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  1. When its been 14 minutes after sliders are due and games aren't even up yet... smh nacho u slippin
  2. 2k people feel bad for you. Must stink
  3. The last hour of collusion chat has been them roasting me for not hitting on this cute girl at a cubs game
  4. Eyy bb U wonna join our secret groop?
  5. So what you're saying is.. Nacho pls bench JuJu and my #3. Move cox to wr2 and Linval to #3. Move Tedward to NT, and Bradford to DE... Pls dont do this. But yeah. I always get caught up in the opposing stat lines of other players. Will likely try and only look at my own from here on out.
  6. I've played 100 games of mafia and I still dont gey this Okay I've played 35 games of mafia and went inactive 65 other games. Is it like a Waifu?
  7. It was brought up because another owner accused said group of colluding. We basically just laid it out like pwn said above. Not bragging about it or anything lmao. And the only time it's ever been brought up before was as a joke by me.
  8. This is just my secrt plan to get Ramsey...
  9. I dont know why you're being mean but I dont appreciate it
  10. As I've explained. I believe Stafford is literal trash. Dalton is worse irl.. but at this point they're both likely trash in the sim & Dalton is still unknown