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  1. Quarterback Rankings (through week 13)

    The meme before all memes.
  2. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that we're 3-3. Not 1-5.
  3. Your Team's Achilles Heel

    Offensive Line Health I would say health in general but I think the Front Office has done a great job building depth across the board. Last year, we were very fortunate with staying healthy, outside of Kupp and Gurley. Reynolds was very serviceable in Kupp's absence and the Front Office handled the RB situation properly this offseason. We signed a backup QB that has been to a conference championship (can't get much better than that). If we lose an offensive lineman, I see that as being the biggest impact. In my opinion, there are several teams that could represent the NFC in the Super Bowl and this is based off of which team remains healthy. Last year was our turn.
  4. Browns send Duke to Texans

    Is a 3rd round really too much? Just by scrolling through the last 3-4 drafts and perusing through the 3rd round, I'm not seeing a significant number of guys I would take over a guy who is a known source of contribution to an offense by any means. I'm all for this trade for both sides.
  5. NFL Realigned 2019

    A lot of people are putting both LA teams in the same division. Same city, same stadium, same division......would eventually be a pretty heated rivalry.
  6. Steelers. I see the AFC as the Patriots and maybe the Chiefs as for sure top tier teams whereas in the NFC, there is a large grouping of teams I could see making to the SB (more parody).
  7. Your favorite football stadium of all time?

    Green Bay did a fantastic job in preserving the history of Lambeau while modernizing it. It was an awesome environment. I like the Superdome as well, but that may be just because of the fans. I love how crazy they get.
  8. Seahawks release WR Doug Baldwin, S Kam Chancellor (failed physicals)

    Even as a Rams fan, I'm going to miss watching Doug play. Tough receiver that was solid in every facet of the game. He just got the job done.
  9. Biggest Freak of all time?

    Probably not. But 6'2" 270 lbs. and capable of lining up at every position on a defense from DT to CB has to warrant something outside of the obvious guys already named.
  10. Biggest Freak of all time?

    Many have already been named in this thread, but I will throw out Adalius Thomas.
  11. How is your team’s tailgating?

    Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and Miami all have standard tailgates in my opinion - People drinking and setting up tents in the parking lot. The occasional grill and throwing the football around. New Orleans - Awesome tailgate. We try to go each time the Rams play there. The city, alone, is awesome and then walking to the stadium you'll see all kinds of cookouts and tents spread across the corner blocks leading up to it. There's a big open area just outside the front steps that everyone hangs out at too. Pittsburgh - We just hung out on the street with Bettis' restaurant and it was slammed full of people and a lot of fun. Green Bay - #1 for sure. The entire town is at the tailgate.
  12. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    Mike Furrey was actually a WR for the Rams shortly after the The Greatest Show on Turf. The Rams moved him to safety (very talent depleted roster) and then he joined the Lions after a season or 2.
  13. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    Rams: Don't sign really anybody noteworthy for ~15 years. Rams: Sign ~3 household names in 2 consecutive offseasons. DoleINGout: "such a rams move"
  14. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Did you mean AFC Championship? Or did you forget that there was another game after against a team you already loss to?
  15. How do you define “long term” starter at QB?

    It depends on if you're talking in technical terms or talent-wise. Technically, I would consider Tannehill a long-term starter because he has been the starter throughout multiple deals. Is he good enough to be a long-term starter? I would say no.