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  1. It will never not be hilarious that teams paid Vegas to take 2 of their best players. I want Colorado to win because they're easily the most fun team to watch but Vegas being so good is great.
  2. I'm about as fairweather a fan as you'll get from the 76ers/basketball in general, but from what I was told it's bc he's been pretty bad and essentially got benched for Maxey. Typical Philly fans booing someone on their own team (a lot of people were booing danny green all night), but was fun to watch him hit like 4 or 5 in a row.
  3. Went to the game last night, so many people boo'd him when he first came into the game. Was awesome watching him go off.
  4. Don't know much about this draft but I love what i've seen from Lysell, seems like an instant fan favorite.
  5. @mattyice0401 you're a Wild fan? Go over to HF and just find people you respect on their board and only listen to them. There's so much garbage on that site (especially on the main boards) but if you find some legit Wild fans it's the best place to learn. I also think the prospects board over there is pretty legit. They'll know more than us about your team, you just need to know (as BK and Forge have said) it's pretty un-moderated.
  6. Someone please please hire this man. The content would be ridiculous.
  7. My god MacKinnon. He's so damn fast.
  8. We've been playing a lot of Dominion lately. I try to get a new expansion every time my girlfriend's brother comes into town so I think we're up to 5 of them by now. They also brought over Wingspan last time so we played that a few times, pretty fun game.
  9. This is great, thanks. I will make sure we go to at least one or two of these places. Will take any other recommendations for food/hotels/things to do while we are there. Cubs tickets are kinda weird at the moment, hopefully we can get tickets for a reasonable price.
  10. Currently at 12 and change so RFAs shouldn't be an issue. Sanheim is probably like 4-5ish and I have no clue on Hart. If they managed to get rid of JVR I don't think Dougie would be a problem (would be right up against it). Need some space the next year though, G and Couts are expired and Farabee is an RFA. These idiots will get rid of Ghost so that's 4.5 as well. Couts is due a major payday and I have no clue what G will sign at.
  11. I would love Dougie. We joke about Provorov/Zacha but Provy cannot lead a top pair and is actually terrible on the PP. I see these clowns running Ghost out of town so we need a legit top pairing D and someone who can run the PP. I think York will be damn good but not sure he's that guy (will be good on PP, not sure can carry a top pairing). Flyers are a solid team with Dougie and a normal Hart (eek)
  12. It's so hard to root for a team with Corey Perry and Gallagher on it but the Toronto meltdown is too much to pass up.
  13. Yes exactly bk. Analytic teams won't touch him, unfortunately I'm sure the archaic ownership/management in Philly will obsess over him.
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