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  1. VS. Quick Stats: September has been very friendly to the Broncos. Not losing in the 9th month since 2014. Denver hasn't played in Buffalo since 2011 (Infamous Teblow game) which the Bills won 40-14. Broncos RB CJ Anderson is 2nd in the league in rushing. Bills defense is 5th in rushing defense and 2nd overall. Denver is 3rd in rush defense and 4th overall. Fun Facts: Tyrod Taylor almost signed with Denver in 2015 rather than the Bills. Bills OC Rick Dennison played for the Broncos and coached there from 1995-2009 and again in 2015 through last season. The Bills also interviewed current Broncos HC Vance Joseph for their HC position before hiring Sean McDermott The 2011 draft netted the Broncos LB Von Miller with the 2nd overall pick. The Bills took Marcel Dareus 3rd overall. 5 Previous Games: 2014: Buffalo 17 @ Denver 24 2011: Denver 14 @ Buffalo 40 2008: Buffalo 30 @ Denver 23 2007: Denver 15 @ Buffalo 14 2005: Denver 28 @ Buffalo 17 Analysis: The Bills are in the middle of a 3 week stretch where they are playing 3 of the last 4 Super Bowl teams. The Bills offense was beyond horrendous last week in Carolina which directly lead to their loss. Denver shocked many when they dominated the Cowboys at home in all phases of the game. Trevor Seimen looked like more than just a stop gap starter, but rather a top 10 quarterback who can lead his team to the promise land. The Denver defense does not appear to be missing Wade Phillips as they've continued pressuring the QB and making it a no fly zone for opposing QB's. Buffalo's defense has seen a resurgence under Sean McDermott and Leslie Frazier, registering 7 sacks in two games and allowing just 15 points.. The Bills offense however, is as stale as its been in years. The WR's lack separation and speed, Taylor lacks anticipation and trust and the OL hasn't completely gotten the running game going for McCoy. Buffalo will need to turn things around in a hurry if they hope to move the ball against a stingy Bronco D. Conclusion: Even though the Bills are at home and for now it appears their defense is headed back towards its 2014 form, the Broncos are a legitimate SB contending team who don't lose these games very often. I think Buffalo sticks with them for a bit, but a late interception and Bronco TD seals the road win. Broncos 23 Bills 13.
  2. Hard to say. He was inactive last week, but I can't imagine he was signed without passing a physical first.
  3. Surprised by both to be honest. Jenkins was just singed and seemed like a nice scheme fit. Not like the starting LB's have played well enough to keep competition away. Elston was a nice pre-season player and had played over 62% of special teams plays in two weeks. Having two open roster spots will create a lot of speculation.
  4. WGR 550‏Verified account @WGR550 18m18 minutes ago More The #Bills have released S Trae Elston and LB Jelani Jenkins. They now have two available spots on the 53-man roster. These signings are incredibly meh. Blanton is a huge liability in coverage and Coleman is nothing more than JAG.
  5. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    I may have been premature with this comment. Broncos look a lot better on O then I thought they would. And their D is still good despite no Wade Phillips.
  6. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Bills and Panthers had one today
  7. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    On the brightside, we're home to Denver next week and get to play the Bunguls before the bye. Not crazy to think we'll be 3-2 headed into the bye followed by 2 more homes games.
  8. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    There seems to be a lot of people split on this. In the moment I felt as though Zay was wide open and had to turn back for the back whereas it should have been put in front of him. The other argument I have seen is that Tyrod was expecting Zay to turn up field toward the endzone. Either way, I think we can blame both and unless this passing O figures everything out soon, we are going to waste a great D season.
  9. Week 2: Buffalo "Panthers" at Carolina Panthers

    Congrats on the win! I has a blast in Charlotte and the Panthers fan were nothing but class and respectful.
  10. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    Just got back to the hotel. So our O is really bad. Tyrod is just....well yeah, I hate him. Our wideouts can't get open and we obviously need a true #1. Clay looked like he played well but wasn't the difference maker we needed today. Shady had a real rough game, not surprising considering the D we were playing, but frustrating none the less. I love McD and I love our D.
  11. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    I'll keep an eye out for yeah haha. Fiance and I will be tailgating at the Tavern on the tracks bar on Tryon Road.
  12. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    I'll be wearing the white Dareus in the nose bleeds myself!
  13. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    Also for those of us that will be in Charlotte, if you all want to me up Saturday night or pre game or what have you let me know!
  14. College QB Watchlist

    6 wins would give us a top 10 pick. Far from impossible.
  15. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    The Bills have enough ammo in the draft that cheering for a loss in week 2 is ridiculous IMO. As i've said I am going to the game and my fiance is a Panther fan so I am seriously rooting for a win. I don't see it though. I'll say Panthers 20, Bills 16.