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  1. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    People already don't care about Joe Mixon's incident, or Tyreek Hill's... And I'm pretty sure Parkey could have beaten 5 girls within an inch of their lives if he was making 100% of his kicks inside 60 yards and we where in the nfc:c game... The negative press argument is overblown, particularly when the player is actually performing. That being said, it's still Virginia's team, and she deleted the Bears cheerleaders because she thought it was offensive to women... I don't see any way she signs off on a guy with multiple dv incidents, that them lies to his team about them. She will care way more than the public at large would. All Hunt would have to do to silence media and fans is put up 100+ yards and at least one TD per game and everyone would love him, just like Tyreek Hill gets nothing but praise now.
  2. 2019 Draft: Targets

    On a pure needs basis: -RT potentially this year, though I feel like we'll just extend Massie since I don't expect him to break the bank. -RG can probably wait a year but wouldn't hesitate if there's value as Long is one of our worst contracts right now. -RB "3" Remove Mizzell from existence... Really aren't many of these guys in the draft, from what I've seen. At least none that I'd say are dynamic enough to matter. Maybe convert a WR or look for a college QB who isn't going to play QB at the next level. -RB "1" Losing faith in Howard for this system.... Long shot he's there when we draft, but Montgomery from Iowa State would be perfect, reminds me a ton of Kareem Hunt coming out. -WR... Faster, more elusive, and deep ball threat....Andy Isabella I think is the most intriguing option. I'm expecting him to dominate the Senior Bowl -TE 3.... I like Shaheen as the inline guy since he can block decently, with burton being used all over.... I'm not sure Braunecker isn't fine for this role already, it's not like he'll cost a ton. -SS I don't expect Amos back, and I think I want someone with better ball skills more akin to having 2x FS instead of a FS and a SS... since I expect a heavier Blitz -CB Amukamara is aging, and Tolliver can't be the only guy we rely on. -K for somewhat obvious reasons regarding Parkey, but also because FA options probably burn too much cap space. -OLB behind Floyd and Mack.... Hoping Fitts can step it up, but this is a big concern to me. So 10x positions of need (one double dip at RB) and only 5 picks (6 if we ship Howard out)... Rough offseason for Pace to try and plug the holes, and those are just the ones we can see right now, remember a large reason we where so successful is because we where so healthy overall.... Depth for a couple positions is a bit frightening.
  3. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    Right now my RB desires for the draft would be: -Bryce Love-Stanford in the 7th.... then IR him for a year. His stock has cratered after tearing his ACL in his final game, and having a disapointing season with some ankle injuries.... That said, he's got a boatload of talent, and this would just be taking a 7th round flyer on upside there. It'll be too early to learn much from combine medicals on the knee.... but need to eval his ankles at least. If he passes medicals I think this is easily the best draft bang for the buck. -Montgomery-Iowa St in the third... This guy reminds me a ton of Kareem Hunt coming out. Good hands in the passing game, tough as nails to bring down... His draft stock is a bit hard to nail down right now... Walter has him still at a 4th rounder, but I've seen numerous other reports pegging him as an early 2nd (with no elite level backs being 1st round worthy in this class) -Henderson-Memphis in the 3rd-4th... We can get inside info on him via Miller....He's shown speed and catching ability... He is notably short, however, which can be good (center of gravity/balance through contact) and bad (harder receiving target). -Just wait until the 4th-5th rounds in general.... This class lacks elite talent, but there's like 10 pretty solid dudes who could come in and probably squeeze playing time on our team right now..... All 3 of 'Bamas backs are intriguing (though I don't think all declared or are eligible) .... The point is at least one of these guys is going to be slipping and sliding later than expected if we need one.... The elephant(s) in the room are figuring out what to do with Howard (who I don't think has a ton of value in a trade, relative to his actual ability) and what happens with Kareem Hunt (who is likely to only be eligible for half a season, and I wouldn't pay a single penny more than what his contract would have been off waivers).
  4. Bilal has honestly been that super under appreciated draft gem that Pace seems to produce out of nowhere in the mid-late rounds every year. It's pretty unreal how much value we've gotten out of the mid-late rounders the past few years, and a huge factor in this team's rapid ascent/turnaround.
  5. Pace and Nagy Year End Press Conference

    Outside of the Parkey talk: -Picking up Leonard Floyd's 5th year and a whole lot of Kareem Hunt talk directed to Nagy, who apparently has been in contact with him as recently as a week ago.... Thought that was pretty interesting in itself... EDIT: Mostly because I expected a near 0% chance he'd be a real consideration for us, given the DV issues and the drama after that guy Fangio brought in from SF (who's name is escaping me atm).... I'm still not sure he'd be given a go ahead on that move, but it felt like Kareem Hunt was the most talked about actual player overall for a Bears post season presser, which was notable.
  6. League 2019 off season

    I want Saints over Chiefs over Pats. Rams and Eagles where the two teams I most wanted to lose going into this weekend, mostly on account of them having the absolute worst fans I've had the displeasure of interacting with (bonus points on the eagles for also having Alshon running his mouth). Couldn't be happier that Philly got bumped off. I'm not actually opposed to Brady winning one more before his career ends, either (even though they are my #3 team left) ...GOATs cement their legacy, and I doubt I'll ever see a team anywhere close to as consistently dominant as the Brady /Bellicheck Pats in the rest of my lifetime. What they've been able to accomplish is historical.
  7. Biggs: Donatell Interviewed, Pagano Interest

    The flipside of that is looking at the 9ers downfall on defense after Fangio left.... The vast majority of the people who made pro bowls under him in SF never made a pro bowl again. It's a rather large mistake to just dismiss the impact of the D-Cord vs Talent.... Hell...we still had much of our defense when Lovie got canned, and Mel Tucker drove us off a cliff within a single season. Mel Tucker, fwiw, is also why I'm leary of a College coach coming in.... Mel is actually a really good college level DC, and he was positively atrocious at the NFL level. I don't really have a personal favorite right now....Neither Donatell or Pagano is really moving the needle for me yet... and the only guy I'd trust schematically to do it is Rex Ryan, who I don't think is even a consideration (and for good reason... his antics/personality wouldn't mesh with our team culture at all.)..... I feel like gambling on an up and coming guy might be the best option here, but I don't have any good ideas on that front...and it likely won't matter anyhow, as Pace's post season presser is scheduled for Monday, and I'm quite positive we'll have Donatell or Pagano locked in by then without much time to look at many other options. I expect this to get wrapped up within a day or so.
  8. Kevin Stefanski is officially the Vikings OC

    To be fair, DeFlip might not have been a good OC, but he was an exceptional QB:Coach the year before that... I'd imagine there's no shortage of teams that would be willing to bring him in, in that capacity. I'd love to have him in Chicago as an additional QB:C trying to get Trubisky going. As for the Vikes hire here, I gotta say as a Chicagoan, I don't quite understand the move myself, as he didn't seem to do much better in the games of your guys' that I saw. The Vikes could be a damn scary team/ S-Bowl contender with their offense firing on all cylinders, but this seems like a bad hire for you guys. Sadly, since us Bears just lost our DC, and don't really seem to have any good options available to replace him, we seem to be destined to join you guys on the bad hire front, and I'd hate to think either of our teams regress to the point where we might let the Packers out of the basement we threw them down into this year.
  9. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    The concern with Rex is more his personality type.... One of the greatest team strengths we had this year was we had a really strong locker room/team culture going.... and Rex in general can be an incredibly abrasive personality that loses his cool easily. It's not a guarantee that the defense would respond well to him, after having a relatively stoic Fangio at the helm... or that he really fits in with what we're trying to do here under Nagy, where so much importance seems to be placed on the locker room/team culture. Rex is one of the best football minds in the game for a defense, but his personality, bombasticity, and overall abrasiveness can cause problems... The concern with him isn't that he'd be able to lead the defense, it's that he might absolutely stomp on the locker room/team culture we've got going here, and make us worse off than before as a result. Also, I'd be at least a bit concerned as to whether he can swallow his pride enough to be second fiddle again and work under someone else. I'd bring him in for an interview, and imo he's the best overall option from a pure 3-4 defense standpoint left (and I like that he'd be a significantly more aggressive version than Fangio).... but there's a very real concern that he'd cause locker room/ team culture issues that might bury the franchise longer term. Or to put it in Godfather terms.... Fangio was Micheal Corleone.... Rex Ryan would be closer to Sonny.
  10. Roster Breakdown: Wide Receivers

    Going forward to 2019 I think my biggest concern in general is that the WR room seemed to struggle when it was needed most vs Philly with simply getting open, vs a rather poor secondary. Granted, they where banged up, and Mitch was a bit gimpy, which prevented him from doing his usual buying time with his mobility thing (and those things are massive factors here).... but it is worth talking about. The problem comes in the concept, that even if we do have the opportunity to draft a good WR... we don't really have the roster space to carry another one... White is going to get (and should have already been) replaced entirely by Wims, who looks to be pretty solid, but isn't the kind of speed/route runner combination guy I think we should be looking to draft, if ample opportunity presents itself. Targets I'd be looking at (going off Walter Football's stats/projections): Paris Campbell: 6ft, 205lbs 4.35 in the 40...90catches, 1063yrds, 12TD Projected rnds 1-2.... but his drop rate is an issue that COULD (probably won't) cause him to drop to rnd 3. Not likely, but worth looking into if he falls. Marquise Brown: 5ft 11in, 160 lbs 4.35 in the 40. 75 catches 1318yrds, 10TD Projected rounds 1-3 Pro Comp is Will Fuller.... who he's faster than, but less good as a Route Runner... The elephant in the room here is he's even smaller than Cohen weight wise, which could be the reason he falls to a draftable spot. KJ Hill: 6ft, 200lbs, 4.42 in the 40.... 70 catches, 885yrds, 6 tds His arms measure at 29.63 inches, his hands at 9.25 inches, and his wing span at 73.25 inches Projected rounds 3-4. Well rounded kid apparently with strong hands and good route running.... Seems like he could only be lower on the rankings because Ohio St doesn't have a QB. Andy Isabella: 5ft 10in, 190lbs 4.54 projected 40.. 102 catches, 1698 yards, 13 TDs (65 catches, 1020yrds, 10 tds last year) projected rounds 4-6..... PFF loves him for whatever that's worth as the top deep ball WR this draft class.... Ideal role in the NFL is probably slot, like Anthony Miller. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/college-footballs-best-at-everything I think we get one of those guys, run 1 roster spot WR heavy so we can rotate a bit more and use deeper route concepts, then (and contrary to some opinions on him) rather than using Cohen MORE as a WR, we shift him back more to the backfield, and never speak of Taquan Mizzell ever again.
  11. Is Bowles @ DC confirmed for you guys as well? Just curious as a Chicago person, as there seems to be some rumors that Bowles could still be in play for Chicago for that spot, if Fangio bails for the Denver HC job. Hard to get definitive data, with all the rumors and speculation going around, figured you guys might have something more concrete to confirm it or not... since I was under the impression (prior to some rather questionable rumors) that Bowles---> Tampa was a done deal along with Arians.
  12. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    The concern with Fuller isn't just man coverage, but he's not that good at press coverage.... You saw him all year lined up 10 yards off, and he just plays better when he can backpeddle then drive, rather than get his hands on a dude then turn and run with him. Prince, on the other hand, every time I saw him was already playing on or near the the line and getting his hands on a guy on the snap.... Prince I think, might actually be better suited to an aggressive 3-4 than Fuller for that reason.... You press to take the short passes, then the pass rush is supposed to disrupt anything longer than that..... E-Jackson, however, would be absolutely deadly in a super aggressive setup I'd imagine... Should be a lot easier to pick->6 when the QB has to throw it earlier via passrush.
  13. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Maybe Bowles is waiting on news regarding Fangio, too. You'd have to think we're a hell of a lot more attractive than Tampa would be. The defense is already built and elite.
  14. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    I don't know if Rex would work here for a couple reasons: 1. He was the only really outspoken analyst to put Parkey on blast over his missed kick... Honest and true as that may be, I'd have no doubt it rubbed a bunch of the Bears players the wrong way, given how tight knit the team seems to be under Nagy. 2. Rex likes sending the heat with Blitz pressures pretty constantly and that involves leaving the DBs on an island. I don't know that Fuller can swap to a very heavy press-man style coverage without issue, as that's REALLY not his game. Beyond the corners, the scheme itself is fairly different from what the guys have been learning and doing. There may be some significant issues where their instincts are simply wrong for a more aggressive system, because they've been learning to play in a safer one. 3. We don't have enough OLBs to rotate in and send pressure constantly.... This could be overcome with Roquan and Trevethan coming more but still a concern. Those things aside, at the very least, Rex being here would be entertaining as hell... I'm not at all sure it'd be at all the right move, but it certainly wouldn't be boring, and I'd watch the hell out of it.
  15. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Bowles to Tampa with Arians is official... If Vic leaves we could seriously be screwed.