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  1. Well you rest on that. I’ll take the better TEAM that has been playing better for the last two months.
  2. You can’t breathe it into existence. Didn’t LAST YEAR just feel like the Chiefs year? That’s the Bills THIS YEAR. This is going to be a great game but in the end........ Bills got the juice!!!! GO BILLS.
  3. I said this from the moment this question was being asked. There is no way the NFL or the Chiefs were not having Mahomes in this game. The concussion “protocol” is smoke and mirrors to give the public a comfort factor. Players want to play. Teams want to win. The NFL wants that money. PERIOD.
  4. Andy said he wasn’t concussed and just got the wind knocked out of him too!!!!!
  5. REAL Bills fans Billieve it is DESTINY at this point. So my question to you is....... Never mind, I know the answer.
  6. Buck, this is pretty simple. It’s cool to do whatever you want. It’s all a farce though. If you “switch teams” and the Vikings win it all next year......... how will you feel? Mad that your “old team” won it all right after you left???? NOPE. You’ll be ecstatic and probably cry that the day finally came, just like any other grown man does!!!! This was a fun, entertaining experience but there is no switching fandom. The heart wants what the heart wants. GO BILLS
  7. There is NO WAY Mahomes doesn’t play this game. The concussion protocol is all smoke and mirrors. Andy Reid’s presser said it all. They’re trying to steer it in another direction already. It’s the AFC championship game and there is zero chance Mahomes doesn’t suit up. Also, I have the Bills winning this game. I could go into all my reasoning but I don’t feel like it right now.
  8. I’m looking at the seedings currently and your Browns take is wrong...... according to ESPN. Just thought I’d throw it out there.
  9. Obviously most people will pick “their” team and one to face. Just wanna get everybody’s take on what game they’d like to watch for the chip. This isn’t a, my team matches up with this team best so I choose them, thread either. Just want to know what game you’d like to watch when the time comes. I personally would love to watch the Bills and Packers in the Bowl. From duking it out in the best fans contest to actually playing for it all would be cool.
  10. I’m in a similar situation myself. I’m thinking of playing Agholor over Woods. Sometimes you have to go with the matchup.
  11. Start 2 PPR Jamal Williams vs Minnesota Robert Woods @ Miami Nelson Agholor @ Cleveland * OR do I play all 3 and sit CEH???? Would Andy Reid actually let Bell dominate the backfield in touches and goal line work against his former team or is it business as usual??? (CONSPIRACY THEORY)
  12. Need two (PPR) CEH Mike Williams Henry Ruggs Big bonuses for long TD’s in this league.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Do you think it’s even worth making the trade? Baltimore is top 3 scoring D. I feel like I may be giving too much up. Let me add, in this league you can start 1 RB and 3 WR.
  14. I need running back help. I have 2 offers on the table. PPR Currently have Singletary, Gaskin, Fournette and Kelley Ridley, Moore, Deebo, Ruggs, Lazard OFFER 1 Miles Sanders for Ridley OFFER 2 Mixon and Cards D for Ruggs and Balt D My other defense is Philly Thoughts and advice please.
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