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  1. Was hoping he’d compete for the swing tackle position this season. Hopefully he gets his body right. Has his whole life ahead of him.
  2. Sorry guys, Just got notice from upstairs, being summoned in for training for 30 days starting Monday. Not going to be able to do this after all.
  3. Trading up twice in the first round, selecting Josh Allen 7th overall. So far so good.
  4. OT Trey Adams has retired. Not a huge deal other than a camp body. Right now it appears to be Bates vs Hart for the swing tackle spot.
  5. @ny92mikeill take the Panthers if no one else has called them. Bills and Panthers have shared a lot of players recently so might as well share a GM. Thanks again Carolina for Beane and McDermott
  6. No I don’t see a pass rusher at 30. I think it would be a waste. Unless they identify a guy they think can be a Bosa or Young, two guys who didn’t get double digits in year 1, I think grabbing a pass rusher in rounds 3-5 makes more sense. I’m much happier going with the floor of Addison who knows the system over a player who has injury concerns, and there is floor is being a bust of a signing. I think they are correctly banking on a jump from Epenesa in year 2 and having a better 4th option then Murphy or Johnson provided last year in Obada or a rookie. I think the Bills wi
  7. Having a hard time believing a guy with 0 sacks in 2020 is the Bills answer at pass rush this season.
  8. Sacks aren’t the only story but 3 in the last two years means he is not very good. No matter what way you slice it. He isn’t some Mario Williams level player. 4th team in 4 years and once again settling for a short term prove it deal. He isn’t a long term guy here. No Seahawk or Titans fan was sad to see him go. That should tell you something. He’ll spend more time injured them playing.
  9. I think he’ll have a good year being on the opposite side of Myles Garrett but I don’t think he would have changed anything for us. I wouldn’t have paid him that much. Addison had more sacks last year then Clowney has in the last two. He’s always been overrated.
  10. So Jaelen Phillips like I listed? Im all for upgrading swing tackle.. but round two? And Brown? Pass.
  11. Thanks @EaglesPeteCand @ny92mike! This was a lot of fun. Buffalo Bills 2021 Draft Class: 1st Round: RB Najee Harris - Alabama 2nd Round: OG Wyatt Davis - Ohio St 3rd Round: DE Patrick Jones - Pitt 5th round: CB Shakur Brown - Mich St. 5th round: WR Shi Smith - South Carolina 5th round: DT Tedarrel Slaton - Florida 6th round: S Jacoby Stevens - LSU 7th round: LB Isaiah McDuffie- Boston College UDFA: OT Adrian Ealy - Oklahoma RB Jaret Patterson - Buffalo WR Tyler Vaughns - USC DT Austin Faoliu - Oregon CB Isaiah Dunn - Oregon St. DE Romeo McKnight - Ch
  12. The FFMD has come to a close. Above is the official draft class and our 8 UDFA that were selected first come first serve and picks were to be made one at a time for eight hours. Let me know what you think! Sorry anyone I forgot. @Nick@Kmart128 @soflbillsfan @bigbadbuff@Thelonebillsfan@Maxmw22@WizeGuy
  13. Buffalo Bills 8th claim: DB JR Pace - Northwestern
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