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  1. 8th pick in the draft

    I don't think it's likely, given how KC drafted (I'm fairly certain we end up going OL or Edge... and I don't see any Edge guys in our range) but Ridley imo is about as perfect a prospect as you could hope for, when accounting for the style of offense KC runs (and Oregon ran under Helfrich, since there's going to be some concepts from there).... Elite speed and elite ability to separate... I genuinely don't think there's a single other prospect on this team, in free agency, or even in this draft class that comes close for a true #1 WR option for this team.... The flipside of that however, is whether or not Ridley is an actual elite level prospect, or just the best available option @ WR. I'm convinced of the latter, but I'm not sure I can say the former.
  2. What have you learned from draft busts?

    My recent worsts had to have been: 1. Bud Dupree-OLB I just put entirely too much value on the generational athleticism over the skillset/intelligence.... OLB needs both. 2. Rasheed Hageman-DT being remotely comparable to Aaron Donald during that draft class. I bit hard on ideal size/framed player with upside... Donald's elite level combine put him back over the top on my board eventually... but it was still somehow very CLOSE in my mind going into that draft. 3. Dri Archer-RB/Gadget Weapon This one I'm still frustrated by... You saw the flash he had in one of his preseason games where he gashed a team for a huge play out of essentially nothing.... but man did he end up bombing in the league. I made a similar mistake with Tavon Austin... Too much credit given to speed/elusiveness too little credit given to size.... Though I guess Tarik Cohen this year has been doing a pretty decent job of making me yet again re-evaluate (the flip side of that coin this year is I thought Donnel Pumphrey-RB/WR would also find some success this year) The one my team made: Kevin White-WR: I now have a -very- strong bias against any WRs who can't run routes well because of him (and also in part because of the Devin Hester @ WR experiment we tried some years before that) .... Even discounting his horrific string of injuries, he's just been an all around let down even when he has been on the field..... Elite level athlete that has no speed (via his leg injuries), big body frame that doesn't play contested passes very well, and he's a outright terrible route runner. Like the Bud Dupree @ OLB example above.... The team drafted an athlete, with the expectation that the mental side of the game could be entirely taught, and it just can't from what I've seen. If they suck at running routes, in my mind they just suck at playing receiver. It's a big part of the reason I'm very low on the James Washington-WR this year, and very high on Calvin Ridley-WR.
  3. 8th pick in the draft

    Statistically speaking this year is a massive outlier.... Defense is super important obviously, but the better quarterbacks by and large are what win super bowls
  4. 8th pick in the draft

    ++ He's elite level at getting separation, elite level speed. Two of the biggest things for imitating what KC does + Very good in the open field (this could arguably be at an elite level as well, and is probably the third most important factor) = Average at catching contested passes, nothing special height wise - Below average build (he's super athletic but thinner framed), age is a concern (he's like 24) - - Atrocious at blocking on the edge (It's almost laughable... Not sure if its an effort thing or a size thing... I'm kind of curious as to how KC had a good screen game with smaller guys and presumably poor edge blocking) So there's definitely some concerns with Ridley, but he brings a skillset that the Bears blatantly don't have right now on their roster, and one that isn't really available in FA. I wouldn't at all have a problem with him being our pick, but I do get the feeling we're going to go either OL/DL/OLB with our first pick this year. My first round board right now is something like: 1.Trade down (Small) and Vita Vea-DT 2. Quenton Nelson-OG @ 8 3a. McGlinchey-OT @ 8 3b. Ridley-WR @ 8 5a. Trade Down (large) Harold Landry-OLB 5b. Trade down (Small) Ferrell-OLB 5c. Trade UP (small) Chubb-OLB My problem with basically all of the OLB prospects is I don't see a super dominant Athlete, and that's a position where your SPARQ score matters as much as your technique... Chubb, Ferrell both have great technique but I don't see the elite level athleticism that makes them great. Landry I'm a bit worried could be a run game liability. Key I doubt is on our board via non football stuff. So that leaves Ridley or building in the trenches... I personally like Ridley, and if he was 2 years younger and could block on the edge, I think he'd be a lock for a top 5 pick. I'd be thrilled if we got him, but I think we look to build in the trenches.... Sitton, and Massie are both guys that could struggle with a scheme that incorporates more spread style concepts courtesy of Helfrich.... meanwhile we now have the Notre Dame Offensive Line coach who has more info on McGlinchy and Nelson than the rest of the league combined... Odds are good that one of those 2 is our pick.... Meanwhile Vita Vea is the wildcard in this situation.. He's an elite level talent and would fill a pretty massive hole in our defense by completing the "3" of our front 3, while simultaneously providing depth for Goldman at NT..... If we're trying to win in the trenches I can think of nothing scarier than a front 3 of Hicks/Goldman/Vea and when you consider that Vea can probably be had on a mild trade down vs likely having to draft Nelson or McGlinchey @ 8.... I think Vea is by far the best value we could get out of this draft class.
  5. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Tough to say honestly.... If we transition to more of a spread styled offense, Grasu's flaws might be less of a factor..... Depends really on how much of Oregon's scheme we end up incorporating. One factor that Grasu does have an advantage in, he's actually used to snapping to shotgun. Then consider that some of our other guys may struggle with the mobility required for a more spread styled offense (Sitton and Massie in particular) and it's quite possible that Whitehair has to move out to either G or RT, meaning Grasu might actually be the best option to play C next year.... It'll be very interesting to see what this team ends up looking like offensively come September.
  6. 2018 Free Agency targets

    DeAnthony Thomas could be a guy we look at for depth... Hybrid WR/KR/RB with experience under both Nagy and Helfrich.... super cheap FA this year, and brings a truckload of speed.
  7. Coordinator News and Rumors

    So thrilled that the Helfrich rumor proved to be true. He's a guy I'd wanted the Bears to consider way back when they eventually got Fox, since at the time Oregon was doing even better offensively after Chip had left. He was the real brains behind that team's offensive success and probably fits best as an OC. He's supposed to be an incredibly intelligent guy. One curious player we might end up looking at now is DeAnthony Thomas, who was under both Helfrich (Oregon) and Nagy (KC Chiefs).. Beyond that, I'm expecting a massive infusion of WR speed coming our way in general. Gonna be real interesting to see how this all unfolds, but I am already massively more excited for this season than I was expecting to be.... Now let's hope we can just nail the DC position worth either Betcher or Fangio (and I'd actually prefer Betcher for more aggressive looks)
  8. Coordinator News and Rumors

    A guy named "Stunner" from another forum I frequent had some info on Tabor that's fairly encouraging.
  9. Coordinator News and Rumors

    That would make me incredibly happy..... Oregon actually improved offensively the year Chip left and Mark was given free reign... Also I was a pretty big fan of the aggressive style they had. Finally, I'd add that I don't think Helfrich is a real HC candidate (he's the type that probably belongs at OC) so that could be a really ideal pairing long term..... If Nagy lands Helfrich @ OC , retains Fangio @ DC, and lands Toub @ ST, that would be about as close to a dream scenario as I could imagine.
  10. 8th pick in the draft

    Given Whitehair's consistency issues snapping to shotgun, I could see a scenario where we go: LT: Leno LG: Nelson-Draft C: FA 1 > FA-OG/C 2 RG: Long/Whitehair RT: Whitehair/Long > Massie Whitehair played LT in college and graded out very well at it, fwiw... Long has the better size for it, but I'm not sure Long in his current condition is really going to be even an upgrade over Massie on the outside.
  11. 2018 Free Agency targets

    One of the things I've been reading about Nagy is that he runs a heavy shotgun offense.... Which probably would help Mitch out as well, since he's more used to playing out of the gun... That being said..... Whitehair is a bit of a concern to me as a C long term in a shotgun heavy offense, with his snapping issues.. Might be worth exploring the Center market in FA and pushing Whitehair to OG (or hell maybe even testing him at RT, considering he was PFF elite graded OT in college)
  12. Bears Hiring Matt Nagy

    As a Chicagoan, would have preferred DeFilipo personally, but Nagy to me is probably the better fit as I see the KC/Chicago rosters being more comparable. Personally I'm just happy we DIDN'T go with Shurmur or McDaniels.
  13. Bears Hire Matt Nagy

    DeFilipo was my first choice, and I was curious about Carmichael schematically (though rumor is he isn't much a leader)... But Nagy makes me much happier than McDaniels or Shurmer...and this probably fits our team's roster the best... I also imagine, giving the timing, that Vic gets retained/resigned tonight.
  14. Your Draft Hot Takes

    That being said, I thought last year's crop was pretty heavily underrated.... This year's crop I find pretty heavily OVERrated.
  15. The last 2 head coaching hires for starters... And Sports Mockery (yeah I know, hardly a reliable source) just did an article today about how we where set to draft L. Tomlinson back in the day and they blocked it..... That move alone would have drastically changed the early 2000s for us... Especially since we wouldn't have gone RB the year Rodgers was drafted. I'd also add that they're going to be sitting in on all the interviews. That alone undercuts Pace's authority massively during this process.