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  1. Sign me up for Gallup in FA and a 1st or 2nd round pick. It makes so much sense. Watch it not happen.
  2. Yeah we just need to shut him down for the rest of the year. This is the second time this year he's come back and didn't come close to finishing even one game.
  3. For anyone interested, from 2018 to this year, Derek Carr and Matthew Stafford were right around the same QB statistically. https://stathead.com/tiny/kVHpQ If our FO decided to move on from Baker, I'd be interested in seeing what Carr would cost in a trade scenario.
  4. I don't have any more sympathy for Baker when I see him hobbling around after the play. If you're that hurt, DON'T. PLAY. You're hurting the team at this point.
  5. Why were we using Schwartz on kick returns and not JoJo Natson?
  6. I just don't understand the ridiculous pendulum swings this team goes on from week to week. One week we're fantastic, the next we're awful.
  7. Could not disagree with you more. I absolutely love the orange pants. Brown on orange and white on orange are the best combos we have. If it were up to me, orange pants would be the primary option at home and away, the white pants would be the alternate option, and the brown pants would get thrown in a trash can somewhere.
  8. Funny how Baltimore and Pittsburgh benefit from crappy officiating all the time.
  9. That roughing the passer call was AWFUL.
  10. I hate the Steelers so freaking much.
  11. Decent drive, just sad we missed the field goal. McLaughlin is usually automatic. Baker wishes he had the ball to Landry back.
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