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  1. Bears v Broncos Joint Practice

    Especially considering that Nagy's offense runs out of shotgun the majority of the time.... Whitehair is a good-maybe even great long term lineman, but his snapping issues where obvious last year (and we avoided shotgun often as a result).... If I'm not mistaken Daniels would have more experience w/ snapping from Iowa (but don't quote me on that)... The bitter irony is that Grasu, is probably the best snapper on the team, having played C for Oregon under Kelly/Helfrich.... If only he could have gotten the rest of the job down, he'd have been perfect for this offense.
  2. Given his injury history, I'd bet on Kevin White being more likely to spontaneously combust at the 1 yard line.
  3. I don't understand that lowering the head penalty... What exactly is the defender supposed to do if the ball carrier goes that low... He tried getting under the ball carrier
  4. Timu is doing everything he can to try and give Roquan leverage in negotiations... Because he doesn't look like he belongs in the nfl right now. Ditto Marcus Cooper... And I'm not yet seeing anything from Mizzell that remotely excites me
  5. Interesting case of Khalil Mack

    Sports Mockery provided something interesting that I was unaware of.... Apparently any hypothetical scenario where we traded Roquan (+pick(s) presumably) for Mack (+ contract extension presumably) has to get done before the 7th from http://sportsmockery.com/2018/08/would-the-bears-trade-roquan-smith-dont-rule-it-out/ "August 7th will be the deadline for the Bears to consider a Smith trade It turns out the NFL has contingency plans for such things. August 7th is set as the deadline date for teams to trade the rights of any player they drafted." So... whatever incredibly long shot odds this discussion of us getting Mack has... at least the potential Roquan trade chip part of it ends Tuesday. The frightening concern, is that Green Bay has two first rounders next year, and a pretty grim OLB situation themselves. I don't know if they could afford both Mack and Rodgers however.
  6. Interesting case of Khalil Mack

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression... As far as I'm concerned, Roquan completely blew his. I cant trust a guy to be a team player and a team leader when he doesn't even respect his team enough to show up to practice with them.
  7. Interesting case of Khalil Mack

    4 of the 5 longest holdouts in league history have been specifically one of the guys representing Smith right now.... His agency is responsible for the vast majority of holdouts in general, including 7 or the final 8 holdouts this season. Also, the Bears caved on his demands regarding the targetting language and the agency immediately moved the goal posts asking for non football related suspensions to also still be garunteed, you know just in case Roquan gets arrested beating his girlfriend or gets popped for steroids. Sorry, but the team is not the one being unreasonable here, and the idea that Roquan has now missed 3 entire weeks and a preseason game over this asshattery makes me outright HATE him as a player. Urlacher had a quote about this basically saying he put his foot down with his agent and told him he was going to be in camp when he was drafted.. That is an example of leadership... Roquan right now is not being that guy, and frankly in my mind, will now never be that guy... which was one of the main things we where hoping to get when drafting him in the first place. He's either too stupid to put his foot down with his agents, or too selfish to care about the crap they're trying to pull in his name. If players want better terms, that's what the CBA is for.... At this point if I was running the team it would be clear to me that he doesn't want to be here, and is frankly going to become more of a headache than he's worth even if he is here, so long as he retains that agency/agent. Ship him out and get rid of the cancer before it spreads, while actually getting something in return.... or do nothing and let him sit the year out and get drafted way lower than top 10 next year.... After that, either way I'd blacklist his agency for any future players, and propose that the league blacklist them at the next owners meeting.
  8. 2018 Hall of Fame game - Bears vs Ravens

    Saw some flashes worth mentioning tonight: RB: Benny Cunningham ran really well.... Was disapointed in what I saw from Nall... can't honestly remember Mizzell getting a carry OLB: Irving and Fitts where both getting pressures. Great to see. DL: Bullard had his flashes, RRH flashed early, and Bilal Nichols had a couple of plays later. WR: Wims and Gentry are the only two names I remember... Bellamy had a play early but it's Bellamy... Fowler looks like he doesn't belong on the team. QBs: I don't really like either of them, but they're backups, if Trubs goes down or otherwise isn't playing we're already in a really bad spot. DBs: Umm... Bush had a really really solid hit on a dude... and I don't remember ever seeing Tolliver on the field tonight? Didn't really feel like it was too special a day despite the turnovers (most of which off tipped balls) Other tidbits.... 1. we had a forced fumble... with double the number of people near it and didn't end up with the ball... That's bad. 2. Officiating.... No problem with the first quarter lowering your helmet call even if I personally didn't think it was egregious enough to flag.... The late game one where the guy was only lowering his head to get under our TE's arm, not trying to lower his head to land a blow I thought was a terrible call.. 3 I also really didn't like the interception we where gifted in the first quarter.... Ball hit the ground and moved in his arm... I think that would have been a clear cut no catch under last years rules, and it's weird now seeing that interception call "stand" as called on the field. 4 The kickoff changes didn't really seem to impact things as much as I expected. 5. The sports casting for the game was infuriating.... The entire point of preseason is getting to see/know players deep on the depth chart and they weren't calling out who was involved on the majority of the plays for much of the game.... Hard to keep track of people flashing (for good or bad) when you don't always get a chance to read their name on their jersey, and you might not know the player's #..... You know something the broadcast should be providing.
  9. Interesting case of Khalil Mack

    Send Roquan Smith and future draft pick(s), contingent on a long term Mack deal.... and solve everyone's problems at once. 1. We get an OLB who we can actually depend on. 2. Gruden seemed to like Roquan in the draft process. 3. We don't have to put up with anymore of Roquan's agent's *poop* 4. Raiders clearly look like they're burning or have already burned their Mack bridge and probably need a way out at this point 5. Raiders are cap strapped... Roquan is on a rookie deal 6. We have cap space, Mack is gonna cost $$ 7. Raiders need a defensive leader right now, and Roquan could be that guy. 8. Kwiatoski is honestly outplaying Trevethan right now so Roquan is kind of a luxury pick for us at the moment anyway.
  10. 2018 Hall of Fame game - Bears vs Ravens

    I'm hoping Mitch gets in for a series... I know there was reports that Howard isn't going to play at all, which is disappointing... I legit want to see him running some routes from the backfield. Most looking forward to Anthony Miller I guess, given the training camp hype... And since I have a soft spot for Running backs The Mizzell/ Nall battle should be fun for me to watch, as well as maybe where Nall is vs Benny Cunningham.... I'm rooting for Nall to upset some people and really carve a spot out as Howard's backup, given they have pretty similarly physical running styles. Beyond those, there's some of the other guys I've heard have been flashing that it'd be great to see going: K. White-WR Bilal Nichols-DL Tolliver-CB Coward-OL (I want to say he's a OG, but might be an OT... Regardless, heard a blurb that he put one of Goldman (might have been Hicks) on his ***... Be interesting to see if Harry Heistand can really convert a journeyman DL draft pick into a viable OL candidate within one offseason. Fitts-Edge Doubtful he plays a ton, but we need any good news we can find on the edge right now. Finally, the rest of the WRs in general...and that's gonna be super interesting to watch if Mitch doesn't play, because I don't have much faith in our backup QBs actually making decent passes.
  11. 2018 Training Camp Updates

    Chicago camp: -Offense is dynamic.... tons of WRs flashing, Anthony Miller in particular is playing in camp like he's going to be our WR1 over Allen Robinson -Multiple late round/UDFA flashing a bunch... worth watching for preseason games Ryan Nall-RB, Kevin Tolliver-CB both UDFAs that look like they could make the 53.... Bilal Nichols a 5th round DL who when picked wasn't expected to have a role this year is already playing with the 2nd team defensive line and looking good, and a mid-late rounder in Fitts @ OLB has been our best pass rusher on the outside. -Secondary in general has been really strong, with tons of INTS -Trubisky has thrown tons of those INTS... Coaches are claiming it to be a training camp thing where they're encouraging him to be more aggressive than usual to get a better feel for the downfield passing rather than just checking it down, but it's worth monitoring going forward... because it's a been a couple per day. -Tarik Cohen-RB/WR is getting used literally everywhere... He may end up being a good Fantasy football player. -Howard-RB is being treated like he can catch in camp -Adam Shaheen-TE a non division 1 school kid from last year, seems to finally be coming into his own as a "baby gronk"... Arguably even outplaying Trey Burton, the higher priced FA ahead of him. -OLB situation is frightening right now... Floyd hasn't been flashing in camp reportedly and everyone else is injured. The one who is/was flashing right now is a rookie late rounder named Fitts, who himself has a long injury history and has been out of the past few with a hamstring problem. Aaron Lynch, the guy we brought in to be our guy opposite Floyd from FA, has been injured for like everything but one OTA.... I don't see how the staff can have any faith in him going to the reg season. -ILB has been solid, Trevethan has a hamstring issue, but plays well when there, and Kwiatoski looks like one of the most improved players from last year. edit: and Roquan Smith-ILB is the only Rookie holdout, and hasn't reported yet. Hard to take too much away during a training camp, but the arrow is expected to be trending up for us this year, and so long as Mitch's INTs are actually a product of forced aggression on the staff that will get toned back down for the reg season the team is going to surprise some people... With a decent-above average offense, and an even better looking defense than last season, barring their OLB play (but that wasn't exactly great last year either). I wouldn't bet on us winning the division with Minnesota in the division and Rodgers leading the pack just yet, but I think we can easily be that team right on the cusp of a wildcard spot... which is a hell of a jump from last season's trainwreck.
  12. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Rumors now are the hold up is over Roquan /agent wanting protection from the fines /penalties /money lost over suspensions if he goes helmet to helmet.
  13. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Teams just need to start blacklisting players from that talent agency... Nearly every single holdout on the rookie deal was the same company, as well as the most (in)famous holdout last year. It's literally just that agency being the problem, and players stupid enough to sign with them.
  14. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    Voted Colts.... because I have zero faith in Luck's health and they're roster feels as bad as Green Bays without their QB That being said, Buffalo doesn't have a QB worth putting on the field and is the worst before considering injuries....I just think Luck's health being an issue is more likely than it isn't so I put the Colts at the top (err bottom). I'd be shocked in Buffalo wasn't picking top 5, however. Denver and Seattle are two teams primed to nosedive drastically.... Denver via not having a QB, and Seattle via apparently having to rely on theirs to put the team on his back. If injuries show up: Green Bay I feel could arguably have the worst overall team in the league when Rodgers isn't in the game, and if A-Rod went down in week 1 with another collarbone, then Green Bay would instantly jump to the top of the list for teams likely to be bottom feeders (or maybe just tied with the Colts)
  15. Prop bets: What do you think?

    1. Howard @ 1100 yards I'll go under here... Nagy is going to be pushing the passing attack much more heavily than in previous years, and I think Cohen/Cunningham as possibly even that UDFA Nall (as a "FB") are gonna get some increased overall usage on the field since they are better receiving threats. 2. 7.5 wins? I'm expecting 8-10 and narrowly missing the playoffs (or being the bottom seed Wildcard if we do make it) 3. Allen over 875? Actually going to go UNDER. Mitch is going to be under a ton of pressure this year as the offense is new and uses the passing game more, leading to mistakes (turnovers) as he acclimates. The main factor, however, will be the division of targets that keeps Allen's #s down... He's going to be keyed on (rightly so) as the #1 guy, and I think the ball is spread out enough around him to keep his numbers down. 4. More ints, the D or MT? MT sadly... Roquan might get 2, and Jackson might get another one or two.... but no one else on the Defense is going to be getting picks. I'm very skeptical of Fuller/Prince/Amos repeating last season's level of play and none could catch a cold. Meanwhile as said above, I think with the offense being new, WRs being new, the much more modern approach putting the ball in the air more often, and frankly Mitch being held back by the archaic offense we ran last year add up to a ton of pressure on Mitch for this year, and that should logically lead to more mistakes as he develops. 5. #2 WR Anthony Miller will be the run away #2... possibly even the #1 by targets as teams focus on locking down Allen. 6. Floyd 8 sacks? Under. Vic drops him in coverage too much and there's nothing happening on the other side of the formation, letting teams scheme to stop Floyd.
  16. Watson and Kamara

    Watson's season last year imo only went to confirm a person's pre-existing beliefs about him.... Either he really was the best QB prospect available from his draft class, and he's balling out like a potential Pro Bowler (or even given his TD numbers the "Micheal Jordan of Football", as his college coach hyped him to be) or He's the same inaccurate thrower he was in college, that is overly reliant on having a loaded receiving corps that can carry him.... He's a Cutler-esque in that he's capable of some great plays, but is more or less a turnover machine. Finally, he's going to have a very short career since much of his game (both in college and his rookie year) is predicated on him being a runner, something he frankly doesn't have the size for, and something that even QBs that do have the size to do, can't sustain at the NFL level for long. His rookie year was admittedly above expectations statistically, but even so I expected him to be the best performer of Trubisky/Mahomes/Watson last year.... I'm fairly confident Mitch and Mahomes both end up surpassing him this year, and though I still think Mahomes is the best long term prospect of those 3 (and the guy I wanted to draft last year), I think that our team is more likely to attain success over the next 5 years than either KC or Houston (we're the ascending team, and I think both of them are about to be descending teams)
  17. Overall Draft Grade

    Appreciate the correction. Numerous of the articles I was reading said he was 24 (referencing his age during the coming season..confusingly without making that clear in their article) and other articles made reference to his fall birthday. 24 during the season is obviously better, even if it's still not ideal.
  18. Overall Draft Grade

    It means I was watching westworld while writing that post and not paying tons of attention unless spellchecker flagged it ...meant to say old for his draft class. He's gonna be 25 in the fall.
  19. Overall Draft Grade

    Wasn't the guy I wanted, but Roquan isn't the kind of player that you can complain about. Very high floor, elite ceiling, and unlike Edmunds has good-great instincts for the position. He's not a liability in coverage like Kwiatoski and he's been successful as a blitzer...I am very curious as to the rumors that he failed his combine medicals on some boards, but he clearly is healthy enough to impress the bears staff.... This is honestly Pace's best first round pick, and by a lot... Solid A bordering on A+ The draft was very strong with interior offensive line, and Daniels was one of the best prospects. As an added bonus, C just got deeper and Grasu should hopefully never play another down for us. My only concern here is him coming off injury and the expectation of him stepping in right away as a rookie... beyond that, I'm inclined to want to put him at C and move Whitehair, but that might be overreaction to Whitehair's shotgun snapping issues early last year. Solid A if not A+ (health permitting) People get too worked up over the trade up cost... a meager 4th round pick to grab next year's 2nd rounder this year. I'm 100% OK with the pick, and Miller was great WR value at that point, considering he's arguably one of, if not the outright best WRs of this class....That being said, I won't give this move an A... Miller is a savvy route runner, but he isn't a top tier athlete, is old for his age, has some drop concerns, is already near his ceiling, and is imo a slot only guy. I'd have -significantly- preferred a bet on the upside of DJ Chark, who I think had a higher ceiling, is younger, and would have given us another "burner" to take the top off a defense. Even so, I must concede that Miller will likely contribute way more than Chark would have in his first year or two, and that's assuming Chark ever becomes a good pro (there would have been way more risk in Chark, but after his Senior Bowl I'm buying the idea that it was merely LSU's offense/horrid QB play holding him back). A- I don't like this pick, really at all. That's not to say the prospect himself is bad, just that we could have gunned for a guy who would potentially get playing time on more than Special Teams.... At best, he's bumping off Timu as the #4 ILB.... and while Timu is hardly a great player, he was already pretty decent for a #4 ILB. Player value is a C the positional value was a straight F. I like the guy, and don't mind the positional value... My only concern here was that we left Tyrell Crosby-OT on the board for Detroit to take, and I don't like Massie in a more uptempo "spread-coast" scheme that we're supposed to be running. DL depth is never bad, however. B This dude has been injured on the level of Kevin White. If he's healthy Pace could be a genius who helped fix our OLB situation this late in the draft....That being said, like Kevin White I have no faith whatsoever that he's going to be healthy. What's worse, is that 26 picks later GREEN BAY of all damn teams probably got the steal of the entire draft with Eq St. Brown-WR.... I wasn't a big fan of his, but that kind of value blows this pick out of the water, and this pick honestly felt like a desperate grab for OLB at the expense of the actual board. C- (only that high because we needed OLB options, but I will concede that he has the athleticism to make it a B+ pick) This is another pick where I'm bias. Auden Tate was still on the board here, and I think provides much better utility as a blocker, red zone threat, and as a big body mismatch weapon. That said, we're talking about a 7th rounder here, and Wims might offer a bit more as a STer. C EDIT: Should be noted that time will tell, and snap draft grades don't always matter that much... I think the pick Pace made that I was most excited about at the time was probably Bullard, and yeah being a good pick on paper hasn't totally worked out for him yet. My second favorite Pace pick thus far was Cohen, though I thought he was overdrafted by a solid round or two when we took him. Neither of those snap judgements where particularly accurate (Bullard has largely dissapointed, and Cohen has shown enough that he probably could have gone a round AHEAD of where he went). Overall, I think the top 3 players represent a dramatic shift for Pace, where he's chosen guys that actually have high floors. Snap judgement is that this was probably his strongest overall draft, even if I don't think it was anywhere near his flashiest. B+ overall Day 1 and two where superb, significantly less thrilled with day 3.
  20. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    Agreed... though I fear he's being counted on as one of the "top 4" this year..... Since I don't think Gabriel is a full time kind of guy (I see as more of a mismatch guy like Cohen)..... That being said our offense won't be drawn in crayon this year, and I'm curious to see lots of Cohen rotating in and/or lots of Shaheen/Burton/Sims double TE action which should massively reduce the load the WR group is carrying.
  21. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    Miller, Robinson, Gabriel are roster locks so that's 3 White has $$ tied up, but if he can't beat out a WR5-6 then honestly there's no reason to keep him. That's a very probable 4 I hate to admit it but Bellamy might actually be better than the rest of the list (or at least on par as a WR)... ST value might keep him. Probable 5th Wims I'd imagine goes to the PS if anyone else shows up. 50/50 on #6 3 roster locks, 3 positions potentially up for grabs, with White being the guy who gets to most decide his own fate (unless fate injures him again) Brown, Fowler, Ayers, Bellamy, Wims, Gentry fighting for 2 spots, 3 if white gets broken again or lays an egg and the team just has finally had enough.
  22. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    I like that we've drafted (or UDFA) enough WRs to really put pressure on the depth chart.... Bellamy, Kevin White, and Gentry are going to have to actually compete and earn a spot this year... Though for the record, I'd absolutely expect White or even Bellamy to be capable of "winning" vs late round rookies, I at least like that there will be someone to push them. Real competitiion/depth at WR is so radically different from the Fox years where we'd be taking recycled scraps from the bottom of another teams roster, or even outright cuts and trying to make them into WR2 or WR3s for us. Really liking the Nall-RB pick as well, the more tape I've seen. He looks like a slower and sporadically less physical Jordan Howard as a runner to me, but he also looked buttery smooth in the passing game from the clips I saw, and is capable of some really physical play when he turns that part of his game on. I'd be very confident he bumps off Taquan Mizzell or a fullback (or both) but likely comes in as a 4th guy rather than also knocking off Cunningham. Cohen makes it a bit sketchy to go w/ less than 4 backs since he can't really be a full time guy.
  23. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    2nd UDFA for us Elijah Norris
  24. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    That didn't take long..... Ryan Nall running back apparently our first UDFA
  25. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    Vikes got him with the last pick of the 6th. He was a guy I was hoping for as a late round developmental guy.... but he'd need a "redshirt" year at least to get coached up. Poona Ford-DL looks like he's gonna drop to UDFA, I'd love to bring him in as a backup NT. Auden Tate-WR is a guy who I'm surprised is dropping this badly... He's slow, but his receiver play is so physical We're actually loaded up at WR now, but I'd try and at least bring him to camp and then see whether he can make it or not. EDIT Cincy just got him Jonah Trinnamon-WR is a freak athlete speedster who I think is absolutely worth bringing in as a likely Practice squad guy. Running backs I see Akrum Wadley and Martez Carter (poor man's Tarik Cohen) but nothing that really moves the needle... I'm probably missing at least one guy worth bringing in, but maybe Wadley can compete vs Cunningham and that Ravens guy we never played from last year who's name escapes me at the moment (had to look it up Taquan Mizzell)