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  1. Not even trying to be Pro-Watt here, but this is BS. We did not run away from Garrett and we didn't throw quickly because of Garrett. Ben has the quickest release all season because it's how our offense is run. Nothing to do with Garrett at all.
  2. Troy, how are they way ahead of the game getting 6 yards a pop with only 2 minutes to go and taking 20 seconds a damn play?!
  3. Welp... But in all honesty does seem like such a weird stat.
  4. There's no effing way Atlanta could cough up this lead and lose, right?!
  5. First Ryan misses Calvin Ridley for a wide open TD. Then he misses the fact that Julio blew by his man and now he missed his WR blowing past the DB by 3+ yards for a TD there. You're killing me Matty Ice.
  6. That's two steps and a partial turn; fumble.
  7. What a tremendous sell job from Alex Mack!
  8. This was the one great thing about the AB-Bell-Ben years. We did this all the time and usually got the payoff.
  9. Is it just me or is Troy Aikman just completely talking out of his *** right now?
  10. Yes we are! Especially since Ridley went down. I was banking on the double points.
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