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  1. Tracking Baker Mayfield VS. Sam Darnold's 1st Yr Play

    Here is an awesome article on Baker that I think echos the sentiment coming into the draft about the "it" factor a number of Browns fans saw and had us hoping he would be the pick. It feels good to finally have a draft coming up where we have cornerstone pieces in place around which to build. https://sports.yahoo.com/browns-baker-mayfield-perfect-fit-nfls-imperfect-team-talks-smack-everybody-230136145.html

    This is one reason I think Bruce Arians would be a great hire. If Arians would come on and keep both Williams as DC and Kitchens as OC (groomed to be HC when Arians wants to retire for good). Williams could be DC until he wants to retire and in the meantime he could groom our next DC. I see this as the scenario that would keep things going in a positive direction while still building for the future. It would drastically help Mayfield in his development. This is the scenario I am hoping for at this point.
  3. Baker Mayfield 3x Rookie of the Week

    Knock on wood, but if he keeps playing well, I don't see how he doesn't win Rookie of the Year. If Ward comes back and balls out we could see him win Defensive Rookie of the Year (although that is a pretty tight race). It's great seeing Dorsey nail his first draft here in Cleveland. I think it only speaks of positives to come. We can finally start building around our cornerstone pieces and building a culture. I believe we have the youngest team in the NFL, the most picks in the upcoming draft, over $80 million in cap space, and key components in place in Mayfield, Garrett, Ogunjobi, Ward, and Chubb. This is a pretty great opportunity for the next Head Coach if you ask me. Not to mention the fact that if the HC brings us to relevance, and here's hoping, someday wins a superbowl, they will go down as an all-time coaching legend everywhere and God in Cleveland.

    I would be good with that as well.

    We should try to get Peyton Manning to be one of our Coaches. Hell, I think he could come in and be a head coach immediately. The guy has the Football IQ that Einstein had for physics. http://www.espn.com/blog/cleveland-browns/post/_/id/26298/going-into-detail-peyton-mannings-takeaways-on-baker-mayfields-film

    If we win some games and see the offense show any significant improvement, what do people feel about the possibility of Kitchens as a head coach? He might not have the long history as a coordinator or HC, but there is something about the guy that gives me a feeling he is going to end up a solid HC one day. Anyone have a similar feeling?

    Riley is my hope. It makes to much sense in terms of Baker's development. They clearly have a rapport, which will serve us well. We need creativity and innovation on offense, and Riley brings that to the table.
  8. Hue Jackson fired

    If I had any photoshop skills I would photoshop a muscular smiling carrot into Myles Garrett's uniform, because that...is....hilarious
  9. Haley ALSO Fired

    I love this Front Office! They do not mess around. Accountability is here to stay, and I for one, find it to be a breath of fresh air. Here's video tape of Dorsey after the car ride where he informed Hue and Todd:
  10. Trades?

    Being honest, I don't think we're going to have to pull any sort of tank job to end up with a top 5 pick. With this coaching staff, I don't see us getting any more than two more wins (Denver/Atlanta and one against Cincy are possibilities). I hope the coach firing comes sooner rather than later. Cleveland entered the game yesterday with a winning strategy using quick passes, screens, getting the ball to playmakers in space, and then completely abandoned it. The penalties, the inability to gameplan and adjust, the game management, etc. are unacceptable. I trust Dorsey and the front office to bring in a coaching staff that can turn this thing around. We should get an early jump on the search and start looking for bargains in the trade market to get young playmakers and get value from guys that aren't included in our building blocks.
  11. Coaching targets

    Ummm, if he's good something like 20 years, lol. NFL Coaches don't exactly look to retire when they hit 62, they'll usually hold on until they are forced out the door.
  12. Dorsey a genius????

    Yeah, if I were drafting for the Browns we would have Harold Landry and Connor Williams (starting at LG for Dallas and doing pretty well - I thought he could be a potential LT as well as LG and then we would play whoever is better between Bitonio and Williams at LT). I would have also picked up Desmond Harrison as a 7th rounder such that our O-line would probably be LT - Desmond Harrison LG - Connor Williams/Joel Bitonio C - J.C. Tretter RG - Kevin Zeitler RT - Joel Bitonio/Chris Hubbard We would also have Bradley Chubb such that we would have a ton of pass rushers.
  13. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Completely different team with Mayfield at QB. We actually looked like a competent football team against a solid defense. The running game also opened up because they couldn't sell out with defenders stacked in the box anymore. Mayfield handled the rush beautifully as well. You can see the other players respond to his energy and trust him. The crowd was immediately re-energized as well. It took me back to the days when teams feared coming to Cleveland because fans would pelt them with batteries and whatnot, lol. We need to get that intimidation factor back. We need to own our own house then start building some continuity so we can travel better as well.
  14. Denzel Ward

    Ward is looking incredible. I love how he has cleaned up his tackling as well. It shows he is supremely coachable. I wanted us to take Bradley Chubb, but Ward is making me not mind the pick at all. He is already looking like one of the top CBs in the league.
  15. GDT Week 1 - Steelers visit the Browns

    Haha, exactly how I feel. That was the biggest BS call ever. The refs always, and I mean always, pander to the Steelers. A Steeler could pull out a gun and shoot the opposing QB in the face, and they'd be like, meh I don't think there is a rule prohibiting that. I cannot stand that team and the fact the refs turn a blind eye on all their bs while punishing the other team makes it all the worse.