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  1. I know it’s a conversation we might not want to have right now. But it’s one that I think needs to be addressed. We are seeing Quarterbacks play into their 40s and Ryan fits the mold of these Brees, Brady, and Rodgers types. Rodgers a smidge less given he’s more mobile & had sat his first four years. Ryan has been great for us, and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. Just would like to get his predecessor while he’s leaving his prime rather than risk it till it’s too late.
  2. Sewell is my easy top choice this draft as well. I don’t think he makes it past Miami personally though. Agreed on all fronts though. BPA, no need to get fancy with it. Avoid WR and just scout for the best talent possible.
  3. Saw @swoosh say he’s hoping we trade down depending on how the board falls. Personally I’m undecided as of yet. Haven’t scouted much but there are certain areas id definitely like to address. Offensive line being a big one. Figure this can be the dedicated thread to lead up to the draft.
  4. Glad to hear your input. I also suspect Ryan is gonna succeed immensely with Smith like he did under Shanny. Defense is gonna be a question for sure. But where we’re at now defensively I’m really sure we can’t get any worse lmao.
  5. Long time Falcons fan I know it’s crazy to even bring up given how much he’s done for this team. And I certainly don’t blame him for this season we just went through. But I am a realist and know this show can’t go on forever. Hes taken a beating these past three seasons and I’m worried how it’s gonna impact him as time goes on. Im not saying we need to kick him out the door today. But how do we feel about drafting his replacement this upcoming draft & possibly letting him sit behind Ryan for 2-3 seasons?
  6. Officially official. Cautiously optimistic about the hire.
  7. First time, long time here. I’m excited to see what Arthur can do with the likes of Matt Ryan given what he could get out of Tanny.
  8. As the assistant to the new Moderator. Please come to me with all issues and I’ll address them with Pwny
  9. I’d prefer we hired Rural Meyer if we’re being honest.
  10. I too want to spit when I see a picture of Blaine Gabbert
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