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  1. Since it is clear I am not wanted here, I will make my true feeling known about all of you: @ET80 I give you props for still being alive in this game. You are a complete snake and the tactics you have used in this game are honestly appalling. In the real world, were you to behave like this, you would be a complete pariah and would never get anywhere in life. which lets be honest, is basically the situation. Unfortunately this is FF and due in large part to the Mission of Law’s smugness crusade, we live in a lawless land, and you can get away with doing stuff like lying to people and then posting their PMs in the thread for all to see. Of course, the MoL had many more compromising PMs from you (believe me) but did not post them because thats just not something you do in these games. You are a bad person with a bad heart, but you are the only one left in the game with half a brain cell to split into quarters and rub together to keep you warm at night, and my money is on you to win. My one question to you is why you refused to work with me and instead had to launch not one but two completely unprovoked attacks. Realistically, you and I are the two all-time great posters in TAST history (leaving aside TLO, as he is one and the same with me) and while I’m definitely the Brady to your Manning, there was no reason for us to fight. @Adrenaline_Flux I know you have been working with ET all along. Believe it or not you were the first person I PMd in this game and I remember talking to you early on about working with ET. I’m not sure why you decided it was better to pit ET against TLO and I, rather than the 3 of us controlling the game. It’s unfortunate but maybe you just viewed us as too much of a threat. Realistically you are over the hill and will be gone soon enough. @theuntouchable I’ve got no beef with you. If you went behind my back at some point, wouldn’t be shocked, but you were stealthy about it unlike the others. @Nazgul You are doing a phenomenal job flying under the radar. It’s really remarkable someone hasn’t taken you out yet. TLO and I really wanted to work with you, and came close to proposing a formal F3. I’m glad we didn’t. You flat out lied to me (like many others) and took the cheap way out voting out TLO to ‘break up the duo’ which is exactly the sort of logic that is applied to you and Dwight. It’s even worse when you consider TLO and I were the only other people to vote to save Dwight. @Pickle Rick you are the Zelbell to many JBURGEs. You are whoever Judas ***** was to many Judas’s. You may think your Schtick is clever but even if you make the final 2, you will not win. I supported you and was your friend and you repaid me with disloyalty and lies. Truly unfortunate that this is how you chose to treat your debut big brother game. @Outpost31 While fin’s stupidity and aggression is very much to blame for my getting voted out, you are more to blame for this than anyone. Your disloyalty will go down in the record books alongside that of JBURGE. Lets review: 1. When ET put me on the block, and I won HoH the following week, instead of supporting me, TLO, and jfin (your main allies in this game) you went hardo after the HoH and used it to save ET, because ET gave you and I his word he would not come after you, the MoL, or jfin... guess what hes a lying snake 2. When you had the chance to vote to save TLO or jfin you voted to save jfin because you “didn’t want to break his heart” and believed flux that it would force a tie... now I dont believe that for a second, I think you knew exactly what you were doing, and thats fine because... LET ME SAY THSI FOR THE RECORD: I DID NOT ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN AGAINST JFIN. I ONLY ACTIVELY CAMPAIGNED FOR TLO, BECAUSE OF COURSE I DID. 3. When I asked you for 1 favor... after all of my love support and friendship... to just please sit out this POV if you were not willing to use it to take me off the block, you flat out refused; you insulted my abilities; you said I could never beat Pickle. I beat Pickle handily. I couldn’t beat you, simply because I’ve got job, make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, am balancing multiple *******, and dont have time to spend hours on researching this movie ****. And still I almost beat you. But you couldn’t just let it go and stay neutral. Now you say the issue was me going at jfin... you have to realize, I have poured years of my life, and tremendous loyalty into jfin, and been his biggest supporter on this site, and his betrayal was a) not the first time he has betrayed me and b) tremendously disloyal. He deserved everything that was said about him. For him to blow up his best friendship and ally on this site simply because I stood up for TLO... who for the record, is one of my best friends IRL, who I see IRL on a regular basis, and have put my blood on the line to save him, and whose family goes way back with my family to the days of his families early dairy farm... of course I was going to campaign for TLO. But I never said anything against Jfin, in fact I was very careful not to... and to say I wouldn’t... and thats not enough for jfin, because he had to be childish about it. It’s unfortunate that it had to go where it went but he started it and I wont take back anything I said. @FinneasGage Ive said all there is to say about you, I wish you could see that I didn’t do anything to you, and have been loyal to you, and that you were the one who were disloyal to me and turned on me and blindsided me after I was explicitly neutral, and only doing what I thought was right... but its hard for you to see those things, your eyes aren’t the best, and while I forgive you as a Christian I will never be able to forget what you have done. Good bye my former friend. For the record: The only player left in this game who I would consider casting a vote for is untouch. If untouch does not make the final 2, I will abstain from voting, unless jfin makes the final 2, in which case I will vote in favor of whoever is going against him. I can guarantee TLO will do the same. Jfin, you will not be winning Big Brother, now or ever. With that, mission dances out of the Big Brother house for this season, maybe for a while, maybe for good, to join TLO in the jury house, which is where I really want to be rn tbh, hes my only friend on here. Mission out
  2. BD Wong has also played a doctor in like 6 different movies and multiple tv shows Asian stereotypes tbh
  3. Julie care to comment on this because I see an issue with 16 too tbh
  4. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    I'm sort of excited to see Pats defense vs. Chiefs offense tbh that'll be a hell of a matchup
  5. Where Does 2019 Pre-Season Hype Rank?

    Tbh I think a lot of the 2017 hype started when it looked like a bunch of vets were going to come here on cheap deals, particularly Revis. If Revis had come here and been the Revis we had in 2014 we win the SB easy that year. There was just a bunch of hype that built during the off-season that didn’t go away even when it was clear that team had issues.
  6. Is it still the ‘07 pats 315? Yeah that’s in danger
  7. Week 2 GDT

    Given their history of getting better late in the season I’d be a little worried tbh
  8. Week 2 GDT

    Very early but Theres a chance we just saw the best team ever play the worst team ever
  9. The sad thing is you have been manipulated and controlled by people who have never cared for you and never been by your side, and you are letting them poison your mind against the people who have helped you so much. And it is very obvious to the rest of us.
  10. Tbh I never once told you I was voting to keep you. You knew I was voting to keep TLO. Of course I was. Pretty sure I used these exact same words with everyone I talked to about the vote: ”I’m not going to campaign against jfin” ”TLO and jfin are my closest buddies on the site so I’m not going to campaign” Etc. This is just a typical case of you being an immature little baby that someone didn’t show you undying loyalty when you screwed up and deserved to be evicted. TLO was an innocent bystander and everyone knew it but because of you he had to go home. And now you are mad that there wasn’t a unanimous vote to keep you. Get over yourself. I know for a fact several people voted to keep you solely because they knew how immature you are and that it would “break your heart” if you were evicted. That’s a sad commentary on your state of mind tbh.
  11. Believe me tlo ain’t average and neither is the mission mobile
  12. Don’t you make assumptions tlo and I will always have norms. We had it before and we lost it but now we have it back again.