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  1. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Haha I hear yeah. Mine isn’t exactly for Trent Edwards but that was a bonus at the time.
  2. Titans closing in on deal with RB Derrick Henry

    Great deal. The guarantees work out very nicely for both sides.
  3. Offseason Talk

    I think it depends when he signs. He likely wants to be here long-term but he knows he could really set the market if he signs after a few guys who are due soon too.
  4. Does Matt Ryan win a Super Bowl before the end of his career?

    I think he missed his chance.
  5. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    I could see the NFL doing some lottery system that takes weeks to announce in full so they can do live shows and really try to amp up some type of excitement.
  6. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    His time in Buffalo wasn’t long but at least he’s a player who made a name for himself in the NFL and even Hollywood. Theres some pretty cringe names on this website lol
  7. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Wing Sauce D-Vons Table buffbadbig Cold Front those are random ones I just thought of except the one where you just do your name backwards lol
  8. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Anyone interested in a name change can go to the feedback forum on the bottom of the home page, there is a thread there to request it. You have until July 31st. Figured that may interest some of you with past players @marshawn lynch @leeevans83d
  9. Favorite underrated movie quotes

    "Get off the nuclear warhead.....now!"
  10. NFL has cut preseason games from 4 to 2.

    That is a pretty sweet set up. When Canadians got stuck with Dazn for a season, my dad, my brother and I were all on the same account and the lag, quality and delay was unbelievably bad. I would notifications on my phone from the Bills twitter like two or three plays before the score happened on my t.v.
  11. Super Bowl LV predictions

    That game would be destined to end in a tie.
  12. NFL has cut preseason games from 4 to 2.

    Do you get any issues with lagging when doing it that way?
  13. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    That is amazing! I mean, I'd maybe spend $300 on something like that, not $1300 but still. What a gem.
  14. Super Bowl LV predictions

    Chiefs will be a popular pick and for good reason but I think Baltimore is ready to put to bed the last two playoff losses. I’m hoping Brees plays lights out in his final season.