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  1. (Poll) Win-Loss Predictions

    I'm genuinely worried that we already don't know how to handle success as a fan base and we haven't even had it. Smart money would bet us as the wildcard team or just missing the playoffs since everyone has us as the AFC North darling because of the Odell trade. I'm a believer, but 10-6 is way more realistic than 12-4 with a rookie HC and completely new OC, DC, and ST. There will be lumps early and the whining will be intense.
  2. (Poll) Win-Loss Predictions

    Something about 10-6 just feels right. 3-3 before the bye while the rust comes off and the new coaches work their magic and a late season explosion makes sense to me.
  3. Real Schedule Released

    I've always preferred watching the game at a bar or at home with friends over actually going. Granted, the team has never been good enough in my lifetime to enjoy without spending a ton of money on beer, but at least that cost guarantees me a good time.
  4. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    This is my best guess of what happens in the Draft before it actually occurs. Obviously trades will happen, but it's a waste trying to predict those. I'm a lot more confident in the order in which positions will be taken rather than the players. 49. Rock Ya-Sin/Julian Love/Amani Oriwarye/Justin Layne, CB (or however you spell it): I'm pretty sure this pick is a CB. I think Dorsey realizes the DB is the weakest part of the team and looks to improve there. I honestly don't care who gets picked here out of these guys, but I would bet on it being one of them. 80. Amani Hooker, S: Really good at closing gaps. Reminds me a lot of how we've used Peppers in the past once he moved to SS. 119. Germaine Pratt, LB: My favorite LB prospect not named Devin. A good all around LB, but really helps in run support. 144. Armon Watts, DT: A middle round DT for depth. 155. Michael Jordan, IOL: A middle round IOL for depth at G or C. 170. Austin Bryant, DE: A pass rusher who blended in at Clemson. Has the right size for 4-3 DE. 189. Tommy Sweeney, TE: We need a sure handed target for simple red zone routes. Daniel Fells was the guy last year, but Sweeney's tape shows tons of promise for those quick hits over the middle. 221. Penny Hart, WR: In the event Duke Johnson is traded, Penny Hart could be the next step Gadget player. He's little and quick, returns kicks, and has visited the team already, but late round guys are hard to call.
  5. Real Schedule Released

    If we take 3 of those first 5 before the bye that's playoffs for sure.
  6. What is your worst Browns take since the return.

    Where's Brownie at?
  7. What is your worst Browns take since the return.

    This is a pretty fresh one, but with the direction the team is heading it's pretty undeniable: mine is preferring Darnold over Baker.
  8. Expansion draft game

    For Cleveland prior to FA: Seth Devalve, TE Jamie Collins, OLB Chad Thomas, DL Darren Fells, TE Derrick Kindred, SS
  9. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    Jericho Cotchery Cade McNown Sean Jones Jamir Miller Mark Brunell
  10. Your Sleeper team for 2019

    I'll go Jags. I feel like the AFC south is in a constant flux of teams being really good or heartbreakingly bad. I'll say after a not so good season they rebound under the leadership of BDN.
  11. New uniforms in 2020

    Good. Everything but the all Browns look lame right now.
  12. Dawgs Gotta Eat

    I'll say Kirksey rebounds to have an impressive season and leads the team in tackles.
  13. Germaine Pratt is really solid, gonna have to disagree on him. His floor is Craig Robertson but he looks a lot like the LB the Colts picked up last year with pads on.
  14. Nostalgia Browns

    Seneca Wallace
  15. Nostalgia Browns

    Chris Crocker.