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  1. Jets WRs vs Bills CBs could be a battle of the “who?” Tomorrow with all the injuries and guys potentially out.
  2. Bills called up Duke Wilkins, Jordan Devey, Andre Smith and Dane Jackson for the game.
  3. Tyler Kroft and Reggie Gilliam will be the active TE tomorrow.
  4. My biggest worry about this game is not losing. It’s Greg Williams being employed knowing he is on his way out. We saw enough dirty or late hits last time, what might we see tomorrow? Allen needs to get the ball out of his hands early. Would be great if we had some semblance of a running game too.
  5. Offense needs to ball out tomorrow because even though it’s the Jets, I don’t see our D doing much.
  6. Oh great. Now They’re beating the Bills this weekend. Confirmed.
  7. They probably did try to trade him. And if you go with the attitude "too bad you signed the deal you are stuck here" that will create locker room issues and deter future free agents from signing here.
  8. Anything less than a major bounce back game from both sides of the ball is concerning.
  9. The next 4 is going to make or break this season. If we lose to the Patriots at home then we are The biggest joke and pretenders I’ve ever seen. That said, I can see us going 4-0 lol.
  10. If a kicker is consistent, they aren’t a free agent right now. Kicking woes are effecting a lot of teams right now. A missed 52 yarder in the pouring rain is hardly the end of the world. And let’s be honest, if it was 23-20, KC would have scored a touchdown at the end of the game and not settled for 3.
  11. I think the loss of Zo and Milano are the biggest issues. Poyer has been trash and Hyde has been no where to be seen (though some of that may be a good thing). Oliver is getting swallowed up and no one else on the DL is doing anything. The offense the last two weeks has been very concerning. Bills are getting bullied at the LOS on both sides.
  12. It’s depressing but Boj seems to have reeled in his big leg the last two weeks. Done a great job of flipping the field. Not that is has mattered.
  13. I really don’t even know who to list to be honest.. Weekly Winners:Week 1: QB Josh AllenWeek 2: QB Josh AllenWeek 3: QB Josh AllenWeek 4: WR Stefon Diggs Week 5: WR Stefon Diggs
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