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  1. The only bright side from this whole debacle, is I get to be that insufferable Bears fan "I told you so"ing people when I wanted Mahomes in that draft, even if it meant trading up. Then again, Mahomes would have been so comically wasted in a John Fox, 1980s style offense.
  2. If it's really that close to the artery, it had to have cut straight through a good chunk of muscle tissue... That's not nothing for a guy who's game is so speed based.
  3. It's only a problem when it doesn't work... But there in lies the rub, because it statistically just isn't working.... Which causes some of the games we've had the past two years where a journeyman qb like Biscuit is airing the ball out 40+ times a game to try and compensate. In the past, we compensated for the weaker run game with Forte being a stud in the screen game and "ran" the ball that way to give us some offensive variety.... Currently the only thing we seem capable of doing is trying to run outside stretch type plays and don't seem to have a real second option with the RBs which is unfortunate, because Monty feels like he should be better up the middle, and both Monty and Cohen can and probably should be getting more "forte-esque" check downs and screens for variety. Sadly our perimeter blocking with wrs/TEs is just as bad as our interior blocking up the middle. We simply need more ways to attack the defense and take pressure off the qb.
  4. Another SI article of note for the Bears today.... Gotta say, I knew we where bad running the ball, but this puts things in perspective for just how bad. https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/bears-dirty-little-secret-is-they-cant-run-inside Where Bears Ranked Running Up the Middle 1999 31st 2000 31st 2001 31st 2002 32nd 2003 31st 2004 29th 2005 32nd 2006 32nd 2007 30th 2008 29th 2009 32nd 2010 31st 2011 32nd 2012 22nd 2013 28th 2014 30th 2015 23rd 2016 32nd 2017 32nd 2018 29th 2019 30th All in all it explains a ton about us as a franchise offensively..... We simply need to be better at running the ball unless we can luck our way into drafting the next Rodgers/Brees/Brady/Manning.... and part of that is being able to actually move the ball up the middle instead of trying to turn every single running play into an outside stretch.
  5. Interesting that a Trey Lance hype thread comes up within 24 hours of a justbombs Trey Lance highlight video Haven't dug into the normal tape on him myself significantly, but yeah he's got some impressive highlights at least, and while highlights quite certainly don't tell the whole picture on a prospect, I never trust a prospect without a decent collection of HL/splash plays to their credit. Definitely an intriguing prospect for next year's QB hungry teams.
  6. Bears sign S Tashaun Gipson

    I wonder if this is just the way Pagano likes his secondary, with 2 FS type guys with more ball skills than tackling skills, rather than 1 center fielder and one more box SS-enforcer type. Anyone remember his previous teams and how they operated at Safety? Regardless, hope it doesn't impact Ejacks too much, since he already had a down year with HHCD next to him vs Amos.
  7. *signs Ginn *drafts Mooney Looks like we're "zigging" now too.
  8. Also remember that Ginn is relatively old, and that running 40 deep down field sprints constantly isn't exactly sustainable.... Mooney could easily have an active game day role behind Ginn helping take the top off defenses at any point in the game we want to, or in tandem with Ginn so we get more than one speed mismatch on the field at the same time. I think he offers more to the offense as a whole than Mims or Ridley have shown. Side note regarding Mooney, apparently he was a guy our wr coach specifically was pounding the table for in the draft meetings.
  9. Bears sign Trevor Davis and Ted Ginn

    He'll be competing with Mims and Ridley for the last two spots, and may even have a leg up given he brings something they don't. Imo, at least one of Ginn or Mooney should be on the field say 70% of the time (and both on the field at least a couple of times a game to force speed mismatches) , even if they're mostly just running a deep route to draw coverage back and open up things underneath. Obviously Ginn probably gets the majority of the work but I think Mooney can simply offer more to the offense right now than Wims or Ridley overall because it lets us always be able to challenge a defense with speed and Ginn can't be in every play.
  10. Post Draft Big Picture Bears Thoughts

    Haven't watched any of these guys save Lawrence myself, and then only because Clemson keeps getting into the college playoffs, but apparently NDSU has a real promising qb as well right now, that could be eligible to declare next year. He's been getting some big hype.
  11. UDFA Thread

    might get a cut of the jersey sales. People buying both 52 mack and w/e khalil wears
  12. Post Draft Big Picture Bears Thoughts

    I didn't say 6-9 record, I said 6 to 9 wins. Detroit got a running back who can actually run. They've only been garbage for years because they had zero running game. Minnesota had arguably a top 3 draft in the entire league. And Green Bay's front 7 crushed our OL the past 2 years, while also making investments to be better situated to run the ball. Meanwhile our offense has done nothing to improve. Our offensive line is still garbage and we're likely still unable to run the ball. Our only non Robinson wr is gone, and unlikely to be replaced by Mooney... Then defensively were better via Quinn but we're hollowed out depth wise. At safety, MLB, and d line (the layer two of those groups have injury concerns). We'd need another historic season of few to no injury concerns to repeat 2018 vs having something closer to last year...and I just don't think we're a good enough offensive team to make the playoffs on anything less than an absolutely dominant defensive season. I'm just not buying this season all coming together in a super optimistic fashion, I think we end up shutting a few teams out while the defense is healthy, but still only win those games with 9 total points or fewer and the majority of our games are going to be single score coin tosses with no epic blowouts.
  13. Post Draft Big Picture Bears Thoughts

    Defense: SS is a big downgrade atm, I actually expect us to make a play for Tony Jefferson in the next few days. FS/CB are the same..... Johnson might not quite play up to Prince's level immediately, but he probably ends better than Prince was by the end of the season as he acclimates. OLB we MASSIVELY upgraded with Quinn... I can't even stress how big of an upgrade this was..... Mingo is basically what we had in Floyd and he's our #3 not our #2 now. Rookie might actually get some production just pinning his ears back DL Same as last year.... Hicks is a concern with his knees and our interior push without him is poor. MLB Our depth took a big hit, but starters are fine so long as they are physically healthy (and maybe mentally with w/e was going on with Roquan) Offense: TE: It can't possibly be worse than last year.... That said, I'm not super optimistic.... I don't like Kmet as a player, and Graham even if he was poorly used in GB is running on fumes. Getting double the overall production should be easy enough, but I don't expect them to actually be contributing at a real level. QB: Mitch vs Foles I think is a wash.... Mitch sucks, but Foles is less consistent. I think Foles gets the nod just because he'll be better at reading and throwing downfield.... but Foles will throw more picks than Biscuit does (he's actually pretty good about not turning the ball over) RB: Monty was underutilized last year as a receiving threat... I feel like he could be leaned on like we did Forte in Trestman's offense...... Cohen I think has a bounceback year, but his hands are a major concern given how much he's used as a receiving threat.... I'd actually like to see Cohen be used more as a runner.... just not up the damn middle so many times.... stretch plays/draws/screens or give him a damn lead blocker. I'm not yet impressed by Nall outside of preseason and I'm actually really annoyed we lost Kerrith Whyte last year, he had more potential. 'WR: This is a bigger problem area than most realize... Gabriel, for all his faults, was a major part of this WR room, and I just can't see Mooney getting that much time on the field. Robinson is good, Miller can't stay healthy, and no one else has stepped up. I'd add that while we're limiting Mooney's time on field, we again have no deep threat. While he is on the field, he has a very high drop rate, as does cohen and those drops are likely to kill drives. OL: el elephante in the room..... We didn't improve this, and they where goddawful last year at everything, and only piss poor the year before at run blocking.... Wildcards: The 'rona is also going to dramatically impact the offense's ability to practice and gel this offseason, if we have a season at all. Minnesota and Detroit had good drafts.... GB's was.. odd.... but they are building themselves up to pound the rock, and the packers with a legitimate running game backing up Rodger's arm is a scary thought Conclusion We are fighting for 3rd or 4th place in the division this year. Nothing of substance was done to the offense, and particularly the offensive line, TE, and WR rooms. The defense will keep things close, and I'm expecting some hilarious things from our defense given a dramatically improved pass rush, and new ballhawking corner depth.... but the defense can't be counted on to score all the points. This is a 6-9 win team as it stands, and half of our games are going to be 1 score victories/losses.
  14. UDFA Thread

    we where reportedly one of the teams that was high on him during the draft.... might have just not taken because of the other 2 CB picks
  15. UDFA Thread