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  1. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    Super Bowl hands down. It hurts more but also means you get to enjoy the ride and the big playoff wins. Totally worth it.
  2. Who are the best QB guru’s in the league?

    Hmmmm Steve Clarkson and Tom House probably. Clarkson in particular knows his stuff.

    Whats funny is, the one negative with him was supposed to be he didnt have as much raw power as some of these other guys... Superstar iyam

    And it should really be 3 in a row tbcfh
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I think hes saying youre 800 pounds tbh
  6. Bartolo Colon Hit in Belly by 101 mph Comebacker

    I guess they might say his uniform aided him which would not be a catch. However, he could always just grab it from his belly and it would be right? Since it didnt hit the ground.
  7. Bartolo Colon Hit in Belly by 101 mph Comebacker

    Yes same as you can bare hand a line drive.
  8. Hmmm interesting. I'll start with guys who STARTED their careers with the Yankees then left, that I wish hadn't... Andy Pettitte - If we had him in 2004 and 2005 we probably win the World Series both years imo. Robbie Cano - Loved the guy, should've stayed with the Yankees, Jay Z ****ed us. Now look where he is. Trader. Hideki Matsui - He wasnt that good anymore when he left but still one of my favorite all time players was kind of a bummer. If we expand to all players who were Yankees at one point... ARod - Obviously. We were lucky to have him as long as we did but imagine if he'd come up as a Yankee and spent 20 years there? He may not have fallen in with the steroid crowd either which could've made his life easier. This assumes neither him nor Jeter gets traded and one of them just moves off shortstop around 96/97. Carlos Beltran - Don't even need his whole career, if we'd just signed him after 04 I'd have been happy. Those 05-08 teams with Beltran would've been off the charts. Instead we got ****ty washed up 2015 Beltran. Ugh. Randy Johnson - Sort of cheating since he was never REALLY Unit with us but it basically means we win the 2001 WS easily and probably a few others. Plus he was smug and very tall.
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Probably good if its one of the GIFs I'm thinking of, we wouldnt want you to get banned too.
  10. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Not sure what this is but I respect the smugness of it