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  1. The opposite of how Buno feels is reality. Gonna need you to declare the Chiefs are unstoppable big guy.
  2. Unfair to Stef that he won't get a playoff win this year. Dude has been a killer.
  3. Sick that we're gonna get the Higgins rule in the offseason that allows teams to review leading with the helmet.
  5. I have to watch this ketchup drinking freak every commercial too. Ugh.
  6. We're going to draft a CB or DE in the first round. I can feel it in my bones. These linebackers are cannon fodder but as long as Woods is at the helm, they all will be.
  7. On the negative side, as long as Patrick Mahomes exists we're pretty much doomed to finish AFC Championship game or less lol
  8. Did you think that this season would lead to... Round 2 of the playoffs. The implosion of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Stefanski laying his **** on the table as probable COTY. Baker being confirmed legit Franchise QB. One of the best offensive lines in the NFL. The emergence of a ton of solid offensive role players. If you did, you're absolutely full of ****. If you didn't, chill out, this is all bonus anyway.
  9. It's almost like guys that are uncharacteristically fast for their positions can be fast less than 20 yards as well. Hmmm.....something to ponder Mr. Woods.
  10. The worst thing about our defense is I can't think of a single LB who would excel in a system that asks you to leave most of the field clear.
  11. Might as well have gone for it. If this score ends in single digits for both teams I'll eat all the hats in the world.
  12. That screen call is why Stefanski rules. Knew they'd pressure the LT.
  13. Why did they choose Wills to act opposite Baker in those insurance commercials? Guessing Myles was too expensive.
  14. Don't know if you guys can relate but each of the last two weeks have been so good that any positive play is just the cherry on top at this point.
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