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  1. Just trying to keep things in perspective. And you’re welcome.
  2. The great Peyton rookie season: 16 G 26 TD 28 INT 3700 yds.
  3. After watching the ND game, I am officially on the draft Hamilton with our first pick bandwagon. There is nothing this guy can’t do on the field.
  4. Perhaps they do. The real question is what are they going to do about it. Kind of tough thing to adjust at this point. We all knew GVR would play like, well, GVR. I also think we were all kind of hoping McGovern would revert to Denver form with AVT next to him. I like to believe AVT will pick it up big time making McGovern better.
  5. You can start by introducing him to a ******* salad every now and then.
  6. I am right there with you on that. I also hope we have found our coaching staff and FO. As for COVID stuff, that had a much bigger impact last year. Less so this year. Mekhi really needs to get in a good conditioning program. He’s too big. You know better than anyone the stress it puts on his joints and heart.
  7. The problem in the past has been the bust level play of our FRP and SRP as well. I don’t fault JD for the 2020 draft. Becton, Cashman, Davis, and Clark did not have an injury history in college. How do you foresee that? It is quite obvious the FB gods hate the Jets. Zunogo and Morgan were questionable picks - no doubt. Mims was a great pick at the time. Did you like it? He was also picked before this coaching staff so JD was just picking a talented WR. It is a shame almost an entire draft class will be wiped out by injury. We can really only judge JD’s ability to draft by their play.
  8. I can certainly understand that. But wasn’t one of Saleh’s mantras to fit the system to players? It seems like the mantra is now to fit the system to the players only if the players fit into the system. Just sayin’.
  9. I am working with the assumption that Davis, Mims, and Moore will be our starting 3 next year. Big assumption with Mims, I know. Berrios and Smith will hang around forever. If Mims does not warrant starter reps, then yeah, maybe. But I would expect that to be addressed in FA. Like another Cole signing or even Cole himself. I don't think they will spend a high pick on one. Then again, I kind of **** the bed this draft.
  10. The NE front 7 may not be as good, but our OL had difficulties picking up the blitz. I saw one play in which they thought the blitz was coming left and adjusted their blocking assignments as such. The two "blitxers" dropped back into coverage leaving Becton blocking no one. AVT was blocking two, and McGovern was staring into space at the right side with no one in front of him. The blitz came from the left wide and, predictably, pressured Zack. BB will doing a lot of that. If the QB and OL cant read the D correctly, it will be a long day for Zach. As for the run game, NE excels takin
  11. No issue with me there. In terms of O position groups, WR is set, OL - duh, QB is set, TE - need upgrade, RB - who knows.
  12. But is that how JD and the coaching staff feels? I get the feeling the opposite is true with them. Since they run a RBBC, they may not invest high in a part time player. At least not yet. I get that same vibe regarding draft value with CB and TE as well. As of right now, I can see OL, S and Edge being top picks next year. Maybe iDL if Q does not vastly improve.
  13. One last word about the Mims saga from me. Maybe. I read something that made a lot of sense regarding Mims' usage. In short, Mims may not know the intricacies of route running in a Shanahan system. Apparently every route has multiple options based on defensive alignment. Ie., a crossing route may happen shallower or deeper depending on the play of the D. The QB and WR have no idea what exact route is going to be run until the play starts. At that point, the WR and QB better see the same thing or it results in an inc. or worse, an int. It is possible Mims is not picking up those nuances
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