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  1. Ya safe to say after Gase comes off his LSD trip from his introductory press conference the jets will have a perfect interm coach to get you through the rough waters. What you guys should do is hire Hue Jackson in some sort of capacity. He’ll prob take any job you give him but he’s what some call a QB whisperer. Just a suggestion.
  2. Ya I knew it was going to happen the second after I posted it. Sometimes I just get to carried away. My bad. #ChrisKluweaBum
  3. Ok so I ended the signing of our new ST coordinator thread in NFL News any other threads you guys want me to lock up.
  4. Redskins: Alex smith retires. Trade for Joe Flacco. Draft Daniel Jones. Broncos: Keep Keenum. Draft Kyler Murray Giants: Keep Eli. Draft Haskins. Jacksonville: Sign Teddy Bridgewater Miami: Sign Nick Foles Patriots: Sign Ryan Tannehill ( Typical Patriots ) New Orleans: Trades for Nick Mullens
  5. Chris Jones is a really under the radar signing. If he has any say on the Dline you’re going to see some fantastic production. Let’s tie a knot on this bad boy and get al Holcomb as LB coach now
  6. Al Holcomb is coming in Wednesday for an interview. I don’t expect him to leave without a contract but there’s reportedly multiple teams interested
  7. My under dog FA signing would be David Irving DE/DT. I know he’s had his problems but that kid is a straight stud when he’s on his game. He has all pro potential and really should be that expensive. There need to be some somtract stipulations but I’d love to see what he could do away from Dallas. I also love CJ Mosely, Micheal Pierce, Tyrell Williams, Tyrann Matthieu, Frank Clark, Grady Jarrett, Any decent kicker, Robert Quinn, and Anthony Barr
  8. I won’t say it’s who he hired but who he kept. Adam Henry is a phenomenal WR coach. Idk how much of it was him but he made Perriman look legit. Higgins looked phenomenal. Callaway as the season went on looked great. Landry is Landry. I’m going to look forward to see if we draft someone how he develops under him. He was the WR coach for LSU with Landry and OBJ.
  9. Perfect. Ben should be broken by week 6. And Lamar should blow out his acl by week 8
  10. Was that a glitch or a stroke. Wtf is wrong with him. I’m seriously concerned for him.
  11. Dorsey getting handsy in the kitchen.
  12. Because the giants won’t trade him unless he does. They’d be on the hook for a ton of dead money. They’re better off keeping him. I’m saying if we want obj he’d have to work out a deal with giants first to make it even possible.
  13. Some are saying on Twitter that after Kitchens finishes out his staff. Kitchens, tettleton, Lindley and Monken are going to be traveling to Norman to sit down with Lincoln Riley for a week or so to better game plan around baker. If this is true that’s phenomenal.
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