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  1. Here is one I just finished that would make me quite happy (I made several trade downs, which is why the funky numbers): 38. Zaven Collins, LB Tulsa (via trade down with CIN for their 2022 2nd and 4th) 59. Carlos Basham, Jr., DE Wake Forest 96. Dyami Brown, WR North Carolina 106. Ar'Darius Washington, S TCU 110. Osa Odighizuwa, DT UCLA 130. Bobby Brown, DT Texas A&M 132. Cade Johnson, WR South Dakota State 139. Monty Rice, LB Georgia 146. Benjamin St-Juste, CB Minnesota 255. Tommy Kraemer, OG Notre Dame
  2. I would likely have to go with JOK. I like Barmore, but I believe JOK will be the more impactful player and likely have a faster transition to the NFL. I believe there are some quality interior pass rushers and edge players available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds where there isn't as much of a drop off as we would have in passing up on JOK and then targeting a difference making LB later. I believe we would have to trade up to the early 2nd to land a guy like Jabril Cox (which might be too costly) or wait until the 3rd and hope someone like Chazz Surratt is there. My ideal draft would be as follows
  3. I believe Darius Leonard played at 215 this year or last and he has been great so far. I view Owusu as that LB/Safety hybrid that would work well as a 3 down player. We can essentially run a 4-2-5 and depending on the down have Owusu considered the 3rd safety with more box responsibility.
  4. I agree 100% with this post. Another thing that allowing guys time to develop does is build some actual quality depth. Sure, we can focus on drafting quality players, even if they are a position we have recently spent draft assets on, but there is no need to arbitrarily cut and run at the first sign of adversity with a prospect. If we draft a CB or two and they beat out Greedy, so be it, wouldn't it be great to have someone with the potential skill set of greedy as our 4th CB than it would be to bring in the perpetual journeyman. This is how you build strong depth and start to also secure comp
  5. This is going to sound cliche, but I think this team is in a spot to really focus in on drafting the best available player, regardless of need. Yes, it would certainly be nice if a premier defensive playmaker fell to us at #26, but if not, and there is a premier offensive playmaker available, we should pull the trigger without hesitation. We should focus our efforts in free agency in shoring up some of the defensive weaknesses that way we are well positioned for the draft. We should also make it a priority to keep as many of those offensive lineman like Dunn, Hance, Lamm, etc. as possible whil
  6. We should have won that game. Defensive coaching tried to play a gameplan not to lose, instead of playing to win. Pathetic, we basically just handed it to them.
  7. Ugh, how does a defensive gameplan of allowing an average of 7 yards a play ever sound like a good idea to a guy that has reached the level of Defensive Coordinator in the NFL?
  8. Welp, that's the game. Its about time to turn this off and watch The Sopranos.
  9. I hate the NFL some times. It is stuff like that missed call on the blatant helmet to helmet hit by Sorensen that makes me believe the NFL is semi rigged. Flip the teams and that gets called 100% of the time.
  10. Beautiful choice of gif, lol. I am going to have to watch this again tonight.
  11. This is where you call in the IT guy, tell him he is tasked with strapping a cell phone to his head on game day, and allow Stefanski to coach from his living room via facetime or some other app. We should also pay every positive COVID case we can find to go hug and kiss every Steeler's player or coach they can find.
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