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  1. Pay the man. No doubts anymore.
  2. 1. **** Big Ben and his weird hang ups 2. **** JuJu and all of that bulletin board talking he does 3. **** Tomlin saying how they weren't worried about this week 4. **** Pouncey for being cool with Aaron Hernandez 5. **** TJ Watt just because 6. **** every guy in jorts who lives in Ohio and roots for Pitt.
  3. The best thing about Joe Woods' defense is that by the time it's late in the 4th, the DBs are already used to playing prevent.
  4. If Robert Jackson doesn't come back next year, I don't think anybody but his immediate family will be upset.
  5. Hard pass. Dink and dunk takes time. 40 yard bombs to Claypool and Johnson do not.
  6. Dude. Nobody picked him up. I can't believe you're still hammering this nail.
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