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  1. I thought it was going to be the "Admirals".
  2. $9M, $10M what the difference. It is a lot for another Corey Davis and that is what he would be on this team. If he is so great, why would Cincy want to ship him out? Why did they draft Chase? If he's a whiner, why would JD even want him? As for the "replaceable" part - everyone on the Jets D is replaceable and those 9-11 rookie CB's are a gamble. Replacing a young, decent up and coming CB with a rookie CB is good for teams that have no holes and have to draft someone. The Jets are not that team. Besides, we need a rookie CB to replace Echols. Now, if you tell me Cincy would g
  3. So, trade our best CB on a rookie 5th round contract for a $10M WR averaging 830 yds and 4.5 TD’s over the last two years. Sorry, not following the logic in weakening this pathetic D even more.
  4. He traded Adams because JA was a problem. It really only matters if Saleh values S. If not, don't spend a top 5 pick on one. If Saleh does value S, Hamilton may very well be the pick assuming Thibs and Hutch are gone and our OL is settled prior to the draft. JD also doesn't like overpaying. At least up until now. He let Robby go, which in hindsight may not be a bad move, over a couple of $M. JD apparently has a salary range for players at certain positions and yes, S, is not up there with EDGE, but I think he could pay a S top $ if Saleh wants one. You mentioned getting Williams i
  5. I would have no problem with Ikem at 4 IF we don’t get a quality RG AND/OR the team feels Becton is a no go. Remember Ikem can play LT and replace Fant in a year. It is also not so “dumb” to draft a RT at 4 anymore. The real question, is does JD draft OT at 4 if Becton is ready since he is our LT of the present and future. I think then, JD will look a bit later if we truly need “just” a RT. So many questions that won’t become clear until after FA and we hear about Mekhi.
  6. What if we get a decent FA OG and Becton is ready to play?
  7. Not disagreeing at all, but lets say we get a RG and TE in FA and draft a Dotson and McBride in round 2 or maybe even a Likely in round 3, is that not enough at this point? Do we need a WR or OL at 4 or 10? This is with caveat that Becton assumes a starting position.
  8. Assuming the medicals and interviews work out well for them with the Jets, one of them would be a no-brainer selection. And yet, there is a little part of me that is scared that they will be there and the Jets don't pick one. If that happens, the script must go that they will be perennial All-Pros while we are stuck with a JAG making too much money. It has all been ordained.
  9. Yeah, but he is Cooper's son, thus he is more likely to become a hotel investor.
  10. I can get on board with that. Although I think JD targets RG in FA making OL less of a high pick need. Of course, this all depends on Becton. I'd also like to see a TE like McBride in round 2. So, TE, S, RG in FA and DE, WR, TE, LB with the first 4.
  11. Mahomes had 190 yds and 1 TD pass late in the 4th Q. Buffalo's D contained him until they fell apart. The Jets D falls apart on the opening kickoff. SF beat GB because of their D and ST. You can say the same about the Bengals. Maybe the old adage that offense wins games and defense wins championships still holds true.
  12. Keeping his mouth quiet is a good first step. He will be asked about his remarks in the interviews. A good answer and all will be well. But a lot of FO’s are adverse to poor perceived attitudes. JD appears to be one of them by virtue of his heavy drafting of team captains. I like Thibs as a prospect an hope he falls to us and JD is good with it.
  13. I see that as well. I think many are concerned about his attitude. If that is the reason for falling and he can’t turn that around in the interviews, I can’t see JD drafting him either.
  14. There is something to be said about reuniting a college QB and their WR. Cuts down on the “getting to know you” time. If teams like NE, Jax and Chi are smart, they should draft Williams/Metchie, Ross, and Wilson/Olave respectively.
  15. I’m sure it’s just an oversight, but the D and their timely turnovers certainly helped.
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