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  1. Came to predict Minnesota with the upset 24-21. Then I looked up Levi stadium to see if it was grass or turf. It’s grass. San Fran will win this game as grass is the arch nemesis of Kirk Cousins....... You like that??? 49ers 34-20
  2. I’m shocked at how many people here don’t understand how playoff seeding works.
  3. Well, the Patriots are struggling. I see one team that’s the 3 seed limping into the playoffs while I see another team gelling and playing really good football that got the 6 seed. Leagues leading rusher and arguably the best QB down the stretch this year. Does anybody believe the Pats weren’t trying to get the bye? The Dolphins went into Foxborough and beat them. The Patriots defense was hiding the offensive issues for the most part this year. That hasn’t been the case lately. I just think Tennessee has the firepower to get a lead and ew England is not built right now for catch up. They need a lead so they can go heavy on the run and mix in some dink and dunk to Edelman. I believe the Titans will win. Tennessee will be up 2 scores at the half...... 10-14 points and Henry will do what Henry does in the second half and wear that defense right down. Prediction: 1st half Tennessee 21, Pats 10 Game: Tennessee 35, Pats 27
  4. Neither game will be all that close. The Saints and the Titans are going to smoke them boys.
  5. I really hope somebody even checks this page out. I know most leagues ended last week. My league is point based and goes through week 17. NEWS TEAM UNITE
  6. Ok boys.... it’s the free for all week. Top 3 scores get $300 , $200, $100 Help me pick my most prosperous lineup for this week 17 free for all. PPR QB: Watson, Ryan, Tannehill RB: Chubb, Mack (need 1) WR: Thomas, Jones, Lockette, Shepard (need 2) Flex: (Need 1) DEF: Patriots, Ravens Thank you all for the help throughout the season and Happy New Year to everyone.
  7. I was pulling for you guys to get in the playoffs but now I hope you lose.
  8. Did you mean to say when they lose their next home playoff game? It’s coming in a few weeks. They’re playing a top defense and have a terrible defense themselves. All I know is those Texan linebackers better dress up as Patriots for their little pre game ritual because it’s gonna be a long day in Houston come playoffs. Bills 34-13.
  9. Yeah.... he screwed me for weeks. Then I benched him last week and he screwed me again!!! I think I’m gonna roll with Chubb/Mack and Thomas/Julio.
  10. Still fighting the odd man out here PPR need 2 Chubb v Ravens Mack v Panthers Lockette v Cards
  11. I would go Woods and Brown. QB I can’t call for you.
  12. Why would he only play a half? It’s in Tennessee. TENNESSEE is pretty good. They’re playoff lives are in the line. Saints also playing for a bye still also. I don’t get your thought process. The line is only 2.5
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