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  1. Apparently when a player tests positive, they do 2 more tests just to make sure (according to ESPN).
  2. Just thinking. Perhaps the Nuggets should pair Jokic & Plumlee when Howard is on the floor? Sure it’s not great for spacing, but it could work. The Nuggets can't let Howard get every freaking rebound. We were shooting 60+% but were down 10+.
  3. Considering that MNF was not on an OTA channel, this news doesn’t mean much. Don’t let your preconceived notions fool you. Viewership is down. Why precisely is that the case? Hard to say, as there are many factors. It could be a combination of boycotts, loss of interest, bad matchups, sloppy play, injuries, etc. Here's what we do know: Sunday Night Football (national broadcast so it's apples to apples) viewership in week 1 was down 15% from last year. Week 2 was down 10%. Sports Media Watch tracks each week by slot so you can compare easier. If we compare average total viewership: Week 1: dropped 7.5% from last year. Week 2: dropped 6% from last year. I honestly expected it to be worse, and the decline was less in week 2, so perhaps it will even out by season's end. It's common on Twitter to issue broad proclamations asserting that you, and you alone, really know why. This ain't Twitter, so I'll leave the numbers, & you can make your own conclusions.
  4. LeBron missed 3 shots in the paint & one was a step-back. Same with game 2 (3 shots) & game 1 (only 2 shots). I realize he can get fouled outside the paint, but if he wants free throws, he needs to drive to the basket.
  5. Denver's offensive line (sans Bolles) got absolutely pummeled, so I'm hoping right along with you.
  6. Miami at Jacksonville Tampa Bay at Denver Chicago at Atlanta Los Angeles (LAR) at Buffalo Washington at Cleveland Tennessee at Minnesota Las Vegas at New England San Francisco at New York (NYG) Cincinnati at Philadelphia Houston at Pittsburgh New York (NYJ) at Indianapolis Carolina at Los Angeles (LAC) Detroit at Arizona Dallas at Seattle Green Bay at New Orleans Kansas City at Baltimore Survivor: Indianapolis
  7. The Lakers have certainly thrown some curveballs. Howard trying to goad Jokic & the sudden switch to zone. Somehow I feel like there aren't any more tricks & the Nuggets have nullified the Laker advantage. I hope.
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