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  1. Will Josh Allen become a franchise QB for the Bills?

    He had a better touchdown total and receiving season in 2013 (so yes a better season) but his best rushing season was 2012 with 1,509 rushing yards.
  2. OTA-TC-Pre Season Talk

    Looks as though Vlad Ducasse has moved to LG with the starting unit. Groy is being worked at both C and Guard.
  3. OTA-TC-Pre Season Talk

    Figured with OTA's underway and mandatory minicamp starting soon we could get a thread going. Some early news: - Incognito released and then picked up by Police in Florida. Will Selvaā€¸Verified account @WillSelvaTV 4m4 minutes ago More #Bills HC Sean McDermott just said WR Zay Jones had knee surgery. Out for remainder of spring. #BillsMafia
  4. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Hopefully Allen doesn't play a down this season. Though I could see him getting playing time in the final four weeks when 3 games are at home and the Bills are likely out of playoff contention. I think Rosen and Mayfield start at least half the season. Darnold about 4-6 games.
  5. The speed that his life is spinning out of control is unbelievable. Can't help but think if Eric Wood didn't need to retire things would be different with Richie right now.
  6. Theory on Clay's usage in 2018

    Whomever is playing QB this season will likely rely on Clay a lot more then Tyrod ever did. I just hope Clay doesn't have as many mental lapses. I would be surprised if he is on the team next season though.
  7. Free Agency News

    Kendricks would be a phenomenal get.
  8. Will Josh Allen become a franchise QB for the Bills?

    Daboll had Colt McCoy, Matt Moore and Matt Cassell to work with in his previous stints as an OC. 2012 Kansas City Chiefs: 5th in rushing2011 Miami Dolphins: 11th in rushing2010 Cleveland Browns: 20th in rushing (Peyton Hillis over 1100 yards)2009 Cleveland Browns: 8th in rushing Reggie Bush, Peyton Hillis and Jamaal Charles had their best rushing seasons under Daboll. I think a strong defense and a strong running game is usually the recipe a rookie or young QB needs to work with in order to be successful. I don't think Allen should or will start the season or even get into more than 6 games. But I don't the supporting cast is as atrocious as some want to believe.
  9. Tattoos

    I have 6 tattoos. The above post is my biggest one. I have two Bills themed ones and one for my daughter as well.
  10. Tattoos

  11. Bold Predictions Thread

    Zay Jones catches 90+ passes for 1100 yards and 9 TD's well cementing himself as a number 1 for the Bills while Benjamin cements himself as a redzone beast with 10 TD's on just 42 catches.
  12. The 2019 Buffalo Defense

    He may have been doing what was asked but its undeniable he doesn't have the same speed off the edge and far too often when asked to rush the passer, he got stood up.
  13. Rookie of the Year Predictions

    ORY: WR Calvin Ridley DRY: S Ronnie Harrison
  14. Predict the Bills 53 Man Roster

    I was thinking of making this thread too but haven't had the chance. Here's mine: QB: McCarron, Peterman, Allen RB: McCoy, Ivory, Jones FB: Dimarco TE: Clay, O'Leary, Croom (really like him) WR1: Benjamin, Holmes WR2: Jones, Reilly, Foster (Daboll is a big fan) WR3: Kerley, Prohel LT: Dawkins, LG: Groy, C: Bodine RG: Miller, Teller RT: Mills, McDermott 24 DE: Hughes, Yarborough 1T: Star, Phillips 3T: Williams, Washington Palepoi DE: Lawson, Murphy, Lewis WLB: Milano, Humber, Stanford MLB: Edmunds, Vallejo SLB: Alexander, Thompson (UDFA) CB: White, Davis, Borders, Johnson, Wallace (UDFA) FS: Poyer, Bush SS: Hyde, Neal 26 K: Hauschka P: Schmidt LS: Reid 3 PS: DE Matt Bosen, OL Ike Boettger, OG Wilson Bell, RB Aaron Green, WR Ray-Ray McLoud, LB Xavier Woodsen-Luster, CB Layfette Pitts.
  15. The 2019 Buffalo Defense

    Love our secondary. Like that we added depth in Bush and Neal. Gaines and Johnson should be a interesting battle for the nickel. Lorenzo really came into his own at the end of last season and especially in that playoff game. Will be interesting to see how he performs this season. Edmunds and Milano could be special together but objectively I also see two young guys who will make their share of mistakes. Star, Adolphus, Kyle and Harrison should be a very formidable combo in the middle. I am scared of our outside on the DL as I think Hughes is Overrated and certainly past his prime. I believe in Lawson but more as a run defender. Murphy, Yarborough etc are going to be fun to follow during the summer but far from any reason for me to believe they will help make our Defense elite or anything. In the end, I think I we have an opportunistic defense who can play sound defense and will make teams earn it but I think they'll finished ranked 15-10 overall.