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  1. I guess it's not so different after all
  2. Collusion chat is just the 19 other owners & nacho making fun of you in the form of memes.
  3. Hey me too Only have to play Ruskie, Mookie, pwn, and the easiest game is against Khodder! 4-0 fosho
  4. Collusion chat already made this joke. Get with it old man
  5. 1 point* gotta keep that positive net points
  6. Yall lost to the team the Eagles beat tho. Seems like you're wrong.
  7. just means your team isnt good if I win tbh
  8. dont worry. you'll see me lose 6 straight soon enough bb
  9. dw bb im not looking forward to my loss anyways
  10. Agreed 100% Have been saying my SOS has been a cakewalkl
  11. I dont believe he ever has lmao
  12. You said you were throwing in Slay & JPP. Lmao you glemd me
  13. Speaking of cheap tho. If anyone has a leet lb for cheap I'll pay