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  1. I haven’t watched any of those full games but he looked pretty bad against Miami in terms of accuracy and decision making. But, I think if he is benched, he will probably end up back in after the backups perform just as bad/worse.
  2. Man, I (along with the majority of the world’s population I assume) hope he lights it up then.
  3. You think that would happen during the game if he struggles, or moving forward?
  4. I honestly only expect a few weeks out of Alshon before he gets banged up. They may be productive games, but I wouldn’t call him reliable at this point
  5. This week I started Diontae in all three leagues
  6. This is tough, but I’d go with Cole.
  7. I’m in three leagues and I played Aaron Jones in all three this week.
  8. Yeah I’d do it, as long as your bench can keep you afloat with a potential MT IR placement.
  9. I’d start with Fuller then go all the way up to Moore, but I wouldn’t trade Adams. Id include a bench player with Moore if it came to that.
  10. I have this in one of my leagues too. I expected a bad week based on matchups, but man it was rough. I also started Desean over Hollywood like an idiot. After all that, I still would’ve won if Swift didn’t screw Stafford and the whole city of Detroit with that dropped td.
  11. I’ve been flip flopping all day between the two. Either way it would be my rb 4, so not too much is at stake. I almost wish I had an immediate need at rb. This is kind of a weak year to have the number one waiver going into week 2, especially if Hines is unavailable.
  12. I would probably drop Darrell or Moss for Hines. Moss has value, but are you ever gonna play him? Darrell wasn’t great when he was asked to do more last year. Hines has huge upside with Rivers in a ppr, I wish I thought about that during draft season. Dallas is nice but Hock had a big week as well, and I wouldn’t give up on Engram yet. I might rather have Dallas than one of them, but I wouldn’t use my waiver to do it.
  13. Yes. Im deciding on Snell or Brown myself for a stash. I’d pick Hines over both if he was available.
  14. I would stay put. Rivers is shaky but I imagine there are plenty of streamable options in FA in a ten team. If you’re worried that most of the other teams have multiple qbs, some of those qbs are bound to get dropped the first few weeks for upside wrs/rbs.
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