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  1. To be fair regarding Fields.... from reddit: "Justin Fields completed 69%(22/32) of his passes in a game where his receivers had multiple balls go through their hands and not being able to get a pass off without being hurried or hit (the only positive of the day)" One of his INTs was Robinson falling down on the "free play" the sideline told Fields to snap the ball for, the 2nd hit Mooney right in the damn hands for a deflection INT, and only his third was really a poor pass, but even then Robinson literally just gave up on it, rather than trying to jump ball or even play defense to p
  2. There is nothing to suggest Allen Robinson still belongs in that conversation this season. For as much as Robert Quinn has improved year to year, Robinson has completely and totally regressed. Robinson this year is about as useful a WR as Corderelle Patterson was for us. Changing gears, I personally think Nagy should have been fired after last year, but this game in my mind completely sealed his fate..... that being said... at some point we really need to really hammer home on Pace as well, because the offensive personnel as a whole are just inexcusably poor right now.. You
  3. Holy crap.... I had Justin Fields and Darnell Mooney (who combined for ~10 points) Darren Waller (who was a last minute "out" this week and got 0 points) And Tyreek Hill (on a chiefs team that scored 3 total points on offense this week)..... And I'm WINNING my matchup this week against Managerless team.
  4. The bears offensive philosophy right now: 1. Run the ball very well, but not enough to matter 2. Pass the ball very poorly 3. Consistently commit drive killing penalties/drops 4. Fail to score points 5. Consistently avoid playing to team or player strengths 6. Tell the media how you need to "look at the tape" and "find the "whys"" I'm not sure an offensive system could be any more "offensive" to a fanbase, tbh.... We're entering Marc Trestman/Mel Tucker Defense levels of failure here....and it's much worse this time when you consider that the head
  5. The OT situation could also be dramatically better by the end of the season... Borom looked solid before his injury, and Jenkins even with his back looked great coming out. Peters has also basically been our best OL right now overall. I'm much more concerned about how terrible Mustipher is by far.... Interior pressure is an absolute killer, and Mustipher is simply not an nfl quality player.
  6. I'm actually not that upset with the call.... The kid thrived in a vertical offense at Ohio State, and Robinson was actually open.. If anything I'm more concerned at how rarely we see plays like that one from Nagy and Lazor..... Design the offense around what the kid actually does relatively well, and replace the personnel who can't handle that kind of scheme (the OL and WR apparently) That said, I get your point since it's pretty damn obvious the OL couldn't pass block a girl's touch football team right now. For as solid as our running game is, they're so outrageously bad at pass
  7. First one that I'll put nearly entirely on fields. Under thrown ball. That said, I'd hope Robinson could at least attempt to try and contest the ball instead of just giving up entirely.
  8. I find it impossible to believe there are no better options than Mustipher. Also kind of glad Mustipher's hold and mooney's deflection - pick killed that drive.... I don't want this team getting a bunch of scores in garbage time and making this game look close by the end
  9. Russell Wilson is hurt and my other qbs are cousins (on a bye) and Fields (upside long shot for the season) so I had to start Fields.... So I also started Mooney because fields is gonna have to throw a bunch.... And then I have Tyreek hill on a day the chiefs only scored 3 total points. Just gonna go ahead and congratulate whoever I was playing this week, as I think the Bears are putting up a better fight than my FF team this week.
  10. Need TB to get at least 3more TDs.. If this game is gonna be a dumpster fire, I want the flames high enough to burn Nagy
  11. I feel like trading Greg Olsen brought forth some form of Eldritch curse from the depths of hell that prevents any and all of our tight ends from being effective weapons in the passing game.
  12. And Minnesota is still a bottom feeder team. Between the two franchises as they're currently built, I'd still rather have Chicago's situation... Fields at least MIGHT develop into something, Cousins is a known and proven failure who will never take your team to the big show, and likely crippled your franchise with his terrible contract. It was a mighty bar to hurdle over, to be sure.
  13. Perhaps I'm just an optimist, but I think it's way too early to think fields is the problem... All rookies are gonna struggle, but let's not pretend there's literally anyone who isn't a running back doing him any favors on the offenive side of the ball. The TEs have more drops than catches, the offensive line couldn't pass block a little league game, and the only receiver who looks like they are even trying is Mooney. Couple that with the kind of qb fields is, and how he's used to playing from Ohio state, and you kind of realize he's basically been drafted into a terrible situation for h
  14. Robinson proving again why he wasn't worth what he thought he was..... I actually liked that pass from the angles showed there, Robinson gotta keep his damn feet..
  15. Wasn't even the best TE in Notre dame that year either, we should have grabbed Claypool
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