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  1. For me, Brady and Gretzky are relatively close. Because in both cases they are clearly head and shoulders the GOAT in their sports, nobody else has a real argument. Gretzky is more statistically prolific relative to his peers, Brady is great statistically but really shines with the 7 rings, etc. MJ is a step below. More culturally relevant than either. But head and shoulders the GOAT? No.
  2. Yeah especially when Messi played at the same time as a big CS who is equally as prolific, won more, and had hotter girlfriends If anything Messi is Manning and Ronaldo is Brady
  3. Beauty of being aggressive and trading up to the start of the 2nd it’s basically another 1st round pick
  4. Should make people feel better who thought Mac wasn’t a good value at 15. We just got two first round picks.
  5. Thrilled with the draft so far tbh
  6. And as an Irishman from Boston, we drink a lot, McCorkle Jones will fit in just fine here
  7. Ok. I saw something else that was distasteful, but not necessarily drinking related. But again I haven't really been paying much attention. As an expert on problematic drinking the stuff I've seen doesn't even come close and just feels like standard college kid ****. We'll find out soon enough though, this kid shows up late or hungover once and Bill will Kyle Shanahan him.
  8. I've heard about 1 DUI, are there other incidents? Just hadn't heard that leading up to the draft probably because I'm not really paying attention tbh Not defending it, but 1 DUI isn't a huge concern for me or indicative of a pattern of problematic drinking. Of course, I drank half a bottle of Johnnie Walker last night, so my views may be more evolved than others
  9. Yeah I get the criticism of him tbh and I would be much more skeptical if he went somewhere other than New England or San Francisco. He landed on a good team in an offense that is tailor made for his skill set and with a bunch of fresh new weapons. He's not going to be Patrick Mahomes. He's not a playmaker. But I still think you can win in the NFL with a quarterback who is more Chris Paul, less James Harden. The Bucs did last year. The 49ers almost did the year before.
  10. Lawrence is going to hit but probably wont live up to the hype. Zack Wilson will bust tbh. I don't know what to think about Lance. The guy is talented and landed in a good spot but he's started one game in 18 months? 50/50 Fields is the total package, but its the Bears, so we'll see. If he hits he's probably the best player from this draft. I expect Mac Jones to be successful in New England, but that may be in a more limited role than these other guys, at least initially
  11. Darnold looked a lot like Zack Wilson in college tbh. Just taller. Pretending to be Brett Favre is a lot harder in the NFL, which is what Sam Darnold realized eventually and Mark Sanchez realized eventually. Especially hard with no weapons. Just saying, the Jets have a type. Maybe third time's the charm though.
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