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  1. The fact in my above post that Hakstol has coached the 3rd most games in team history plays a part in this. Old boys club in Philly! Speaking of, Frost got benched in his 2nd game in the AHL this year, completely benched in a 6 on 3 at the end of the game where we didn't get a shot on goal. Love that Lappy is the coach there.
  2. To be fair I didn't watch it, just going off of what I saw when he coached the Flyers. Hilarious stat, Hakstol has coached the 3rd most games in Flyers history.
  3. Yep, that's Hakstol for you. Look at their game against the Predators. Tie game headed into the 3rd, Nashville had a 21-2 advantage in shot attempts in the 3rd. Seattle had a ZERO xGF% in the 3rd! That's completely absurd. Tonight will be hilarious if Seattle leads in the 3rd, Seattle will be in their shell and AV will still insist on dumping and chasing. Literally nothing will happen until we pull the goalie and the good players can actually show off their skill.
  4. Was just texting my brother that, this is hilarious.
  5. I'm a Packers fan but am from Rochester. My whole family is Bills fans, I ******* love Allen. My dad and brother are loving this.
  6. This ref crew is a total joke, back to back complete blunders.
  7. What a joke of a call, this is insane.
  8. Yeah that game was unbearable as a Packers fan for other reasons
  9. Complete opposite from the Packers-Bengals game today.
  10. This is impossible to watch
  11. This is such a good game and just a flag every play.
  12. Think maybe it was his head, he landed hard on it. The initial hit seems to be more on the thigh.
  13. As long as Geno is in I'm going against every fiber of my being and rooting for Seattle to pull this off.
  14. Jets ruin QBs and Wilson is a system QB. Knew it all along.
  15. I’ll hold out until there’s more information but it certainly seems like something AV would do. I think he coached Kesler when he had his painkiller issues in Vancouver. A bit odd though coming from Lehner since I can’t think of any direct connection he has to Philly or anyone there currently. Patrick is the most obvious connection but Lehner has denied that (could just be protecting him). Certainly wouldn’t surprise me if AV couldn’t stand Patrick being out with what I’m sure he considered we’re just headaches.
  16. It's 4 (+1 all Druid, +3 Tornado) but good to hear that's still good haha. I only used to play this game when I was younger so my knowledge and gear was all about buffing damage to weapons and getting +Str/Dex. It's taking me a while to get used to wanting ****ty gear with sockets so you can add Skills/FCR/Res/etc through runes.
  17. Nice, I'll take a look at a Lore helm. The one I got from Act V was +1 to all Druid skills and +3 to Tornado so it's doing well for me right now. No res though so will need to find that from somewhere else and the mana sounds nice. Didn't realize that about the Shield, plus I think the Strength requirement is like 160ish which I'm not even close to right now.
  18. The game wiped out 5 levels and all of my Act V due to the server issues yesterday but ended up finishing Act V again and doing Baal runs until level 36. I just respec'd out of Fire Druid into Wind. It's so nice to be able to cast so fast, I was getting so bored with how long the delay is in between cast times. I actually have use for the breakpoints now @ramssuperbowl99 Running with a Stealth armor and Ancient's Pledge shield but will probably spend tonight farming NM Countess to hopefully get Spirit Sword/Shield.
  19. Awesome thanks, super easy odds to get those runs in NM Countess, that helps a ton.
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