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  1. I would argue had they actually packed it in after the first quarter (maybe you mean 45 minutes real time) it would be less controversial. They were seemingly actively trying to win until the 4th quarter. Had they put in Sudfeld after the first, or even the second quarter, they never would’ve given hope to giants fans and people who wanted a competitive divisional game to end the season. In a cynical view, the Eagles just helped the Giants draft pick way more than their own. May be tough to swallow in the moment, but I know in hindsight I wish the Eagles missed the playoffs last year and
  2. Edit: I started typing this up yesterday but I’m leaving it just because. I see you switched it to Chase, I’m fully onboard. I would be pretty disappointed if the Eagles took Pitts with Chase available. The Eagles also have had considerable success drafting and finding TEs at a value. They had both Ertz and Goedert graded in the first and took them when they fell to the second. Replaceable players like Tre Burton and Richard Rodgers have looked very good in Philly. I do not think it is likely they take a tight end that early. There is not the biggest sample size, but they usu
  3. Wow I would be stoked with Sewell. I hadn’t considered this possibility before I saw this mock. Still don’t find it likely but man I would be stoked
  4. This is tough for me but I go Terry edit: just saw he is doubtful. I would also go Davis
  5. I would not change anything, just Kittle if he plays. For your second post, I think I would lean Brown. I know Gio had a good game this week but I expect a different game flow. It’s definitely close though.
  6. I pretty much have to play Kittle over Hock is he plays, right?
  7. I would go Aiyuk. Highest floor and comparable ceiling with Godwin
  8. I thought the same, and went with Chark because I think he has a cooler name
  9. I haven’t watched any of those full games but he looked pretty bad against Miami in terms of accuracy and decision making. But, I think if he is benched, he will probably end up back in after the backups perform just as bad/worse.
  10. Man, I (along with the majority of the world’s population I assume) hope he lights it up then.
  11. You think that would happen during the game if he struggles, or moving forward?
  12. I honestly only expect a few weeks out of Alshon before he gets banged up. They may be productive games, but I wouldn’t call him reliable at this point
  13. This week I started Diontae in all three leagues
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