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  1. It’ll be closer than the Ravens or Steelers game, but I expect a close loss in the same vein as the Raiders game. As long as it’s competitive I’ll be content, honestly. Would love to steal it here, but think it’s more likely when we’re home again for Baltimore.
  2. 2 more wins. That's all it looks like it'll take. 2 more wins plz.
  3. 8-3 Jerome Boger suck our *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Worse than the Duke Johnson call from years ago. Absolutely disgusting.
  5. Jerome Bogert should be fired for these calls.
  6. No takeaways or sacks. D has been cushiony today for sure.
  7. That was my instinct. He never took his eyes off of Hunt and that's why he got killed there.
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