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  1. I appreciate the scouting & time it took to look into this. But I will say some numbers here don't represent Carr in the slightest
  2. Top 3 says who tho. Are we really acting like Julio and Thomas are even good when we both know they're a product of their QB
  3. Shame. Wentz is a great talent, would hate to see him go down the Luck route this early into his career.
  4. Far less spicy lol Mahomes will no doubt be a stud. I cant imagine him nor even Rodgers under Reid putting up those original numbers claimed though lol
  5. Also assuming mahomes will improve after Reid is habanero as well.
  6. Four players(Peyton twice(so five seasons)) have ever thrown more than 45 tds. Assuming mahomes will match his output this season every year is habanero.
  7. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    I believe he's hurt. Dude needs to rest up.
  8. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    19/19/7 #NotMyMVP
  9. Dude I had like a whole bottle (large) of Barefoot Moscato, like a half dozen beers, bunch of liquor.. Legit woke up two hours ago & finally started the day about 30 minutes ago. Thank god I don't work today.