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  1. I would trade up..... but I'm much higher on Mac Jones than most of this board I think..... I think we look to trade up to 6, and go for whoever is there of Fields/Jones (on the presumption that ATL stays at 4 and takes Pitts, then Cinci goes Sewell at 5 so Burrow doesn't die back there. If ATL trades down and 1,2,3,4 takes out the top 4 QBs, I could see a desperation move up to like 10ish for Lance....
  2. I've come around a bit on Fields of late..... I still think he's 4th best QB, but acknowledge that in most years, he'd probably have been an unquestioned #1 pick..... I like him more than I liked Trubisky coming out even..... but I'd take Mac Jones over him without thinking twice. Lance, I think is fringe first rounder. His potential is special, but you are drafting entirely on what he could be, rather than what he is. Mills is pretty close to Lance to me... again drafting entirely on potential, rather than what he's actually doing/done.....Lance just goes way earlier because his athletic
  3. My gut feeling is that Bears are going to trade up to either #4 or #6 (if picks 4 and 5 are Pitts and Sewell) to grab # 4 QB of Jones/Fields I think the only major obstacle is that we're currently at pick 20 and people won't want to move THAT FAR down If someone else out bids us for pick #4 and gets that QB4, the Bears would have to trade up slightly for Lance or down to the end of the first for Mills (which would be an overdraft, but at least nets a 5th year option)
  4. Some one is working real hard to see that Fields slides... A week before the draft, it's confirmed that Fields is epileptic, and takes medicine for his epilepsy. Also fwiw, the unreliable rumor mill is that Bears are gunning for pick #6 overall... With the expectation that 4-5 are Pitts and Sewall (the OT kid from Oregon if I butchered his name)
  5. Ideally it would mean he's not on our board because he's too much of a project. That said knowing Pace it means he's trying to play some 5d chess and make other teams think he's not interested, but the pick is absolutely Lance on a massive trade up to #1 overall. Now we just need to know what kind of car he drives..... If it's an awful car, we'll know for sure.
  6. I think the top 4 are worth the shot if we can get up there (or one of them falls a bit further than what i expect to be picks #1-4) and I'd understand Lance or Mills with rnd 1 or 2 just via this team needing to take shots.... That said, I'm one of the few bears fans who wouldn't be at all upset if we didn't go QB at all this draft, because in all likelihood 5 qbs are gone by pick 10, and I don't like the 2nd rounders much.
  7. the problem, however, is I'm fairly confident QB's go 1,2,3,4...... and I don't think Lance is worth trading up for =/
  8. Wilson over Lawrence you could maybe make the argument that Lawrence already "peaked" and that Wilson has a higher potential ceiling with his mahomes-esque penchant for absurd plays. Mond over Fields though, even as someone who's incredibly skeptical of Fields, seems like a massive over reaction. Mond looks like his ceiling is a game manager....... Fields is arguably one of the highest ceiling prospects ever, and even if you are VERY skeptical of his ability to process the field after the snap (like I am), I think his floor is still pretty solidly over where Mitch was playing at ba
  9. If Fields or Jones are there at 10-12, we trade up If we stay @20 I think it'll be Cosmi-ot. We have his coach on staff. Jenkins plays meaner but is rt only, cosmi is a LT I don't see us going wr, tbh unless a top guy fell. Lance being there at 20 I think they'd reluctantly pull the trigger and grab.
  10. My money is that it's either Pitts (for a win now attempt) Trade back to gain picks for next year when they take a shot on QB. Drafting a QB is the only option I see being an absolute "no".... They're way to invested in Matty Ice to bring in another QB for a few more years, and I'ma be honest with you Atlanta fans, but you aren't close enough to winning a superbowl with what you've got that Pitts, even if he's elite, is going to get you over the edge. I think yall are in the begining of a slow rebuild phase while you wait out Matt Ryan's contract, so loading up on picks is imo the right p
  11. I'd legitimately rather not get a QB than waste a pick on the day 2 qbs... *Edit: Though if forced to choose one, I'll take Mills over Mond..... at least he has POTENTIAL to be something.
  12. There's also the thing going around about Mac Jones doing "blackface" for Halloween one year... (he was 14 and it was an Obama mask, not paint) Looks like some one is trying hard to get Mac Jones to fall to a more draftable position.... Hope it's us, I'll be very upset if we sell the farm for some one as rough as Lance. Kid is a running back, not a QB at this time.
  13. I don't think there's literally anything we can do about that this year.... Hearing rumors now that ATL is taking QB 4 to groom..... even if they don't, QB 4 will be gone long before we can afford to trade up and get him, and I'm am not at all sold on Mills or Lance..... IMO just load up on OL/WR so that when we do go after a QB, we can at least have the pieces in place to make their job easier when we go for one next year. That said, if Fields or Jones get to pick 10, I think you have to try and take one....using future firsts.
  14. Cosmi or Jenkins in rd1 Moore-WR in rd 2 Eskridgee-WR in rd3 (might require a minor trade up) Imatorhbebe-WR in rnd 5-6 Mooney, Robinson, Moore, Eskridge, Imatorhbebe/Ridley...... with Monty/Cohen/Williams backfield (I also want to draft Patterson-RB) That is a damn dangerous offense..... a boatload of speed we don't currently have, and leverage for when we likely lose Robinson and Williams next year.
  15. Great talent but his physical style is going to cause him significant injury problems in the NFL... and hell it's already caused him a ton in college. Kid is damn entertaining though.
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