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  1. The Browns Chiefs game is so good and I still have this nonsense on.
  2. Maybe the best catch ever when you have half the field to yourself, great grab.
  3. it doesn't matter but what in the hell is that? Complete joke call.
  4. Looked like maybe it was meant for Lewis and he got tripped up.
  5. Special Teams was having too average a day, they needed that.
  6. For real, they screwed up and them correcting it gave the Packers an extra play. He was right to be upset about it initially.
  7. They could have clocked this faster than the Saints letting the full play clock run on that last drive unfortunately, bad MLF.
  8. Would be nice to have 25-30ish seconds here instead of 2, but nice drive by Aaron.
  9. So waste the timeouts early and then don't use one there? It's their last play regardless what is the point of saving it.
  10. I see our timeout management hasn't gotten any better.
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