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  1. If he, Greedy and Ward can all stay healthy, we'll be 4-deep at CB with Troy Hill. He's a very good player. If they can't, they might be able to play a full season between the 3 of them... I kid, I kid. But seriously, I hope they can all stay healthy and play well.
  2. They can make enough room for him to be paid an ok contract if Ben restructures (which he said he will), Pouncey retiring and letting some guys walk in FA. I mean, it's possible he signs here for decent money but we won't give him the mega bucks, either.
  3. It certainly would be an interesting dynamic to add him along with all the other LSU players on this team. If it came at a reasonable price I'd do it.
  4. Tom Brady is not the Super Bowl MVP. Shaq Barrett wrecked this game for KC. How is he not MVP?
  5. I think it'll cost a lot more to get Lattimore, imo. I'd say a 2nd at the absolute minimum. He's only 24 and is a high quality starter. He'll command a high price in a bidding war. Jalen Ramsey went for two 1sts. Would you trade your 1st for him? I would, if we can sign him without wrecking our cap future.
  6. And if we came out throwing and the same result happened everyone would be saying why didn't we run the ball. Hindsight is 20/20. It's on Chubb, who everyone said was our offensive MVP, to execute. He didn't. What I think was odd was how little we ended up using Hunt. He had the TD run, but was underutilized all game, imo. Man losing it like that was a gut punch. When we had them 3rd and 14 I said to my wife something to the effect of "It's time for Baker to prove he belongs in the top tier." He didn't even get that chance because our defense couldn't stop Chad Henne on 3rd and forever. F
  7. I can't believe we're still in this. What a season! Truly Kardiac Kids 2.0
  8. Yeah they just can't stop the Packers O. Defense wins championships, but the modern NFL uses the Johnny Lawrence definition of better defense: more offense.
  9. Bold prediction but... I think it'll be us vs Baltimore in the AFC title game. An encore of the MNF classic where Harbaugh told Stefanski after the game "...maybe we'll see you in the playoffs." I just think it's a destiny thing. NFL Films would have a field day (especially if they have audio of the quote)
  10. That whole team is full of arrogant, entitled a-clowns. He realizes it was retaliation for what his teammate did, right?
  11. Dunn and Vincent Taylor were impressive. Both should be on our roster next year. And the OL guy Baker met for the first time yesterday (Nance?) wasn't bad either.
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