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  1. These are definitely the hottest needs. There's a chance we sort out those positions via FA, but Daviyon Nixon (interior rush) and Zaven Collins (pass rush sometimes) are still the top two on my attainable board.
  2. The nerds are smart enough to know that pass rush and pass defense are what really matters most. DE, CB are our most pressing needs with LB, S, and DT all being spots we could use a starter. DE and CB probably get figured out in FA while we go young at the other three areas of weakness if I had to guess.
  3. This would be an excellent draft for a really bad team. With opt outs and the shortened CFB season there's going to be a bunch of teams trying to move up for guys they think are guaranteed studs. If your team has a ton of holes, it's open season this draft.
  4. Interesting thoughts here, and I think you hit on the only reason why the FO would consider a LB in round 1: they'd have to be a swiss army knife kind of player. Don't think we have a chance at Parsons, but Zaven Collins out of Tulsa is 100% that dude. Think we'll have him rush the passer about as often as he drops into coverage. He's got like a Von Miller-lite quality to his game where he can fit pretty much anywhere. The issue is he was kind of a one year wonder and plays for Tulsa.
  5. Probably gets similar opportunities opposite Myles. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Tartt and Williams are both secondary guys who have played in Woods' system for the 49ers. Williams was here back a couple of seasons ago so the link is even stronger. Hendrickson and Ingram are guys on complete opposite ends of the spectrum who I could see us deciding between. Hendrickson being a kind of one hit wonder who killed it last season and Melvin Ingram being a consistently great player until the last few years where he's been marred by injury.
  7. I think we'll be spenders in FA/Trades as well. I'm positive we'll come away with one or more of these guys: Melvin Ingram, DE Leonard Williams, DT Trey Hendrickson, DE Bud Dupree, DE KJ Wright, LB K'Waun Williams, CB Jaquiski Tartt, S Malik Hooker, S
  8. Josh Allen looks stupid enough to never feel pain. He's got three legged dog energy.
  9. He's great but I think there's no chance he falls to us.
  10. With the year of college football that just played, those later round draft picks are going to be worth squat. I'd do everything in my power to acquire future picks/higher picks with anything outside of round 3.
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