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  1. Have Gillan kick the PATs from now on.
  2. Parkey is the most necessary casualty of this season. If he makes it into 2021, then we'll know all is lost another year.
  3. It was pulling teeth to even get in the endzone there. Don't expect much more the rest of the game.
  4. I'm not like a scout or anything, but from all of the YouTube clips I've watched of the group, he puts up the biggest fight as a pass rusher. Think he could be a legit disruption in the run game too. I like everything about him.
  5. Jets are playing crazy loose today too. They've legitimately got nothing to lose.
  6. I disagree. 10 games were pretty sick to watch this year. It sucks to miss the playoffs, but between covid and a new coaching system, finishing 10-6 and just outside the playoffs isn't the worst. I thought we'd be 8-8 or 7-9 this year and we've already done better than that. Fix the defense in the offseason and keep the offense humming together. We'll have a shot next season.
  7. Mason Rudolph revenge game next week will be really cool to watch.
  8. All of us should feel much better since it was the NFL that screwed us over rather than the Browns shooting themselves in the foot.
  9. Baltimore and Indy are going to win today. We need to win next week and then Indy has to lose to....Jacksonville. Or Baltimore would need to lose to....Cincinnati. Or Tennessee would need to lose to....Houston. It's over, man.
  10. They can, and they did. It's over man. The sooner we accept this, the easier it'll be.
  11. It might as well be infinity points. The offense is not getting in the endzone today.
  12. Yes. Because everybody else plays cupcakes.
  13. The fire isn't the issue. It's the talent. There isn't a speech for having an offense made up of mostly backups.
  14. Another thing that sucks is this loss gives Flores coach of the year over Stefanski
  15. Playoff chances done. It's over guys. 2020 finally got our *****.
  16. They won't overturn that. Refs already ****ed it up.
  17. I don't think you guys get how logistically impossible it is to score in this game without your starting LT and RG and no WRs.
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