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  1. This is the most abrupt ending to a football season ever.
  2. Really seems to be a chess game today. Gonna need field position, TOP, and ST to be huge today.
  3. Stef trying to feel out the passing game early. I think he knows the Jets are gonna stuff the box. Smart imo
  4. This is the worst I've felt entering a game since Pittsburgh. Gonna throw some 12 dogs on top of the nerves.
  5. This is such a rational and justified take that it should be a ban-worthy offense. We should all realize that if we don't make the playoffs, we're still moving in the right direction...and all the same **** the future, I want to win now.
  6. Yeah the Steelers really have to come through for us tomorrow. That and uhhh...the Browns.
  7. Fitz is a badass for throwing that blindfolded tho
  8. Just tuned in 20 mins (real time) ago. This game rules.
  9. Don't know if I'd like a FG here after the botched XP
  10. We're gonna miss the playoffs at 10-6 again lmfao no way
  11. Fitz to Gesicki for the win is exactly what I expect.
  12. Why couldn't we beat the Raiders? Gruden is such a one hit wonder coach it's unreal.
  13. This is the easiest under to bet of all time. Also, how crappy is it that the forces that be can’t just let us into the playoffs under normal circumstances. We’re so ******* close!!!!
  14. If I had to have a position group out for this game, wideouts is probably best case scenario. Maybe all of the special teams wouldn’t be awful, but whatever. This sucks.
  15. Thinking more along the lines of getting a guy who can take over Nick Harris’ role once Tretter is done and we need a starter at center, which seems a lot sooner rather than later.
  16. The only offensive positions I can even see us drafting at the moment are a mid round interior offensive lineman and a mid to late round tight end to replace Njoku as TE 3.
  17. Browns are pretty set along the OL. No reason to take anyone higher than round 3 or 4.
  18. We should find a way to draft Daviyon Nixon. The dude has crazy hand movement and pursuit for a DT. Add him and Carlos Basham and our D-line is complete.
  19. I was at a wedding and I was so pissed to miss the debut of "the dream team". I looked at my phone mid-ceremony to realize that I would be getting hammered for two reasons that night.
  20. Depends. Does Baker throw 15 TDs in the final two games?
  21. You can only control the games you play, so it would be my strategy for sure.
  22. Have you considered the fact that Freddie gets us? lol
  23. I'm so glad I never have to hear the name Ryan Lindley again. The second worst coach to ever grace the halls of Berea, but at least Hue was great point and laugh fodder.
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