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  1. Tyrod BENCHED

    I mean Buffalo got a starting G/T and WR in round 2 this year. Also Milano who should be starting at WLB was a 5th round pick so its not that out of the question. Reality is they would start out of necessity because Buffalo lacks depth.
  2. Tyrod BENCHED

    Fire Rick Dennison, Hire John DeFilippo Pick up Tyrods option and trade him for a 3rd. Cut Incognitio and Jerry Hughes Don't re-sign: Preston Brown, Humber, Tolbert Re-sign: Gaines, Mathews, Cadet, Thompson Sign Star Lotulelei, Luke Wilson Chase Daniels and bring back the hammer Nigel Bradham for SLB Trade up for Rosen or Darnold by giving up both 1st and a 2nd. Use the 2nd round pick and both 3rds getting a MLB, DE, and RT. QB: Rookie, Daniels, Peterman RB: McCoy, Cadet, Rookie FB: Dimarco TE: Clay, Wilson, O'Leary, Lee WR: Benjamin, Jones, Mathews, Thomspon, Holmes, Reilly LT: Glenn, Henderson LG: Dawkins C: Wood, Groy RG: Ducasse RT: Rookie, McDermott DE: Rookie, Yarbough DT: Washington, rookie DT: Lotuelei, Coleman DE: Lawson, Davis WLB: Milano, Vallejo MLB: Rookie, Lacey SLB: Bradham, Alexander CB:White, Gaines, Free agent pick ups, rookie, rookie FS: Poyer, Thomas SS: Hyde, Elston I don't think this team needs a massive overhaul. They need one or two more studs in the front 7 and then depth throughout the defense. I think the OL could really go to another level if Dawkins moves to Guard (or RT). Of course thats predicated on Glenn actually staying healthy. I really like our WR's if they can ever be on the same field at the same time. A real QB and OC could do wonders too.
  3. Counselor 2 Round

    Land Darnold and still have a 2nd round pick in the back pocket? You know I love it.
  4. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    I wouldn't call it a good throw. At the time I blamed Tyrod 100% for it because Jones was wide open and the ball was placed behind him. In all likelihood the two just weren't on the same page and Tyrod thought he should have gone up and Jones took it towards outside. Either way, it doesn't excuse 57:00 minutes of zero offense and a whopping 3 points.
  5. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    I mean that would suck. But we could also look back at the Panthers game and Bengals game where Tyrod and the offense did nothing.
  6. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    McDermott won't lose his job over this but it's certainly possible he'll lose the locker room which in turn could have him losing his job in a few years. I don't know who or how, but McDermott needs to hire a young stud OC who can oversee the transition to the a rookie QB because Dennison is not that guy.
  7. Peterman?

    The rest of this season for me is less about winning and more about seeing how players react to McDermott and hoping he doesn't lose the lockeroom. People always buy in when you're winning but we're in the middle of a 3 game losing streak with more than likely 2 more to follow. How does he react as a coach and how do the leaders on the team respond? December will be interesting for a whole different reason then the last few years.
  8. Week 11 GDT: Bills @ Chargers- Savior Peterman Edition

    This is my hope too. And as @Counselor said, the 49ers are likely our best bet.
  9. Peterman?

    Yes. Classic Beer goggles typo...
  10. Tyrod BENCHED

    Nah we'll still keep Dennison and let him ruin whatever QB we trade up for.
  11. Peterman?

    I am sure its the beers talking and how hyped I am about this Argo game, but I could see Peterman throwing 4 TD passes today. 1 to Clay, 2 to Benjamin and 1 to Shady. Bills win 31-21.
  12. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    You get the nice weather and year round bikinis. You don't get the donuts and hot coffee as well!
  13. Peterman?

    I disagree. They want competitors and guys who the love the game. That's Mayfield. Outside of one off-field issue from when he was like 18 (which he completely owned up to) he has had no off-field concerns. Has his on field antics gone over well? No. Have they been immature and at times down right stupid? For sure. But the guy wins and plays at a high level. His personality reminds me of Brady but a little less tasteful. That is something that can and likely will change with age. Unlike off-field issues that usually reflect deeper issues such as drugs or alcohol.
  14. Peterman?

    My answer is the same as it would be if Tyrod led us to the playoffs. Fill BPA with accordance to needs. Likely means DE, DT, OG, LT, LB, QB in no particular order unless you believe there is a franchise QB you have a chance to get. In my ideal world, we make the playoffs at 9-7 with Peterman looking good and having the offense perform better. Then re-sign Mathews, Gaines and lure Loutelti away from the Panthers to fill a massive need at DT. Then draft BPA and likely pick up a QB at the end of round 1 or 2 like Mayfield or Finley.
  15. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor for rookie qb Nathan Peterman

    There also seems to be a major misconception about the Bills WR's. Are they big names and game changers? No not really. Have they been open and even wide open at times? Every damn week. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Goodwin and Woods are having career years after leaving the Bills.