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  1. I wonder why you choose to lease cars from one of the most reliable companies in the market? If I ever leased I'd drive an Audi or atleast a BMW. Granted maybe all you care about is the lowest possible lease/month rate with little to no worries about matinence. But to me it seems silly to lease a Corolla when you could get a loan on it & have it paid off in 5 years and drive it for another 10 at minimum. Unless you dont care about have a car payment & just factor that into your budget for life.
  2. Get out of here! This is financial talk!
  3. You don't just buy everything outright?? What are you? A poor?
  4. Once we moved nsfw chat & dank memer collusion chat got far more sophisticated.
  5. Agreed. There is no Karl bot here
  6. Nsfl turning into retirement talk
  7. I reccomend paying off debts with higher interest rates than you could hope to get through investments. And investing first while paying off debts with lower interest rates than youd expect to get from said investments. You can learn all of this in collusion chat* free of charge *tm
  8. Osemele was the guy I had locked in. Solid pick
  9. Had another guy locked in for days. Decided to go with the All Pro OT last minute
  10. Inb4 "accidentally mark as spammer"
  11. Just here waiting Dont mind me
  12. Solid. Not accepting. But solid
  13. Its gonna be a sad day when we learn Tammy is actually a manlet & lives in his grandmother's basement.