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  1. This has the potential to be a big breakout game for our passing game.... Miller and Robinson are the two most likely guys to go nuts in Atlanta But I'm actually going to bet on a big day for Mooney and Cohen. Mooney is seemingly the only WR we have going 110% every snap right now, and I think gets way more opportunities in this game, including a deep shot (40+yrd) TD Cohen, on the other hand, is just due for his 1-2 games a year where he's a big contributor, and the Falcon's weak secondary I think gets him the nod in some kind of WR screen or as a checkdown option. I'd add that both DEs for Atlanta are banged up/possibly out, and he's better at outside zone than Monty is.
  2. Haven't paid a ton of attention to other team's pickups, but a few guys I've noticed: 1. Becton-OT.... I had him highly rated, but as a boom/bust potential guy, and he's been booming way better than I'd have hoped for in year 1. 2. Claypool-WR.... I wanted him on my Bears, and he's again a boom/bust guy that I think has shown way more "boom" than I was expecting early on... I imagine he's going to see his workload substantially increase by the end of the season. 3. Herbert-QB.... limited sample size, but I had him pegged as a bust. He played well in his first game, kudos to him. Now two of my Bears guys I will say I was totally wrong on: 1. Jaylon Johnson-CB...... This kid is currently in the running for D-ROY and has been playing fairly outstanding ball so far, at a position that imo is one of the hardest to translate to the NFL speed.. Going to be super interesting seeing him match up with Ridley or Julio this weekend (assuming Julio plays). Expectation wise, I was worried about him coming off shoulder surgery, and just making the jump to the NFL level...he comes in on day 1 and is basically playing on par with Kyle Fuller. Just amazing. 2. Darnelll Mooney-WR..... I saw an undersized speed WR who basically wasted our mid-late round draft pick and would likely be out of the league before his rookie deal was even done.... So the bar was set pretty low expectation wise, but he's managed to carve out some modest production already as a role player so far.... And that role will be dramatically expanding week to week. He's already earned an ever increasing share of the reps each week, enough to make him our #2 WR behind robinson in snaps. He's running better routes than most of our veterans, is constantly getting himself open, is the team's only major speed threat, got veteran Tedd Ginn jr. turned from a starter into a healthy scratch last week, and is somewhat hilariously (and despite being like 170 lbs) probably our best blocking WR right now (and that isn't even kidding, there's a play last week where he and a fullback where both blocking up the middle for the RB, and the fullback failed hard, while Mooney cleared his man dude out of the lane)..... The kid is putting 110% effort into just every. single. snap. and it's been noticed by both fans and coaches. Johnson is in the running for D-ROY, and Mooney actually looks like he might be an even bigger draft steal right now.
  3. Bears picked up a giant dude for NT off of Pittsburg, Daniel McCullers. I remember the kid coming out a few years ago... High run stopping grades from pff, but pretty limited on his pass rush, extremely hot /cold motor, and basically will never be involved in a play sideline to sideline, but he can eat space in the middle, which is what he's being brought in for and what Nichols has been struggling with. I'm not sure how much he will really be needed vs Atlanta, but for the season in general I think this is a nice low cost, low risk move.
  4. This is a game where I think anything can really happen. I can see is getting rolling offensively against a weak defense, then just hammering the ball in the run game. Particularly since they're potentially a very deflated team morale wise. The flip side is I can also see them coming out and scoring fast through the air, then Mitch and Nagy trying to air the ball out 50x or more to keep up and things getting super ugly fast. Mostly I think the big key here is we need at least 3 quarters of "good mitch" this game. The Falcons can score points, better than the Giants and Lions by far. We can't afford to cede thema full half of a football game where we do nothing offensively. The concern is that Mitch tends to run hot or cold, not alternate back and forth between them... I think we need to be "hot" in the first quarter (to not force us to play from behind) and in the fourth quarter (to close it out), and I don't know that I've ever seen him go hot, then drop off, then go back hot to close a game out...nor do I have much faith that he can actually string 4 complete quarters of "good mitch" together in one sitting. I think Atlanta wins.
  5. Full game thoughts: 1. Danny Trevethan has been a liability on the field. As I stated earlier, this feels like Kyle Long did when he was effectively cut mid season. I thought it was just the passing game, but he was also blown out of a run stuff rather badly that I saw. I feel like this further emphasizes how annoyed I was that they didn't attempt to block that Smith kid from getting poached from the PS.... ILB depth here is a big concern now. 2. Jaylon Johnson is a stud.... His first two games at corner, with no preseason, and limited training camp, and he's basically been outplaying Fuller, who is still playing at his normal level himself. This kid was a draft steal. 3. Speaking of draft picks being steals, Mooney again showing up and making big boy plays. I look forward to seeing him getting more and more involved as the year goes on. 4. Anthony Miller is the Mitch Trubisky of WR. You see flashes of potential where he looks amazing, but it simply needs to be more than that... Today he didn't even have the flashes of good, and might have been the single worst player on the field for us, even counting Trevethan. As it stands right now, he's on my short list of rookies that AREN'T getting a second contract. 5. E. Jacks committed PI on that play.... I don't understand how anyone can see it differently... he straight up ran the guy over to be in a position to catch the ball. I really could have used that pick 6 for my FF team too =( 6. My 2nd FF gripe is actually a positive.... Allen Robinson wasn't a non factor, but they clearly made effort to limit him today (again to my FF team's detriment).... The good news is, for the first half at least, Mitch was doing an outstanding job, finding basically everyone but A.Rob to throw the ball to (and even getting Robinson his a few as well) and the offense looked like everything we've wanted it to be 7. The flip side of that, is that I feel like Mitch was forcing passes to Robinson in the second half, and the offense started looking like the one that would have Foles starting. 8. My final FF gripe is Cohen (though he was on my bench today).... Monty gets hurt, we literally just paid Cohen.... and Cohen was more or less a ghost today. I don't understand what we're paying him for, if he's still our like 3rd option behind Patterson and Nall. 9. Offensive line was a mixed bag today... The OTs got beat bad on 2 of Mitches 3 sacks. The push was definitely worse today than last week overall, but the OL did a great job wearing the defense down. 10. Kmet had a nice play to get invovled in the passing game today, great to see, even if he is being dramatically overshadowed by other rookies still 11. Trubisky continues his Jekyll/Hyde routine. First half he looked calm, poised, and focused for the most part. His lack of pocket awareness was a factor in all 3 of the sacks, however. His second half was ugly. 12. I had absolutely zero faith in Carlos Santos (I'll never call him anything else after John Fox) making that kick.... I'm genuinely confused as to why Nagy did. 13. The defensive line is a low key problem..... Aside from the NT vacancy being noticeable and teams getting way to much push up the middle, the pass rush for the entire day was underwhelming. 14. Ryan Nall going out for a pass reminded me of Adam Shaheen.... just awkward, oafish, and off balance. Bad look in his limited reps. 15. The Patterson experiment was a mixed bag at best as well.... The blocking wasn't really there for much of his runs, but he was also very guilty of doing exactly what we all criticized Cohen for last year, constantly bouncing everything outside.... especially concerning since he has like 70lbs on Cohen and should be capable of just smashing his way through at least some of the time.
  6. Horrible time to stall out on offense
  7. Worth bringing up, but we just spent a bunch on Cohen, and are barely using him as the like 4th running back. I don't really get it.
  8. Fwiw I actually agree with the PI call.. Jackson gave him a pretty good pop to have the position to get the int. On an unrelated note, JJ has been a damn wonderful pick so far...he's basically playing on par with Fuller in both of his first two games at a position that is notoriously difficult making the transition.
  9. Damn could have really used that pick 6 for my FF team
  10. DT is reminding me of Kyle Long in his last year... He's just a liability right now. Hope he can somehow get it together. Yikes that int on both Robinson and Mitch... Still can't get a full 4 quarters out of this offense.
  11. Interesting to note that since Monty has gone out, Patterson is getting more usage than Cohen
  12. DT again looking really bad in coverage...
  13. The way Monty landed could be bad... Neck injury bad
  14. So far so good. If this is what our offense consistently was in 2018, we'd have been a potential superb bowl team. Still not perfect, as Biscuit has eaten two bad sacks (Leno and Massie both got beat) and there seems to be the ever present concerns connecting with Miller.. But still all around great start. Damn, right as I type that we give Barkley 18 up the middle =(
  15. Depends on the $$, but Cohen's a bit tough to project, going forward. We've seen him used well and seen him used poorly, likewise we've seen him play well, and seen him play poorly. The guy has talent for sure, but given the other deals that need to be done, I'm not sure I'd be resigning Tarik. I feel like Patterson offers more in the return game, and as much as a RB.
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