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  1. Will the Dodgers break single season wins record?

    Resting players is everything thats wrong with baseball today tbh. People pay just as much for a ticket in September.
  2. FF Devy League Discussion Thread

    Who tf would take him earlier than I took him? Major reach on my part. JFC.
  3. FF Devy Draft Thread

    Corey Davis we ten @utley4568
  4. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    Gary CS is pretty sollid
  5. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    They'll just use the CGI from Pirates of the Caribbean and LoMo will ***** about it.
  6. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    37* Judge can play himself in the movie.
  7. Quarterback Throw Distance Data

    This is really good stuff. What does it say about Matt Barkley, just out of curiousity?
  8. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    Judge has not struck out yet tonight. Nobody start a thread and jinx him...
  9. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    The dude loves August. #notderbyworthy
  10. Anyone Ever Get Down When Summer Ends?

    Yes but also happy that football is coming back and I can get some hot va. Its a trade off.
  11. Will the Dodgers break single season wins record?

    I give them a chance, but only about 20%. Still the best team since the 1998 Yankees tbcfh.
  12. FFMLB Draft-(Interest Page/Sign Ups)

    Mission will take the yankees.
  13. Currently Active Hall of Famers

    The other huge factor is Schillling, Musina, etc. played with four of the top-10 GOAT. Its hard to ever be considered the best pitcher in baseball or close when your entire career overlaps with Clemens, Unit, Pedro, and Madux. Bumgarner is playing in an era with one all time great and then a bunch of really good pitchers and its easy for the sports media to paint him as #2... or even 1b.
  14. Currently Active Hall of Famers

    Right he is a media darling for whatever reason. I'll also always be smug AF that I was right about Bumgarner vs. Brian Matusz and B7B/Manster were wrong as always. http://www3.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=333083&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15