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  1. I'm willing to give Booker a pass for his first time with the face shield, but he really can't let Beverley lock him down. Booker is a great player, but 'superstar' is an overused term. I swear the 'experts' are getting dumber by the minute. Not just sport ones. It's ridiculous. They trot on these 'experts' who are not brought in for their expertise, but for certain takes or opinions that conform to the agenda. God forbid an expert offer their take without bias or exaggeration. God forbid an expert go against the current. Those experts aren't invited on TV. Nobody has the fortitude
  2. Clippers should be up 2-1 in this series, but PG choked. The Suns are looking pretty beatable right now.
  3. Being a prick doesn't mean you're not MVP. The way people are hand waving MVP awards is mind-boggling.
  4. Going forward? Sure I'd take a few over him. Last season though, he deserved the MVP, and that can't be argued.
  5. He would probably fill up the box score, but it wouldn't make any difference.
  6. Don't think it really matters in the grand scheme of things. Fact is Kemba wasn't a good fit & they had to take some salary back to make the deal go through. This doesn't move the needle but it's hard to hate on it.
  7. The way people are talking about Rodgers, it almost seems like he’s not the reigning MVP. Go ahead. Replace the MVP. I'm pretty sure the backup is just as good!
  8. With a shortened season & many players missing significant time, I don’t see how LeBron can say "I told you so." Players didn't even play a full season. Freak knee injuries are unfortunate, but they can't be prevented. That's my opinion anyway.
  9. Not much to say about this series. The Suns were superior in every facet of the game. Offense, defense, effort, coaching, you name it. They're a great team. Props to them. I have to say though, that the flagrant 2 call on Jokic was just breathtakingly bad. My goodness.
  10. I was being facetious, but you're right.
  11. We’re so used to Jokic averaging 26/11/8 that he averages 31/11/5 in the playoffs and he's a fraud now. Obviously he's had a tough start to this series, but this is getting annoying.
  12. I think Ayton had a good defensive game, but there's no need to exaggerate. Jokic got whatever he wanted early on, then he started chucking one-legged fadeaways. Of course Ayton did a very good job, but no one was cutting or getting open & Jokic got impatient. I don't expect the same to happen two games in a row.
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