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  1. Hes unbelievably bad. How is it possible we couldnt find anyone better? Honestly Wynn coming back is great but we still need a better backup.
  2. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Good win on the road vs a good team Run defense stepped up after the first quarter still need an offensive line and receivers
  3. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Woah a QB missing throws? He must be washed up
  4. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    He’s as brain dead as Edelman
  5. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Agreed We need Wynn. And gronk .
  6. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Trade Brady edelman >
  7. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Alright Edelman can be backup qb
  8. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    I’m sure he’s just suddenly become a complete moron cause like he’s still got an arm, he’s still placing some nice balls but he keeps taking sacks and throwing the ball away and forcing things can't imagine why
  9. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    He tore his ACL in preseason tbh he hasn’t been quite the same since but came up huge down the stretch last yeaeb
  10. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    He’s made 1 very poor throw this game No one would deny that ball should’ve been picked Tom Brady circa 2007 also made a few bad throws a game. As did Peyton manning. As does Aaron Rodgers the issue isn’t a few bad throws the issue is no open receivers, no pass protection, no run game, and a bunch of huge drops
  11. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Smh Do you want Brady to throw the ball to covered receivers?
  12. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    I miss gronk
  13. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Early in his career yes Peak Edelman was relatively reliable and obvi made some iconic catches this is brutal now
  14. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    To the Brady naysayers
  15. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Edelman has the Welker dropitis