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  1. We got a great offense. The biggest thing holding us back has been the play calling. We need to keep this aggressiveness that we have seen the last couple of weeks going. Zimmer needs to coach every week like his job is on the line.
  2. Captain Kirk now rocks a 16-2 TD/Int ratio. Looks great on PAPER.....but does not take chances. I'm sick of playing it safe all game long.
  3. No, I was questioning it also and it kept showing on the scoreboard that the Vikes called the time out. But on the next down, they switched it to show that Baltimore called it.
  4. Kirk probably spit all over him while celebrating and now Zimmer is going to have to quarantine. So Zim was pissed at Cousins
  5. Not sure if this has been said yet or not, but on the bright side of today. The Vikings might be sitting in 1st place after tonights game, considering that all three division foes lost a conference game today.
  6. absolutely, It would force us to beat the 3,1,2 seeds in order to get to the big show. Plus if we could beat the Packers in the NFC championship in Lambeau. That would atleast temporarily shut a lot of Packer fans up.
  7. If we win, I want the Packers to win this week. If we lose, then I want the Packers to lose... The AFC games will both be won quite easily by the home teams I'm thinking
  8. The elite QB's in the league have so much success with that aspect of the game. Cousins needs to learn how to use that to his advantage.
  9. It seems like Rodgers always has a receiver going deep when he gets those free plays. Maybe the coaching staff for Green Bay has the receivers trained to go deep when they see an offsides happen, while our coaching staff doesn't work on that aspect with our receivers, Or maybe it falls completely on Cousins not putting 2 and 2 together and realizing he has a free play.
  10. Dios Bueno...This question has nothing to do with the comeback yesterday. This has happened way too many times with Cousins back there.
  11. So why did Captain Kirk not go down the field with the ball on the offsides penalty yesterday? I absolutely hate the amount of success that Aaron Rodgers has on those free plays and how we can NEVER take advantage of them.
  12. You can say that after the fact, but in the moment, absolutely not. Give me a game where it's pure domination from start to finish. Those are fun to be at. I felt so dejected in the 1st half, and so pessimistic for most of the 2nd half. But yes, after the game was over I was still shaking.
  13. It might have been brought up during the game, but why was the play that their defense had 12 players on the field stopped. It seems like if your name is Aaron Rodgers, they allow the play to continue and give him a free play.
  14. The Sky is falling. That will be the story line after the game. We are huge huge favorites, It's primetime, Kirk with all is accolades. This is a disaster waiting to happen. I'm praying to the football gods that I am wrong. Redskins 33-17
  15. Settle down there.....I wouldn't call him done, but he's definitely not elite anymore.
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