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  1. I'd have them right now: 1. Mahomes 2. Goff 3. Wentz 4. Trubisky 5. Mayfield 6. Jackson 7. Watson If we went by my pre-draft rankings for each of them: 1. Mahomes 2. Mariota 3. Goff 4. Trubisky 5. Mayfield 6. Jackson 7. Watson I didn't have a draftable grade on Darnold, Rosen, Allen, or Kizer at all. Didn't trust Wentz at all, and didn't like Winston (underestimated his leadership ability however)... and Watson has been better than I actually expected, but I was expecting him to be a poor man's RG3 and career backup level QB. Jackson is about what I expected save for the inevitable career crushing RG3 like injury that all QBs too dependent on running eventually face. I keep him listed over Watson because his running ability is simply more dangerous than Watson's. The two I was primarily correct about where obviously Goff and Mahomes.... Goff I liked coming out as the option I wanted the Bears to pursue that year, and had doubts about my ability to judge QBs after he bombed like hell and Wentz lit it up (what a difference a year can make).... Mahomes, however, has probably been my favorite QB prospect in the past number of years that I can remember, and I was positive that when Chicago traded up from #3 to #2 it was to draft Mahomes, not Trubisky. I enjoy at least feeling vindicated on that call, considering how few people liked Mahomes that draft, let alone as the #1 QB, let alone being worth taking at #3 overall. My biggest misses thus far have been Mariota (thought he'd be good and hasn't been) and Wentz (didn't think he'd be good and has been).
  2. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    Hopefully we see the Rams again in the divisional round because the only NFC team that scares me as a Bears fan is New Orleans.... Fangio likes a soft defense in coverage, and an elite QB can pick us apart with the short game, like Rodgers did in the second half of our first game this year. Brees could absolutely do that to us, but that's not what the Rams want to do.. Rams offensive strengths play right into Chicago's defensive strengths, and I think we're just the team they should desperately want to avoid if they can. I don't think the score will be that low if we play again in LA, but I also wouldn't bet on Trubisky laying back to back eggs, either. Bears path to the SB involves something like CHI vs Rams in LA, and then playing Seattle or Dallas in Chicago for the NFC:Championship after they (hopefully) take out New Orleans for us.
  3. Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo

    Absolutely... but only as a QB coach type position, and not even with any consideration towards Minnesota this season, as much as another guy to help ensure Mitch's success long term. We're much closer to real SB contention than I think anyone on the team had dreamed of being, and now the major hurdle is apparently just getting Trubisky to be better and more consistent. He's come out in a number of games this year just over anxious, with poor mechanics, and it's cost us in all but one of our losses (the one being the game Mitch was being sat for shoulder concerns)....Those things are to be expected with a young QB in his first year of a new (and complex) system, but we've already seen DeFilippo work magic with both Wentz and Carr, leading to both of their best seasons.... and he got a superbowl out of Nick Foles..... He may not have been a good OC, but his trackrecord as a QB coach is pretty fantastic.
  4. John DeFilippo NFL Head Coach?

    I don't see any situation he gets a HC gig after being fired mid season... and I'd be skeptical he even gets another shot at OC after how disappointing Minnesota has been this year.... BUT As a Bears fan with a young QB that has consistency issues, I'd be trying like hell to get him to come in as an additional QB-Coach to help get Trubisky firing on all cylinders. Trubisky has statistically been the best QB in Franchise history so far this season overall, but his bad games are pretty awful, and Chicago could easily be in a position to take the SuperBowl this year if they could get 4 consecutive games of Trubisky's best in the playoffs without him laying an egg. He's got all the talent, but currently sitting on Grossman/Cutler like inconsistency and history has shown us before how heartbreaking that usually ends up for everyone but Eli Manning/Giants.... twice...
  5. Trubisky and the end of the season

    I'd be interested in picking up the now fired DeFilippo and using him in a QB coach type role and seeing if he can't help get better consistency/development out of Trubs He apparently flopped as an OC in Minn.... but his QB coaching was off the charts for Philly last season... Perhaps a QB Coach is just his ceiling in the NFL (imo like Fangio is a lifelong DC)
  6. Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo

    I was on the DeFilippo hype train for the Bears HC job in the offseason (at least until the rumors of him bombing the interview appeared), and yikes, super glad to have Nagy running the helm now (and imo on a VERY short list for Coach of the Year).... That being said, if DeFilippo is really destined to remain a QB coach forever (much in the way I think Vic Fangio is best kept as a DC forever), I'd love to bring him to chicago for that purpose and see if he can't help beat some consistency into Trubisky. We've seen flashes where Trubs looks like he can be good-great, and we've seen him lay some pretty horrific eggs out there as well. We can be legitimate SB contenders with even average-slightly above average QB play... but we're getting bipolar Cutler or Grossman esque consistency right now.
  7. When will you have true confidence?

    Yeah I'm mostly sold after last night as well... The concerns now are entirely Trubisky and Fangio related. We've got what we need to win a ring, but we need consistency out of Trubisky for a multi game stretch, not unlike how Eli won his super bowls by miraculously playing well for the playoff games, despite his normal inconsistency, and Vic just needs to keep the defense playing sharp the entire game, and perhaps take his foot off the gas pedal a bit less. We've seen him have issues vs great QBs who can play the short game well. Best case scenario realistically for us now imo : Avoiding New Orleans in the NFC race (short passing game with a QB that won't make mistakes) and not getting New England in the Super Bowl. I think we can and should beat everyone else. The most interesting match up possible for us I think is us vs KC for it all... Nagy vs his old team /mentor, Trubisky vs Mahomes, offense vs defense. It's also a game I think we win.
  8. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    You should have seen the Bears forums before that draft, there where very few of us banging the drum for mahomes. People called me crazy when I talked about taking him on a trade down, let alone taking him outright at #3 overall. Trubisky has honestly been better than I expected, but Mahomes was the one I wanted, and even the name I expected when we traded up to 2.
  9. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    You ignore that the Bears always only plays well for half a game this year... That WAS the bad half from us.
  10. When will you have true confidence?

    Beating the Rams will go a long way towards making me think we actually have a real shot in the playoffs this year. Specifically because I think our Offensive line is hot garbage right now. Good at pass blocking, and doesn't commit penalties, but you have a young QB and a strong defense and almost no capacity to run the damn ball because the OL just isn't good. We got absolutely shredded against a bottom feeder team in NYG last week, specifically because our OL kept messing it up. A center with snapping issues, in a shotgun based offense Major weakness at RG (and this might be our overall worst player right now) A Rookie at LG (who's actually playing well for a Rookie, but he's a rookie and makes mistakes/needs time to grow) A quasi Rookie QB being forced to put the entire offense on his back and win in the passing game, or scrambling for much of our running game production. It's not really a surprise we've been so inconsistent as a team, we're not really designed well for our strengths, Strong defenses with questionable/inexperienced QBS need to be able to run the ball.... Our inability to run the ball effectively I think is likely our real killer this year and I have no idea how our Offensive interior plans on blocking a monster like Donald, particularly with another monster like Suh Right next to him.... Nor am I particularly confident in Leno/Massie.... I'll be more confident in this team when I see that they can run the ball when they want, or at the very least shut down the Donald-Suh combo. It feels weird to say this, but I think we actually need to draft another Guard next season, and kick Long to the curb. Luckily there is a decent chance of getting good value at that position when we do finally get to make a selection.
  11. Bears @ Giants IGT: Sunday Dec 2nd

    Brutal time for whitehair's snapping to show up again
  12. Bears @ Giants IGT: Sunday Dec 2nd

    So now it all depends on chase leading us to a TD... To avoid losing or a tie, which is effectively a loss anyway. Can't say I'm super optimistic.
  13. Bears @ Giants IGT: Sunday Dec 2nd

    Holy ****.... This game.
  14. Bears @ Giants IGT: Sunday Dec 2nd

    FFS chase, throw the damn ball away
  15. Bears @ Giants IGT: Sunday Dec 2nd

    Can our secondary get themselves together and stop letting receivers run completely uncovered?? FFS that's 14 points off busted coverage... Can't afford to be playing like morons on the back end when our offense is being this anemic.
  16. Bears @ Giants IGT: Sunday Dec 2nd

    Touch down saving int too... Can't really fault Daniel for throwing it, "touch down to check down" philosophy and all... Just needed a bit more arc and Cohen had an easy 6
  17. Bears @ Giants IGT: Sunday Dec 2nd

    We criminally under utilize Howard this season, and criminally over utilize Mizzell.. There's no reason to pull Howard after one positive play and then run up the middle with Mizzell on the next.
  18. Bears @ Giants IGT: Sunday Dec 2nd

    Bellamy isn't doing us any favors either, that penalty killed our shot at recovering from Mizzell. Gotta say I wasn't super worried about this game until I saw the weather... Our team sucks hard at running the ball, cold and wet is a big problem for an offense that depends on the pass so much, especially running a backup qb
  19. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Not sure you can really stop throwing deep when the people running deep where constantly getting open. Mitch just needs to step up and start connecting on those.. His ball placement was terrible yesterday, but you can't really blame Nagy for trying to keep hitting open people down field just because Mitch missed a play or two. Gotta have some faith he would bounce back, and even one or two of those turning into connections for big plays could have swung the game in our favor.
  20. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Fangio not making adjustments is certainly annoying... But we're seeing glimpses of just how dependent we are on Mack for success, and the defense really isn't all that good without him, because we play too far off coverage too deny the short game, our safeties both forgot how to tackle for 2 straight weeks, and Floyd frankly sucks at pass rushing until he proves otherwise. But I think my big concern right now coaching wise is Harry Heistand. Run blocking has been an embarrassment this season. We need to be able to run an offense without putting everything on Trubisky's back...Doubly so when he's rattled until he can settle the hell down instead of missing easy throws, picks, or balls that would be picks if defenders could catch. I felt like anytime the pats where 3rd and 3 or less, you could basically garuntee they'd convert... Where I feel very little to no confidence right now in the Bears doing the same..at least not on the ground unless it's a gimmick play.
  21. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    My post game rants would be: 1. The defense folding like a lawn chair... against a Journeyman QB and a tattered offensive line. Dolphins seemingly averaged 4-5 yards every time they ran the ball and it was embarrassing for a team with such a strong run defense.... We've seen 4 weeks of the "Mack effect" and how it changed this defense substantially.... and today we saw what happens when Mack is a non factor (apparently because of his ankle).... the entire defense imploded. 2. Trubisky recovered in the 2nd half, but he looked atrocious early on, constantly over throwing targets again.. His play later was pretty stellar so I'm not going to hate on Trubs much here, but I do notice we're putting entirely too much on his shoulders because: 3. Our run game is a liability. There's no nice way to say this, but as much as PFF rants about how amazing our OL is in the passing game, the running lanes have basically been non-existent all season. I genuinely don't know what the issue is, but Heistand needs to fix it. Howard is a significantly better back than what he's being made to look like, and even Cohen is struggling to get ANYTHING going unless he's running way outside the line. They simply aren't getting it done on the ground, and this is probably my 2nd biggest concern for the team overall right now.
  22. Jordan Howard trade rumors are back

    The only reason I'd trade Howard is IF I wouldn't want to pay him once his rookie deal expires (which is actually a concern because of potentially needing to pay Mitch + other deals) And for that to be a valid thing, we'd need someone behind him to step up... I had some hopes for the UDFA we got, who's on the PS.... but he's a poor man's Howard at this point. And we don't really have the picks to go out finding anyone else. As for Howard being a "Plodder" on one of his breakaway runs his first year he was clocked with the 2nd fastest top speed of the month he did it, and a top 7 speed clocked on field for the season. He's got a good top gear, just not the stop/start that. Imo, he's a near elite talent who's underrated in the passing game. He's not Forte as a WR, but he is a better runner. And you don't just dump a guy who's smashed all of your teams rushing records for his first few seasons.
  23. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    He may not be getting a role in the passing game, but he's probably our best blocker on the edge for all the screens we run
  24. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Regarding Hicks.... I'm OK with him sitting the 2nd half given his knee concerns and the score.(not that he had a choice, but him and Long might be the first two I consider sitting) ... But if he gets an additional game by the league that could hurt. Any ideas what's going on with Howard? We're using Cohen as the feature back right now, wonder if Jordan has some kind of minor injury from practice they're taking him easy on
  25. Bucs @ Bears, 9/30/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Soo I was well aware the defense has been playing out of it's mind (and 2 of our games have been against Seahawks and Cards, two of what appears to be the worst teams in the league right now).... but holy crap: