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  1. 69% of adults have at least 1 dose and we’ve seen a bit of a pickup the last few weeks so I don’t think it’s that far off. The overall numbers will go up once we start vaccinating children.
  2. 70% vaccination plus natural immunity is a good start Id be more worried about billions in developing countries with limited vaccine access right now, when it comes to potential for new variants
  3. I've actually had a different experience tbh. Had to prove vaccination status to go into my office, for sporting events, and have had to do so now quite a number of times for international travel. Anyway my point on the old/at risk is that to the extent the boosters are recommended only for those groups, it will be very hard (probably impossible) for businesses or governments to put restrictions on those people's activities for not complying. An old or at risk person is no more likely to transmit the virus than anyone else. A booster that is recommended for that group is purely a self
  4. But tbh given the latest data out of Israel and the evolution of the variants I think everyone should be ready for at least one more round of boosters and the possibility that the 2 shots wont be considered "fully vaccinated" at some point in the near future
  5. The recommendation on who should get a booster may be different based on age and pre-existing conditions, but I don't see any scenario where there would be requirements or business policies that would specifically target those groups.
  6. Realistically it would take a while to roll out boosters and different businesses, states, etc. would have to make a judgement call on if and when to change policies for boosters We're already kind of there given the gap in efficacy between the 2 mRNA shots and one J&J shots particularly against the Delta variant There's also a middle ground where boosters may be recommended only for at risk populations, in which case policies probably don't change for people who already have the 2
  7. Yeah, folks around me (Northeast US) were saying stupid and irresponsible things about the vaccine last fall for similar reasons. It was stupid then and its stupid now. At this point though, 75-80% of adults here are vaccinated. Some other parts of the country need to catch-up so that we can move on. Call it whatever you want... politics, culture, stupidity... they need to catch-up.
  8. Right, they are not declining to take the vaccine because they are anti-vaxxers. They are declining to take the vaccine because there are a lot of really bad people who have turned this into a cultural/political/conspiracy theory thing, in order to make money or get attention. I would suggest a 4th question... 4) Did you know how any of the previous vaccines you received were made at the time? For 95%+ of people the answer is going to be no and they never hesitated to take other approved vaccines administered by their doctor/pharmacy, because it didn't used to be socially ac
  9. In your hypothetical, you would have credible people with subject matter expertise who would be saying "this vaccine is a mess, don't take it" Instead of, like, Deandre Hopkins and people who sell pillows on the internet
  10. uh https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/pfizer-and-biontech-conclude-phase-3-study-covid-19-vaccine
  11. Its quite amusing to hear fat ****s complain about the risks of putting some chemical into their body @TLO
  12. Yeah absolutely. But that's human nature. Most people don't react well to being told that what they just said was insensitive. We can all try to be more open minded but its also on those who claim to hold the moral and intellectual high ground to not abdicate responsibility for fostering a more constructive conversation on these issues just because its more satisfying to tell someone they are wrong. Whenever I see someone overzealously going off on the internet about some phraseology I assume they are just scratching that itch to correct and virtue signal, not actually trying to make a
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