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  1. I haven’t seen anything recently from Davis but all last year he posted about a “Plandemic” and being anti vax
  2. Bills camp battles: LG: Cody Ford vs Ike Boettger WR5: Isaiah McKenzie vs Isiah Hodgins vs Marquez Stevenson CB2: Levi Wallace vs Dane Jackson Returner: McKenzie vs Stevenson vs Brandon Powell
  3. This will be the first time since the 1996 season that the Bills return the same HC, OC and starting QB for a 4th straight year* Pretty exciting to see what more the offense can do. Diggs gets a full off season with Allen and has a full season in the offense. Bills also have two 3rd year players who could make a jump (Devin Singletary, Cody Ford) and two 2nd year players who could see a jump as well (Gabe Davis, Zack Moss) which may help take the offense to another level. *Allen didn’t start week 1 in 2018 but played in that game started 11 others.
  4. There’s going to be a lot of pissed off people who don’t understand the rights of a business or their union. Next few weeks will be fun.
  5. Both overthecap and spotrac are showing them under the cap, albeit not by much. But cutting him doesn't look like an option or at least one their GM is currently looking at. And clearly no team is willing to trade anything for the contract or recent production.
  6. Bills at 14 makes sense to me. Two good tackles and a solid Center. Question marks and inconsistencies at Guard. Middle of the pack unit.
  7. That’s a lot of dough. But 49ers are in a window now where they can likely do these things more with a rookie QB contract
  8. At least in both these examples, the Chargers and Seahawks won a playoff game and weren’t one and done. NE should be upset with themselves that year because Miami won the division with the same record (season of the wildcat game) but got shellacked in the wildcard game. Patriots very likely would have put up a better fight against the Ravens.
  9. Next years twist: There are no twist. Just play the game.
  10. I’m hoping my 7 month old son will look back on these Bills and the history the same way we do the 90’s. Of course with 4 minor differences 😃
  11. Reason people wanted Beasley to just shut up in the first place: He’s now knowingly sharing information about Bills player(s) that otherwise would likely have been kept private and have no reason to be public knowledge. Regardless of your position on the matter, no one should disagree that Beasley is Doing damage to the team and I guarantee McDermott and Beane are not going to be happy. Wouldn’t be shocked if they are allowed to fine him for conduct detrimental to the team. Whether or not they do remains to be seen.
  12. What about the blocked FG against Denver in Week 4 of the 1990 season: I wasn’t alive then so until just now I didn’t know this game took place let alone the events that occurred. I have some knowledge of the playoffs and obviously the SB but that’s about it until 1999.
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