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  1. Pitt is going to have to stop running here to catch up. This is nuts.
  2. We can run and pass on them now. Legit can just run whatever plays. This is miraculous
  3. That passing TD is great, but it's going to do wonders to open up the run game. Pitt's gotta respect both now. This is a fantastic start!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Should run a PA bomb from the start. Take every bit of momentum you can.
  5. I've never been less nervous for a game. There's zero reason we should win. Since the Browns are so good at subverting expectations, (even when low) we'll probably win 500-3.
  6. If you mean Andre Cisco then I'm game. Those two would shore up the DBs. If you mean the Roman politician then I hate to tell you that he passed quite a while ago.
  7. It’s fine. Here’s the win-win in this bs situation: That whole pissed off unfinished business Baker comes back next year if we get destroyed. However, if we win it might kill the Steelers forever.
  8. Wildcard Round: AFC: (7) Indianapolis Colts at (2) Buffalo Bills (6) Cleveland Browns at (3) Pittsburgh Steelers (5) Baltimore Ravens at (4) Tennessee Titans Bye: (1) Kansas City Chiefs NFC: (7) Chicago Bears at (2) New Orleans Saints (6) Los Angeles Rams at (3) Seattle Seahawks (5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers at (4) Washington Football Team Bye: (1) Green Bay Packers Divisional Round: AFC Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens at KC Chiefs NFC Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints Tampa
  9. Could go either way with this. A lot is going to depend on what happens in the offseason. If I had to guess now we're probably in shootouts with most of these teams: 9-7.
  10. Watching football today after the Browns have made the playoffs feels a little more...sublime. Oh, your team hasn't clinched a playoff berth yet? Is everything okay?
  11. That's right. I do say things best.
  12. In the event that we get bounced in the wild card round, it's all about building. This is going to help moving forward no matter what. They'll re-sign who has been good and we'll retool the defense. Can't find any other way to feel but inspired on this glorious Sunday.
  14. WE"RE IN THE ******* PLAYOFFS YOU MISERABLE FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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