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  1. TAST Dynasty League draft thread

    Quincy Enuwa @Dome
  2. I think I had 6 after my first two seasons with Stafford. I hope you can rebound as well as I have.
  3. Pff credited him with 26 yards after contact despite only having 11 yards. Their backup line is trash.
  4. I think idda won if I had Odell and remixx didnt
  5. 3 active owners over 60% w/l Very nice Hopefully next year I'll be able to jump over .500 for the first time in awhile.
  6. Sorry to the* gents who bet on me.
  7. I'm disappointed for sure. But am more disappointed I couldnt successfully bring this up. Good luck next season gents.
  8. Congrats my dude. You whooped me at home earlier in the season. Assumed I'd take the L here. Enjoy the chip.
  9. Cant believe Pete was there
  10. TAST Dynasty League draft thread

    QB Patrick Mahomes @Dome