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  1. I guess I get to be the bad guy here but there’s more to a team than acquiring firepower. There’s still just one ball at the end of the day and dumping one of our young guys or glue guys is going to have a ripple effect. I love the madden hypotheticals but this is real life. Julio is a Brown only if you’ve got a time machine and a resistance to future 1st round picks.
  2. All of the young, hungry bubble guys are going to show up anyways. OTAs have always been for them. Tretter is essentially at the same point in his career as Thomas near the end. Tretter has been very good btw. I think it's fair for him to choose to sit out and encourage the other accomplished vets to chill out until it matters as well.
  3. It's grilling season. Only babies are eating breaded chicken tendies right now.
  4. If it's so important for the vets then make it mandatory and pay them for it. None of you guys crapped your pants when Joe Thomas only showed up on Sundays.
  5. Thought I would start this thread again to see if anyone else is trying to pass the time in the off-season. If we can get 8-10 people we’ll do it. If not, no big deal. Do you have nothing better to do than draft a 45 man roster and 3 coaches over the course of weeks? Well then come on down and sign up for the new, unimproved edition of BFMD. The rules You will serve as the sole owner and operator of a franchise you've created all your own. You will draft a 45 man roster and 3 coaches to run the team. Any schemes or team information are of your own design. Rounds 1-11:
  6. Couple of things I picked up from the new BtB. 1. JOK is going to eventually lead the defense. The clip of him taking notes and the huddle breaking are just glimpses into that old man mentality that I think is going to make him a key piece for a while. 2. Hudson and Callahan 1-1 is a dream teaching scenario. 3. Woods being magnetized by the young DBs is a good sign. 4. I really hope I can get to training camp this year because the DT room is going to be a bloodbath for playing time. 5. Stefanski seemed a little more playful in this vid than i
  7. 11-6 in my mind. Wild card spot again IMO. A ton of these games are easy wins but we always tend to drop a game or two to much lesser competition.
  8. It’s a recipe for 1-1 in my mind no matter what. I have no justification for it, but the symmetry of it soothes my smooth brain.
  9. You crazy bastards. You actually did it.
  10. Seriously though, in watching that video you’ve got to come away pumped about how Owusu-Koromoah carries himself. He’s got crazy strong granddad energy.
  11. I am of the opinion that we are destined to lose week 1 no matter what. It’s pure sorcery at this point. Plz put the hardest opponent first NFL. I beg you.
  12. Wow these are always great, but they’re still not Draft Day!
  13. It appears they drafted him as a RB, but I like the slot potential. Maybe receiver out of the backfield to start?
  14. Him or Nick Eubanks make some sense here. There's a lot of middle round guys still available though. Kind of shocked. Would be happy with a a lot of different guys.
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