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  1. Evicted in this game is waaaay more obvious and less important than who has actually won the game (which is in the first post on THIS GAME)
  2. So admittingly no connection. Between king queen and diamond. Other than it’s just “another card term” I don’t think your defense will win that one Malf. Not that you need to but you did say you were prepared to defend and u had Better reasoning than us lol
  3. If I somehow tie, I better win the tiebreaker Bc there is zero chance they wrote as good or an in-depth answer/reasoning as I did lol
  4. Me too especially since there’s no hidden meaning at all. I dunno Why that’s more clever or less obvious than chess pieces....
  5. I thought about cards but you just picked 2 faces and one is a suit - there’s nothing of actual connection
  6. I mean obviously Malf is gonna make it something less obvious that that lol
  7. Tom Green as the only one of the three not to appear in “Made in Hollywood” and Green is also the only one to play celebrity big brother! He’s also the only one to have sex with an animal or have a color for his name. definitely more of an outlier than wig.
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