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  1. BlaqOptic

    EURO 2020

    This is football hoolaganism everywhere though. I think there's no denying that football fans are the worst of all sports. What they consider "banter" is verbal assault here in the US.
  2. BlaqOptic

    EURO 2020

    This. Even if things were favorable with their draws and where they played they have a WC Semi-Final and a Euro Final with this young core with the veterans of this side being Walker, Hendo, and Kane. While I expect a decline from Walker and Kane over the next WC (and walker to not be in the next Euro side) they're a young side who are learning how to win.
  3. BlaqOptic

    EURO 2020

    There was a second after an Italy corner where Kane and Sterling tried to spring for a counterattack. Pickford held the ball and then played it out the back and at that point I knew Italy was going to equalize at some point because Southgate wanted them to play slow and defend for 88 minutes after the goal.
  4. BlaqOptic

    EURO 2020

    I'll take Donnarumma any day of the week over Pickford as he's a top 5 GK in football, but Pickford had a better tournament, IMO. Chiellini was the key for Italy's defense.
  5. BlaqOptic

    EURO 2020

    Not sure with Southgate's order and not sure why you'd put Sako in that key spot. God, everything about Italian football is wrong from the rampant racism to the rampant flopping.
  6. BlaqOptic

    EURO 2020

    I'm a Raz homer, but not sure why you pull Trippier for Saka instead of Sterling. Trippier has been absolute CLASS tonight.
  7. BlaqOptic

    EURO 2020

    After drawing what could be that decisive Penalty, even with Kane slotting the rebound home, Raz has to be the player of the tournament, right?!
  8. Unsurprisingly, the Nuggets are actually playing Defense now that Jokic is out.
  9. Jokic saw the video of the Nuggets fan getting his *** whooped and said "This is for him!"
  10. Jokic had been fouled three straight trips down the floor with no whistle so I get the frustration. That said, I am 100% here for Devin Booker sticking up for his guy even if he don't really want that smoke. That said, don't know if he does that if they're not up 3-0.
  11. Devin Booker doesn't want that smoke with Jokic. He's a Serbian Gangster. That said, cheering "MVP" when your best player makes an absolutely 100% dirty play. Stay classy Denver.
  12. Is Reggie stupid? He got ALL FACE.
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