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  1. Excited to actually pay attention to the draft this year. @beekay414 are we interacting with @Forge after Saturday night's choke job?
  2. It was on a nice sale the other day and I've heard great things so I picked it up. I only played for about an hour or so but enjoyed it so far. Hopefully will be able to play a bit more with the long weekend. I'm currently playing through Paper Mario on an emulator. Super fun so far, this is one of those N64 games I never played as a kid.
  3. I mean if they had kicked last time, two scores against Mannion in this weather feels pretty good.
  4. I don't even mind it, but a QB sneak on 4th and 2 was hilarious.
  5. What a shame the WJC is going to be cancelled. Probably the most fun hockey of the entire year.
  6. The Replacements is one of my favorite movies of all time, it's so funny they were able to get Madden/Summerall to do that movie. The Madden games were also such a huge part of my childhood, rest in peace to an absolute legend.
  7. My dog got attacked about 4 years ago, we carry pepper spray with us now when we walk. Dog got away from it's owner/house and started attacking our girl. Thank god some random guy sprinted in and started kicking at the other dog or I'm pretty sure ours would have gotten way more hurt or killed. The owner grabbed the dog and sprinted away, total POS. She ended up with stitches and a tube coming out of her stomach for a couple weeks, it was definitely not cheap. Worst part is she was reactive and we had made great strides with her and that just totally reset everything. She is super protec
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