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  1. lol it’s Canadian military so my experiences will be a tad different then yours haha
  2. It looked like he was asking about a review for the Allen 3rd down play.
  3. He was past the line of scrimmage by like 4 yards when Beasley came open. Try harder.
  4. We're basically in field goal range. Need to chill and work the clock and be smart with the ball.
  5. I want it to happen in a blow out win because I'm tired of the announcers bringing it up everytime they are down there....You just know it'll happen at a heartbreaking moment.
  6. He's a LB wearing number 9....he is not smart lol
  7. 3 time outs and the two minute warning. Whole playbook is open. No reason to force anything
  8. Pretty sure this game will end with a Josh redzone pick based on this thread lol
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