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  1. TCMD War Room

    I think Miller should bounce back in a power scheme. He was the best OL on the team in 2016.
  2. TCMD War Room

    DO IT!
  3. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    Another con I would add to Rosen is his two concussions. For his sake outside of football I hope he never gets another one. From a football standpoint however, that is something teams should worry about. Also I would say Sal Capaccio is more plugged in then Joe B. Just a personal opinion.
  4. What Do YOU Want to do at QB?

    There seems to be a small contingent that believe the Bills could select Lamar Jackson at 21 or 22 as Brian Daboll could design a perfect offense for him and his character fits in really well with McDermott.
  5. What Do YOU Want to do at QB?

    I'd honestly rather stick with Tyrod over bringing in AJ. In fact, outside of Cousins I would rather stick with Tyrod then bring in any other veteran as a bridge QB. For me, its draft pick or bust.
  6. Vontae Davis Visiting the Bills

    Likely a much cheaper option then Gaines, Bills could find a long term solution in round 3 or 4. He also wouldn't count towards the compensatory for the 2019 draft as he was released in the fall.
  7. What Do YOU Want to do at QB?

    Eric Galko said on his podcast and this morning on WGR that the belief around the league is Josh Rosen is the apple to Buffalo's eye. Many others have come out saying that Galko is very plugged in around the league and he apparently was the first one last year to say the Bears would give up anything for Trubisky. He thinks the Bills and Giants use their connection together and strike a deal. Buffalo has officially visited UCLA twice. Outside of maybe the price to get to number 2, would anyone hate this?
  8. 2018 Coaching Changes

    Terry Robiskie has been hired as WR coach. This move is being well thought of around the league. He was the Falcons WR coach for 7 years and got Roddy White to 4 pro bowls during that time. Apparently he is very particular about fundamentals and has amazing attention to detail. Big fan of this hire on paper.
  9. 2018 Coaching Changes

    Phil McGeoghan is moving on to LAC. Pretty happy about this as our WR's were definitely not a strong suit and Zay Jones needed a new voice/coach. Alex Marvez has reported that we have interviewed Terry Robiskie (former Titans OC and Falcons WR coach) and Jimmy Robinson who hasn't coach in the NFL since 2015 when he was the Cowboys WR coach.
  10. What Do YOU Want to do at QB?

    @BigBillsFan13 It may not be directly related to on field ability. But it certainly speaks to their love for the game. I've never heard of anyone who walked on to a team or two that didn't love football. That was one of the questions on Manziel coming out and proved to be true. That's also a question about Josh Rosen this year, albeit to a lesser extent. Fact is, the only similarities between these two men are their height and that they a Heisman Winners.
  11. TCMD War Room

    I would trade up for him but I get peoples reservations about doing so. I don`t think he gets out of the top 10 much like Watson last year.
  12. Some will hate it, but I don`t. Bills get their franchise QB, still have a 2nd round this year and a pick in rounds 3 and 5 as well as two 4ths. They also wouldn`t have broke the bank in next years draft only giving up a 2nd. The only issue someone should have is if they would rather Rosen or Mayfield over Darnold. LVE in round 2 is amazing as well.
  13. Frank Reich taking over Indy. Agrees to 5 year deal.

    He seems like the perfect example of someone who`s a better HC then a coordinator. Time will tell I guess.
  14. Frank Reich taking over Indy. Agrees to 5 year deal.

    I wanted him in 2013 so I am thrilled he is going to a team I semi like and that he finally is getting his shot.