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  1. Right The rule is clearly in the books to prevent an inadvertent whistle effecting the outcome of a play In this case, the whistle came too late to have any impact, whereas ruling the play dead would have had a significant impact I'm cool with the refs playing dumb here tbh
  2. I hear what you're saying, but they came very close to beating the Bucs and Cowboys, they beat the Bills in Buffalo a month and a half ago, and they steamrolled the number 1 seed in the AFC back in November. They were competitive with good and great teams all year. The team that took the field last night or against Indy or against the Dolphins was not competing at anywhere close to the level of the team that lost to Tampa Bay, Dallas, or went on a 7-0 run. Its more than just tougher competition. It reminds me of years the Pats fell apart because of a few key injuries, but the tea
  3. Just need some big meat up front, they've been getting dominated
  4. Tbh I really don't know what happened to this team. What a weird season. Slow start was understandable but the way they came together in October and November, the collapse in December and this embarrassing loss are pretty shocking. I wasn't Super Bowl or bust by any means. But what happened after week 13?
  5. Yeah. How do you get a guy like that? If only we had an opportunity to have that guy on our team.
  6. To a certain extent this is a meaningless distinction for places with high prior immunity either from effective vaccination or disease (which is most of the world at this point, outside of maybe China) but still interesting
  7. Yep. Although, it goes both ways. In theory this should spread faster in winter climate which could mean an even quicker peak. But probably more residual spread on the other end of that peak.
  8. Baseball conspiracies are exactly the sort of conspiracies I can believe in because its how every actual conspiracy involving many people would turn out IRL... Incredibly incompetent, fails to achieve any of its goals, and is almost immediately exposed resulting in embarrassment to everyone involved
  9. Is the point just that the vaccine can be quickly updated for new variants (which is true of the mRNA vaccines too right?) Or is it more so that, by including 24 different versions of the spike protein from different variants and even other coronaviruses like the original SARS, you're inducing a broader immunity that could be more resilient to future mutations? That sounds useful
  10. Tbf then the Pentagon could just call in a drone strike on FDA headquarters and proceed as they'd like
  11. https://www.politico.eu/article/omicron-variant-coronavirus-symptoms-milder-delta-uk-data/
  12. NYS but NYC vast majority of the cases at the moment
  13. More data on Omicron vs Delta spread just now. CDC says 73% of US cases and 90%+ of cases in New York last week were Omicron. Last week of November there were 85k cases per day in the US, ~99% Delta (84k Delta cases) The past week there were 133k cases per day, of which CDC says ~73% were Omicron, ~27% Delta (36k Delta) Delta is down 57% in two weeks In New York, the drop is similar. 1,500 Delta cases per day the last week of November to 7,683 per day today. If we assume 10% are Delta, that's a decline of 49%
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