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  1. You ok with Forsythe at #31? I don't see him being there for us at the bottom of round 2. Either we bite the bullet and make a "shocking" pick at #31 or strike a trade-down to the top to middle of round 2 and select him. Of course, we also could stay at #31, then trade up into the top of the second round for Forsythe.
  2. He seems to have some assignment versatility based on his experience as an edge rusher and as an off ball linebacker. I definitely like him as a prospect for the Chiefs.
  3. Thoughts on Derrick Barnes from Purdue as a developmental 4-3 SAM prospect?
  4. Gold, Interested to get your take on Creed Humphrey. I have seen alot of scouting reports that seem to paint him as a "phone booth" type of interior blocker that is somewhat athletically limited. His pro day workout seemed to indicate he is much more athletic from a measurables standpoint than he is often given credit for. Is this a case of the blocking scheme at Oklahoma not showcasing his athleticism or that his athleticism is more measurable (workout performance) than functional (translates to the field)? If he has made a high level impact on the field for a big time progra
  5. Solid starting tackle?! Sign me up!
  6. Yeah, Leatherwood is solid...and has good length. You coming around on Leatherwood? 😉 IMO, he might not be there at #31.
  7. Really good read. I am interested hearing more from you about Stone Forsythe. Do you view him as a high upside player based on his size and athletic profile? Could he end up being a player that goes quite a bit higher than many people expect? All things considered, I would prefer Forsythe over Radunz for the Chiefs. This might sound crazy, but could Forsythe possibly be a surprise late first round pick?
  8. J, I don't knock your take. I just think Cosmi isn't as "not ready" to play as is becoming the common take among draftniks. Again, all things considered, our LT is going to be lining up next to a veteran technician in Thuney.
  9. J, I don't know how you can say that about Cosmi yet you then you also say you would rather roll with Niang at LT, who played exclusively at RT at TCU.
  10. I agree. I can't help but think Radunz might be fool's gold. Little is all projection with injury concerns.
  11. J, not sure why you are against Cosmi. He fits a need and has the athletic profile to be a starting LT. We are in the draft phase were just about all prospects get dogged for what they "can't do"....look at the buzz that was around Sewell. I am ok with Cosmi at #31. I think Niang could be a very solid RT for us, and the fact that is where he had college experience at TCU could make the transition much easier. LT to RT and RT to LT is not an automatic translation. I still think we need a developmental center prospect.
  12. Cosmi would be a really good pick for us all things considered. Mentioned this before but I think he would really benefit from playing next to Thuney.
  13. What does Creed Humphrey's Pro Day tell us about him....he is more athletic than he is given credit for or he doesn't play to his athletic measurables? ...... The 6-foot-4, 302-pound Humphrey’s least impressive number — the 5.09 seconds he ran in the 40-yard dash — still would have ranked 12th out of the 40 offensive linemen who ran the 40 at last year’s NFL Scouting Combine. In every other discipline — the vertical jump (33 inches), the broad jump (112 inches), the bench press (29 reps), the 3-cone drill (7.54 seconds) and the 5-10-5 shuttle (4.46 seconds), Humphrey’s numbers F
  14. How do you think he compares to Drew Dalman as a ZBS center prospect?
  15. Didn't the team bring back Neimann? Definitely not starter material IMO, atleast hopefully not.
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