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  1. Bears sign Mike Davis

    I think we can get into the last 10 picks of the second round, by flipping our Oakland pick from next year... Though I was hoping to do that for Andy Isabella, personally...... Much like the move to get Trubisky, trading up for Sanders wouldn't be the move I'd make, but there's a reason Pace is a well respected scout /gm and I'd at least admire the commitment to/confidence in Sanders such a trade up would demonstrate.
  2. Bears sign Mike Davis

    On the topic of Sanders, apparently he was in town for a private meeting with the team 2-3 days ago... Posted a picture of himself landing at o-hare, then was apparently told to delete the post while meeting with the team (his second meeting with us, as we sat down with him at the combine too) , which he did delete from his page..for reference, apparently the exact same scenario happened with us /Anthony Miller last year in the pre-draft process (the posting on Instagram and deleting it by request) , and he's now the second confirmed RB we've flown in for an official 2nd meeting with.
  3. Bears sign Mike Davis

    I don't see either of those two as being "home run hitters", personally, though I've admittedly done very little scouting of Jacobs, as he'd have to do something pretty drastic to get into our draft range by all accounts. Sanders and Henderson I see at least some possibility of a trade up with next years oakland pick into the 2nd, or MAYBE teams realizing that this entire class is overrated and letting them fall where they belong, near where we draft. Sanders reminds me a ton of Forte from what I've been seeing.. He'll be glorious between the 20s, but he lacks the speed to get a long TD, and lacks the power to work in goal line. He's great at slowing himself down and making one dude miss in the open field.... but he's slowing down to make those moves often times, and it robs him of big play potential. Henderson, on the other hand, is hitting home runs all the time despite not being as fast as expected, simply because he's nearly invariably making his cuts at full speed, which is imo where he most resembles Tevin Coleman.
  4. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    Just curious as to who you rate as the 11th....the new slot corner?
  5. Amos to Green Bay

    We just signed Dix to a one year deal
  6. 2019 Draft: Targets

    apparently Treyvon Williams is coming into town for his 2nd meeting with the Bears...... Third down back type, who's a willing pass blocker, but not exactly the dynamic type player that I'd prefer.
  7. Bears sign Cordarrelle Patterson

    unexpected and interesting.... but the dude is dumber than a box of rocks, and this is a fairly complex offense... I love it for a return man, but yikes on trying to get him to learn the play book.
  8. Free Agent Rumors

    GB also don't have anything to lose, Rodgers is getting old and potentially already declining.... Spend big on FAs and hope they can actually get a second ring out arguably the most talented qb in history before the window closes. Can't really blame them for trying.
  9. Free Agent Rumors

    I got a phone notification that we just Freed up 11m of cap by converting a bunch of macks money to a signing bonus.... Freeing up money for something/someone big? Any ideas or theories?
  10. Who are your Favorite players regardless of position?

    I've spent an inordinate amount of time watching WRs and RBs specifically looking for people I want my team to draft (Chicago) Right now my favorite WRs are: Andy Isabella via speed for days, ability to get open, and ability to get volume targets Terry Mclaurin via speed, ability, size to play outside, and st value Running backs are : Henderson home run potential, and one of the most aggressive North/South runners I've seen. Makes his cuts /moves at full speed, rather than slowing his momentum and giving defenses to time to adjust, which lets him catch defenses out of position and get big plays others wouldn't. Bryce Love home run potential..and like there's underdog/comeback hopes mixed in there too. Darwin Thompson I have a soft spot for undersized RBs who can play big. Loved when my team took Cohen, and I think Thompson had potential as late round scat back type. I've enjoyed but not in love with Montgomery, Sanders, and Hill as well for RBs....and think Pollard might be a draft steal too as a 3rd down back. Of that list Sanders is probably growing on me the most.. But I really want a home run threat, and Sanders reminds a bunch of Forte, where he's great between the 20s... But not explosive enough to hit the home run, not strong enough to punch it in.
  11. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Yeah I'm thinking he's more or less taking Cunningham/Mizzell's jobs in the offense, rather than Howard's.
  12. Bellamy on his way to NYJ

    So is McLaurin. Good size, great speed, great quickness, plays ST, team leader, high character, and likely to be a better pro than college player. I don't think he's going to be a #1 WR anytime soon, but for a late 3rd/late 4th round pick you'd be hard pressed to find better value on the board than a guy who can come in and do everything Bellamy was already doing, while also providing a deep threat and actually possessing the potential to contribute in the receiving game.
  13. Bellamy on his way to NYJ

    Clearing room for a McLaurin draft pick.... Better version of Bellamy anyhow.
  14. Bears sign Mike Davis

    If Howard gets moved I'd basically change any draft mocks to include a trade up to get a specific RB target somewhere around the mid-late 2nd round. I like Cunningham more than most, but he's a #2, as is imo this Davis guy.... and I think Cohen is more of a "1b" guy himself limited more by size/potential durability than talent. The wildcard is that guy on our practice squad, but he honestly underwhelmed me last preseason compared to my expectations.
  15. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Don't know much about him other than the stats I'm currently reading but seemingly he is the guy who Thanos snap's Mizzell from this roster as a RB that get receiving targets. Unsure if he's intended to be more than that, however.