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  1. Thought you guys might like this. Deadhead is a guy who posts on the Flyers forum on HF. Notorious for going against the grain and ****ting on Voracek. Jake reads HF lol He's called out so many people from that board on Twitter haha
  2. Crazy crazy stuff with Tiger. Obviously way too early to speculate but hope he can walk again let alone play golf, and really really hope there weren't any substances involved. Really glad to hear it's not life threatening.
  3. I would assume he has family in Russia too, that's got to be terrible.
  4. This Panarin stuff is wild...
  5. Really fun outdoor game, appreciate the NHL doing such a good job with COVID this year. Can't believe missing 7 forwards and playing two defenseman on the 4th line didn't work out for us. Great job with Tahoe NHL!
  6. Saw that today, what a clown show that looks to be....
  7. Stole this from HF but this could be our lineup Thursday given COVID. van Reimsdyk - Couturier - Aube-KubelFarabee - Hayes - RafflKase - Patrick - SushkoTwarynski - Bunnaman - AndreoffProvorov - GostisbehereSanheim - MyersHagg - GustafssonHartElliott
  8. @MKnight82 I haven't played 2K since 2K18, is the reason you aren't doing myGM because of the Action Points? I saw how cheap the game was today and picked it up, why in the world would they ever make this a thing. I found a way to give myself 13 points per day so I don't think it will be too big an issue but are you unable to sim multiple days in a row? Can't tell if I'm missing something or if you can only advance a day at a time...
  9. Seems like kind of a weird fit. Hexy got us out of cap hell and an empty prospects cupboard and completely rebuilt this team into one of the best prospect pools in the league. His issue was he never actually helped the NHL team. Really TERRIBLE veteran signings and was super hesitant to play his prospects. If this was in a few years when Geno/Sid were on their way out it would make sense but seems odd to think he'll mortgage any part of the future to win now.
  10. Didn't realize Hill had taunted Winfield like that earlier. Good for him then.
  11. For non-Bucs fans, what a terrible game. Worst SB since Seattle/Denver.
  12. Flyers are a dangerous team when they are in the zone but they are just so rarely there. They are getting absolutely shelled in shot metrics but are able to at least keep it close in xGF% due to the chances they can generate. Same old story tonight, luckily Hart bailed them out. Hughes was fun tonight, I noticed a few more turnovers than the previous game but he's just always around the puck. I thought Ty Smith was really good too.
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