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  1. 1st Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    You made five versions of this mock and the Browns take the same guy each time. Can I ask why?
  2. Raiders sign Damarious Randall

    Randall rules and I wish him all the best in Vegas. The better your cornerbacks are, the better he seems to play. Big personality that clashes sometimes with coaches, but he actually gives a damn.
  3. Prob better than last season. Def too early to be hyped. Predraft prediction: 7-9
  4. FFMD 2020 - Cleveland Browns War Room

    Honestly the real life FO has done a really good job at plugging holes. I'd try to trade up from our 2nd round pick to secure a solid starting caliber DB or LB in the draft, but there isn't a whole lot for the forum to chat about IMO.
  5. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Walter football is a garbage site for news. That guy has been consistently wrong about many things and often edits his predictions once events occur to seem right.
  6. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    I’ve already penciled in Becton as our pick at 10. Biggest gamble, but if he works oh god he’ll work well. Wills and wirfs will be gone at 10, and as safe as Andrew Thomas is, the buzz has died on him for a reason (scheme fit and jack of all trades master of none).
  7. Free Agency Discussion

    If we trade down the Jets are almost certainly taking another LT prospect which means we're definitely not interested in any of the top guys. I don't buy it. We're all in on either Wills, Thomas, or Becton.
  8. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    There’s a public health crisis going on. This is the best option they have.
  9. It does, but if I’m not inadvertently killing someone’s grandparents I guess it’s a net positive.
  10. Just cancelled all of my honeymoon stuff. I'll never look at bats the same way. They cost me a pretty penny today, but at least I have my health (for now).
  11. Jack Conklin Signed

    This sadly means the ship has sailed on Ezra Cleveland. Would have been really cool to have a player with the city on the back of his jersey. Missed opportunity really.
  12. Jack Conklin Signed

    I think a little bit of that may be due to the strengths of Tennessee’s system.
  13. Jack Conklin Signed

    The 20 mill in year one is such a good idea. Burn as much of the money up front as possible.
  14. Browns sign TE Austin Hooper

    I think we’re going all in on the offense
  15. With an extra game at hand depth becomes super important. Season is going to be grueling for the older guys.