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  1. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    Tier one? No. True one wr? Yes. Right there with Davante and Mike Evans.
  2. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    We beat beat Brady as well in ‘15. I only remember that one because I was scared it was gonna keep Chips job safe.
  3. Most Overrated/Underrated QB by Players

    So these should be taken about as seriously as the NFL top 100. Maybe they thought he was still on the Vikings.
  4. Biggest discrepancy between talent & wins

    I think Minn should have won more games with their roster.
  5. Trevor Lawrence

    Flacco was listed as only 200 lbs on Rivals, Glennon was under 200. Foles was already 235 coming out. I don’t see it as an issue, especially with the limitations on hitting the qb.
  6. Divisional Round Scoring Predictions

    Chargers and Cowboys both have a very good chance. Chargers if I have to pick one. Edit: I’m crap at actual score predictions. I’ll say double digit margins of victory in the Saints/Eagles and Colts/Chiefs, but the other two will be one possession games.
  7. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I initially read that as Warren Sapp and almost ignored this. Very interesting. Without knowing the details of efficiency, do you know how those results compare to other seasons?
  8. Divisional round

    You didn’t answer my question because you know Bledsoe didn’t often lead his team to the playoffs, and stunk it up when he did. Foles is the more accomplished passer at this point. Wentz is the younger, less proven qb the coach loves and sees limitless potential in. You’re really not making a good comparison, instead using hindsight as an excuse to go with the less prolific passer based on one hardly similar situation. But I’m the one who has nothing to retort with...
  9. Pete Carroll vs Sean McVay

    Look how off those predictions are everywhere. Rams signed a couple good players and a bunch of overrated ones this off season. I can say that in this thread without offending anyone. Their three best players were on the roster in their terrible 2016. Their defense was shaky all year. I think McVays offensive system makes their talent look better than it is. It remains to be seen if it can be sustained.
  10. Pete Carroll vs Sean McVay

    I guess I just don’t think the Rams are that much more talented than the Seahawks where I would disregard their respective results this season. I want to see how the Rams handle the Boys. I was not impressed with Carrol’s in game adjustments.
  11. Pete Carroll vs Sean McVay

    Couldn’t you then argue the 2014 Seahawks simply had the more talented roster?
  12. Divisional round

    Are you honestly trying to say 2001 Bledsoe/Wentz and Foles/Brady are at similar spots in their careers? How many garbage playoff games did Bledsoe have by 2001? By all means, respond with more emojis and caps for effect. I’ll do it for you: ”...MAN CRUSH...WET DREAM...LMAO...“
  13. Pete Carroll vs Sean McVay

    As much as I’ve seen McVay abandon the run at times, I think he would have run Marshawn on the 1 yard line in the SB
  14. Divisional round

    Bledsoe was a coming off a 5-11 season and was 0-2 before the injury. Brady was in his second year, never started before that, and went 14-3 that year. He was the starter going into the playoffs when both were healthy. Plus Bledsoe replaced an injured TB and finished the AFCCG. He’s the Foles in your scenario.
  15. Divisional round

    Now you’re really on to something.