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  1. Lots of inactives that’s for sure. I’m shocked @Malfatronhasnt said a word today
  2. Your timing. As soon as he mentioned inactives getting the votes. Boom. Dome
  3. Maybe we should go after inactives. They might just be talking in their discord. come to think of it- this is the least I’ve seen @Malfatron ever talk in a game. Hmmm
  4. No but the scum in discord would have told me what to say and answered my questions rather than coming in here and asking Use your brain
  5. How are colors transparent lol Green is supposed to be automatically town? I didn’t know. I even asked what green was before I told yall. I read the entire pm. Wolves (my ability) green. That’s it. How is someone supposed to know for sure what u are aligned with off that unless you play here an awful lot so Bc I didn’t automatically know that green is town you’re lynching me lol ok I regret nothing
  6. How does this break anything? I asked what colors traditionally are what and whether we think wolves are town or mafia. Then I claimed I was green town wolf. None of this directly breaks a single rule. TK said as much in his own post a couple back. Read - and get over it. Or lynch me if you wanna lynch town
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