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  1. Thoughts and Observations: Week 5 Raiders

    My take on how to move forward is this... The team needs to bring the hammer down and make sure the OL gets the damn message that this level of play won't be tolerated.... Kyle Long and Charles Leno have both been downright pathetic this year, and in an ideal world both should be benched until they get it together... But we don't really have a backup to Leno so my move this week is simply kick Long to IR or just outright CUT him (depending on what's better financially). The offense is better without him and we have Coward and Bars waiting in the wings... Or worst case scenario we can get a FA guard... It's the easiest spot on the line. Long has been kind of the face of the offense for a while and I think that as a result, he's also the one where the"sit the hell down, we're not tolerating this level of play" message hits hardest to everyone else. Next I bring Leno into a private meeting and tell him that he's got one week to get his *poop together, stop committing so many damn penalties and start playing like Tarzan instead of Jane before he gets his *butt* benched too. Those two are the majority of the issues right now with the OL, imo.... Swapping Whitehair and Daniels back to last year's spots is a situation I monitor going forward, but I'm not yet ready to pull the plug on it just yet, but I'd absolutely replace and be done with Long immediately, and absolutely put Leno on notice that he's on the edge of being replaced. Frankly the lack of an ideal backup to Leno is probably the only reason he wouldn't have already been benched if I where running the team and while I'm not sure that either Bars or Coward are going to be an overall improvement at LT since that's the hardest position to play on the line, at least Id be confident that they'd make an actual effort to not suck....which is more than I've seen out of Leno /Long this year.
  2. At this point we may need to blow up the offensive line and /or fire Harry Heistand... The offensive line under his watch has fallen off of a cliff... We scapegoated Howard for it last year, but it's an even bigger issue this year despite having Montgomery.
  3. It's impressive that we have (on paper) the best skill position grouping ive ever seen this team have, the best collection of offensive minds (on paper) calling plays between Nagy and Helfrich, the best Oline(on paper) we've had in years, and the best (on paper) Oline coach in the league. And our offense is still so consistently awful.
  4. On the brightside, that should put an end to any of the meat head fans wanting chase to start long term over Trubisky after last week
  5. Their running game is only going to improve the longer the d stays out there.. Offense is going to need to start finding nice, long sustained drives or we might actually be in trouble here
  6. Should have been PI there... Would have kept the drive alive
  7. He's lucky he didn't get called for holding his first play
  8. Damn awful pass by chase... Would have been an easy first down. Other than that one, however this might be the best I've ever seen chase play. Let's hope he can keep it up
  9. People upset that Mitch is out because Chase sucks, fail to remember that Mitch has kind of sucked this year too... At least Chase can target some one not named Robinson occasionally.
  10. OK that play by Trevathan was hilarious
  11. I was more shocked that he couldn't even block as a TE, after converting. Just an all around puzzling decision by him to swap positions.
  12. Rumors and this new league trend.

    My thoughts on this... Regarding Ramsey.. 1. If the rumors where true, it'd mean the entire office is completely "all in" on Mitch. Killing picks and big time money going forward would be very limiting (if not crippling) options wise if Mitch isn't the guy. 2. Good lord the defense would be absolutely bonkers with Ramsey. 3. The big issue I have here is actually Ramsey's character seems to be in question... Fighting with your coach on the side line during a game like that is kind of inexcusable, and I question whether he fits the whole culture this team is trying to build. 4. From Ramsay's perspective, I'd be a bit skeptical he actually wants to come here... The Jags had an elite defense that was hamstrung by a sub par qb play... Not sure how this team is all that different from that situation... Regarding the league trend of players requesting trades.. How exactly are the terrible teams going to get any better off every decent player they draft just jumps ship and runs off to join better squads. The Patriots are a prime example of a team that is absolutely loaded right now because they're benefiting from this mentality (at least until Brady starts aging like a real mortal)
  13. EDIT : UPDATE, RUMOR SOURCE REGARDING RAMSEY CONFIRMED FAKE. Trolls going to troll apparently -.- First, there's a thing flying around Facebook saying that Pace is aggressively pursuing Jalen Ramsey, citing Adam Schefter as a source (without actually showing said source, which I could not find, so it's of dubious authenticity)... The term "multiple picks" was used. Second, Jamal Adams is apparently unfollowing the jets and removing them from his bio on social media, which leads me into a discussion about this pretty rapidly developing /alarming trend of players trying to jump ship and requesting trades off perceived weaker squads.... Thoughts on either subject?
  14. Prince being out could be huge , and not in a good way