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  1. What people say to me when I show up to the hot girl convention.
  2. That's a TD with a better receiver too. Coleman would've got his feet down. Britt would've gotten his feet down too but he wouldn't have hung on.
  3. Even that missed TD there was a freaking GOAT level throw
  4. I wouldn't be shocked to find out that Crowell actually has bird feet. He can never stand up.
  5. Some Frankenstein combo of Ed Reynolds, Ibraheim Campbell, and Derrick Kindred. Boddy-Calhoun. V. Good.
  6. Gordon, family, Browns, country in that order. Gordon comes back week 3.
  7. My definition of game manager is a tactician. Somebody that carves up the defense with short to intermediate routes, takes up time on the clock, uses field possession to his advantage. If you think Brady doesn't do these things, I don't know what to tell you. Clearly, he's the greatest game manager of all time, but he's still a game manager.
  8. Ah I forgot this place had rules against talking about things other than sports. My b homie.
  9. What do you guys think of the 11 Browns players who took a knee during the anthem?
  10. You're on an island on this one, Buno. Tom Brady was a game manager until very recently when the offense started opening up. Game manager is a guy who doesn't take huge risks and plays to win. Just because every game manager the Browns have had sucks doesn't mean they all do.
  11. Hue got the same offense in play that he set up for Griffin.
  12. Lol based on what? Why play preseason at all if not to build rapport and practice your routines?
  13. Why isn't it smart to get the ball to a receiver? I'm not upset in any regard. They could've just handed it off and that would have made more sense. Dayes may very well get goalline carries. Giving the ball to your rookie QB to scoot half a yard doesn't play well to me in a simulation environment.
  14. Why is it unrealistic for a play-action pass to be called?
  15. You know what else builds confidence? Getting the QB a passing TD. Building rapport with TEs in a goal line situation builds confidence.
  16. What good is a QB sneak in a preseason game? I swear. Hue Jackson isn't really all that wise.
  17. For sure. Not in love with anything I've seen from any QB today. Kessler gonna look great with the 3s tho
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