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  1. Rank your favorite draft pick ...

    Brain fart on my part.... the kid who was nearly the top CFL pick is who I meant... "Betts" The one with the oustanding 3 cone and basically little to no actual compeition for his spot.
  2. Rank your favorite draft pick ...

    I actually like the Kerrith Whyte-RB pick the most of our draft picks. I can't like Montgomery the most, because I wanted Henderson... and I think it was a sizable mistake letting Henderson go a mere 3 picks earlier. Riley Ridley I think is great value.... but I wanted more speed/explosiveness from a WR. That leaves Shelley who's undersized and a double backup (McMannis and Skrine) and Denmark, who's a question mark. Whyte-RB on the other hand, brings something our offense needed (game breaking speed), and could theoretically take the entirety of Taquan Mizzell's offensive snaps. He's not going to be as critical to the team as Montgomery or Ridley, but he has the clearest path to fill that niche "weapon" role we where using Mizzell for last season, while also bringing an attribute not present elsewhere. I think that represents the best value from the draft picks overall, given he only cost us a 7th. Favorite UDFAs are Hall-WR and Fitts-Edge
  3. Chase Daniel NFL's Highest Paid Backup

    He's not worth it on the merit of talent alone..... but his job was more about helping Mitch learn Nagy's system while being servicable as a backup, than it was about actually being a great backup, and from that perspective he was worth the price. I'd absolutely expect the team to get significantly cheaper on the backup QB situation going forward though. Can't really justify paying him that much for how inept the offense looked when he was running the show while Mitch was out... and Mitch should have the system down well enough to make his contributions as a teacher irrelevant.
  4. Random Bears THOTs

    Wasn't really sure where else to post this, but apparently Quinten Rollins-CB is coming in as a vet, to tryout at the rookie minicamp this weekend.. What in the world happened to his career? If I'm remembering the right guy, I actually thought he might develop into something at the NFL level.
  5. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    On the flipside of the coin.... I don't get how having a third stringer on the roster prevents the season from being effectively over if Trubisky is out for the season. Chase Daniels is decidedly not that good, and our season is quite definitely over if he had to start 10+ games. The reason don't see teams wasting roster slots on 3 QBs is because teams very rarely have 2 QBs worth rostering, let alone 3 of them... Hell half the teams in the league don't even have 1.
  6. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    snipping the rest of the article for brevity's sake... He had a pretty good writeup... I'd disagree on three spots, however... 1. Ridley isn't going to be a ST guy, he's going to be a rotational guy/primary backup, similar to Miller for us last year. His ceiling is going to mirror Miller's last year where he might eventually work his way into starting by the end of the year, but it otherwise a primary backup. 2. Shelly. IMO isn't going to be the backup Nickel... Skrine and McMannis will have that locked down already, but with McMannis potentially also backing up the outside when needed. Shelly is PROBABLY a depth backup that isn't even active until someone gets hurt. 4. Whyte.... As a RB fan, this pick actually has me way more intrigued than the others.... I only see him going to the PS if he's awful in preseason/Training camp and we run light on RBs... I think it's more likely he comes in as the #4 rostered RB, and possibly inactive weekly unless he shows up on ST for more than returns. That said, this kid is going to be one of the most athletic players on the entire team and could very well outplay many or even all of the people ahead of him on the RB depth chart.... especially when you consider he's likely showing up against backups.... E. Hall runs the DB's off, and it leaves Whyte a 4.36 speed runner against Kwiatoski, a LB with known speed/coverage issues, for example. That's an easy recipe to look VERY dominant over the summer, and I won't be at all surprised if he finds a way to earn himself a spot in the rotation by the fall... I don't think the coaches would consider benching Davis for him, even if he does show Davis up, but I could easily see him getting something like 5 plays a game, particularly to try and exploit some kind of speed-mismatch with some other guys around (like Cohen and Patterson).
  7. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    Meh, I think it's kind of fun trying to predict things with what we know know/what we think we know now.... Then see how that changes over time with more information... Talk of RRH potentially being used as an OLB and absolutely no ideas on how they intend to divide the RB workload (and if Patterson is going to be a part of that rotation) being two prime examples where we just don't really know what to expect.
  8. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    I'm having trouble trimming my rosters down... Main battles: RB: I think we keep 4, with Whyte sticking on the roster. I feel like he's intended to be the "Mizzell" this year, but it's difficult to really understand how much Patterson is going to get used. If Patterson is getting used like he was last year in NE, then Whyte ends up being a weekly inactive, unless he absolutely blows DAVIS away in preseason/TC which seems extremely unlikely. He could also be used over Cohen for KR duties, to avoid risking a more important Cohen. Edge: I'm buying that Betts bumps off Irving or Fitts.... just on potential.. Also remember there was talk of RRH potentially going to OLB. Lynch I think is actually safe just because he's he was actually pretty decent for us and everyone else is kind of an unknown. DE: If the rumors of moving RRH to OLB where true, I have no idea what's going to happen here... Even beyond that, if RRH stays DL, I'm not overly enamored with any of the rest yet. Think this spot is the most "wide open" on the team with a bunch of guys all being around the same level. WR: I think E. Hall has a better shot of making it than Wims does because of the speed factor... I think the intent is to keep both, however, and wouldn't be at all surprised if Emanuel Hall goes immediately on IR because of his groin injury from last year "flairs up" to buy time for us to figure out what to do with Robinson and Gabriel longer term. Safety: I think, if Denmark is marked as a Safety, then Deon Bush is gone, even with Denmark not knowing the position well. If HHCD goes down, I think they'll just live with Denmark for the remainder of that game, then bring an emergency FA before the next. If Denmark is not a safety, Bush is safe. CB: If Denmark is intended to be a corner, it's harder to predict... I think Shelly is more expendable... since we'll already have McMannis and Skrine, and Denmark should offer more ST value via size/athleticism. TE: Well that was annoying.. I just spent something like 40 minutes of failed google-fu trying to find an article about the UDFA TE "Bunting" guy we picked up because I remembered that last name from my pre-draft research.... I apparently remembered that name because of the CB, not the TE named Bunting, however... sooo you know, there's 40 minutes of my life I'm not getting back, lol.... The Dax kid has a real solid shot of being the #4 guy for TEs... but I think we may run WR heavy instead, and push Dax to the PS.
  9. Chicago Drafts RB David Montgomery

    Worth noting.... One of the big topics being thrown around pre-draft (mostly by me) was "Speed score" metrics.... (https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2019/speed-score-2019) where Montgomery didn't have a great showing based upon his combine numbers (he scored a 96.6... which while not horrible, is low enough to be concerned). I was not, however, aware of his pro day numbers, where he managed to shave that time to "low 4.5s" to "4.57" (depending on which articles you believe).... A 4.57 number improves his overall "speed score" to 101.79 which is a hell of a lot better already... A "LOW" 4.5X time ends up with a speed score anything from 108.27 (@4.50) to 102.66 (@4.55) Essentially he showed on his pro day that maybe the speed concerns from the combine might have been overblown in general. I look forward to seeing how he can develop over the summer as well, since he strikes me as the type of kid who is more than willing to dedicate himself to trying to fix any perceived weaknesses...
  10. What I Learned

    I think the biggest take away was an indictment of the offense as a whole last year.... We went above and beyond to add weapons and competition for skill positions. Montgomery, Davis, Whyte, Patterson for RB reps Hall, Hall, Patterson, Ridley at WR (I feel like I might be missing a guy) The TE udfa comes to mind too (name escapes me at the moment)
  11. Best/Worst Drafts From Day 2

    Homer selection, but I'm pretty damn thrilled with what the Bears accomplished with such limited ammunition. -Starting RB in the 3rd in David Montgomery.... Huge need -Amazing value for a WR in Riley Ridley in the 4th -Slot corner depth in the 6th, a need since we lost Bryce Callahan this year Then two very athletic freaks for high upside low risk picks in the 7th Kerrith Whyte-RB Stephen Denmark-DB Combine that with no less than 3 amazing UDFA pickups already Emmanual Hall-WR Alex Bars-OL Dax Raymond-TE And I honestly think we've done pretty damn outstanding, particularly considering how limited our picks where. If I had to pick a team I don't at all homer for, I'm probably going to go with the Rams.... Henderson on that already explosive offense scares the hell out of me.. and I wish he was the guy Chicago had gone up for, because I think he was also drafted at lest a round later than he should have been. EDIT: The redskins from what I saw where killing it in the draft as well, at least early on. Worst drafting might be the raiders... or the lions.
  12. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    Side note... but looking at all the prospects now for our skill position players... This actually is turning into a potentially really interesting training camp/ preseason. There's gonna be serious roster battles in a bunch of spots that weren't even necessarily projected to be roster battles.
  13. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    Now we just need to land Ronheen Bingham-Edge and I'm pretty thrilled overall with this draft/UDFA class
  14. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    So we can hit the right upright this year instead of the left one? Nice.
  15. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    Beau Benzschawel? No, he went undrafted. Also... I pity whatever sportscaster has to call that name out.