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  1. This video is a nice view of Baker Mayfield that takes into account his entire 4 year career (not just one year). It only looks at the facts.
  2. That game should be in overtime right now. Leave it to the NFL to screw it up.
  3. With 30 seconds left, all they needed to do was run the clock out and you're in. It worked out for the Raiders in the end, but it could have ended much worse (fumble, INT, etc.) and you'd have been kicking yourself. If I were the coach, I'd have been ultra conservative there and just ran out the clock. Both of these teams deserve to go to the playoffs ahead of Pittsburgh. Now we have to deal with the insufferable Pittsburgh Steelers and their even more insufferable fans... sigh.
  4. Of course the Steelers squeak into the playoffs. I'm telling you guys, watch out for the Steelers to go on an unfathomable miracle Super Bowl run with the DPOY and the wiley old veteran on his last ride. While the refs make some excruciatingly questionable calls to help them along. Because of course they do. Gotta have that feel-good story, right? When one side receives only love and success and the other side receives only pain and failure, it naturally results in bitterness and disdain. Maybe that will change once the Browns have consistent success.
  5. If the Jags beat the Colts and Pittsburgh makes the playoffs, the NFL is rigged and Big Ben is going to retire hoisting the Lombardi. See: Ray Lewis, Peyton Manning
  6. Give me the W. I trust Berry to find a good player regardless of where we draft.
  7. While I prefer a head coach who isn't the play caller, how can we say "the league has caught up with his play calling" when we are averaging over 5 yards per carry and 140 yards per game on the ground? And he is literally scheming guys open and his QB is just straight up missing them or not even throwing to them? Is his play calling perfect? Not at all, but nobody's is. Can he improve on it? For sure. I chalk it up to a down year, tbh. I'm not opposed to him continuing calling plays going forward. We're acting like Stefanski has hit his ceiling as a play caller and coach and can never imp
  8. I love the old PS2 Madden games. I still play those. The franchise mode in those is still pretty fantastic. Haven't played anything past Madden 25 with Barry Sanders on the cover.
  9. I think I say this every time we play them, but idgaf. I hate the Steelers organization so much, but I think I hate Steelers fans even more. Without a doubt one of if not the most spoiled, conceited and arrogant fanbases in sports. How classy to chant "Cleveland Rocks" like that. And the commentators saying stupid ish like "They remember what happened here last year..." as if they've been so tortured.
  10. Nobody can catch the ball or make any sort of play. Our WR room needs a complete overhaul.
  11. That Burrow TD drive is why I've just about lost my confidence in Baker going forward. He just can't do stuff like that.
  12. The Steelers constantly get away with penalties. Three different face mask no-calls I've counted. Yet the Vikings are getting flagged for everything. The fix is in.
  13. Sign me up for Gallup in FA and a 1st or 2nd round pick. It makes so much sense. Watch it not happen.
  14. Yeah we just need to shut him down for the rest of the year. This is the second time this year he's come back and didn't come close to finishing even one game.
  15. For anyone interested, from 2018 to this year, Derek Carr and Matthew Stafford were right around the same QB statistically. https://stathead.com/tiny/kVHpQ If our FO decided to move on from Baker, I'd be interested in seeing what Carr would cost in a trade scenario.
  16. I don't have any more sympathy for Baker when I see him hobbling around after the play. If you're that hurt, DON'T. PLAY. You're hurting the team at this point.
  17. Why were we using Schwartz on kick returns and not JoJo Natson?
  18. I just don't understand the ridiculous pendulum swings this team goes on from week to week. One week we're fantastic, the next we're awful.
  19. Could not disagree with you more. I absolutely love the orange pants. Brown on orange and white on orange are the best combos we have. If it were up to me, orange pants would be the primary option at home and away, the white pants would be the alternate option, and the brown pants would get thrown in a trash can somewhere.
  20. Funny how Baltimore and Pittsburgh benefit from crappy officiating all the time.
  21. That roughing the passer call was AWFUL.
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