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  1. Hunt cleared for practice

    I love me some split backs formation.
  2. Whats up with Baker

    He was who I'd have picked too but it's still really early. Baker has a lot of talent and can be a premier QB if he works for it. Darnold can definitely be one too, but they could both be disappointments, as well. I just don't want to think we made the wrong choice AGAIN. I don't think I can handle that.
  3. To be fair, I'm not paid to do that. They are.
  4. No it wasn't, he had it in both hands. It wasn't a fingertip or one hand situation. He should have caught that ball.
  5. When it hits you in the hands, I'm sorry but it's on you.
  6. Holy crap they upheld it...
  7. GDT - Week 5 - A Monday Nighter in the Afternoon?

    This was demoralizing, disappointing, debilitating and disheartening, but I'm not willing to write off a season after 5 games. I simply refuse to do that. But if they're still playing like this late in the season, Freddie needs to go. This kind of showing is flat-out unacceptable.
  8. GDT - Week 5 - A Monday Nighter in the Afternoon?

    He dominated the Jet's pitiful OL the way Bosa's dominated our pitiful OL.
  9. GDT - Week 5 - A Monday Nighter in the Afternoon?

    Serious question to everyone: would you rather have Freddie or Mike McCarthy?
  10. I think we all do, but it's not easy winning Super Bowls. Just as Dan Marino.
  11. How many QBs ARE Montana-level? Like one or two a generation? Baker is the second coming of Brett Favre. McCloughan was right. Their pro-careers are eerily similar. That's his ceiling, imo. If he becomes Favre-level, he's a HoF'er and wins at least one Super Bowl. I'll take that.
  12. Around the league discussion

    Miami could end up with two top 5 picks. Man I hope this is finally Pittsburgh imploding...
  13. Is Nick Chubb the next Lebron James???

    Last week I posted the statistical similarities between Baker Mayfield and Brett Favre. This week, I have another statistical similarity (ironically another Holmgren player): Nick Chubb and Shaun Alexander. Chubb is averaging the last 2 seasons the following (20 games): 13.5 att, 69.7 yards, 0.6 TD, 1.7 rec, 12.4 yards, 0.1 TD Shaun Alexander averaged in his first 2 seasons the following (32 games): 11.7 att, 51 yards, 0.5 TD, 1.5 rec, 12 yards, 0.1 TD Chubb can obviously improve on these, as well. Just thought it was a pretty cool study. I also never realized how similar body-wise they are. Chubb is 5'11, 227 lbs and ran a 4.52 40. Alexander was 5'11, 225 lbs and ran a 4.58 40.
  14. GDT Week 4: Ratbird Edition

    The chants of HERE WE GO BROWNIES, HERE WE GO! in the stands makes me smile.