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  1. Yeah this bums me out. Richardson was solid.
  2. Alright...here's my prediction for what happens on draft day. Again, it's not who I love but who I think we'll take a shot on. I'm no good at trades but they probably happen somewhere. 26. Jamin Davis, LB/ Greg Newsome, CB (if we trade up) I'm all aboard the CB in round one tip but we'll have to trade up a little bit to grab Newsome. Davis is our safety guy who I'm positive lasts until 26 but won't make it to our second round pick. 59. Joe Tryon, DE He's kind of the jack of all trades, master of none player at DE. He's kind of the guy who we wished Nate Orchard would have
  3. This is the way. Doubt we trade up ever with the moneyball approach. Besides, after last season we should know that we're an injury or two away from having some gaping holes.
  4. Nick Harris is 100% more replaceable than a couple of guys listed as such (MJ Stewart/Hodge/Hubbard), but I do think this is a nice exercise in recognizing the depth on the team.
  5. I have the same mattress but love it. This is wild to me. It's easily the comfiest thing I've ever slept on.
  6. Our first pick is pretty much guaranteed to be a corner now.
  7. *Greg Newsome and Jamin Davis start playing Rock Paper Scissors to see who goes at 26*
  8. Picking this late in the draft is so much more fun than being in it earlier. There are so many different dominoes that can fall different ways. As much as I’m sure we’ll go DE or CB in round 1, all it takes is a run at either of those positions or a falling top talent to pivot to BPA. I’m very excited to see how things shake up.
  9. There is a lot of Jamin Davis in that video.
  10. Also I can’t wait to see the responses when we decide to franchise tag Chubb rather than back the Brinks truck up.
  11. We’ve already got a blueprint for who is essential as a player. Ogunjobi got the boot despite being a solid rotational piece. Conversely, Higgins got a one year deal. I think the year to year deals are going to be a staple of the front office for anyone who isn’t a top tier talent. Pretty much every guy on defense on a one year deal was let go. It makes sense because they mostly sucked. But keeping the money freed up is what’s most important.
  12. You guys are also forgetting how good of a blocker Hodge is. Big part of the offense. I'd say Natson is far from safe with how we've been visiting with a few quick, smaller receivers.
  13. It's not from a talent standpoint, but if we lose Jarvis I think the soul of the team is gone. I know a lot of guys want to deal him while he's still got a nice bit of value, but he's worth more to us than any other team. Does that make him untouchable? Probably not. I think the FO and coaching staff alike know that he's the guy they turn to when morale is going south.
  14. If I'm only going for your options, I love Zaven Collins, but think we have way bigger holes at DE (as an every down kinda guy) and CB (on the outside) that need to be filled in rounds 1 and 2. I also like Pete Werner in Round 3 because of his coverage skills. Don't know where you have Jabril Cox or Chazz Surratt going but I like them a lot in Round 3 too. Really I think any pick spent before round 3 on a LB only happens because our initial targets are gone.
  15. Putting SuperBowl winning QB Trent Dilfer as a 2 is an odd choice. Can't imagine him being on the same lowly rank as underachiever, Baker Mayfield, who has only lost in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. He's clearly as good as Kyler Murray who has never lost a playoff game EVER.
  16. Basham is literally Olivier Vernon in my mind. I think he'd provide the exact same utility in setting the edge and playing the run. If we can keep his weight under control and work on some pass rush moves he'll be a solid opposite Myles for a long time.
  17. I will never get why we get mocked Ojulari.
  18. I'm penciling in that the Colts will deal their selection for Orlando Brown. Makes too much sense to not happen.
  19. Not how I see it at all. He's the type of guy who would just become a really solid player on another team. Kind of like what happened with Willie Snead.
  20. Which is totally why I think if we're going WR it's gotta be a burner.
  21. I like Hodge a ton. He's far and away the most secure possession guy on the team. Also a great run blocker too.
  22. So I started looking at mid-late round receivers and holy **** you guys there are so many good speedsters available in that chunk of the draft. I think that's exactly what we were missing in the WR room last year. Consider all of those plays we ran a quick little jet with Jarvis around the goal line. Now imagine what that looks like with a burner in space. I really feel that's a dimension we'll look to add later in the draft. Browns had a virtual visit with Demetric Felton so he's on the list. Played a ton of RB but might go the Curtis Samuel role in the pros. Looks to me like the
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