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  1. not as good as last year but still looking pretty good for a 6th round pick
  2. Zeke Suspended...Or Not

    The hearing is set for Dec 1st, which is actually pretty quick, but since that will be the *actual* appeal to this case, who knows how long it will drag on
  3. My favorites were the ones calling for Romo to be their new Defensive Coordinator
  4. Dez and Williams

    Smith and Dez out today. Williams in. Hopeful that Smith will practice this week. Dez injury is offcially a bruise, not soft tissue. Surprise participant (Limited) Dan Bailey
  5. LP's and DF's: Chiefs at Dallas

    Everyone claims their safeties suck. It's just a very exposed position where virtually every mistake makes a highlight reel.
  6. Coach's Halftime Thoughts - Week 5

    I thought this was a good write up. I would like to see more of Awuzie and Woods in the game. It seems to me the LBs just flat look lost without Lee.. all of them. Hoping he's back soon... don't like lingering hamstring issues,
  7. Post game: GB 35 DAL 31

    just heckuva football game. Tell Russel Crowe I am entertained. Amazing QB.
  8. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    Would never bet against Rodgers having a great game... but I think you do the defense a disservice
  9. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    Two punts. Also the Rams had three possessions start inside the Dallas 40, you aren't going to get a punt out of any of those. Dallas stopped two of those possessions for a FG. So the defense, minus its best player against a top 5 offense, got 4 stops on 11 possessions and only yielded two TDs all game. That'll do.
  10. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    He is playing poorly for significant stretches. He's also playing like a super star for significant stretches. That will not get it done in the NFL. I don't really care about the adjective. The defense can't afford him disappearing for half a game.
  11. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    Observation: Dak is, by his own diagnosis, hesitant, with his timing and footwork being disrupted because he's been less sure about where he's going with the ball. This matches what I see watching the game. Hypothesis: Going back to what Roger Staubach called the beauty of the uncluttered mind (when discussing Clint Longley's famous "mad bomber" game), I wonder if Dak's processing is slowed down because he's actually *seeing* more than he was last year Question: If the hypothesis is correct, How long will it take him to adjust? because if it's less than half a season, this is still going to be a really good team. Right now they are 2-2 with poor QB and line play against a murderer's row of strong defenses. The defense has shown that they can dominate when protected by offensive efficiency and be badly exposed if left out on the field (I think it's more about the number of opportunities the opposing offenses have, rather than being worn out). They have a really tough row to hoe this year, but this could still be a very good outcome for the boys.
  12. Packers Forum Week 5 GDT - Packers vs. Cowboys

    It's pretty simple. Until Dak gets his head straight and figures out how to consistently get the ball to his outside receivers accurately and on time, Dallas will be a mediocre/streaky team capable of exactly what you saw in the Rams game: dominant one moment followed by a performance so putrid that a team comes back from 11 points down on the leg of their kicker. BUT that could happen at any moment. He's plenty capable of it. The best diagnosis I've seen of his performance is his own. He said after the game he just has to know better/sooner where he's going with the ball so his feet and mind are in coordination. He's hesitating and out of rhythm because he's not processing what he's seeing smoothly. Once he gets that back, the Dallas offense will be the force we expected it to be. Until then, teams will single the wide outs, bracket Beasley, and key on Zeke, and the Dallas offense will be as streaky as their QB.
  13. GDT Week 4: LA Rams @ Dallas

    5 FG and a TD while the Dallas offense scored zero points and ran only 16 offensive plays. That's a defense (minus their best player) on the field for way too long. Despite the fact that they held the rams out of the end zone on 5 of 6 possessions, The Rams scored 6 more points than Dallas ran plays between their last two TDs That's on the offense, plain and simple.
  14. GDT Week 4: LA Rams @ Dallas

    yep. although he's probably hesitating because they are doing things to mess with his tendencies that would be my guess: he's seeing things that make him uncomfortable