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  1. Considering he'll be splitting plays with Miller, Gabriel, Cohen.... wims looks like he's earning the right to get a decent chunk of plays, and Ridley, Patterson, Montgomery/Davis are all going to be taking some balls too... If A-Rob has that kind of production, it's going to be a damn amazing year for the offense in general. Also.... good lord, our depth.. our worst depth player on that list right now is Riley Ridley, a player that was considered to be pretty wonderful value when we got him in the draft and a guy with tons of potential going forward.
  2. Word is that we offered a conditional 5th for vedvick, and the conditions where basically a lock to be met. We where only out bid by Minn offering a 5th completely without conditions.
  3. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Something I just thought about.... has Denmark the giant athletic, developmental freak who could reportedly be a safety or a corner, been playing? Or was he injured?I can't recall his name ever getting called tonight. @topwop1 Franklin imo, might find his way to the practice squad again... Mizzell tbh could have been cut before the season. Going forward, I want to see a big dose of Whyte + Nall at RB and Marvin Hall at WR..... Whyte flashed on Special teams, and Nall had some decent runs early, but statistically the running game was only getting like 2ypc... Now granted, our 2nd string OL was hardly confidence inspiring, but the rushing numbers still weren't good. Side note, I was expecting Davis to play tonight too at RB... /shrug. Marvin Hall, on the other hand, is getting super frustrating... He's legitimately been open for a home run something like 4-5x they've gone to him (between both games), but no QB has gotten the ball even close to connecting... and he's been useless at best otherwise (or an outright hindrance with two negative returns)... You can see the potential home run/big play there, but damn if he needs to find a QB that can either actually hit that deeper pass, or figure out how to produce elsewhere for the team if our QBs can't get it done... I could totally see him putting up 10tds a year with Mahomes in KC, for example.. and I'm starting to doubt whether that kind of WR really fits this team, cuz his "one trick pony" routine seemingly isn't a trick any of our QBs are able to take advantage of.
  4. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    For a little guy, Duck's wheels suck... He allowed himself to get chased down by a dude 50lbs bigger... Should have been a pick 6 instead of just a pick. That said, good route jump
  5. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Meanwhile M Hall is starting to remind me of Devin Hester as a wr...... You know he's got the tools, and you keep hearing about it... Then it never shows up
  6. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Whyte got the flash I've been waiting to see from him.... Marvin Hall I think is a cut now, when the camp hype was him being wr 7 And I don't at all think Daniel is a top 40 qb.... He's awful, even for a backup, and especially for how long he's been in the league + how much he's making. I expect a QB draft pick behind mitch next year, some one who can actually move in a pocket and scramble
  7. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Daniel has some of the most infuriating lack of pocket awareness and desire to try and scramble despite really sucking hard at scrambling... Just stay in the damn pocket and throw the damn ball away
  8. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    That return was atrocious
  9. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Bullard needed that play
  10. GDT: Preseason Week 2: Bears at Giants

    Nall looking decent so far this game, good drive for him Still waiting for a real sign of life from K Whyte or M Hall in game... Also I don't really know why wims is playing Mizzell continues to be useless
  11. Bears Roster Moves

    Tampa grabbed E. Hall.... not our problem anymore.
  12. 2019 53 Man Roster Fight

    TE depth and OLB depth are both really concerning to me right now after that game... Kicker.. I'm not sure we have the guy on the roster... I'm not sold on Fry and Eddie just pooped the bed. Otherwise, defensively, maybe that backup ILB spot because Kwiat blew 3 bigger plays in a single series and I want to see more from the rest of the pack there. Offensively, the connection to Hall wasn't there, but I think he's probably a roster lock at this point just to threaten the deep ball, which means 7WR I don't think Nall/Whyte for RB 4 had a winner... and if anything, both might just go to the PS right now. That brings me to a bigger thing, but OL seems to be significantly less solid than I was expecting. Seemingly every run save one had to be bounced outside against play design and the one good run up the middle was just Montgomery beast mode smashing through like 5 guys for some really tough yardage. I know Long wasn't playing...and it's way early... and also preseason where we're running mostly vanilla offense... but it's something I'm going to be watching more closely for the rest of the preseason games, because I was let down by the performance in general. Also, not that we'll change it, but I have about as much faith in our backup QBs as I did in mike glennon.
  13. That's bunting ''s second bad play.... And he's kind of the big hope for te depth right now.. Not good And yeah Bush is looking way better than expected tonight.
  14. I'm satisfied with Montgomery. He can sit as far as I'm concerned. Wims is getting close to that mark as well.. Feed the rest so we can learn more about others. Also lol at larger applause for fry making an extra point than on Montgomery's beast running.