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  1. WR set next year

    To play devils advocate here...... are we sure WR is the big problem? I mean, stud WR would be great to have but if our franchise QB is constantly throwing the deep ball 10 yards over their head, what’s it matter? Also, does anybody think there has to be a guy on the street right now we could sign that would be better than Wallace???
  2. Trade Help

    The trade is actually Kamara, Cooper and Drake for Watson, Michael Thomas and Mack. Still a no for you?
  3. Trade Help

    Pondering trading Kamara for D Watson. Still have Chubb, Coleman and Drake. Only need to start 1 RB weekly. Have Matt Ryan already so I would likely play Watson weekly but start Ryan the 2 weeks they play TB. Watson also plays against TB. Seems to me starting a QB against TB is a huge play weekly. THOUGHTS
  4. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Well here is what it comes down to. After a full slate of games today, my opponent and I are tied. He has Zeke left tonight. I can either play Cooper, who is a little gimpy according to reports or play Lockette tomorrow night. What do you guys think?
  5. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    That’s how I’m leaning for myself. Just not sure about Chubb over Lockette. I almost feel like Russ and Lockette are matchup proof. As far as Kirk..... it’s TB. If he’s ever gonna go off, it’s tomorrow.
  6. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Please, somebody give me some clarity here. I’m having such a hard time deciding on my starting lineup. start 1 RB and 3 WR or 2 and 2. Kamara, Chubb, Coleman Julio, Amari, Lockette, Kirk
  7. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Kirk dude...... don’t overthink it. I have him and want to play him so bad but I just can’t pull the trigger but I have big name guys keeping him on the bench, not those guys. He should feast tomorrow. Gonna say 9-120-1 type line.
  8. Trade Help

    Thank you for the input. This is a big money league so best W/L record wins $500 but the real money comes from overall points scored. That’s where that final push roster comes in. I get strengthening an opponent but that lineup looks nasty. But, if my concerns on Ryan don’t seem valid then it isn’t worth it as there are at least 2 games left that I would start Ryan over Watson wi try out much thought (TB) so I’m gonna biz that trade. I am however trying to package Chubb for either Kittle, Kelce or Ertz. LOOOOVE Ertz schedule moving forward.
  9. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I would normally say you don’t sit Stafford but I think you do this time. That Seattle defense hasn’t been able to stop anybody. I believe there will be some serious scoring in that MNF matchup. The Bears defense will play well at home but the offense isn’t going to take some enormous lead where the Lions are playing catch-up. IF Chicago is smart, they’ll play ball control offense and look to get a win in a lower scoring affair. Jimmy G is the choice in my opinion.
  10. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I actually don’t have Mack. I have Coleman. I asked initially because I was offered D Watson and Mack for Chubb and Drake (DJ owner). I’m really just having a hard time not playing all 3 WR. It’s a good problem to have but it’s tricky with multiple good options! * What do you think about that trade offer? With Hint coming in, it seems crazy for me NOT to take Watson and Mack for Chubb and Drake. It’s basically a 2 for 1. My Rb’s would be Kamara, Mack and Coleman and like I said, I only need to start 1.
  11. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    1 RB 3 wr or 2 RB 2 wr
  12. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Kamara, Julio, Cooper
  13. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Pick 1 QB and 1 flex PPR Ryan @ Saints Tannehill v Chiefs Chubb v Bills Mack v Dolphins Lockette @ 49ers
  14. Trade Help

    I couldn’t stay away!!! I’m concerned that with another loss or two the Falcons May shut Matt Ryan down for the year. I have Ryan and Tannehill. Have offer on table to GIVE Chubb and Drake in exchange for Watson and Mack. The team I’m trading with is in 2nd place..... behind me. He has JACKSON and WATSON so he can afford to trade one away. Is getting Watson worth it? His RB’s currently are David Johnson, Mack and Cohen. Mine are Kamara, Chubb, Coleman and Drake. This league only requires 1 RB started weekly. This would set my final push roster at Watson/Ryan Kamara, Mack, Coleman Julio, Cooper, Lockett Engram, Cook NE D/ BALT D DO IT or roll with Ryan and Tanny and keep Chubb?????
  15. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Well I guess after over a decade here on FF my time is coming to an end. I must be getting too old to enjoy this sight these days. Can hardly ever get responses to questions. You boys take care. GO BILLS GO SABRES