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  1. Yes I’m town. I’m not very good at this game so choosing a role that isn’t town wouldn’t be smart for me especially with ppl wanting to Lynch me before I got here lol And I guess That’s as good a reason as any for now @Pickle Rick Gopher
  2. Why do I need to do anything lol- half y’all haven’t even posted and I had 3 votes against me before I made my first post. I chose the town one. That’s all y’all need to know tbh. If you wanna lynch me for no reason just prove me right that this site is a popularity contest Bc I haven’t misplayed anything or done anything wrong. But whatever i was told to decide whenever but if wait too long and I die I lose all chance at having any ability at all and lose. So I kinda had to make the choice now Bc y’all are threatening to kill me b4 I even logged on
  3. I’m not. And Based on what? Wtf have I done. I had three votes before I posted.
  4. I was given the option to choose of the following : I am a friendly neutral survivor.I am a nightkill immune miller vig.I am a cop. I am a Mason with [Playername]. I chose to be town. So please don’t kill me d1 for no reason. I’ll be a valuable ally that’s active in the game. I’ve played a few time’s and am not the beat but I’ll do all I can to help. Going to see the new Saw movie so I’ll check back later tonight. Let me know how I can help.
  5. Anyone wanna give out some info? I’m always confused with these games. Lol.
  6. Can’t wait. I wasn’t contacted for season 8 so please don’t forget me. Also I’ll join any game you all need ppl for
  7. It should be 2-2 with shadys vote- he’s the fourth one Julie
  8. Just when I think you can’t make a more ignorant statement. You just can’t stop. I thought you were sick. Go away.
  9. And 25,000 dollars. Thanks. Was expected and deserved as the only one who desperately tried to increase ratings. I love you America
  10. You as well. Sorry again as I feel bad I turned on you and Ted. It just felt Like the correct move down to 6. I screwed up putting up orca. I have no one to blame. You should have sat next to swoosh. I’m an idiot
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