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  1. Regardless of whether Gabe Davis plays, I think we are a big game from Emmanuel Sanders.
  2. I think this is a big swing in favour of the Bills. Waddle looks good but not having that other burner on the field will allow the Bills to bracket him and keep plays in front like they’ve done so well under McDermott.
  3. This game sets up to tell the tale of the season. A Dolphins win and they are in prime position to to take the division, even if it just September. If the Bills win I think people go back to their pre season predictions of the Bills being SB contenders. So much flopping lol
  4. Ehh there was more than just the miss deep shot to Sanders. He floated a few balls, especially on the flea flicker to diggs, he fumbled twice and was forcing things downfield when underneath stuff was there. He wasn’t the worse guy on the field by any means but even with the play of the OL, we should expect better from him.
  5. Been a hectic week so this GDT won’t be pretty. Bills are 0-1 and the Dolphins are 1-0. The winner of this will be the early leader in the division. Simply put, the Bills need this game. Was week 1 the 2019 version of Josh and the offense or was it just the version of Josh and the offense against the Steelers that has struggled the last 3 meetings? If we assume the latter and that trend to continue then the Bills offense can put up 30+ points this week. Defensively the Bills looked very good. They stopped the run, pressured Ben and forced incompletions. Some untimely and qu
  6. Wow is right. I bid 82% of my budget. I got him. Last year I didn’t even spend 65% of it so we’ll see what happens haha
  7. This is great insight, thank you! My league is a rookie keeper league so I know I won’t be able to trade for Sermon but I am going to go all out on Mitchell
  8. Is Mitchell worth a big chunk of FAAB? I’m thin at RB but worried about Sermon
  9. That’s why the Meyer hire never made sense to me in the first place.
  10. As is expected, Bills Twitter is in full panic mode lol. Ive seen everything from fire Daboll to start Trubisky to trade for Davin Cool lol. I think people, myself included, forgot how touch the matchup always is with Pittsburgh. The outcome yesterday was almost identical to last years game from a stat standpoint except the Steelers won this time off a D/ST touchdown and not Buffalo.
  11. The Bills don’t have the OL or RBs that Cleveland does. I think they were able to run in the 4th because they were down by 10 and the Steelers dropped coverage even farther back. Before then Singletary was getting met at the line. The Chiefs and Ravens showed last year that if you can get pressure with 4 and drop 7 then the Bills passing offense can become very stagnant. The Steelers worked that game plan to a T yesterday. Even still, there were plays to be made but Allen and the offense were rattled from the first drive.
  12. What a brutal day for everyone except Cody Ford and Boettger lol
  13. @joeybrowner47 Trolling is against forum rules. If you need a refresher, DM me.
  14. No I mean watching interviews with him reading about his story actually learning about the person you claim to know. What’s with the hyperbole? 500 targets? Pretty sure passing is a sustainable way to win in today’s NFL. You’re the one coming in here trying to troll or claim that Stefon will be a problem. Sounds like you’re a Vikings fan who can’t move on and is just projecting because your team loss to the Bengals. Go back to your bridge.
  15. I voted Bass. He has become extremely reliable and though our defense played great there wasn’t one particular player who stood above the rest for me. It was more of a whole unit thing.
  16. I would say today’s loss was more annoying than discouraging. Defense did it’s job and so did Tyler Bass. But the offense was either missing guys wide open, not blocking, fumbling, taking penalties or calling the most ridiculous plays . As a unit the offense lost the game and failed to put the Steelers away early. It has been that way against Pitt the last two years but in those games they made enough plays to win. Today they did not. The blocked punt for a TD was obviously the difference maker. Bright side, we got pressure with the DL and got home twice. The run defense was gr
  17. Tough loss. Offense never got into rhythm, there was a major specials teams gaff and defense couldn’t get turnovers despite playing well. Who was our best player in week 1?
  18. No worries man! Glad you got guys you liked nonetheless!
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