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  1. Trading Down

    DK Metcalf gonna look so good in a Browns jersey tho
  2. Idk man let's do some predicting... 2020: Saints 2021: Pats (Brady retires after) 2022: Chiefs 2023: ??? (earliest I see this happening for the Browns)
  3. I think we need ol' man Brady out of the league before we talk SuperBowls--not to mention we got beat pretty solidly by Mahomes and the Chiefs. I'd say three years from now we've got a clearer path in the AFC.
  4. Trading Down

    I'm cool with picking anywhere in round 1, but I think 17 is a really sweet spot to land. All of the good QBs are probably gone by then pushing down better talent elsewhere.
  5. 2019 Draft Prospects

    We're not a piece or two away. I'd hold off from trading up this year and camp it out at 17.
  6. Anyone ever been to Dublin, Ireland (sorry central OH crew)? I'm heading there in early April and will take any advice on day trips from the city.
  7. 2019 Draft Prospects

    You guys realize that this franchise is centered around Baker now right? Kitchens didn't get the job for no reason. The draft and FA will show just how many assets we spend on the offense. I chose the offensive talent in the draft because that's who we need now most of all. If after FA we've filled a lot of those needs, then I'll probably say we look more into defense. Not to mention that the best teams zig while the others zag.
  8. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Today was slow at work so I compiled a list of guys I'm interested at each draft spot. These are the only dudes I've watched and read about so if your favorite isn't on this list it's because I don't know them, don't like them, they're not at a position of need, or don't care. Also, I don't mess with looking into late round guys because that's too much work. Round 1: Deandre Baker CB, Greedy Williams CB, Devin White LB, Clelin Ferrell DE, Montez Sweat DE, Ed Oliver DT, Christian Wilkins DT, DK Metcalf WR Round 2: Amani Oruwariye CB, Trayvon Mullen CB, Byron Murphy CB, Devin Bush LB, Jaylon Ferguson DE, Jeffery Simmons DT, Dre'mont Jones DT, Deebo Samuel WR, Kelvin Harmon WR, Andre Dillard OT, Yodny Cajuste OT Round 3: JoeJuan Williams CB, Terrill Hanks LB, Germaine Pratt LB, Khalil Hodge LB, Chase Winovich DE, David Sills V WR, CJ Conrad TE If I were to mock draft it today and got to pick anyone I wanted at the draft positions here (I realize this isn't likely), it would probably look something like this: 1. DK Metcalf, WR 2. Andre Dillard, OT 3. Germaine Pratt, LB 3. Chase Winovich, DE
  9. What order do you see these QBs retiring

    All of them will be gone before the lockout in 2021. I think all of these QBs are kind of playing chicken with each other though. The guys hanging around the longest will be the ones who really want another shot at a SuperBowl. I think Roethlisberger is probably set with his legacy and goes after next season. Same with Eli and Brees. Brady isn't real so he'll stick around until 2021 and Rivers just might as well to try to win one.
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    DK Metcalf is so good. Exactly who we're missing in the WR room.
  11. Must read long read about haslams ownership

    "Learn from other sports orgs." is a fascinating phrase. Like they didn't exist before then.
  12. Must read long read about haslams ownership

    This reply is homererotic
  13. Must read long read about haslams ownership

    Nothing more irritating about this than realizing the ineptitude of someone whose "earned" a billion dollars when it comes to organizational structure.
  14. Must read long read about haslams ownership

    I wonder how Myles is gonna feel after reading this. Don't think he's going to be in the best of moods.
  15. Around the NFL and General discussion

    NFL needs to start over with all of these blown calls. New refs everywhere please.