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  1. Buffalo Bills FFMD II War Room

    This is based on what I think the Bills will do: 1. Jeremy Chinn 2. Kyle Dugger 3. Edge defender of some kind 4. WR 5. OL if Jonathan Taylor is there I think he will be/should be the selection.
  2. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 04/01/2020)

    Those first three rounds are perfect. Everything else is icing on this tables, ladders and chairs cake.
  3. 2 Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    Looks good to me.
  4. Bills sign DE Mario Addison (3 year deal)

    Beane said today that Addison and Hughes lived together while they were both with the Colts. Now they may be getting after the QB at the same time. Fun stuff.
  5. Offseason Talk

    I am with yeah on everything you said @soflbillsfan. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Shenault and Higgins both fall the 3rd. I also heard the Bills contacted Minnesota about Diggs at the trade deadline last year. Feel like we would have won the division had the Vikings moved him then. I feel like this off-season has lined up for us to go anywhere at 54. Outside of a QB, Punter and Kicker no position we draft would surprise me. Jeremy Chinn and Kyle Dugger are the current popular choices for Buffalo on twitter and some media.
  6. Offseason Talk

    I think because they will go BPA approach, that means a WR will be taken. This class is too deep for a guy, or several, to be at the top of their board when they're on the clock. There is also this comment from Beane will is true for every position, but certainly WR with how below average we are after the top 3 and how readily available guys will be in the draft.
  7. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 04/01/2020)

    Would be awfully tempting to go Michael Pittman or Chase Claypool at 86 instead but I could certainly live with this draft!
  8. Seven Rounds w Trades, post FA and Combine, Mr Fluffles V2

    I'll take this all day everyday and twice on Sundays. Draft crush. Yes please! Him or Antonio Gandy-Golden make a lot of sense. Would like to address DE before this but it is hard to argue with the top 3 selections. Gipson is a solid choice. I am willing to bet good money that this pick is Shaquille Quarterman. I like the idea of adding depth to the OL. Even if it is late. Works for me. Though a Punter/Kicker wouldn't be the worst thing either. Absolutely nothing wrong with this Bills draft.
  9. Barrett 6.0. 3 round draft w/trades!

    Jonathan Taylor in round 2 please. Like Dantzler in round 3 a lot.
  10. Offseason Talk

    My thoughts as well. If we still believe the old adage that WR's take at least two years to fully develop in the NFL then grabbing a guy now to sit behind Brown/Beasley makes a lot of sense. I love that Smoke will be facing CB2 more often now. But after this season I would expect to see at least some kind of decline from a 31 year old who relies on speed during the 2021 season.
  11. How has your team done in FA?

    Buffalo Bills: IN: CB Josh Norman - Won't be asked to do much. Returns to a favorable scheme where he once excelled. Getting beat deep won't be an issue with Bills Safeties back there. CB EJ Gaines - When he is healthy he fits the Bills defense perfectly. But he is never healthy. Good competition to have for camp. LB AJ Klein - Knows the system and is a solid player who's entering a prime age. Not a flashy signing but a solid one Brandon Beane has made a living off of. LB Tyler Matakevich - Will be a core Special Teams player. Led the NFL in special teams tackles over the past 4 years. DL Quinton Jefferson - A moveable piece across the DL that should add depth right away. One of my favorite signings. DL Vernon Butler - One year deal on a guy coming off his best statistical year could pay huge dividends. Reminds me of the Jordan Phillips signing in 2018. DL Mario Addison - Should be an upgrade to Shaq Lawson for this season at least. Bills need to attack the passer and he does exactly that. RB Taiwan Jones - Another core special teams player. Probably better than what Senorise Perry offered last season. OL Daryl Williams - Adds flexibility across the line and competition for the back end of the OL. May not even make final roster though. *Traded for WR Stefon Diggs* This is the headliner as Diggs adds something the Bills haven't had since Stevie Johnson really (consistently anyway). Allowing John Brown to see CB2 more often and forcing teams to play more Cover 2 should help the Bills pass game and running game collectively. OUT: CB Kevin Johnson - Was up and down last year. UDFA Levi Wallace outplayed him more often. Solid depth player but not hard to replace. DE Shaq Lawson - Coming off a career year and entering a prime age the Bills could look really foolish for letter him go, if he continues to develop as a pass rusher. DT Jordan Phillips - Had a career resurrection in Buffalo after being picked up on waivers from Miami. If Buffalo didn't just draft Ed Oliver I think he would have been back. Good player but not a lone game changer IMO. LB Lorenzo Alexander (retired) - His leadership and flexibility will be missed for sure. He played LB, DE, DT and basically every special teams. Bills signed 3 guys to try and replace him (Klein, Jefferson, Matakevich). All in all I think the Bills improved their depth and possibly even the player at DE, at least for the interim. Again, Diggs is the headliner and the one that hopefully moves the needle for this team. Bills biggest remaining needs are RB2 and DE3 with questions at RT and CB2.
  12. Walking Dead Season 10 (TV Talk Only) - Spoiler Mines

    Can we please be done with Carol? Also that scene with Negan and Daryl on the tree felt like season 1 or 2 Daryl and Rick to me. Two different back stories but a lot in common including being a survivor.
  13. Bills Sign OT Daryl Williams

    Yeah I would tend to agree with this sentiment. I think the Bills knows it's likely to be a shorten off-season and they want guys they know and are comfortable with. As I said in a different thread, I think Williams is more competition for either Nsehke/Long than he is pushing to start.
  14. Bills Sign OT Daryl Williams

    Earn a starting role yes, he’ll be on the team though 100%. the Bills listed Williams as a G/T in the press release so I think it’s fair to assume he’ll compete for time at both. I really think people are underestimating how Ford finished the season. He probably is best off at Guard but I would still trust him over Nsehke and Williams outside.
  15. Bills Sign OT Daryl Williams

    I wanted him last year in free agency thinking he made a lot of sense for the Bills then. Maybe being two seasons fully removed will help him but yeah seeing how badly he struggled everywhere last year has me thinking he is competition for Nsehke and Spencer Long for the last OL spot rather than a starting position.