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  1. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    I think with the deal certainly suggest he was the starter or at the very least his job to lose. The drafting of two TE's and bringing in different veterans makes me believe they are not as high on Croom as some fans.
  2. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    Senorise Perry will wear #32 which hasn't been worn since OJ. It was like an "unwritten rule" that it was an untouchable number but Perry has family ties to the number and asked for it. McDermott and the media staff met with retired players and the leadership group to discuss bringing it back.
  3. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    The Bills started OTA's yesterday and today there was media coverage which really gets the off-season rolling. Few notes so far: - Bills re-sign Jerry Hughes to a two year extension. - Josh Allen, Foster and Zay were on fire during the 2 minute drill. - Jon Feliciano started at C with Morse and Bodine not practicing. - Beasley and Gore likely won't practice until TC
  4. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    Annoying and unfortunate for him no doubt. But cutting him would be a mistake.
  5. Cardinals corner Patrick Peterson suspended 6 games

    Good. The Cardinals shouldn't have to help out financially because of his intended actions.
  6. Now what....

    My best guess is McDermott and Beane appear to share a philosophy of getting their young players playing time and sprinkled in during their rookie year. I think they would rather see what Neal and J. Johnson can do as opposed to bringing in injured veterans.
  7. AFC East is going to be the most exciting division, soon

    In fairness, the OP was correct. This division became very exciting in the last 30 hour.
  8. 2020 Head Coaching Candidates?

    If the Bills offense finish in the 20-15 range I could Daboll getting some interviews. He comes from the Belichick/Saban tree and has the opportunity to show he can develop a QB.
  9. Gase is definitely a mistake. And if that is true then wow. Just wow.
  10. Jets should trade Bell to Pittsburgh
  11. Macc sucks so that part makes sense. Letting Gase be his own GM seems very disastrous.
  12. Right after the draft yes. But Sean Mcdermott was in charge of free agency and the draft before that move was made official.
  13. QB EJ Manuel retires

    It's what happens when your GM is like 100 years old and caught in a recording saying they needed a franchise QB and were moving on from Fitzpatrick. If memories serves, Doug Marrone was hired under the impression he would have Fitzpatrick on the roster. He did not want to draft Manuel and he really didn't want to trade up for Watkins in 2014. The Buddy Nix, Doug Whaley era really were dark times.
  14. Pancho Billa enters Hospice

    RIP Brother.
  15. Miserable Hot Takes

    Bills related: Really wanted Michael Floyd over Gilmore or anyone from the 2012 draft. Believed Doug Marrone would end the drought (came close) and would be the longest tenured Bills HC. I didn't think the Bills over payed for Watkins and what he could do for Manuel. NFL: Thought New England would never get back to the SB with Brady after second loss to the Giants. Assumed Luck would never play again. Doug Pederson would crash and burn