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  1. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Someone said on Twitter that, truly speaking, they got Smackdown's "garbage" and I took issue with that. And then I looked at the results and Raw did take a lot of Smackdown's lower card/garbage.
  2. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    So Hardy & Wyatt confirmed for Raw Tag Titles with The Bar coming to SD?
  3. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    I must've changed the channel for a minute or two as I didn't remember seeing it.
  4. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    This Smackdown has been terrible. Raw did a great job with their reveals and focused their show around the shakeup. Smackdown has done no such thing. Like, I'm hearing Sanity came up from NXT but I saw no such thing on the television. What is going on? If you were actually watching it feels like Raw took all of Smackdown's best wrestlers sans Shinsuke and AJ and Smackdown got... Jeff Hardy, Joe, and Cass.
  5. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Gotta promote the Greatest Royal Rumble. Same way Jinder will take on Jeff at that event. I get what WWE is going for there but calling this event "The Greatest Royal Rumble" and the way they're going about it just seems sloppy to be honest.
  6. Rank Your Top 5 AFC Teams

    That game was an anomaly. We'll see if our offense actually reaches its potential this year. We should not be any less than 3rd in PPG but Haley continually held us back.
  7. He should, at worst, be the 12th man on this team going forward. He played as part of the dreaded losing team(s) and he is a gamer. I hate when people use this phrase but he is the perfect Philadelphia type player.
  8. 2017/18 Europe Thread

    Please Roma. Liverpool fans have been the worst on Twitter. Plus I have no respect for their fans after their hooliganism in the first leg of the QF.
  9. 2017/18 Europe Thread

    Wait... There are still some people who don't think UEFA is corrupt?
  10. 2017/18 Europe Thread

    Anyone who likes International Football should hate Real. Plain and simple. Took my daughter upstairs to change her diaper and as I come down I see Penaldo taking a Penalty to win the game. I looked at her and said it had better been a damn sure penalty for RM to not only be taking a PK in that situation but for Juve to be down to 10 men. Ridiculous. Now they'll get Liverpool and demolish them in the ultimate lose-lose game for me.
  11. You were saying. You can go sit over there with the people who think Donovan Mitchell has a chance at RoTY.
  12. Avengers: Infinity War

    Everyone's out here talking about Hawkeye and I'm just like "Where's Scott Lang?" I'm assuming that Ant-Man & The Wasp is going to take place too close to Infinity War so that's why he's not involved in the whole story.
  13. Rank Your Top 5 AFC Teams

    I largely disagree. I think we have to put up 30+ a game next year to have a chance.
  14. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    What a terrible match. Everything about that was terrible. Everything about this night was terrible except for the women TBH.
  15. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Main Event at Mania and half the crowd is looking away at the beach ball in the crowd... Sums up this Mania perfectly to be honest...