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  1. With the 97th pick ... Jacob Phillips LB LSU

    I'll take that in the 3rd round.
  2. Donovan Peoples-Jones

    We got the People's Jones. I feel good about this pick.
  3. Day three discussion

    Green Bay has 3 6th round picks... I'd like to trade down with them if possible.
  4. Day three discussion

    Not what I would have done, but a young, cheap back up C in round 5 that could one day be a starter isn't a bad pick.
  5. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    LSU North strikes again
  6. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    JK Dobbins to Baltimore? I'm pissed now.
  7. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    Not what I wanted but I'll keep an open mind.
  8. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    I had a dream last night that the Browns traded up to 36.
  9. NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion

    Sad, I was hoping we could get Murray...
  10. NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion

    If the NFL doesn't work out he could always go to the WWE. He could be the next Mark Henry. I like the Wills pick. Not overly excited, but solid.
  11. Browns Pick at 10

    Do it. Then trade 41 and one of our 3rds for Jamal Adams.
  12. 2020 equals new Uniforms

    Yuck. Where on earth did this "gun metal gray" stuff come from? I've heard it for years at this point in that exact same wording from all different places. Where did that even start? We have one of the most unique color schemes in sports and people rag on us for it and want to change it. I just don't get it.
  13. 2020 equals new Uniforms

    So true. One of only two things they got wrong, imo. The other being no stripes on the color rush. Those jerseys with the Kardiac Kids orange pants would be beautiful.
  14. 2020 equals new Uniforms

    The helmet is perfect. The jerseys are perfect. The white pants are perfect. The socks are perfect. Brown pants instead of orange? Horrifying.
  15. https://longhornswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/20/texas-legend-colt-mccoy-only-active-qb-from-the-2010-nfl-draft-class/ I guess we made the right QB decision that year after all... too bad all the options sucked.