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  1. Denver at Cleveland Carolina at N.Y. Giants Atlanta at Miami Washington at Green Bay Cincinnati at Baltimore N.Y. Jets at New England Kansas City at Tennessee Detroit at L.A. Rams Philadelphia at Las Vegas Houston at Arizona Chicago at Tampa Bay Indianapolis at San Francisco New Orleans at Seattle Survivor: Arizona
  2. Well that was disheartening. I thought it was premature to say we need to clean house and start over, but it seems like that's what we need to do. We can start with Shurmur. I know we're dealing with injuries, but he sucked from the beginning. Our offense is in the stone age. Why do we keep doing this? No misdirection, no creativity, nothing. Fangio is next but we need to dump Shurmur ASAP so maybe a star QB will actually want to come here.
  3. Tampa Bay at Philadelphia Miami vs Jacksonville (London) Cincinnati vs Detroit Kansas City at Washington Minnesota at Carolina Houston at Indianapolis L.A. Rams at N.Y. Giants L.A. Chargers at Baltimore Green Bay at Chicago Arizona at Cleveland Dallas at New England Las Vegas at Denver Seattle at Pittsburgh Buffalo at Tennessee Survivor: Indianapolis
  4. LA Rams at Seahawks NY Jets at Falcons Lions at Vikings Saints at WFT NE at Texans Dolphins at Buccaneers GB at Cincinnati Broncos at Steelers Eagles at Panthers
  5. Jaguars at Bengals. 2 Titans at NY Jets. 1 KC at Eagles. 1 Panthers at Cowboys. 2 NY Giants at NO. 2 Browns at Vikings. 2 Lions at Bears. 1 Texans
  6. Just for kicks, here’s how we rank after 2 weeks: Offense Defense Total 7th 3rd Passing 11th 5th Rushing 5th 4th Points 13th 5th (1st without the ST TD) Obviously we should take this with a grain of salt, but bad teams don't worry me too much.
  7. Carolina at Houston 1 Washington at Buffalo 2 Chicago at Cleveland 2 Baltimore at Detroit 1 Indianapolis at Tennessee 2 LA Chargers at Kansas City 2 New Orleans at New England 1 Atlanta at NY Giants 2 Cincinnati at Pittsb
  8. I think some of us underestimated the mental and leadership aspects of the QB competition. It’s not just preseason performance. It's silly to act like preseason games are the only barometer. Besides, it's not like there was a huge difference. Anyway, it doesn't even matter now.
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