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  1. Game on the line, who gets the ball?

    Allen just keeps it. Run it for 5 yards or 80 IDC. I trust Allen more than most right now. Zay Jones is the likely answer.
  2. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    My current three keepers are Kamara, Mixon and Cooks. I have the 3rd overall pick in our draft. Been offered Tyreek Hill and their 2nd round pick for my 3rd overall. Thoughts?
  3. Frank Gore- HOF?

    He will get in after he helps leads the Bills to a Super Bowl.
  4. I believe it was from a drunk driving incident.
  5. Stranger Things

    I disliked what they did to Hopper in the first two or three episodes. He seemed whiny and a poor boy school crush had completely changed him. Then when crap hit the fan the real Hopper came back and I loved him again. All in all I loved this season. Ironically Dustin and El are the only kids I care about in this show now. I found Nancy and Jonathans story to be a little boring at times too but that hospital scene was straight out of Halloween and I loved it. My outside of the box thinking for who the "American" is, what about Alexei? This is far fetched but maybe he just passed out from the wound and because Joyce and Murray were too rushed to properly check for vital signs, they just assumed he had died. Maybe some of the Russian henchmen picked him up and brought him back to Russia to be a prisoner and as a slight against him, refer to him as the American because he is a "traitor".
  6. Playoff team??

    I think the offense is going to struggle early on. Its a lot of different pieces and it will take time to gel. If the defense can have us 3-2 or at worst 2-3 going into the by I think we can push for 10 wins. The absolute floor with this team (as always, predicated on staying relatively healthy) should be 8 wins IMO. A lot of focus is on Foster from the receiving group, and for good reason, but I am expecting Zay to continue breaking out and become a mid level #1 wideout for us.
  7. As for the write-up, I thought the Bills would be in the low 20's so I didn't find their placement too surprising. The Bills are an easy punch line but the is talent there. 9 or 10 of 11 starters returning on D and 7 of those going into their 3rd season together and with Sean McDermott/Frazier means the sky is the limit for this group. As always it will come down to Josh Allen. He improved big time after weeks 2-6 to then returning from injury in week 12 and was one play away from having a 4-2 record (6-5 overall) in that last haul.
  8. They may not be world beaters but Cole Beasley and John Brown are hardly no names. Brown was on pace for 1000 yards before Jackson took over and their offense changed. And they are certainly both upgrades to Kelvin Benjamin and Isiah McKenzie/Andre Holmes.
  9. Worst Off-Season Ever?

    2005 for the Bills easy. Lost Pat Williams, Jonas Jennings and traded away Drew Bledsoe after going 9-7 and being the best team to ever miss the playoffs statistically. The worst was still yet to come. JP Losman became their starter, Kevin Everette nearly died on the field in game 1 and then TKO tore his ACL in week 3.
  10. I haven't looked into it at all but is it safe to assume Glenn gets kicked back out to LT?
  11. I bet you if Blockbuster never went under, they'd have the video behind their curtain.
  12. Exactly. They have probably been planning this for months. Years even. I'm willing to bet the only reason the Pats even won the Super Bowl was so they could catch Houston red handed at this phony ring ceremony.
  13. Everything OTA's

    Josh Allen missed some throws, made some throws, missed some throws and then made some throws.
  14. So you could say the Pats were spying on the Texans and their interactions?
  15. These comments are comedy gold and baseless. Keep it up.