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  1. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    There was a rumor the wizards are trying to unload Beal and Gortat I wouldn’t mind going after them. I know people are going to hate this idea but we really need attitude on this team. And not Jrs whiny ***. I want to somehow someway get both Beverly and Rhondo. At PG Beverley can play SG if need be as well. We need to find away to unload TT and JRs contracts. But I feel like the only tradable pieces we have are the 1st. Love. Hill. Clarkson.
  2. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    I never thought I’d see the day I’d say we miss Shaw but we really do right now.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/brownswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/21/duke-johnsons-social-media-raises-some-eyebrows/amp/ could be nothing more then an overreaction by most on social media or is it a subtweet about his feelings of not having a new contract done by now and us adding two new RBs to what looks like a crowded backfield ? what’s your guys thought ? IMO we should have locked him up by now he’s a legit playmaker who can play multiple roles. The patriots have thrived with guys like this. He’s a top 5 3rd down back.
  4. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    I want Williams,Brown,Ferrell, or Allen if we let Collins walk
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Casey or Jackson is who I want
  6. Browns get hard knocks

    I bet the sunglasses make a come back. The world falls in love with Baker and hue starts him. We find out Garrett is truly weird.
  7. 2018 Season BOLD PREDICTIONS thread

    Record 9-7 Chubb goes for 1,000 Gordon over 1,200 Landry 112 receptions Njuko 10 TDS Peppers,Callaway, and Berry Combine for 6 KR/PR Baker starts week 4 after a 1-3 start Haley and Hue get into atleast 3 shouting matches on the sideline Haley and Gregg get into 12 Garrett,Kirksey,Gordon,Njuko, and Landry make the Probowl Ward gets in the Top 5 for DROY Chubb gets Top 3 for OROY Hue even with a 9-7 record mutual Agree to part ways. Haley and G-Will stay. Toub become are new HC. Wolf gets a GM job somewhere Bold cotton Bold
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Wow jr blows. They’ve accepted the loss and I think this is the guy punch. Just waiting for the mortal combat pause before the finisher
  9. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    I still want Bagley
  10. Baker Mayfield; No.1 Overall pick 2018.

    Sam Darnold wasn’t a bad prospect by any means. I had Baker, Darnold, and Rosen all rated fairly close. With the lead going to Darnold But Darnold wasn’t worlds beyond Baker. Outside of physical attributes I’d actually say Baker was/is the better QB at the moment. Sure Darnold has the potential to be great all these QBs do but out of them all I think I’d feel most comfortable with baker going out week 1 if that photographic memory rumor is true. Plus you don’t If know if they’re going to live up to said potential. I think we as browns fans embrace whoever we pick eventually and talk our selves into thinking he was the best prospect. With that being said before the draft I had them all rated fairly even but now that we picked Baker I have him far and away the best QB because he’s my QB.
  11. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    We are getting smacked in the jaw. Lebron is playing terrible everyone is. Damn
  12. Your Personal Draft

    1. Baker Mayfield QB 4. Denzel Ward CB im keeping these two because I’ve accepted it and talked myself into the picks so why change it. 33. Josh Jackson CB because why not. Let’s create a top flight secondary and really drive competition. 35. Nick Chubb RB love him love the pick won’t change it 67. Maurice Hurst UT - still thought he could be a stud rotational player and possible probowler i like everyone else except Thomas.
  13. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Is there anyway we could get PG in a sign and trade ? Only two players I really like are Ayton and Bagley if we can’t get either of them I’d trade it for sure. I know this sounds crazy but if PG and MeLo leave OKC id call and try and get a Three way trade done for Westbrook. Cavaliers get Westbrook, Portland Pick, Aminu OKC gets Lillard and Clarkson Portland gets Brooklyn Pick, Adams, TT
  14. #20: Isaiah Crowell (RB, Jets)

    Literally one of the most overrated RBs in the NFL
  15. #20: Isaiah Crowell (RB, Jets)

    Not even in my top 20 RBs