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  1. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    I can't wait for the tweets that will come when Kitchens and Mayfield hoist the Lombardi trophy together!
  2. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I think it could definitely be worth it depending on the demand. If they would take our first and second this year, and a first and third next year, I would do that in a minute. More than that and it would require careful consideration. Can you imagine Garrett and Bosa paired up? That pass rush would incredibly dominant with already having Ogunjobi's ascending production and potentially being able to move Ogbah inside where I think he would be a good fit given his strength and room for additional size.
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Is it me or is DK Metcalf really hard to judge as a player because of these absolutely putrid QB play? Definitely seems like he has the physical tools, but holy hell it would be nice to see a game where he was being hit reasonably in stride with a somewhat accurate pass.

    Am I the only one that feels completely underwhelmed by the crop of potential coordinators out there? None of the realistic DC candidates impress me in terms of both quality and fit. Chuck Pagano seems like a good candidate, but is predominantly a 3-4 guy, which I do not want a transition to the 3-4 since I have never liked it as a scheme. Jim Schwartz I like, but I can't see something not getting done with Philly to keep him there. Same for Brian Flores in that NE would do something to keep him there. I guess my preference would be Kris Richard (who might land the Dolphins HC gig) or Marquand Manuel. On the OC side, I have no idea where they should go. I almost wouldn't mind an under the radar guy like promoting Lindley to OC so we hopefully keep a young core team coaching our offensive side of the ball for some time. I'm not sure I'm sold on Jim Bob Cooter (whose name I can't stand by the way even if it's not his formal name) on being that wonderful. Another guy I think might be a decent risk would be Zac Taylor (QB coach for the Rams). I'm not sure what to hope for on these coordinator positions. Someone please enlighten me
  5. Baker Beats Payton and Wilson's Rookie TD Record!!!

    I firmly believe Lamar Jackson will be on his way out of the league within 5 years. Once NFL defenses figure out how to shut down the rushing attack, which we started to toward the end of that game, Jackson is done. He isn't going to make it as a passer and once teams have his number he is going to take a beating under which his body won't hold up.
  6. Idiot Savant; John Dorsey wrecks Bill B in trades.

    I hope so. If I were Haslam and Dorsey I would be selling the message to everyone that if you are associated with turning this team around and bringing the city of Cleveland a Lombardi Trophy, you will go down a legend in the football universe. Get everyone to start buying into the special nature of this team and its history and bring it back to glory.
  7. Myles Garrett and Denzel ward make the pro bowl

    Did anyone else notice how many Dorsey drafted players made it? Six if you didn't count (Tyreek Hill, Eric Fisher, Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, Dee Ford, Denzel Ward). I'm loving the outlook for Cleveland's future!
  8. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I would say that Eric Fisher is a hit. That 2013 draft was pretty God awful. Fisher has been a solid starter at one of the most difficult positions in the NFL for six seasons never missing more than two games in a season. That is pretty solid, maybe not spectacular, but going back over that draft there wasn't much better out there that would go #1. Morse started off pretty solid, but has been derailed by injuries a little. Overall, I think Dorsey is showing pretty solid results thus far, I hope he keeps it up.
  9. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Bwahaha, and now we turn it over to Mel Kiper with his analysis on Chris Jones "Thanks Trey, Chris Jones is your prototypical 5 technique. His motor runs hot and cold, which lowers his draft stock a little, but that juicy dong puts him firmly back in the first round, he has the size and length to give tackles a real pain in the butt."
  10. Around the NFL and General discussion

    That would be epic, who do we have to Tanya Harding to make this happen?
  11. Knocking on the door

    That is very true regarding the cap and need for us to resign our building blocks in the future. Overall, I think we could prioritize adding the defensive piece and continue to develop our guys on offense. What would be nice is if we added Kareem Hunt and made a move to transition Duke Johnson to a bigger role in the receiving game at SLOT and out of a dual backfield.
  12. Would you trade Baker Mayfield for...?

    For me, I'm ride or die with Mayfield. I went in depth on the QBs that came out last draft and the more I looked into it the more I wanted Mayfield. I started out wanting Josh Rosen, but then pretty quickly shifted toward Mayfield and it only went further that direction to where I was going to be pretty upset if we picked anyone other than Mayfield. Going all the way back to his HS days and it is impossible to find a teammate, coach, employee, etc. of an organization where he played that doesn't love the guy. He has that infectious leadership ability that transcends other factors like size, athleticism, etc. He has a chip on his shoulder to be great to spite everyone that only a few athletes in history had (e.g. Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, etc.). Cleveland needed a special QB, because it was going to take more than talent to turn this thing around, to convince the players, coaches, fans, etc. that this time there would be a REAL changing of the guard, not just words. From the day he was drafted, Mayfield was Cleveland incarnate. The city that had bumps in the road, tough times, that people talked sh*t about regularly, that pushed on with passion and belief to be remarkably underrated, the place where when you take a closer look you realize hey this place is pretty great, and that's Mayfield. Granted, Mayfield is still a rookie and crazy things happen, but does he feel like a rookie? Mayfield already has more wins (if you give him the Jets win, which gives him 5) than 23 of the 29 starting QBs Cleveland has had since 1999. We are essentially a good field goal kicker and the earlier firing of Hue/Todd away from being 9-4 (we had real opportunities to beat the Steelers week 1, Saints week 2, Raiders week 4, and Buccaneers week 7). Contemplate all of this for a second and tell me legitimately that you want someone else under center.
  13. Walkthemock Drafts

    Lol, I'm not sure it's too accurate, but I would love it if we ended up with what I landed: 1:9 Nick Bosa EDGE Ohio St. 2:9 Derrick Brown DL Auburn 3:9 Julian Love CB Notre Dame 3:27 Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma 4:9 Sutton Smith EDGE Northern Illinois 5:6 Isaiah Buggs DL Alabama 5:9 Jaylon Ferguson EDGE Louisiana Tech 6:9 Daniel Jones QB Duke 7:2 Michael Jordan G Ohio St. 7:26 K.J. Hill WR Ohio St.
  14. Knocking on the door

    I think we should do the following in no particular order: 1.) Pick up Kareem Hunt: He's too good and the instances that are coming out are ridiculously overblown in my opinion. 2.) Extend FS Randal. 3.) Re-sign all of the following to bargain type 2 or 3-year deals that will give us upside and stability while seeing who continues to improve and develop while also keeping us free to find better replacements in the draft if available: Greg Robinson, EJ Gaines, Breshad Perriman, and Trevon Coley. 4.) Tender the following RFA's: Rashard Higgins (original round - 5th) and Briean Boddy-Calhoun (Right of First Refusal). 5.) Add one key Defensive FA: Frank Clark, Grady Jarrett, Geno Atkins, Demarcus Lawrence, Jadeveon Clowney, C.J. Mosely, Bradley Roby, Ronald Darby, or Jason Verrett. 6.) Add one key Offensive FA: Odell Beckham Jr., Stefon Diggs, Tyler Lockett, Brandin Cooks, Taylor Lewan, or Rob Havenstein. 7.) Enter the draft being able to take the best player available, i.e. fill out roster needs with mid level/serviceable free agents. 8.) Target pass rushers, cornerback, and playmaking wide receivers early. 9.) Find the right Head Coach: I don't know if this is Mike McCarthy, Lincoln Riley, or someone else, but what I do know is we need to get it right. I think one thing that will be important for us going forward is to build some continuity around our big playmakers and to keep key role players to firmly establish a culture of winning and camaraderie.
  15. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Yeah, this wouldn't be that unexpected or troubling (except the knee issue). People forget Aaron Donald wasn't a top 10 pick because he was "too small." Oliver is very similar to Donald, albeit potentially a little less athletic (Donald was freaky fast/quick/powerful). If his strength and testing measures well and the knee checks out, I can only hope he falls to the mid to later first so we have a shot at him after we sneak into the wildcard spot (lol, hey a guy can hope, right?).