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  1. I love Smith but if he is falling due to medicals and/or weight, why would the Jets move up to get him? It’s not like we desperately need to fill that hole this year. Jenkins, Collins or one of the 4 CB’s would be my guess if we were to move up a bit. One week and counting.
  2. Looking at the jumbled data (good luck), Suratt, Jalean Phillips, Weaver and Basham should be decent pass rushers. I am dismissing Oweh because he just has ridiculous numbers as does Parsons. Penn State must have developed a way to warp spacetime. I mentioned my dislike of Rousseau and this tends to back it up.
  3. Surratt, Chazz North Carolina 6.18 229 4.59 -0.56 1.62 -1.17 31.5 4.18 7.04 -0.87 -1.07 0.96 Phillips, Jaelan Miami (FL) 6.45 260 4.58 2.39 1.59 2.93 36 10 4.18 7.13 2.66 0.95 0.28 0.99 Oweh, Jayson Pen
  4. Name School Ht. Wt. 40 time speed 40 10 split speed 10 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone Speed Exp Pwr Agility Twitch Winovich, Chase Michigan 6.22 256 4.64 1.82 1.62 1.68 30.5 9.66 4.11 6.94 1.75 0.88 3.59 0.89 Bosa, Nick
  5. I have finally finished the Waldo Formula spreadsheet. I went back to 2017 to generate the data. Only those players that participated in the combine and ran the 40 were included along with those names that are familiar to me. Some big names may be left off like Chase Young because he did not run. I also added prospects in this years draft. The "twitch" data seems to be most relevant as the creator of the formula has stated. It still holds true somewhat. If someone can tell me how to paste the excel spreadsheet into a post I could share the whole thing. If I just paste the spreadsheet,
  6. I saw this coming 2 years ago. I think Cashman’s time is done. First thing to do is fire the hitting coach.
  7. Maybe I am missing something with AVT. He was a OT in college, true? Did he ever play OG? Is he so much better than Creed or Dickerson? Jenkins I understand because he can play OG/OT. If Fant fails then we already have an in-house option.
  8. Trask will go in third round to a team that likes bad QB’s. So Jets. Sorry, that is pre JD thinking. I meant to say Chicago.
  9. I just thought of another. Sewell will be third OT taken.
  10. This years Jefferson. Good call.
  11. But doesn’t the blocking scheme require a straight ahead mauler and an athletic iOL? We would need both.
  12. That would be a surprise. I think they value Rudolph enough and have holes on the OL to address first. But trading up for a QB is not out of the realm of possibility and would be surprising.
  13. Shawarma. Can’t go wrong wrong with Shawarma and a dark beer.
  14. Nobody is arguing against what you are saying. I merely pointed out that with a deep position group such as iOL, maybe getting the “second best iOL” and a TRP vs the consensus best is a better option. Since the bulk of our team is made up of mid round draft picks, would it not be nice to have as many opportunities to fill this roster? I am not advocating passing on a talent of which the position group is questionable after the fact (OT comes to mind). I used AVT as an example of maybe moving down a little and taking the next best iOL? Would you be against that?
  15. The team is not good and we need a lot of talent, we can always use more draft picks. We now have a GM who truly wants to build through the draft and acquiring more picks will speed the rebuild. I don’t think JD would pass on a talent just to do that. For example, if Parsons, Jenkins, Newsome, Farley or Collins are there for us, we will take them. We may even trade up a couple of spots if the opportunity is there. But beyond that, why not trade down a bit. Another example, if AVT is there but we can trade down a little and get another 3rd then draft Creed or Dickerson, would that not be b
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