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  1. 36 seconds left and choose to let the clock run down instead? Deserved to lose there, just bone headed stupidity from this stupid team.
  2. Week 1: Jalen Hurts (264) Week 2: Justin Herbert Total: 264
  3. I'm out for this one, sorry @Dome Will likely join for more future games though.
  4. You really think Nicki Minaj would go out and spread lies on behalf of her cousin's friend?
  5. Well played @swoosh. I had the read that you were non-Isaac aligned and should have pushed that harder before dying, even if it meant stubbornly voting for you each day. Have a great vacation! It's really fortunate that I died when I did. Saved me from my great embarrassment/misplay of my tainted ability, so thanks @carl_sjuniorfor that one. And @TheKillerNacho for letting me make that mistake. Great game, will definitely join a future TKN mafia game.
  6. You should probably look into getting some better bed sheets.
  7. You'd probably end up in jail for that, unless you're a politician.
  8. Back to win. Week 1: Jalen Hurts
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