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  1. This game is for sure one of Stef's worst. Dude has made some really poor calls today.
  2. Because we are. It feels pretty lost at the moment. No momentum.
  3. Pretty clear that Callahan just tells the O-line not to jump during every game. A shame he couldn't be here.
  4. We're playing a bit too conservative for my tastes. Get the hurry up offense in there and split Hunt out wide. Seems obvious that we're trying to pump up his numbers.
  5. Haven't had a pick or fumble in a long time. We're due.
  6. Kinda hoping we don't draft Moses from them either. Dude has a bunch of issues in his game too.
  7. I love the offense so much. Please do everything to keep these guys together going forward.
  8. They're going to test us deep on an upcoming drive. More worried about that than the dink and dunk with Rudolph.
  9. Terrence Mitchell, Robert Jackson, and MJ Stewart: please be serviceable. I will tolerate you forever. ❤️
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