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  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

    It's definitely a collectathon and all of the open world stuff is very repetitive but I found it enjoyable. I never really got tired of traveling around the city and the combat and combat animations kept looking good. The main story is basically a great Spider-man movie. It's almost unfair to other superheroes how good Spider-man's villains are.
  2. Random Game Talk

    I put almost 150 hours into that game early spring. Loved it. Was a big fan of the hammer and sword and shield. It's challenging but fun and fair.
  3. Just a couple more days until my roommate's crackers expire, and then we FEAST!
  4. Buying a House

    So you can swoop in and buy it before me? I don't think so!
  5. Random Game Talk

    Bows and grappling hooks are the secret to a good video game.
  6. Alcohol Thread!

    Probably can't afford much more than Fireball and Budlight when you spend so much on tractors and trucks.
  7. I don't understand the question, they got both Mayfield and Chubb.
  8. What does everyone do for a living?

    I don't get it but it accurately describes my feelings toward my job.
  9. What does everyone do for a living?

    Is the pay good?
  10. Buying a House

    It's listed at 150, and I admit, 15 is an aggressive cut but I had no expectations that they'd come down that low, but hoping they'd meet me somewhere between 139-144. Based on comparisons with other sales in the past year, I definitely won't go over 144. I had a little rant about HOA dues earlier but average for any place I've been interested in is about $300/month. I've seen them as high as $500 and I don't even bother looking at the pictures on the listing. I'm calculating that into my monthly costs for sure. Standard inclusions seem to be water, sewage, trash, heat, snow/lawn care, hazard insurance, and some amount of shared maintenance. The place I'm looking at actually includes all their outside maintenance, including windows, which is pretty nice.
  11. What does everyone do for a living?

    Software development for a large evil bank. Slightly Office Space like.
  12. Eagles vs Rams SNF GDT

    Haven't been watching the game but just saw the score. Jeff Fisher coaching the Rams again tonight?
  13. Week 15: Dolphins (7-6) at VIKINGS (6-6-1)

    Bad call by Stefanski there. He should take the pick 6 out of the playbook.
  14. Week 15: Dolphins (7-6) at VIKINGS (6-6-1)

    Dolphins defense looked afraid to tackle on that Cook run. Too bad it was called back.
  15. Week 15: Dolphins (7-6) at VIKINGS (6-6-1)

    PERFECTLY BALANCED Stefanksi = Thanos?!