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  1. The one on Sanders? It was after the play. It makes no sense to me.
  2. I swear Ertz caught a pass out towards the left sideline on the first drive. Am I losing my mind?
  3. Smith vs Bucs tonight Henderson @ NYG Swift vs Bengals pick 2
  4. Better stash……… Bateman or Moore? PPR
  5. Start Carr against Broncos OR Heinicke against Chiefs
  6. Hey fellas, I e read conflicting reports. Do you guys think Fitz will take over again when he’s ready or are they planning on sticking with Taylor at this point? Any insight would be appreciated.
  7. BillSabre


    Anybody think Diggs is playing at less than 100%?
  8. Lost Wilson for the foreseeable future. Carr is my backup. I was offered Hurts and Gibson for Carr and Diggs. My other WR are Adams, D. Smith and Michael Thomas when he gets back. My other RB are Swift, Henderson, and Murray. Should I make the trade or stay put and roll with Carr until Wilson gets back?
  9. I wasn’t being brazen. I wasn’t pounding my chest. I simply made my prediction for the season. So here we are after beating KC and sitting at 4-1 with the most points scored in the league. YOU SAID that would be the time to “start the conversation”.
  10. I agree with you that those are the teams to beat as of now. Baltimore last night was insane but they could easily be 2-3 right now also. Kudos to them for pulling out the wins against Detroit and Indianapolis. The Chargers look very good also and losing to the Cowboys is much more respectable than losing to the Steelers for sure. I still give Buffalo the nod over the Chargers because of our defense. The gap is small though…… you are correct. Chargers v Ravens should be a fun one.
  11. Good sport……. Thank you! Yes they do. Me and a few buddies are actually going down for a week and going to the game. Definitely gonna be a good time. Booked everything before the season even started.
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