where they both also act as the respective OC/DC..The Lions might not be that great of a team team, but they can produce offensively under JBC. That being said, I feel as if Fangio is probably 60/40 to be getting the boot along with Fox.... on account of the "bend don't break" mentality and lack of defensive turnovers.... Personally, I'd prefer a DC that attacks more often ala a Buddy/Rex Ryan style defense, though I'm not keen enough on all the potential coaching hires to know who runs a very successful 3-4 attacking defense. I don't want anything to do with Harbaugh (who pretty typically wears out his welcome quickly in any given place), nor am I really all that interested in Payton, given how badly the Saints have been managed recently... Granted most of it has been gross financial mismanagement and a complete neglect of defense, which isn't really Payton's fault as much as the GMs down there, but even so, I'm skeptical. Also cross McDaniels off my list, guy is a raging ****** by most accounts I've seen, and I'm not really of the opinion that people change that much over time.
  6. WR upgrade

    I might be one of the most optimistic Gentry guys on the forum here.... and the most ringing endorsement I can give would be to say: I don't know if he'll ever be a WR2 (which is imo his peak considering he's only really good at deep routes right now, and he doesn't possess the type of speed to get open running that route often).... but I do think he has a -very- real shot of being the best WR on our roster for this season. Then again, that's also less an endorsement of Gentry than an indictment of the rest of our WRs. Speaking of WRs, in the most Bears thing to happen today... I read an article on Sports Mockery talking about how Bellamy can be our redemption at WR, because despite his inconsistent hands, he is actually running routes well and getting open..... and then just moments later read a Tweet/blurb of Bleacher Report mentioning that Bellamy is out/did not practice with an ankle injury..... Bears gonna Bears
  7. Bears Concerns Power Rankings

    1. OLB: McPhee is half a player, Young seems like he's losing a step and Acho is a depth run defender.... I'd like to see that Irving kid get a shot on the 53 before the season's out so we can better see what we've got there, but odds are this is going to be a high draft pick.... A guy like Tyus Bowser this year would have been perfect... 2. CB: I have zero faith in any of our corners atm.. Fuller at best is a #2-3 guy who we could keep for depth, but I'm not super confident he's a Bear next season regardless. 3. S: Jackson is a rookie and is making some rookie mistakes, but I still think he's a good long term answer.... Demps is old and honestly playing poorly thus far.... Amos is a guy who can be good depth, but I don't think is a starter.... I'm listing OLB/CB/S before WR because we need to start getting some INTs defensively. Holding offenses is one thing, taking the ball away is another. 4. WR.... I'm of the opinion that Meredith is a #2 WR, Wheaton/Wright are #3 levels.... and Gentry is the wildcard right now who COULD be something, but as of yet is nada. Part of the reason I put this lower is because I'd optimisitic Shaheen can start putting it together, and Wheaton/Wright/Meredith (when healthy)/ Gentry/Cohen can all take a small load and divide up the balls as a committee. That being said, we are still 100% without a #1 WR, and that ain't gonna be Kevin White, nor should it have been forced upon Cam Meredith. The big concern here is that you aren't going to plug and play a rookie as a #1 WR, so if our intention is to compete next year, this is probably going to have to be an impending FA like Landry. 5. Interior OL: This is actually higher on my chart than OT.... Long is hobbled and never got his shoulder actually fixed, when it was clearly impacting his play last year... I'm honestly a bit concerned he's going to get back to his former level. Meanwhile Sitton is old, and I'm less than thrilled with Grasu... Ideally we need a guy who can come in and fill in for LG/RG/C... especially if we're going to keep trying to be a running team. 6. OT: Leno is not a superstar, but he's a bargain for his production... Massie has honestly been playing well recently. That said, as a "running team" this needs to be a focus to where we can either replace one of Leno/Massie or at least back them up solidly.
  8. WR upgrade

    I'd like to go ahead and beat the dead horse....Promote McBride to active, roster Bucky Hodges as a weekly inactive. In all seriousness, though.... Wheaton has gotta be close to coming back, right? I'd presume Wheaton just shuffles from inactive to White's spot if he's available.... and if Wheaton isn't yet ready, then you're already using a roster spot on McBride, might as well just activate him. Long term WR is a big problem, and yes I'd love to get Gentry on the active roster and see more of him, however.... I really highly doubt we're getting any remotely worthwhile FA, or trade at good value by this point, and even if we did, I fail to see how they're ready to play before Wheaton does come back from his finger... so we're likely talking about a guy who's either bumping someone else off the roster or is going to be a weekly inactive regardless.... McBride can do that without moving Gentry back and forth.... assuming Wheaton is out for week 2.

    I've got mixed thoughts about the game and the season in general.... On one hand, I want the team to show the signs of improvement and talent that I think are there.....and I never want to see us lose.... On the other hand.... I also kind of feel like every snap Glennon takes is just slowing Biscuit's development down, and so I wonder if it's not best long term for us to lose badly and get Mitch in there ASAP and/or ensure that Fox/Loggains are the hell out of coaching spots in next season... Then I start remembering that for all Loggains' flaws as an OC, he does seem to be handling Mitch pretty damn well.... and I'm also a bit nervous of the negative impact Mitch would see from trying to play this year effectively with no WRs, and then having to learn an entire new offensive system next season. As for a prediction: 30-13 Falcons, but it's going to be a surprisingly close game, with Falcons only up by 7-10 points until garbage time, when we have to try and air the ball out and Glennon throws a pick setting up another Atlanta TD to put the game away
  10. Houston Released

    The worst part is he seemed to be either improving or reaching his peak when he got hurt again right at the end of preseason this year.... He was one of the more pleasant surprises of the preseason, and imo a big part of the depth chart, especially with McPhee essentially being a part time player. I feel like he could have had a big year.
  11. Cuts to 53

    It's an incredibly lazy comparison.... especially since I specifically quoted PFF regarding Hodges' collegiate production in the same post you quoted, when bringing up Fendi in your response.... It's not me moving goalposts, it's you not reading posts. As far as Bellamy goes, fine then, Keep Bellamy if you so desperately need him to be the savior of Special Teams....on what is assuredly another rebuilding/non playoff year where we should be trying to develop talent for the future.... I'm sure his extra 5 ST tackles this season will really pay off for us in 2-3 years time when we're hopefully actually in a real position to make a playoff push. But whatever, keep him then, there's still more than enough other fat on the roster that could easily have been pruned. Deon Bush for example, isn't very good on special teams, nor is he remotely good at his skill position. Long term upside ain't looking so hot either... Mark Sanchez is another one, I get it, he's Mitch's mentor.... but that's also your coach's job, not one of your players' jobs... Hire Sanchez as a position coach if you really want him doing that, but stop wasting a roster slot on him. Then there's the fullback, which unless we dramatically change course from both last season and preseason, is going to see even less field time then Bellamy.... and could easily be replaced by a TE or a depth DL like Unrein (who has lead blocked previously in his career). 3 roster slots right there that could be pruned.
  12. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    My concern is that we don't really have the OL depth to effectively do that kind of run heavy offense.. Mostly on account of me not trusting Long's health and potentially Sitton's for an entire season. If I had to speculate on the offense, I'd wager we're going to run double TE sets a significant portion of the time, perhaps even the majority of the time if Shaheen starts coming along as well...... Wheaton and White could be used on the outside for lower % deep ball plays, since both have pretty good speed (at least hypothetically with White, since he doesn't seem to play as fast as he combined at, and that also was before 2 major leg injuries)..... The TEs work intermediate routes with the DBs (hopefully) cleared out to prevent the big play, and the running back checkdown as a safety valve/and presumably with space to work (and a back like Cohen essentially getting a 15 yard cushion from the corners/safeties chasing Wheaton/White, and Sims or Miller in front of him, vs 2 defenders in space sounds like it could gain some chunk yardage pretty consistently.... In this setup, Wheaton and White are going to get substantially lower % of the targets, but will at least be useful keeping defenses honest (or risking the home run shot).... Granted it's all hypothetical.... but they might still be useful on the outside even if they aren't getting targeted often. The concern/counterpoint to that however, is I'm not at all convinced Glennon has the arm talent to take deep shots, nor the mobility to buy enough time to let them develop properly.
  13. Cuts to 53

    Because he's in the concussion protocol,, and they are trying to stash him on IR as a redshirt season. The Fedni comparison is extremely poor, and lazy.....Fendi didn't even play football....Hodges was extremely successful as a TE in college, produced at an extremely high level in the receiving game, and put out an amazing combine to boot. He's quantifiably better in every measurable way than Shaheen, a guy we already drafted AND rostered. Oh... and he had better production in preseason as well.... And long term potential takes precedence over both of those things when you are talking about a rebuilding roster that isn't going to make the playoffs this year..... Not to mention the fact that you could literally just keep him as one of the 5 inactives each week.... and not have to worry about him ruining special teams (and that's with a rather erroneous assumption that a guy with his size/measurables couldn't find some utility on Special Teams as well) That would also be a wonderful bonus to the situation.
  14. Cuts to 53

    Indeed, they are ST guys, and people that deep on the roster are basically useful only on ST..... That being said Bucky Hodges simply has tools that neither Bush or Bellamy have, even if he's only used as a STer..... "The other philosophy is Bill Parcells' "planet theory," that there are only a handful of men on the planet with size and the skill / athleticism to play in the NFL " A 6'6" 260lb guy who can run a 40 yard dash in 4.57 and has a 39in vertical is incredibly rare for this planet, especially considering via PFF Offers impressive size-to-speed-to-hands combination. Big-game playmaker, caught the go-ahead TD pass in 2015 upset win over Ohio State, and collected 20 touchdown passes combined during his three seasons with the Hokies. Receiving experience is second-to-none in the draft class — most snaps in route (1,112), targets (238), receptions (133), and yards (1,755) since 2014. Playbook scheme versatility — shifted from Frank Beamer’s pro style to Justin Fuente’s spread offense in 2016 — also adjusting to a role split wide — while still generating career highs in receiving totals. Ability to work downfield creates consistent mismatches facing smaller defenders — 25 receptions of 20 or more yards at Virginia Tech. Snaps run from the slot decreased from 527 combined from 2014-15 to 65 in 2016, but posted the ninth-best average yardage per route run from the slot (1.68) in the TE draft class since 2014. Utilizes wingspan well to create separation at the catch point. Yeah, the guy would be a project, and we do already have a freakish size TE guy we drafted for that exact purpose.... but there are only so many guys like that on the planet.... and I scarcely believe a guy with those kinds of physical attributes can't be useful on special teams. Long term, with both him and Shaheen we'd have an incredibly difficult to match up with TE grouping. Just my $0.02.
  15. Cuts to 53

    Vikings just waived draft pick TE Bucky Hodges with an injury designation (concussion).... Similar to Shaheen in his freakish size, and usage more as a jumbo WR than an inline guy... Assuming it's just a concussion, I'd be more than willing to kick the tires there and boot a guy like Bellamy or Deon Bush... Long term it gives us some insurance against Shaheen busting and if both Shaheen and Hodges play well, another gigantic mismatch target that could let us move on from Miller next season... At that point I'd also just be making 2x TE sets the "base" offense.