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  1. Which is More Valuable: Interior or Edge Rush?

    I would go interior guy without knowing who else I had on the d line. I would probably take two great edge rushers over two great interior rushers though.
  2. Lions sign RB Malcolm Brown to offer sheet; Rams match

    Good move, was wondering why they were letting him walk. They bringing back CJ too?
  3. UPDATED MOCK!! (New Coach.....New QB?)

    Yet Julian Love, a slowish cover corner who gets burned deep, would worry you?
  4. UPDATED MOCK!! (New Coach.....New QB?)

    For Philly, we assume our starting corners are Darby, Maddox, and Leblanc. If Leblanc slumps, we can throw Sidney in the slot. If Maddox doesn’t play well, we can throw Douglas or Jalen Mills outside. Love might be an upgrade at the second cb spot, but he might just lump in with the rest of our guys. That said I don’t hate the pick because I like his coverage skills and we have FOUR second rounders in this scenario. I like all the offensive picks, especially AJ Brown for the reasons you mentioned.
  5. Pro Day Results

    I love Homer but don’t think his ground game will translate to the next level. At least, not early in his career. He has this punishing style but not the power to do it next level imo
  6. Eagles sign DE Vinny Curry (1 year, $2.25M)

    Ayyy Vinny! Welcome back
  7. The Official Forum Mock Draft (Two Rounds)

    Reload the trenches for Philly, I like it. Not necessarily big on Polite or Jones personally, but I like the positions addressed.
  8. Pro Day Results

    It’s not a surprising time for him, but I also thought he could potentially run sub 4.5. There have been much better rb prospects in recent drafts who fell out of the first.
  9. Pro Day Results

    I think some project him to get better with more touches, but that’s risky with him playing at Bama and always having fresh legs. His versatility makes him standout a bit from other Bama rbs. Weak rb class makes him look better too. Top ten in this class would be silly. Any class for that matter
  10. Pro Day Results

    I’m hoping Jacobs will run a slow 40 and drop a bit. I like him a lot, just not in the first.
  11. 2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!

    I think he is just saying he can afford to be patient, and not to mistake his patience for lack of interest from teams. He’s not saying he is willing to take a cheap deal for a contender here, even if that is the case.
  12. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    True that. I’m not sure if it seems people are lower on him than they actually are because he was such a playmaker his freshman year. He looked like a potential top 5 pick, the next Haloti. He obviously didn’t develop into that, but I still like him in the second half of the first round depending on scheme.
  13. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    I’m with you guys on Lawrence. He’s was a beast rushing the passer his freshman year. Very athletic. I think he is over looked due to a great supporting cast.
  14. Marcus Mariota or Ryan Tannehill

  15. Eagles Resign CB Ronald Darby to 1 year deal

    Hes still hurt so they didn’t want him. May not be fully healed by week 1