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  1. Isn't there a possibility that Ryan Lindley is a not good QB coach?
  2. (Polls) Do You Believe ...

    Tried that with Hue (weird pick I know). Let's do something different. Maybe try no coaches a year? Or the fans vote for the plays since we're all experts?
  3. (Polls) Do You Believe ...

    You're one step away from my line of thinking: no coach will save us. This team will always be garbage.
  4. You guys gotta understand, I'm not pumped I'm right. I wish I looked like an absolute moron who's shouting absurdities, but there's a reason why I've been negative this whole time.
  5. You guys don't understand. We won in the third quarter.
  6. Just Chubb it the whole way. They won't expect it.
  7. Pete Caroll is such a cool coach. He's like a million years old, but super animated.
  8. Lockett is a virgin. No way he scores.
  9. I'm just trying to set him on fire.
  10. Oh no guys. The Browns can hear me complain. I'm taking away our ability to win
  11. And telling other people how to feel makes you seem like a bootlicker, but who am I to name names?
  12. The game is 4 quarters long. Not three and some change. It's a one score game and you want to police reactions? Let's slow the roll here.
  13. There's 9 minutes left. I'm not confident nor content right now.
  14. Chubb is quite literally carrying this team.
  15. Did you guys forget we were winning earlier in the game? We're fine.