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  1. Lol what is Judge challenging? Stupid coach.
  2. He's regressed crazy this season. Probably because we don't punt as often, but still.
  3. Nah. It's tongue in cheek. I don't know why but I have a feeling we lead the league in botched snaps though. Would love to see the stats on that.
  4. More time off the clock and Chubb got his TD? Nice.
  5. I think the dude's conditioning is shot. Really think Covid might have done a solid one on him. Sucks.
  6. No disruptive plays on D has hindered us too. We're gonna need a couple sacks or a turnover to keep things churning our way.
  7. Jarvis only reacted after the CB threw a shoulder. Dumb penalty.
  8. PA is gonna kill them here. I'd even do that thing with Jarvis in the backfield and get him moving across the field.
  9. Give me four more of those drives and we should be good
  10. NBC, but CBS has showed me nothing either lol
  11. CBS has been really bad about showing the actual game.
  12. Gonna need more out of the O-line for this to be a win.
  13. This is going to be such a tremendously ugly game I feel.
  14. That kills the plays they can call if he can't go. I'd imagine the third string RG isn't normally there since Hubbard has been the everyman on the line.
  15. If we lose this one Odell is going to lose his mind on social media.
  16. I think it bodes well for us. The pressure is off of them to win one and they’ll probably want to lose out for Lawrence.
  17. The Giants defense is sneaky good. Don't think we'll get to hang 40 points in this one. It's going to be a matter of how well the defense does...sigh.
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