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  1. I think we need a LT too but that's only to groom. Good boys don't live forever.
  2. Biggest needs so far: WR, RB, SS. I honestly think we're solid with everything else for the time being.
  3. My dude had Brandon Weeden looking like a 20 year old. Gordon would get Tom Brady's wife for Kizer.
  4. What people say to me when I show up to the hot girl convention.
  5. That's a TD with a better receiver too. Coleman would've got his feet down. Britt would've gotten his feet down too but he wouldn't have hung on.
  6. Even that missed TD there was a freaking GOAT level throw
  7. I wouldn't be shocked to find out that Crowell actually has bird feet. He can never stand up.
  8. Some Frankenstein combo of Ed Reynolds, Ibraheim Campbell, and Derrick Kindred. Boddy-Calhoun. V. Good.
  9. Gordon, family, Browns, country in that order. Gordon comes back week 3.
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