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  1. Remorse for what? It’s a new game. Grow up ****
  2. This isn’t even worth my time. I’m town and was given role as a dog. But even then when I’m only barking you pieces of s h i t still find a way to box me out giving me no chance. I’m clearly lynch so I’m done wasting my time. Y’all are *******s. Shame on you. Take a long look in the mirror as to how you treat ppl, scumbags. **** you
  3. Post this threat to someone who cares. I couldn’t care less if you punish me. But the snitching by the children in here is noted
  4. <bows head admitting I have no chance to play even with this terrible role and will be day 1 lynch even as a freaking dog> WOOF!
  5. BARK! <proceeds to hump on @Raves and ejaculates on his back essentially making him my b i t c h>
  6. <tilts head in amazement that people are so obsessed with me and wonders why I even bother playing when given no chance, never starting a game at square one like we should>
  7. <shake my head in disgust and urinates on @MWil23s shoe>
  8. <nods as if that was obvious not understanding how ppl couldn’t understand this already>
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