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  1. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Not sure you can really stop throwing deep when the people running deep where constantly getting open. Mitch just needs to step up and start connecting on those.. His ball placement was terrible yesterday, but you can't really blame Nagy for trying to keep hitting open people down field just because Mitch missed a play or two. Gotta have some faith he would bounce back, and even one or two of those turning into connections for big plays could have swung the game in our favor.
  2. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Fangio not making adjustments is certainly annoying... But we're seeing glimpses of just how dependent we are on Mack for success, and the defense really isn't all that good without him, because we play too far off coverage too deny the short game, our safeties both forgot how to tackle for 2 straight weeks, and Floyd frankly sucks at pass rushing until he proves otherwise. But I think my big concern right now coaching wise is Harry Heistand. Run blocking has been an embarrassment this season. We need to be able to run an offense without putting everything on Trubisky's back...Doubly so when he's rattled until he can settle the hell down instead of missing easy throws, picks, or balls that would be picks if defenders could catch. I felt like anytime the pats where 3rd and 3 or less, you could basically garuntee they'd convert... Where I feel very little to no confidence right now in the Bears doing the same..at least not on the ground unless it's a gimmick play.
  3. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    My post game rants would be: 1. The defense folding like a lawn chair... against a Journeyman QB and a tattered offensive line. Dolphins seemingly averaged 4-5 yards every time they ran the ball and it was embarrassing for a team with such a strong run defense.... We've seen 4 weeks of the "Mack effect" and how it changed this defense substantially.... and today we saw what happens when Mack is a non factor (apparently because of his ankle).... the entire defense imploded. 2. Trubisky recovered in the 2nd half, but he looked atrocious early on, constantly over throwing targets again.. His play later was pretty stellar so I'm not going to hate on Trubs much here, but I do notice we're putting entirely too much on his shoulders because: 3. Our run game is a liability. There's no nice way to say this, but as much as PFF rants about how amazing our OL is in the passing game, the running lanes have basically been non-existent all season. I genuinely don't know what the issue is, but Heistand needs to fix it. Howard is a significantly better back than what he's being made to look like, and even Cohen is struggling to get ANYTHING going unless he's running way outside the line. They simply aren't getting it done on the ground, and this is probably my 2nd biggest concern for the team overall right now.
  4. Jordan Howard trade rumors are back

    The only reason I'd trade Howard is IF I wouldn't want to pay him once his rookie deal expires (which is actually a concern because of potentially needing to pay Mitch + other deals) And for that to be a valid thing, we'd need someone behind him to step up... I had some hopes for the UDFA we got, who's on the PS.... but he's a poor man's Howard at this point. And we don't really have the picks to go out finding anyone else. As for Howard being a "Plodder" on one of his breakaway runs his first year he was clocked with the 2nd fastest top speed of the month he did it, and a top 7 speed clocked on field for the season. He's got a good top gear, just not the stop/start that. Imo, he's a near elite talent who's underrated in the passing game. He's not Forte as a WR, but he is a better runner. And you don't just dump a guy who's smashed all of your teams rushing records for his first few seasons.
  5. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    He may not be getting a role in the passing game, but he's probably our best blocker on the edge for all the screens we run
  6. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Regarding Hicks.... I'm OK with him sitting the 2nd half given his knee concerns and the score.(not that he had a choice, but him and Long might be the first two I consider sitting) ... But if he gets an additional game by the league that could hurt. Any ideas what's going on with Howard? We're using Cohen as the feature back right now, wonder if Jordan has some kind of minor injury from practice they're taking him easy on
  7. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Soo I was well aware the defense has been playing out of it's mind (and 2 of our games have been against Seahawks and Cards, two of what appears to be the worst teams in the league right now).... but holy crap:
  8. Let's talk defense

    The defense also has the lowest % of blitz attempts by any defense in the league (by a significant margin). Despite being #1 in sacks. Which is even more impressive. As for the rest of your post.... the thread was to discuss your favorite PART (not partS) of the defense and your concernS (not concern).... Clearly that wording would lend itself to significantly more concerns being brought forward than positives, given the phrasing. Even if the overall defensive performance is overwhelmingly (if not even astoundingly beyond predictions) positive. Furthermore, you're being a drama queen about the thread in general... OP's post (which was entirely positives)... followed by my post (which was to the format listing my favorite PART, and my biggest CONCERNS) , followed by someone commenting on a specific concern mentioned in my post (and then listing hopes for Roquan longer term) doesn't remotely equate to an entire thread being negative...
  9. Or basically..... The Green Bay guy on the rules comity, who pushed this asinine rule forward as a desperate attempt to keep Rodgers upright....Now has regrets because Clay Mathews is the player being most screwed over and it's ended up stacking the deck against the Packers rather than in their favor. Reversing this rule should get through easily, but it should only be allowed if we also remove the apparent exemption Green Bay offensive linemen get for unflagged offensive holding on every other play. Trolling aside... Even as a rabid cheesehead hating Bears fan, who dislikes Clay Mathews on principle alone, I have to admit that the RTP penalties he's been getting weekly are asinine, with only his hit on Trubisky week 1 actually being flag worthy as RTP (for the late hit after the ball was thrown). But even on that play, some consideration needs to given to the defender, as Mathews was lowering his shoulder while Trubisky was throwing and he was only a step late. It's a weird catch 22 situation where the defender really has trouble doing anything right.... If he doesn't lower his shoulder he gets targeting the head, if he lowers his shoulder too much, he gets leading with the helmet, and if he does what Mathews did and tries to properly tackle a guy, he might not be as able to see the ball coming out, let alone have enough time to stop 260lbs of mass moving 15-20MPH within a split second.
  10. Let's talk defense

    Synergy is my favorite part of this defense right now.... It's not Mack necessarily being the stud that he is directly being the reason the entire defense is playing out of its mind right now, but rather the synergy that having a player like Mack is bringing.... The defense consistently looks fired up... Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman, RRH, Bullard, and even Bilal Nichols have all been looking even more impressive with attention being forced towards Mack. Trevethan was always good, but the pressure up front across the board is creating major opportunities for him as well, and helping cover over what I feel is a weaker secondary. Concerns wise, I have 3 of the top of my head for the D #1 Leonard Floyd sucks (so far). Notice how he's the only guy I didn't include in the above list of front 7 guys flashing with pressure going to Mack? Is it the hand? Or is Pace simply incapable of drafting someone good with a first rounder? Because he's just been this guy we keep expecting to break out, and he just isn't doing it. No single player on this team should have benefited more from the Mack pickup than Floyd, and he's been invisible. #2 Outside Corners.... Prince and Fuller are together both underrated and overrated guys on the back end.... I honestly am not super high on either, and though I understand resigning Fuller as really the best option, I'd also have been fairly indifferent if Green Bay had taken him off our hands. Going into Tampa, however, the real concern is Tolliver with Prince out.... He's got potential, but Tampa is a team capable of beating you over the top, and things could get REAL ugly.... REAL fast. #3 Schematically passive. This is on Fangio in general.... but I'm already incredibly sick of seeing our corners play 12 yards off coverage on third and 3. We lost to Green Bay because Fangio never put our corners up on the line to at least disrupt the short game, and Rodgers picked us apart with quick passes because of it. We all knew that Rodgers was gimpy, and the pass rush never had time to get home in the 2nd half of that game, and still there was no defensive adjustment by the corners...... This also extends a bit to the pass rush.. We are doing a pretty damn amazing job getting pressure up front, and that is a great thing.... but we are also blitzing at one of the lowest rates in the league (though that figure might have been before the cards game).... I'd like to see pressure dialed up a bit with some more blitzes, as I really feel Trevethan and Roquan in particular can be absolutely deadly pass rush options at times, and (going off the numbers that where linked a week ago) we could literally double our blitzes and still be doing it half as much as the top 5 teams.
  11. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    From my standpoint, the larger overall concern is that Trubisky looks to be REgressing not PROgressing year to year.. He's playing less confident, looking much much more rattled by pressure. He seems less capable of making reads, hitting routes in time, and his ball placement has largely been bad when it was a strength of his before. The question is how much of that is the system being harder to grasp and how much of it is simply Mitch.... I'm not a big believer in QBs "developing" and the year to year regression is deeply concerning. That all being said, Nagy isn't blameless in this.... Helfrich ran a very qb friendly one read offensive system at Oregon under Chip Kelly, and we could be taking some lessons from there. As it stands we have Helfrich, but we seem to be exclusively only running Nagy plays /style. There are things we could be doing to simplify things for Mitch to get him to stop tripping over his own brain like tempo shifting, incorporating some Oregon style one read plays, or even just more bootlegs, which Mitch seems to be more comfortable with than pocket passing.
  12. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Trubisky is still going to have his consistency issues and until I see otherwise, a complete inability to play beyond a "dink and dunk" passing game... I think Howard has a bigger day this week and we'll be ahead easily most of the game, causing us to run heavily and keep the overall score low: Bears 17 (2TDs, FG) I'm undecided on whether Howard/Cohen or the Defense gets the 2nd TD, but Mitch will only have 1 of them. Cards 13 (2 FGs, then one garbage time TD)
  13. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Well first, I don't believe in "developing" a QB.. Or sitting a QB... Throw them in the ocean and see whether they can swim or not. Secondly, part of the concern is seeing Mahomes and Watson both playing well already, when Mitch honestly hasn't shown that to me yet.. Even acknowledging that their play is probably unsustainable at the level they're at it still brings the comparisons to mind, particularly since those two where drafted after Trubisky, but especially when we traded up for him... And in my personal case, absolutely because I wanted Mahomes, even at #3, and wasn't nearly as high on Trubisky. Those comparisons are also currently getting dismissed by pointing out Trubisky's game experience compared to the other two, but doesn't that make betting the farm on the guy that inexperienced an even dumber decision? Finally regarding Trubisky vs Mahomes specifically, here's the main issue I'm having watching Trubisky right now: He's playing scared. Scared of pass rush (whether it's there or not) and scared of making mistakes that are causing him to second guess his reads, or distracting him from his footwork and causing missed opportunities down field, when he's actually showing the balls to push the ball down fields aggressively. He's simply not playing like an "Alpha Male" much of the time....and that frankly isn't something he's going to just miraculously fix... He's making the same exact mistakes when pressured you saw when Solomon Thomas was chasing him all over the field in their college bowl game. I simply can't put any faith into him being able to carry the team right now. Mahomes, in the other hand, doesn't have those issues. His confidence in his ability to make throws, push the ball down the field, and entirely carry his team (which he had to do in college via no defense or offensive line) are worlds apart from where Mitch is on those aspects. Now granted, the big concern with Mahomes is that his (over) confidence is a double edged sword that is going to end up hitting him sooner or later, but this isn't a game you can play play timidly or panicked like Trubisky has been... He wasn't as bad as some people are claiming tonight, but he WAS the only reason this game was even close and he still hasn't yet been able to stand up and really show any sign of being the kind of guy that will look the opposing defense in the eyes and tell them "I don't care what your do or don't do, I'm taking MY football with MY offense, and we're going to march right the hell down MY football field and score, because there isn't a damn thing you can do to stop me"...... That's the mentality he needs to start having and showing, because like it or not, he's being counted on to lead the team and a leader simply needs to demonstratehat kind of confidence if he's going to inspire any in the people around him.
  14. Week One - Bears vs Packers.

    Honestly, Rodgers played well, but he didn't beat us... We beat ourselves, inexplicably playing like beta males in the 2nd half despite over a decade's worth of evidence that playing like a beta male against A-Rod simply doesn't work. 4 different Head Coaches and none of them can seemingly figure out that you simply cannot ever take your foot off the gas vs one of the best QBs of all time and that there's a difference between "playing to win" and "playing to not lose"... Let's hope this HC takes this experience and finally learns the lesson that the latter of those isn't going to cut it, until A-Rod is retired.
  15. Week One - Bears vs Packers.

    Hoge and Jahns podcast mentioned something about Taylor worth bringing back up here.... He finished 5Rec 25 yards.... but he had 1 reception for 31 yards. Meaning he managed to lose 6 yards of production within the remaining 4 receptions. Screen game blocking on the edge wasn't really there and/or he simply wasn't beating his man. Massive disappointment with the passing attack in general after we ran out of scripted plays, tbh... very little downfield.... almost no TE presence despite their MLB's basically being Kwiatoskis in coverage. Even the running game, honestly didn't look that great. Most of the big plays where made on a major cutback as opposed to where the play was designed to be run. Defensively, the playcalling was honestly even more unforgivably timid in the 2nd half than the offense. Why in gods name are the corners playing 15 yards off on 3rd and 2, when Rodgers has one leg and is terrified of holding the ball longer than 2 seconds? Super frustrating game all around because the flashes of greatness where certainly there in the first half. Team looked like the Bear from The Revenant early on, and Winnie the Pooh in the end. My favorite sports quote is in reference to the 1969 Ohio State vs Michigan game. Ohio State trounced Michigan 50–14, including going for two after their last touchdown in the game's final moments. When asked why he did so after the game, Hayes replied, "Because I couldn't go for three!" That's the mentality I want from a bears coach again.... up 20-0 the mentality should have been "let's get 40+-0" in the second half, not "let's stall the game out"...... After our defense thrashed them in the first half, the mentality should have been "Good, do it again" not "ok, guys let's play prevent defense for a half and hope one of the best QB's in history doesn't pick us apart like he does...every. single. flipping. time. we play like beta males".