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  1. Nick Chubb = NFL Stud

    This is for all the dads out there. Wife’s trying to convince me on baby number 3. I already have a boy ( 5 months ) and a girl ( 3 years ). I’m 26, I’m kinda over it. What’s your guys thoughts ? Yes or no.
  2. OTA Updates

    Ideally next year we Draft a physical freak at WR in the mid rounds to groom
  3. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    Can you imagine getting Sam Beal a project 1st rounder 2019 and signing Hankins to a 1 year deal. Our hype level would go crazy
  4. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    I haven’t even began to look into the 2019 draft class but so far I’ve seen 5 mock drafts all are encouraging because the highest we pick is 7th which is good enough for 6-10. Here’s who they’ve had has taking. 3 outta 5 mock drafts have us taking LT. 2 outta of Those 3 have us taking Jonah Williams LT from Bama will the other one has us taking Trey Adams LT From washington. The other two have us taking DL one has us taking Christian Wilkins UT from Clemson and the other has us taking Rashan Gary DE from Michigan thoughts ?
  5. I’m 100% ok with it this year. I want Baker to have a full season and two full offseason before we give him the go. Idc about how many wins we have idc about anything but seeing an overall improvement in actually and sound disciplined football team wide not leader penalty yards and turnovers. I just want to see simple elementary football basics done right before we let Baker take over.
  6. OTA Updates

    Damn was looking forward to seeing him play this year.
  7. Cavaliers Thread: Apocalypse Preppers Edition

    Sources close to Lebron confirm he will meet with the Cavs on Wednesday to inform the team of his plans for free agency. This is from bleacher report This has me thinking he’s staying. If it’s before the draft and free agency that gives us time to move the pick and players. For another superstar and create plan to compete next year.
  8. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    Wasn’t Kindred center of trade talks to the Eagles and Bucs before we said no ?
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Apocalypse Preppers Edition

    Where was that rumor we could ship love and someone else to Dallas for 4
  10. Roster Holes To Fill

    the only person I want to add is Beal in the Supplemental draft. He Ward could possibly be LOB great one day. Then if he’s cheap and will take a one year Hankins. But I’m fine with roster we have
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2778461-mychal-kendricks-reportedly-visiting-vikings-raiders-and-browns.amp.html would love this signing even if it’s for a year. We’d have legit LB depth and a great coverage LB. he would probably be a better start on 3rd down sub packages with schobert coming out. Move Collins MLB and have Kirksey and Kendricks floating on either side. Thoughts ?
  12. Duke Johnson - Contract Extension

    3 years 15.6 million for Duke
  13. Cavaliers Thread: Apocalypse Preppers Edition

    If Boston trades Kyrie Jalen and Pick for Leonard and Lebron joins them with Hayward,Tatum,Rozier,Horford maybe bring back Rhondo but only for the playoffs. I think that team would destroy the Warriors. But there’s no chance They could make it work cap wise
  14. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

  15. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    Can you use picks acquired ? Because I’d use both 3rds on Beal and Alexander
  16. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    I would go after both and see what happens. Can never have to many DBs. Alexanader and Beal are both quality DBs. He’ll that safety coming out ran a 4.24 😳 I can see the Seahawks putting in high picks on both these guys though.
  17. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    I think that’s why Kendrick’s was signed tbh
  18. OTA Updates

    Gordon’s workout video. Dude is a damn superhero
  19. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    Collins twisting with Garrett would be magical
  20. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    Who’s he going to start for Schobert ? Kirksey and Collins I think should be locked in
  21. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    There’s no reason to cut/trade Collins this year. Maybe next year but def not this season. Next year we gotta sign Duke,schobert, and Gordon. And if we have a chance to land a bonifide super star we should be able to do it ie Bell,OBJ or Darnold if they don’t get an extension and want to leave
  22. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    Absolutely I’d throw a third at him we have two of them. Him and Ward would be unbelievable
  23. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    Rapoport: Browns closing in on potential deal with free agent LB Mychal Kendricks rapoport said it’s a multi year deal and that it’s potential a huge get for an already start studded LB core.
  24. Cavaliers Thread: Apocalypse Preppers Edition

    I’ve never seen such a poorly called game. The league should be embarrassed. Secondly Jr Smith is a ******* retard
  25. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    I see a perfect fit. Tbh. He takes a One year deal here to highlight himself. Plays on 3rd down. He’s an elite coverage LB. would play behind an upcoming DL and promising young team. And Can showcase himself and personality on Hardknocks. Honestly I can see away to get all our athletes on the same field if you put Collins at DE in a nascar package Randall Ward,Gaines,Carrie Peppers,Kendricks,Kirksey Smith,Ogbah,Garrett,Collins