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  1. Sanders, because he is on the field...
  2. Question 1 - No Question 2 - No Question 3 - No, but I would never root for them over the Rams.
  3. Arizona Cardinals - Larry Fitzgerald Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan Baltimore Ravens - Ray Lewis Buffalo Bills - Stevie Johnson Carolina Panthers - Jake Delhomme Chicago Bears - Rex Grossman Cincinnati Bengals - Carson Palmer Cleveland Browns - Braylon Edwards Dallas Cowboys - Dez Bryant Denver Broncos - John Elway Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers Houston Texans - David Carr Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning Jacksonville Jaguars - David Garrard Kansas City Chiefs - Patrick Mahomes Las Vegas Raiders - Nnamdi Asomugah (Spell Check) Los Angeles Chargers - Philip RIvers Los Angeles Rams - Jared Goff (The old logo would be someone different. This is just who I immediately associate with our new look) Miami Dolphins. - Larry Csonka Minnesota Vikings. - Randy Moss New England Patriots - Tom Brady New Orleans Saints - Aaron Brooks New York Giants - Brandon Jacobs New York Jets - Chad Pennington Philadelphia Eagles - Donavan McNabb Pittsburgh Steelers - Ben Roethlisberger (Bill Cowher as well but obviously not a player) San Francisco 49ers - Jerry Rice Seattle Seahawks - Matt Hasselbeck Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mike Alstott Tennessee Titans - Steve McNair Washington Redskins - Sean Taylor
  4. I think you could get Florida involved as well.... Lamar Jackson, AB, Derrick Henry, the Bosa brothers, etc...
  5. Maybe the Cooks part is true as he does have a (short) history with Brady. So I could see some interest as I am sure the Rams are trying to offload him. But not in a deal that lopsided.
  6. -He took a team that was bottom feeding for over a decade to the playoffs in his first season -He hasn't even had a losing season yet I think it's crazy/hilarious that this is even a topic. Last year was a "disappointing" season for the Rams..... if 9-7 and barely missing the playoffs is our "disappointing" season, and the worst of the McVay era, I'm 110% good with it. Snead knows what he has in McVay and McVay's job is about as secure as one can be right now.
  7. Note: I don't like watching any of these players when they play the Rams, but: Seattle: Russell Wilson - Complete package at QB. Athleticism, IQ, intangibles... Arizona: Larry Fitzgerald - It's awesome to watch him continue to master his craft and produce, even at his age. San Fran: George Kittle - One of my favorite players in the league, currently. Brings a lot of passion, attitude, and physicality to the game.
  8. Matt Flynn @LSU - Backs up JaMarcus Russell and Russell does well enough to get drafted #1 overall. We know how that ended up when they were no longer teammates. @Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers wins his only Super Bowl to date. @Seattle - Seahawks draft Wilson and Flynn whispers his career into existence. @Oakland - Terrell Pryor has his best year at QB with Matt Flynn behind him. @New England - Jimmy G quietly develops into the QB he is today due to the whispering of Matt Flynn. Not Belichick, not McDaniel, not Brady...
  9. Each year it's impossible to predict the Titans record. They are unpredictable as I could see them finishing 3-13 or 13-3 and not be surprised either way. On top of that, they play 6 divisional games against 3 teams that are just as unpredictable to me. Put that together with the unpredictability they put on the field at QB each year.
  10. Based on your statements, I'm going to assume you haven't watched the team play outside of the 2018 NFC Championship and 2018 Super Bowl. Goff has had a regression year for sure. You could make that assumption just by watching MTV Sports (aka. ESPN). But your statement leads me to believe you really have something against Goff or you're no older than 13. Goff was in the MVP race last year until the Bears game.
  11. That's one philosophy. I would lean toward this hurting Godwin's fantasy output as he is now the focal point of that offense, whereas before, you couldn't double either.
  12. I definitely think it's between the two. In the simplest explanation, if both play the same team with the same shutdown corner, I'm expecting said corner to mildly damper Hopkins' production that game and I am fully expecting Thomas to put up his normal numbers. If it's due to the target volume, I think that has to be a plus for Thomas as that would tell me that he's still getting open on said corner.
  13. Did you even watch the game? Actually, all you would need to do is look at the box score and compare it to this comment....
  14. Just a friendly reminder to everyone that we're 3-3. Not 1-5.
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