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  1. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    'Bout time. Too bad no Chargers fans will get to see it.
  2. Penny vs CWebb

    CWebb all day. So much wrongthink in here.
  3. Random Thoughts

    Arenado is your best bet, but as Tulo has taught us, there are no guarantees. If you wanna be different, look below.
  4. Owners vote to challenge all pass interference calls

    I don't know what your opinion about OPI enforcement has to do with this. A review is only initiated if there is something obvious. Theoretically your scenario is possible, but with fouls on both teams, I highly doubt they would overturn over a nitpicky OPI. I agree there could be some funky situations, so that's why it's not permanent. I suspect it wont be a problem. We'll see who's right. I don't buy that it will cause more flopping. Players flop to fool refs in real time, not in the replay booth, where catching floppers is easier. As for the last part, I agree!
  5. Owners vote to challenge all pass interference calls

    From reading some of these comments, people seem to think: -- Coaches have unlimited challenges -- Coaches can challenge calls in the last 2:00 -- Refs don't need indisputable evidence to overturn calls Most of these criticisms are ridiculous. As if teams are going to use their challenges on defensive holding non-calls in the first quarter. MAYBE the games will take a few more minutes on average. I suspect they wont. Replay has been expanded recently, with no discernible impact on time.
  6. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    Clearly he was cursed.
  7. Teddy bridgewater re-signs with saints

    It baffles me that Teddy hasn't gotten a chance to start somewhere.
  8. Random Thoughts

    Is it just me or is this one of the craziest FA periods ever?
  9. Let the Offseason Begin

    Why not?
  10. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade - Bills trade falls through

    The simpler explanation is they saw an opportunity to unload Keenum's contract and get a pick for their troubles. Of course they jumped on it.
  11. Broncos to trade Case Keenum to Redskins

    I didn't think Denver would get any more than a bag of airline peanuts for Keenum, so I'm pleasantly surprised.
  12. Random Thoughts

    They are absurd, as is this country's obsession with entertainment.
  13. How much trade value do the following have right now

    If I were a Chiefs fan, I wouldn't even trade Mahomes for the Patriots. Since I'm not, the Broncos are willing to offer you 1 Draft, Keenum (or a Klondike bar, your choice), and Von.
  14. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    Yes Flacco got benched, but to be fair, the Ravens probably win that game if he plays the second half.
  15. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    Remember when we thought, "Hey, anyone would be an upgrade to Siemien." Well...