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  1. Take a second to reflect on the 2016 draft...

    In hindsight, this piece looks spectaclular crown jewel of predicitons:
  2. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Wallach has been on the money this whole way
  3. GDT Week 2: Cowboys @ Broncos - Witten in the Stars

    You think badgering the judge who is deciding your case is a good legal tactic? Especially when your current argument is WAY weaker than the arguments said judge publicly spanked you on a week ago?
  4. GDT Week 2: Cowboys @ Broncos - Witten in the Stars

    Why would Zeke be ineligible?
  5. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    There's actually a good bit of reason to believe Zeke can beat this. The judge specifically referenced the Brady case and how its precedent both does and does not apply here before handing down the injunction.
  6. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    In order to get the Injunction against the suspension, the NFLPA had to show that Elliott would be irreparably harmed by not being allowed to play. With a football player's career being what it is, any games he misses he's never going to get again. Also, the Cowboys themselves filed a motion that they would be irreparably harmed by not having him. These are fairly standard decisions. To get the injunction overturned, the NFL has to show that they are irreparably harmed by Elliott not serving his suspension immediately. It's unlikely that they can do that, since they suffer nothing at all (and, in fact, likely gain something) from his playing. If someone can demonstrate that the NFL is damaged in some way by Zeke being allowed to play until his court case is heard, then the NFL *may* have a case. As it stands right now, they have precisely bupkiss
  7. Does sitting a QB his first season help or hurt his career?

    might have extended his career is all I'm saying
  8. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    they are telling the judge what to do? that seems... arrogant
  9. Sturm: Off and Def. breakdowns vs Giants

    I literally stood up and shouted at my TV
  10. Does sitting a QB his first season help or hurt his career?

    I don't know about that. I think Aikman would've been better off without that 1-15 year
  11. Sturm: Off and Def. breakdowns vs Giants

    His Marinelli Report is also up today. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2017/09/13/sturm-defense-shuts-giants-impressively
  12. GDT Week 2: Cowboys @ Broncos - Witten in the Stars

    I loved the playcall. It was very similar to the one Witten scored on. Both were great reads... and that may be the big thing to take away from this game. Dak's accuracy was spotty. But his reads were top notch. He's way ahead of where he was last year. The Witten TD literally took my breath away. I stood up out of my chair (at home) and shouted "Oh!" as Dak put the ball in Elliott's gut, because I saw the same thing he did and I knew it was 6 to Witten. It's entirely likely he had the exact same reaction just before throwing to Dez and that's why he threw it high. But it's one thing to say Dak has mastered the RPO (he has), but another entirely the way he was manipulating safties and modifying plays. Last year, I thought it was wrong not to put Romo back in. This year, Daks taken large strides towards mentally being as good as Romo. If he settles in and throws like he knows how, I think he's capable of great success, even against a team like Denver.
  13. GDT Week 2: Cowboys @ Broncos - Witten in the Stars

    Dak will have to be more accurate (though I expect him to be) Can't miss Dez and Witten the way he did early.
  14. GDT Week 2: Cowboys @ Broncos - Witten in the Stars

    Agreed. Last week was really amazing to watch from that perspective, though, as both sides got their digs in. Snacks absolutely destroyed Frederick once and Martin got knocked on his butt by B J Goodson. Things you just don't see. Like, ever.
  15. Does sitting a QB his first season help or hurt his career?

    That's particularly interesting because one of the guys you mentioned (Romo) had to completely rework his throwing mechanic between OTAs and Training camp before Parcells would consider him anything more than a camp Arm. More recently Prescott had to make similar strides, even though he was thrown smack dab into the fire, he needed serious mechanics work and his first under-center snaps came at Senior Bowl practice. I just find it more than coincidental that you have two back to back successful QBs who had to make radical changes to their mechanics to become so. Maybe it's more about the ability to make that change while absorbing the complexity of an NFL offense (and, perhaps more importantly) NFL defenses... and maybe some QBs (Romo) need more time than others (Prescott). Just offering up one team's experience as possible confirmation of your idea.