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  1. What would it take for the Giants to make the playoffs?

    Wentz and Dak both have cryotherapy mishaps worse than AB, leaving their throwing hands badly frostbitten. Keenum doesn't.
  2. Teddy Bridgewater

    He’s the kind of QB who’s too good to get a high draft pick but not good enough to get you anywhere.
  3. Random Thoughts

    If anyone has a sig I made I can reupload. Seems like tinypic is shutting down
  4. Random Thoughts

    Hopefully my username takes on a new meaning this year... My Joe Flacco avy is ready
  5. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    We need to shut down the Texans until we figure out what the hell's going on.
  6. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    I have some stats for you: Teams that rush for 150+ yards in a game are 6178-1903 all time, for a win percentage of 76.4%. Teams that outrush their opponent by 100+ yards are 3399-364 all time, for a win percentage of 90.3%. It's clear that football games are so complicated and interconnected that boiling them down to one factor is futile.
  7. I don't get the "refs are getting paid well, so they can handle the abuse" argument. You could also say that players are getting paid millions, so they can control themselves. No one builds up 7 techs from stuff like accidentally hitting the ref with the ball. The 7 tech rule is to dissuade players from making a habit of verbal abuse. Of course 7 techs is completely arbitrary and you could argue excessive, but certain players are acting with impunity and need to be cooled down. At least that's how the league feels.
  8. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    They have consistently outperformed their expectations, but regression to the mean is expected. They are 18-6 in one-score games the last 3 years, which is remarkable.
  9. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    I think it's safe to say that the worst team will give up a bunch of points on defense. The last five teams to get the #1 pick were ranked 26th, 31st, 30th, 27th, & 25th respectively in PPG allowed. In many cases (Arizona for example) a stagnant and/or turnover-prone offense can exacerbate the problem (Arizona was ranked last in yards per drive & points per drive and 29th in turnovers per drive). With all this in mind, Miami is a great candidate. - 29th in yards per drive (27th defensively) - 28th in points per drive (24th defensively) - 22nd in turnovers per drive (adding a mistake-prone QB). Tannehill had 0.57 fumbles per game and an INT% of 2.6% compared to 0.71 & 3.6% for Rosen (career). Rosen should improve from those numbers, but even if he does it's still a concern. Yes those were last years stats, but I could see them being similar, possibly worse depending on how Rosen/Fitzbeardrick perform. Not a good time for Dolphins fans.
  10. The Bucks pose a unique challenge defensively with all that length. That could be an edge. GS is not unbeatable. Of course their defense is pretty good too. Raptors have no chance, though it would be nice for Kawhi to get his revenge.
  11. Miserable Hot Takes

    The Browncos D-Line was a good idea
  12. Dolphins sign CB Xavien Howard to record deal

    Bad doesn't even begin to describe it. *shudders