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  1. A remote would be just fine but ideally I'd like both, I like having options. I'd guess that I'll just end up settling for the remote but will still do my due diligence and look into changing the wiring, at least for the educational experience.
  2. I'm just gonna return the light kit, thankfully Lowe's takes open boxes. Since my plan is to eventually put a new ceiling fan into my bedroom, I'm hoping to be able to move the one from that room to the second bedroom/office, and just get rid of this old one without a light. That project will move up in priority for sure. For now, I'm looking into how I'd add wiring to the wall switch for a fan in my room. Right now, both light and fan are controlled by a single light switch but changing them individually requires turning the switch on and pulling the chains accordingly.
  3. ^^ Slightly related, if you have ceiling fans, when is the last time you dusted the top side of the blades?
  4. Anyone have any experience installing a light kit to a ceiling fan? I was unsuccessful today and I'm guessing the fan in the room is just too old for modern light kits. The fan in question is controlled entirely by the chain pulls, it is not wired to a light switch on the wall. I followed the instructions and watched a bunch of videos. They all said white to white and black to blue. Removing the cap on the fan I found white and blue wires with "for light" stickers on them. But there was an additional black wire with white sticker that was already attached to the white light wire. I left
  5. Prior to yesterday, I think the common assumption was that Gladney would be the starter opposite Peterson. Now I think Dantzler and Hughes will be competing for the job. I think it's possible Mac Alexander will be the be the 2nd CB in formations where they only have 2 CBs but in 3 CB formations, it'll be Mac inside with Peterson and either Dantzler or Hughes outside. I wouldn't have ruled out the possibility of Vikings going for a CB in the first before so I definitely think the position moves up even more now.
  6. ~2 minutes left in the game, down 8 against the Bucs in NFCCG. On like 4th and goal from the 10, they kicked the field goal rather than going for it and never got the ball back. I don't think it makes a huge difference, either way your chances are slim. But from a fan perspective, you'd rather see your team go for the TD in that situation every time.
  7. Jesus Christ Superstar, the NBC one from a couple years ago
  8. Scheduled for a 1st dose on Wednesday. Not sure which one, hoping for a cocktail with some of each tbh.
  9. New avatar day. Good bye USPS, hello finally expressing my feelings.
  10. I don't know if I'd call him the best but I love his work anyway. He's reliable. I have 100% confidence that he'll see the Stormlight Archive finished so I can safely read it and invest the mind space in it even with a lot of books to still be written.
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