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  1. 1. The searchers 2. The man who shot liberty valance 3. Rio bravo 4. red river 5. Fort Apache
  2. Maybe the odds of a career ending slide are slim but the odds of something happening over the next 4-5 years that would prevent him from getting a $400M+ deal at 26 are significant. Probably less than 50% but far greater than zero. I think he made the judgement that a 100% guarantee of $340M was worth more to him than an 75% chance or whatever at $450M. I think most people presented with that choice would take the $340M as well. People are risk averse.
  3. Glad you're doing better The taste thing is one of the scariest parts for me tbh. Have heard some horror stories.
  4. This does make Acuna's deal look pretty bad for him. Wonder what Boras does with Soto. Of the 3 I want Soto tbh. Ted Williams bat will always play.
  5. Because he's made less than a million dollars in his career and is one bad slide away from never playing an MLB game again? $340m is a lot of money lol
  6. Yes but how wide are the wieners? 6 inches can be quite something with the proper girth... or a little underwhelming otherwise need to know how high to go here tbh
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