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  1. AJ Green and Yannick in free agency is a Bills fans dream. I don't love going TE in round 1. Especially with both Higgins and Shenault still available. Good with Neville in round 2.
  2. Good with the 1st round pick based off who is still on the board. Not a fan of round 2. Jk Dobbins, Jonathan Taylor or Denzel Mims would be much better choices and a higher need. No issues with Aiyuk in the 3rd, even if we go WR in round 2.
  3. Offseason Talk

    i forget which time slot it was but on channel 88 someone named "TK" called in and was talking about the Bills and asking about free agency. Said he was a fan for over 40 years lol.
  4. Offseason Talk

    @Tk3 Did you call into Sirius XM yesterday to talk about our beloved Bills?
  5. Bills Mock Draft 1.0

    WR's this year are so much like ice cream. A thousands different flavours. I for one do not have a preference and trust our brain trust when they do select one (or more). Good pick. Having drafted Neal in 2018 and Johnson in 2019 I would be surprised if we took a S this early. I am all for adding play makers to the offense. I have high hopes for Knox but another weapon never hurts. Again, love the thought process of adding more play makers to the O. I could see us going RB as high as round 2. I like the position just not the player. We value coverage and versatility. I have zero issues doubling down at the WR position. I am of the belief that a CB should be drafted every year so I am good with this. If we do add a stud DE in free agency I am good with waiting for an Edge player. But I personally would take one by round 3 at the latest. OL depth is always a need. I like it. All in all I would give the draft a B +. You added play makers to the offense and filled depth elsewhere. But I don't see us going S that early or taking a old school LB. I also would prefer to add an EDGE player much early and that prevents this draft from getting an A from me.
  6. This off-season of musical chairs at QB has the potential to look like Madden when it is all said and done.
  7. Cam Newton '15 vs Lamar Jackson '19

    Lamar would have jumped on the fumble in the SB.
  8. Our Offense

    If we go LB in round 1 I hope it is for a guy who plays mainly Edge for us. I also would toy with the idea of moving Milano to Zo's old spot where he has gotten valuable reps and see if one of Joseph, Thompson or a rookie/FA can take the other spot. K'Lavon Chaisson at 22 would be awesome. He can stand up and be in Zo's spot on early downs and play DE on obvious passing downs.
  9. Offseason Talk

    Yeah saying Lawson was non-existent for 3 years prior is not accurate or fair at all. Judging him by what he did his rookie season as an OLB in Rex's defense to the player he is now is apples to orange soda. Not even comparable. He has improved every year in McFrazier's defense and is unquestionable our best run stopping DE. I implore anyone who doubts that, to go back and watch the Ravens game. His 18 Hits on the QB can't be ignored either. Even if we do re-sign Lawson we have a hole at DE that needs to be filled. I can't imagine how bad it would be if we lose him and fail to get one of the top guys (who I predict end up with their current teams or tag and traded).
  10. Offseason Talk

    Yeah I don't think any of the big DE free agents will end up being here or possibly even hit the market. Clowney looks poised to stay in Seattle and like you said, Yannick is priority one for the Jags. I think that makes Shaq Lawson even the more important to re-sign.
  11. Our Offense

    Bills twitter seems to love Laviska. With how deep this class is, It wouldn't surprise me to see us wait to round 2 if a Edge player or LB falls to 22.
  12. Our Offense

    Giants requested permission to speak with Daboll for their OC permission. We denied it. Maybe this idea that it is not a scheme issue but rather a execution issue isn't too crazy.
  13. Offseason Talk

    Someone is going to "over pay" Phillips on the market. Beane won't get into a bidding war. If Phillips market isn't as high as he likely thinks it is, I could see him coming back but at this point I would be surprised. I think both Spain and Lawson come back. Beane in the year end press conference referenced their desire to retain their own guys and he didn't expect to be big players in free agency. I think we'll see what the price tag is for Yannick but I'm not sure this staff is ready to go all out for him. Beane did say we are not one player away. Top 3 positions of need IMO: DE-WR-RB (no specific order). Bills need to be able to get after the quarterback more consistently and they lack an alpha at DE. Offensively, the Bills have some building blocks but adding two more legit threats to score is surely needed. I would love a stud WR, who wouldn't? As well as a RB who can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball. Singletary is a mix of Freddy and Shady to me. Very shifty and hard to bring down like LeSean was, but lacks break away speed and won't have many 25+ runs. If we lose Spain or Feliciano injury has a set back, OG would be a huge need as well. I think we bring back Waddle as insurance for Ty and Ford at Tackle.
  14. Post Divisional 4 Rounder with Comp Picks

    Love it for the Bills.
  15. Our Offense

    I see us adding a few WR's. I think the staff likes the veterans they have. I see them going after lesser named commodities who are looking for an opportunity and are cheap FA's. Maybe two (Laquon Tredwell,Chester Rodgers, Devin Funchess, Justin Hardy as examples) and then doubling up in the draft. I have loved Tee Higgins for over a year. I wanted to come in tonight and say that so after he goes off tonight I am not wrongfully accused of jumping on his bandwagon or having recency bias.