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  1. People treat Bryce like a bust any year he doesn’t go off like he is right now I understand there was unbelievable hype and he got a big contract as a FA. And the Nationals won without him. And he’s always going to be compared to Mike ******* Trout. But if you actually look at his resume and forget that stuff, his career up to age 28 is incredibly impressive… 265 dingers, .915 OPS, made 6 all star teams and soon to be a two time MVP His most similar player through 28 is Barry Bonds according to BBRef Could the argument be made he’s already a near lock for the HoF?
  2. In a goodwill gesture in advance of Shady's trip, the MoL has taken the unprecedented action of advocating on Shady's behalf with the President and convincing him to share nuclear technology with Shady's people @Shady Slim you are welcome and we would be happy to join you on your radio show to take a victory lap @TLO
  3. Of course Shady will be escorted by the MoL. That goes without saying
  4. Still the best player in the world at 44
  5. I agree, there are a lot of nonsensical politically motivated anti-vaccine and pro therapeutic takes and stuff like Ivermectin or Chloroquine are absolutely BS But there are also differences in world views that have led to some embracing therapeutics from day 1 more so than vaccines Zero COVID crowd wants to reduce transmission to as low as possible at almost any cost, including lockdowns, NPIs Return to normal people believe its inevitable that we'll all get COVID and we should focus on building population immunity while saving the people who do get sick and preventing hospi
  6. I'm not defending Rogan but there's obviously still a big need for therapeutics and you could argue effective therapeutics will be more successful than effective vaccines in the long run because... 1. 20-30% of people will turn down a vaccine that could prevent a hypothetical illness in the future but only a small fringe will turn down effective medicine when they have a severe acute illness 2. Vaccines need to be administered to everyone or most people, therapeutics only need to be given to people who are seriously ill. Therapeutics are more nimble and have a more immediate impact
  7. And if you’re going with Mac you have to give him time to develop and prove himself. That could be a full season or two. I think he’ll be more than competent from day one but even if he isn’t, he’s the guy now. Keeping Cam around had a lot of downsides.
  8. I like Cam too but the good teammate stuff kind of goes out the window when he’s putting the team in a bad spot with the COVID protocols imo. And honestly Bill gave the guy more of a chance and more loyalty than he has with a lot of players who have been here a long time. Cam got outplayed, and had some bad luck, he’s probably disappointed but he’s gotta understand where this is coming from.
  9. Gotta say I’m pretty smug to have been one of the most pro Mac people pre draft tbh Hes the second coming of Matt Barkley
  10. If Bill really think Cam gives him the best chance to win Cam should probably start. That's fine. But Cam shouldn't be starting because its his team or because he deserves a fair chance or was here first or whatever. There shouldn't be any incumbency edge here from the same coach who ran Tom ******* Brady out of town a year ago.
  11. Macs performance yesterday plus bills comments have me thinking this is a real possibility
  12. He 100% has that right but it puts the team in a bad spot and sets a really bad example. Maybe if he was a special teamer whatever. But he’s the QB. If he’s the starter then he’s the face of the team, do we want that face in a mask because he won’t get vaccinated when the league is running pro vaccination campaigns every commercial break? Do we want him infecting the entire QB room (even if they don’t develop symptoms) and we have to forfeit a game? But yeah, if there was any doubt, this should be the final nail in the coffin. I like Cam and I think he could have a successful se
  13. The immune compromised people aren’t really the issue when it comes to the healthcare system though. They’re a relatively small number. Eventually we will learn to live with a small number of people who can’t develop a strong immune response against Covid and are more at risk of needing a hospital bed. Just like we live with these people being far more at risk for serious outcomes from flu etc. The obstacle to getting back to normal is risk of healthcare systems being overwhelmed in areas with low vaccination rates. In those areas I’m fully supportive of mask mandates but I don’t thin
  14. I’m ok with that argument in theory, although these most recent round of mask mandates are generally in areas where like 75-80% of people are vaxd and I doubt we will ever get higher than that pretty much anywhere.
  15. Can you show me evidence Covid is higher risk to children than seasonal flu or other common childhood illnesses? If they were really at substantial risk I think that would be a great argument to keep up some NPIs everywhere while we vaccinate them. But that doesn’t appear to be the case at all. As far as people who can’t take the vaccine, the problem is these people are always going to exist and Covid is never going away. So unless we are going to all wear masks forever, which is not something society in general is supportive of, we need to learn how to live with that level of risk.
  16. The cost is they are uncomfortable and inconvenient When we are wearing masks to prevent mass deaths and healthcare system collapse I think that’s an easy call Wearing masks forever to prevent seasonal flu level illness or protect anti vaxxers? I can tell you that is not going to fly
  17. Frankly I think Cam should’ve been cut the second he turned down the vaccine and won’t be supporting the team while he’s the starter
  18. No, but he panders to humanoid scum who peddle that and other nonsense
  19. Idk about you but wearing a mask 8 straight hours isn’t a little thing to me Ive been pro mask. But we can’t pretend there’s no cost to masks in the workplace or at school for extended time periods, every day.
  20. Tbf… If you’re a fully vaccinated individual with a functioning immune system the risk of bad outcomes is still incredibly low, no matter how much you are exposed to unmasked unvaccinated people. As is the risk for reasonably healthy children, vaccine or not. I’m sure there are pro and anti mask in school arguments. But the discussion can’t start without acknowledging that the risk for vaccinated adults and even unvaccinated children from Covid is quite low, and statistically almost certainly lower than the risk from stuff like seasonal flu. Delta presents new challenges but we ar
  21. Yes there are large pockets of the country with high concentrations if ignorant morons - this is true.
  22. Realistically, the MoL are qualified to have an opinion on a wide range of topics, including sexual health. We are renaissance men. The issue is people who peaked in middle school and think they are Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine. Thomas Jefferson spoke six languages and had a 10,000 book library. If some random ******* wrote the Declaration of Independence things would have gone down differently. If you struggled to get Cs in high school bio you should probably focus on paying your bills and finding a way to reliably get laid and stop questioning global institutions, if they
  23. I'm not a mechanic, I don't know how a turn signal works. I still use them because I'm not a complete *******. And if someone tells me turn signals were invented by Bill Gates to implant microchips into my brain, I keep my head down and keep walking.
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