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  1. I don't know. I'm not so convinced Freddie's job is secure.
  2. See I just don't think Riley would leave such a goldmine of a job to come here. Did he have a particularly strong relationship with Baker? That's the only way I'd see him choosing Cleveland over Dallas or just staying put.
  3. My current list for coaching interviews: Ron Rivera Mike McCarthy Jim Caldwell Robert Saleh Pete Carmichael Dan Campbell Greg Roman
  4. (Polls) Should We Trade OBJ?

    Like I said, it was just a thought *shrug* I admit I'm not caught up with every goings on with every player in the league. I remembered him being highly thought of. My bad. The Bucs have stud WRs anyway I brought up OBJ for Alshon Jeffrey and Philly's 1st. What would you think of that? I admit I kinda like the sound of it. Now as I said in another thread I don't want to trade him but if he's really not happy with where he's at I'd rather move him now then have him become a straight up malcontent in the locker room.
  5. (Polls) Should We Trade OBJ?

    Howard was rated by PFF 89.1 in Monken's offense last year. That's not a huge drop off from OBJ last year at 90.0. He would also help in the run game as a blocker. He's having a bad year but acting like Howard is the same as a bag of dorritos and a nut kick is just as reactionary as saying OBJ sucks. Might not be a great destination for him anyway as they have Evans and Godwin but it was just a thought anyway. OBJ is a great player but if he doesn't want to be here he's better as a trade asset. What about OBJ for Alshon Jeffrey and Philly's 1st? Dropping in talent at WR but gaining a late 1st round pick, and Jeffrey is still a pretty solid player. Could also help facilitate a trade up for a dominant player earlier in the draft.
  6. (Polls) Should We Trade OBJ?

    OBJ for OJ Howard?
  7. (Polls) Should We Trade OBJ?

    Great player or not, if he's gonna undermine the team he needs to go. I don't want to trade him, but if he's gonna make a fuss about it, fine. All day. We could theoretically take Andrew Thomas at #3 and move Trent Williams to RT. Then use our 1st for just about anything we want.
  8. GDT: Week whatever

    Good to get the win, but yeah this was so much closer than it should have been, given our talent. My 7 year old son wanted to watch "The Complete History of the Cleveland Browns" once the game ended. We're at the beginning where they talk about Paul Brown and his coaching style. Man could we use a guy that like these days...
  9. GDT: Week whatever

    You know, I'm starting to worry you may be right. The only issue is if we trade OBJ we'll probably alienate Landry, too, who I DON'T want to lose.
  10. GDT: Week whatever

    That's usually what happens, yes.
  11. GDT: Week whatever

    When you say a team is "historically bad" I expect them to be, you know, historically bad. Not just generally bad. Lots of teams go 1-15, 2-14 or 3-13 and aren't "historically bad". The 2008 Lions were historically bad. The 2017 Browns were historically bad. This Bengals team isn't on that level, imo.
  12. GDT: Week whatever

    I'm still fuming over that.
  13. Dorsey

    I'm listening to the Fan at work (probably my first mistake) and I'm flabbergasted that people are actually entertaining the idea of firing Dorsey. He gets a pass for the OL issues because I think we all overestimated how our line would hold up. The Freddie hire is bad in hindsight but at the very least you can chalk it up to wanting continuity. We have more talent now than we've ever had since the return. There is a 0% chance I would fire him.
  14. Dorsey

    The Jets defensive backfield.
  15. I agree that rookies need time to grow to their full potential, but look at what other rookie coaches are doing around the league with less than we have. Zac Taylor has his talent-devoid Bengals team buying in and they just stomped the Jets. Brian Flores has the actively-tanking Dolphins playing hard, disciplined football and winning games. Even Kliff Kingsbury has Kyler Murray playing very well for a rookie, despite terrible OL play. What is Freddie doing? Our offense with 3 elite skill players (OBJ, Chubb, Hunt) and 1 great skill player (Jarvis) with a QB who BROKE THE ROOKIE PASSING TD RECORD last year looks abysmal in over half their games. The team is completely undisciplined and soft. Freddie comes off completely clueless and in over his head. Freddie needs to go after the season. Not saying he can never be a good head coach, because I think he can one day. He's still very young (early or mid 40s I think). I think he needs a situation where he can be an associate head coach and learn under someone (I could see him going to Tampa Bay and being Arians' understudy again) With the personalities on this team, we need a strong leader who stresses discipline. I know he's the hot name right now because he just got fired but Ron Rivera would actually be pretty perfect for this team. And the defensive side of the ball would basically be untouched (same scheme, same coordinator, most of the same assistants, etc) Then give the offense over to Monken.