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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    If the Ravens had just stuck at #22, they could have had both Moore and Jackson. Two exciting, dynamic playmakers to build an offense around for the next decade. Not to be, unfortunately. I can't understand how they played it so disappointingly safe with Hurst, but then shot for the skies with Jackson less than an hour later.
  2. Who said he should be like Peyton or Brady? The guys he should be looking to emulate are Russell Wilson and Cam Newton, RPO QBs who successfully adapted their game to the NFL. They run when they have to, but look to pass first. And they've still taken too many hits, because no matter their athleticism, defenders will always get to you, sooner or later. Russell Wilson's average rushing YPG in the NFL is 34. Cam's is 39. That's fine. That's manageable. But their passing YPG are almost identical, at 231 and 230. So that's got to be the blueprint for Jackson. Even Kaepernick averaged just 33 YPG rushing, but his passing was way down on the other two, at just 177. Which is why he has never developed into a genuine starting QB.
  3. If Jackson has to take off and run more than a handful of times per game, then the Ravens are doing things wrong. I don't care how great a runner he is, I don't want a would-be franchise QB trying to dance between Defensive Linemen and Linebackers, and I definitely don't want him trying to evade hard-hitting Safeties. Jackson has to be a good passer, first and foremost, to make it in the NFL. So every report that's positive about him throwing the ball makes me happy.
  4. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    Incognito is a prime example of how much of a garbage human being the NFL will let you be, as long as you're talented. He clearly needs that psychiatric help, and the likelihood is that it would have happened years earlier, if coaches weren't so prepared to look the other way.
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    He does look a bit slimmer, yeah. Maybe he's working on his mobility, to get a bit of RPO going, prove he can play Lamar Jackson's game. But look at that smile and that hair. Swoonworthy.
  6. AFC North Standings (Predictions)

    Ravens 11-5 Steelers 9-7 Bengals 7-9 Browns 6-10
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Joe's fifth child was only born about a month or so. With all those children, and his wife, to look after, I doubt he even remembers to return calls from his parents, so I've no idea how he could remember to return non-existent ones from a new teammate he's not even met yet. It just goes to show how desperate some in the media are to create controversies, especially in this part of the year, post-draft and pre-Training Camp.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I'd guess that the Ravens' joint practice sessions in previous years have been well received by coaches, and talked about in coaching circles. Harbs always comes across as a coach's coach, and seems to get on very well with his colleagues around the league. And one who is probably willing to share his experience and knowledge with younger guys like McVey. As for Ravens as Avengers, two that immediately spring to mind are Justin Tucker as Hawkeye and Brandon Williams as the Hulk.
  9. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    I think the biggest need they're likely to have is for a true Free Safety. Unless one of the young guys already on the roster grows into that role, the Ravens are going to have to find one. Weddle is far from ideal for it, and will be 34 going into 2019. O-line is always a question, because we have several untested players, who may work out great, or may flop. But another player who is getting older is Marshal Yanda. Plus, the injuries are starting to mount up.
  10. Post Draft Talk

    I don't think any TE worth anything would care that Maxx Williams and Nick Boyle exist. Neither of those guys are capable of staying on the field, and even the rare occasions when they play, they make a negligible impact. For Averett, it's about belief in himself (expressed in non-obnoxious ways) to cement a place on the roster, no matter who he has to beat for the job. I would be interested to know if the calls to draft picks often include lines like 'you'll get a chance to compete, but we see you as a guy for the future', just to temper expectations out of the gate. The entire culture of the NFL draft always seems a little alien to me. That most of these kids genuinely don't seem to care what team they go to, as long as they go somewhere. Of course, being selected is a great feeling, but there's surprisingly little thought given to the situations they're going into, or even to the teams they followed as kids, who they may now become rivals of. I do remember the video of Kyle Juszczyk getting the call from Ozzie, and his brother was sat next to him wearing a Browns jersey. When he learned what team was on the phone, he sighed deeply and took the jersey off.
  11. I don't think that extra two weeks will take him from "not ready to step onto the field" to starting TE.
  12. If Hurst isn't ready to step onto the field in week 1 and contribute, then I think he's a bad pick. Yes, TEs can take a while to develop in the NFL, but he doesn't have that long. Travis Kelce has four seasons over 800 yards receiving, two of them 1000 yards plus, and he's only three years older than Hurst. Zach Ertz is two years older, and already has three 800 yard seasons. And Hurst is a first round pick, to boot. The guys he compares to were mostly 2nd to 4th rounders.
  13. Your First Round Disappointments (Potentially)

    If the Ravens had taken Moore at #22 and then Jackson at #32, this would have been my favourite draft ever. Two genuine playmakers to build a team around for the next ten years. Two guys with the right sort of character and strong personality to forge a real offensive identity for the first time.
  14. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    The idea of the Ravens having some tradeable assets to take advantage of would be nice. Not sure who would be likely to garner much attention, though. Weddle is too old, Jimmy Smith is too injured, Tony Jefferson wasn't great last year. Any of the younger guys would struggle to attract even a 6th round pick.
  15. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    Gruden seems to be taking the Raiders some of the way back to the Al Davis 'wow, that guy is fast!' days. So they could possibly be conned out of a pick for Perriman.