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  1. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Bears need this game more than the pack does..... BUT The teams we've beaten are all bottom feeders this year, and our OL has been getting consistently "big brother-ed" by the Pack DL recently...... and Mitch gets jumpy when consistently pressured and/or the running game stalls forcing him to rely on his arm... Furthermore, I think GB will be smart enough to dare Mitch to play the underneath game and just wait for him to make mistakes. Detroit bombed playing man instead of zone, and Dallas kept letting us throw deeper (though given Mitches' downfield accuracy that wasn't exactly a terrible plan). If Prince isn't back, I see them making more big plays than we do, while forcing Mitch to try and play the Brees/Brady/Peyton game of methodically beating them in the short game, which I just don't see Mitch doing... THAT BEING SAID.... I think the right side of our OL is better than it was at the start of the season (Long/Massie both being gone), Wims over Gabriel can be a big factor (particularly if we really do need to use more short game), and we finally found some damn TEs who can actually impact the game.... so there's some hope. My gut says 60% chance of packers win, and I could see it being a double digit loss if everything goes poorly for the offense, or at most a 7point spread on a bears win.... Rodgers is too clutch to blow them out. I think we need at least 28 points to take this game.
  2. Would you pull Floyd's option?

    I''d rather take a shot on Vic Beasley vs keeping Floyd around... His production has fallen off, but he has at least that one season of proven pass rushing potential, and I think he could be a a very deadly #2 when he's got Mack opposite of him.
  3. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    The big thing is how Mitch closes out the season. A mere few weeks ago people where lighting torches and dusting off their pitchforks, but after the last few games he's actually started looking like a viable option again. The Mitch that played Thursday I'd be fine bringing in Mariota as a BACKUP or a developmental guy later in the draft. The Mitch that played the first few games of the season I'd be bringing a veteran to at least compete for the job if not outright start over him AND drafting a guy to compete for the backup spot. The fear right now is that he's going to keep being inconsistent showing just enough flashes/games like the past two weeks to keep himself around, while still laying those eggs that keep us out of contention. He needs to take that next step. If he keeps up what he started these past couple of weeks, the best plan hammering OL/ TE / OLB help and pushing to "win now"..... if he regresses back to what he was early this year, I think we have to draft a new QB, regardless of cost.
  4. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    The thing is if there's a QB you think might be there in the 2nd that you'd take, you STILL want to trade up to ~28-32 to take him, just to get that 5th year option from a first rounder if he hits.
  5. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    I see never seen double pass interfearance before. Interesting.
  6. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    Solid throw by mitch there coming off that hit. Shocked he didn't get a mandatory concussion check.
  7. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    Was gonna say a pretty good of script play by mitch... But yikes that helmet to helmet and Miller pooping the bed there. Bet mitch is gonna have to come out and get checked for a concussion.
  8. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    We're getting lit up by the nobody qb
  9. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Cam isnt good enough to win a super bowl healthy.... and he ain't healthy.
  10. 11/24 GDT, NYG @ CHI

    An interesting question, truth be told.... I always felt like Bars was drafted to play guard for us.... but one would have to think he'd be getting the nod at RG over Coward (who has been pretty awful since coming in) if he was really intended to play OG for us... Thought I suppose with how terrible Leno and Massie have been this year as well, one could make the same arguement for him at OT, too. Maybe they just didn't have a ton of confidence in Bars' injury recovery and wanted to more or less redshirt him most of the year, in which case Lucas is the next man up, or maybe even Sowell, if Naga finally abandons the Sowell to TE experiment.
  11. 11/24 GDT, NYG @ CHI

    To be fair, a number of us did legitimately want Mahomes pre draft, even on a trade up. Watching his tape, I don't know how other people didn't buy in.... Kid carried the hell out of his team, and even put up good numbers when they went against bigger schools like LSU. Then again, also being fair, I've whiffed (sometimes massively) on other prospects... I didn't think Wentz would be good, expected Watson to be an oft injured INT machine, and really liked Goff and Mariota both of whom I'd have traded up for at the time (Goff could still get up there, however, he played well last year, just regressed this year) I'm also still holding out hope for a Tavon Austin-WR and Dri Archer-WR/RB resurgence.... and waiting on Darrell Henderson-RB to start impressing. None of us are perfect.... but none of us are also being paid to make those picks like Pace is. Choosing Biscuit from a trio of Mitch/Mahomes/Watson is looking like a a downright fireable offense. The Shaheen one, on the other hand, I'm not all that upset about. It was an pick on upside and tools for a second rounder and I understand that. That being said, I'm also not sure how Shaheen could have passed any agility drills testing being as clumsy/uncoordinated he has been for us in Chicago.
  12. Mitchell Trubisky's last few games

    Add a Center, and RG in there as well... Daniels is playing like trash, and Whitehair can't snap the ball reliably. Whitehair however, does play well enough to stick as a starting LG. EDIT: Misread ya a bit, you already had RG on there, thought it said RT.... Basically Whitehair is the only guy on the line I'm "OK" with right now. Daniels spot he can compete for, Leno and Massie are both bums and been downright embarassing most games.
  13. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    I'm not referring to them getting fired this year (2019-2020).... I'm referring to the scenario where they hypothetically are allowed to draft a QB while they're "on thin ice".... then getting fired after the 2020-2021 season also sucks when Trubisky is still Trubisky, or a Rookie plays like a rookie. I think ownership can (and should) absolutely want to avoid a Jon Fox- Trubisky situation where the coach is a lame duck with the a young new QB.... Better to wait until you have a coach (and GM) you expect to be sticking around in the room and let him help hand pick the guy. Nagy imo has to turn this team back around by the end of next year, or he (and Pace) are gone, and I am very skeptical they'd be allowed to pick a new QB before proving why they should be kept around themselves. This defense doesn't have the kind of time left on it's "window" to just hang around waiting, and one could argue that between last year, this year, and the almost assuredly wasted next year, that this team has already wasted over half of that "window".
  14. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    Betting on the defense scoring two TDs in order for us to get to 20 points?
  15. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    This is imo the most likely scenario, not because of ammunition, but because I don't think Pace/Nagy would be allowed to draft another QB when they're going to be fighting to keep their jobs next year. They'll be forced to ride or die with Mitch. At most we'll get a non Chase Daniel free agent QB (and I'm not even sure they go with someone to start over Mitch), and then a concerted effort to revamp TE, OL, and maybe an OLB That said, my current draft focus is a potential Jordan Love home run swing in the 2nd round. He's likely a Cutler at best gunslinger who will make baffling decisions, so interviews are going to be critical to his draft process, but if he can sit down and white board well, at the very least he's not the kind of guy who will be afraid to push the ball downfield, and I like his ability to play off script. The question is whether or not he can be taught to read defenses or not to make good decisions, which are two admittedly MASSIVE and required aspects for a QB. I don't see any way we have the ammo to go up and get Burrow, for example, and Tua isn't going to fall to us, even with his injuries (unless his injuries/recovery are severe/bad enough to make him undraftable) Beyond him, I'd already have picked up Lauletta off the Philly practice squad. He wasn't bad coming out, and I'd like to give him some shots to see if there's anything there by the end of the season/into preseason next year.