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  1. Matthew Slater is an example of when people want others to think they watch the game more than they do and so they just laud him with accolades... I sincerely doubt the people who have voted for Slater as an All-Pro, etc watched each and every one of his Special Teams snaps and the snaps of all of his contemporaries...
  2. I mean I witnessed them give a sack to TJ Watt for tripping Aaron Rodgers and also get gifted one by Rodgers to kill time so the art of the sack means much less than in the past IMO.
  3. They really gave Myles Garrett a sack on a play where Teddy Bridgewater gained 1/2 a yard and ran out of bounds...
  4. I'm startin to think Baker's not that special...
  5. How did Lewis or whatever his name get into NFL circles as a director? Because Allen was like 4 yards past the LOS when Beasley was open so it would not have mattered that he was open dude.
  6. I love Josh Allen's bravery but dude can't keep doing that if he wants to have a long career in this league.
  7. I mean the way this game is going wouldn't you want your team to be holding the ball last?
  8. That's not a hold. I'm tired of refs throwing a holding flag on legitimate pancakes/stonewalls!
  9. The disrespect to attempt the Music City Miracle here and doing it with a clear forward lateral...
  10. I mean, TJ Watt and Cam Heyward are the only reason I watch this team. But I wouldn't say Superman Effort. This is par for the course for TJ.
  11. Yeah, TJ Watt is one of the 3 best defenders in the league... But let's whistle him for punching at balls...
  12. Imagine being an open-field specialist like Ray Ray McCloud and needing to make a guy miss to get 2 yards...
  13. Will be even more worth it when Ben retires.
  14. While this is correct, it's not a good look for the league. Period. Not a single whistle was blown until after the spike. You have whistles. Blow them accordingly at the right time.
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