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  1. If we go DE, I think Ojulari is about the best of the bunch in terms of upside, production, durability, etc. I think we would have him be our RE and shift Myles over to LE eventually. Given our acquisition of Clowney and Takk, we likely would be able to isolate Ojulari's role for the first year to let him develop before being thrown into a full-time starting role.
  2. I think it definitely will even out. We are so offense heavy due to the past trades and free agent acquisitions to bring the offense up to snuff. We traded for OBJ and Jarvis Landry, acquired Austin Hooper, JC Tretter, and Jack Conklin via free agency. Plus we drafted Baker at #1 and Chubb in the early 2nd. All of this combined leads to a shift in money going to offense while we build depth to eventually replace some of these guys. I would be shocked if we didn't draft a WR and offensive lineman at some point in this draft and possibly even a running back. We will let some of these guys play o
  3. Dream scenario would be Patrick Surtain II or Jaycee Horn falling to us at #26. However, seeing this as unlikely, I voted for trading back and acquiring picks for next year (where hopefully the process will be more normal) and landing a CB in late round 1/early round 2 who still provides us with value such as Asante Samuel Jr., Tyson Campbell, or Ifeatu Melifonwu.
  4. If I had to guess who will be our 1st round pick it would be Azeez Ojulari or one of the top CB prospects if one falls or we trade up. I could see them bringing in Ojulari with the idea that we could develop him without thrusting him into a full-time starting role as a rookie. I could see him eventually being our starting RE and Garrett moving to LE.
  5. I would be very happy if this is how it ended up. I would maybe be a little scared of the locker room dynamics of trading OBJ and Landy, but hope that Mayfield and Garrett would fill the void and become the predominant leaders of the team.
  6. I thought about this too. If I were GM for the Colts I would try to get them to take a 1st in 2022 and then draft Tevin Jenkins and move Braden Smith to RG. Can you imagine an offensive line of Orlando Brown, Quentin Nelson, Ryan Kelly, Braden Smith, and Tevin Jenkins. A toddler could run for 1,500 yards behind that offensive line.
  7. Yikes, if these reports are true, I would have serious thoughts of removing Parsons from the draft board. I don't believe that coaches should tolerate an environment where hazing and that type of crap is tolerated. I remember when Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy were with the Colts, they essentially said that hazing rookies was not tolerate because it undermined their team's success. Instead, they brought their players along in a manner that helped them learn and develop. This type of crap has the potential to destroy a locker room. Also, if the allegations are true, Parsons would be guilty
  8. Unless there is a guy that possesses few question marks that falls to us, I would ideally like to trade down. The only guys I would be completely comfortable drafting in the 1st round that might be available at our pick are: Micah Parsons, Patrick Surtain II, Trevon Moehrig (use Ronnie Harrison as more of a LB if Delpit is ready), Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, and Caleb Farley. If none of those guys are available and we don't have a decent trade down offer, I would be happy yet slightly worried about taking any of: Kwity Paye, Gregory Rousseau, Jaycee Horn, Zaven Collins, Greg Newsome II, Jayson Ow
  9. Yeah, I think Takk still has talent, he just needs to readjust his attitude and Cleveland might be the perfect spot for him to do that.
  10. To be honest, I could see this being a bit of a boom signing for us. Takk McKinley was a guy that seemed pretty passionate about football coming into the NFL and then seemed to lose his way after his first two years were half way decent. If he can regain his focus and learn from a guy like Myles Garrett on how to be a professional, we might see him finally fulfill his potential.
  11. It would be awesome to pair him with Garrett, but I am not sure it would work financially for us without having to really hit on some middle rounds draft picks.
  12. That Shaq Barrett deal looks like a steal for Tampa Bay.
  13. Lol, I know, I started trading down initially because I thought I could still land a player I wanted, and then I just started to see how far I could take it.
  14. I thought this mock was pretty hilarious. We would have seven 1st rounds picks in 2022 and two 2nd rounds picks in 2022. Then in 2023 we would have two 2nds. Not to mention the draft isn't half bad.
  15. Yeah, but the problem here is that Stafford wasn't coming off a torn ACL. Also the market tends to be inflated when it comes to QBs, but not so much with WRs. I could see someone willing to go up to a 2nd rounder, but unlikely a 1st. I think if we move OBJ now we will find ourselves in the unenviable position of buying high (giving up a 1st rounder to get him) and selling low (2nd or lower to trade him and never really getting the value we expected when we brought him in). I think we are likely better off keeping OBJ and Landry until their deals end, resign Higgins, and draft a guy in the 2nd
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