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  1. Much better than the ’95 and ’98 movies as a video game movie adaptation but still fell short of expectations. Trying too hard to appease non-video game fans. Despite being fighting games, the MK series actually have decent stories which could’ve been adapted easily to film. Good fan service nonetheless with powers, animalities, and fatalies. The character of Cole was an annoying framing device and the selection of characters was a bold risk if a sequel never gets greenlit. And I hate that it makes me root for Scorpion over Sub Zero. Needless to say, Josh Lawson far and away was the highlight
  2. Andre Johnson was the best WR in the NFL for a 1 or 2 year period. Chad Johnson NEVER had an argument for this.
  3. I think I can put Nuk on any team in the league and he'd ball out. I don't feel like I can say the same about Adams, although he's tough and would succeed on a lot of teams.
  4. To this day I still wonder if Moss doesn't get traded if Buck doesn't get his knickers in a bunch acting like a little 10 year old.... OMG! A fake mooning! That's literally the worst thing I've seen in my coddled life!
  5. While I think they're both bad people off the field I see there's a lot of class in this topic I see... That said, next time we'll be hearing from Maurkice will be about 15 to 25 years from now at a HoF induction. Least deserving lineman since Kevin Mawae who was also a Center.
  6. Happy for Lavonte David. Shouldn't be but am happy for Antonio Brown. Please Tom Brady retire so other players can share the wealth.
  7. I don't condone Hill's "Deuces" celebration. If anything I'm pissed that this and his backflips into the end zone aren't called every time and each time people called me too sensitive.
  8. The talking in that tweet is exactly what I expect from the geniues over at PFF.
  9. Not gonna lie. If I'm a Chiefs lineman I'm popping Winfield (within the context of a play) just for the hell of it. Emotions running high.
  10. Oh, I know they do. But you pretending that DBs don't celebrate just as egregiously is being facetious at best.
  11. This isn't serious is it? DBs celebrate after every incomplete even when they're not even close to actually causing the incompletion.
  12. And Hill is a trash human being and we say it all the time.
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