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  1. TAM will be palatable if only to irk Belichick. I feel like Mahomes will go through TAM's D like a hot knife through butter if Shaq Barrett doesn't terrorize him. If KC spots them an early lead, they may be able to ride the TOP to victory, provided that Brady doesn't throw a couple picks. All that said, Brady is always a hard out.
  2. Bol looks really awkward on the court, but he did a decent job guarding Durant if I remember correctly, so who knows.
  3. I should note that it's just this regular season. His first 2 games against the Chargers (90.9 rating) & Raiders (83.5 rating) dragged him down.
  4. The rest of the AFCW can take solace in the fact that they at least slowed down Mahomes. Mahomes against the AFCW: 94.8 QB Rating, 7.4 ANY/A Mahomes against everyone else: 115 QB Rating, 8.8 ANY/A
  5. Watson had his best season this year despite having an awful coach, no Hopkins, a bad interim coach, porous defense, etc. Compare his 2019 to 2020 season: 15 333 495 67.3 3,852 7.8 26 12 54 44 4 98.0 16 382 544 70.2 4,823 8.9 33 7 77 49 4 112.4
  6. Never found it hard to root for Brees. Great guy. Great QB. Too bad he couldn’t go out on top, but that’s the way it goes. He'll probably change his mind, though.
  7. "Pray to God to do MY will" - Easterby, basically What a charlatan.
  8. Von hasn't played in a year and he's getting older. I don't think we'll get good value. If he balls out next season, his value will be much higher.
  9. Watson was promised that he would be a part of the process. Well it didn’t happen, which is why he's upset. It has nothing to do with "social justice." From ESPN: The Texans spent a bunch of resources to find a GM candidate only to ignore the recommendations and hire the guy they tampered with last year. Watson found out about the hire on Twitter. His anger is justified if you ask me.
  10. They shouldn't have to, but you never know. I'd like to think Texans are responsible, but it only takes one deranged lunatic, and we have plenty.
  11. I'll definitely look for @ET80 at NRG & @Pastor Dillon at Toyota when it comes on TV.
  12. You'd probably stop by Easterby's office first. Theoretically...
  13. The riot at Reliant Stadium would be crazy...
  14. So he’s Frankenstein's monster?
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