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  1. Now watch, COVID-19 will break out again and they will cancel the season.😂
  2. Team Shoffma selects: Michael Gallup, WR Andre Dillard, LT and Johnathan Abram, S @Thomas5737 you are up for your final 3 picks.
  3. Ohhh got ya. I think Samsungs have a "find in page" feature. I am not sure if iPhone has anything comparable as I hate Apple and plan on kicking Tim Cook square in the balls as hard as I can if I am ever lucky enough to meet him, haha.
  4. Lol, cntrl +F is your friend.
  5. I am glad you went a different direction, lol. Although, you did take one I was planning to take next round.
  6. Team Shoffma selects: Josh Allen, QB Linval Joseph, NT and Michael Dickson, P @sdrawkcab321 you are up for three picks.
  7. @Dawgpoun8017 you are up for six picks.
  8. Noah Fant has been selected as an FYI for later. Team Shoffma selects: Tyler Boyd, WR Christian Wilkins, DE and Josh Lambo, K @Thomas5737 you are up for three.
  9. Those are three great picks. I was thinking about Ioannidis next round. I don't need Mack or Ford, but they are great value.
  10. Lol, Team Shoffma selects: James Daniels, OG/C Zach Cunningham, ILB and Byron Leftwich, Offensive Coordinator @sdrawkcab321 you are up for three.
  11. Maybe go for Patrick Mahomes, he's pretty good, LOL!
  12. Team Shoffma selects: Braden Smith, RT Adoree Jackson, CB and Chuck Pagano, DC @Thomas5737 you are up for 3 picks.
  13. Team Shoffma selects: Isaiah Wynn, LT and Demarcus Lawrence, OLB/DE @sdrawkcab321 you are up for two players.
  14. Nevermind, didn't see you replaced him.
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