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  1. And let’s not forget he was a little injured last year. Hell, if JD is offered a first for any player besides Becton, he better listen. Although I do think Q will be an above average DT.
  2. All good, brother, except for your misspelling of summarize. My retort: We can go back and forth on JA, and, quite honestly I am tired of talking about a player not on this team. I loved JA and would have loved to have kept him. I guess I am old school in that you do not pay $18+M to a SS especially when the rest of the team blows. But what really turned me against him was his childish methods for getting off this team. He would have been a real PITA in the locker room. JD should be applauded for the return we got, not crucified for getting rid of him. If you go back, which is not necessary, I also wanted to keep RA for all the reasons you and others have mentioned. That said, I will never believe the RA on Carolina is the RA we would have seen this year, regardless of QB. I have to believe JD may have thought that as well and even for measly $2M or whatever, getting Perriman, especially after the way he ended the 2019 season, was not much of a drop-off. Yes, his injury history should not have been dismissed, but that is something a GM hopes will not be an issue. Again it is not something that JD should be hammered for. Let the Morgan thing go, we all agree. But I do hope you can at least acknowledge the reasoning. Is one bad pick out of nine really so bad? I say bad pick because the pick itself was questionable, not because he may or may not succeed in the NFL like the other 8 picks. JD will be back (cue Arnie voiceover) in 2021 to kick some *** in the draft. I have never, ever told you to relax. Damn man, you're a Jet fan, relax is not something we fans can easily do. We all voice our opinions, even if you are all wrong and I am right (joke). Call out whomever you want. All good. But please do not compare JD to past regimes. In fact, what JD is doing is very much different than past regimes, maybe, just maybe, we can give him a chance. You state you are not comparing him but then you compare him two sentences later. You are a victim of past regime failings thus making any hope in our new regime difficult to accept on faith. Live in the now, man (cue Garth voice over) and look to the future. Forget the past but learn from it. Dude, are you really going to dismiss Mann? He may very well be our second best player on the team. I say that without sarcasm but it is pitifully true. JD had his plan on paper when he signed for 6 years. Complete tank in 2020 with the opportunity for top three pick, maybe #1 - check. Allow gase to get fired and quietly push that agenda - check. Accrue cap space for potential lower cap in 2021 and beyond - check. Trade players for future draft picks - check. Items to-be-done: Get Lawrence (or other top QB) if Sam does not show improvement, use plethora of cap to fill holes with good to premium players, rape cap strapped teams via trade for below market trade value or wait for said teams to cut and then pounce. Obviously JD's plan is all speculation on my part, but I ask A) would that be a good plan, B) do you maybe agree JD could be doing that? If you agree on A and B then we are simpatico, if not, what do you think? The defense rests (cue any courtroom drama defense attorney/counselor voice over).
  3. Crap. Thanks. I am going to redo this spreadsheet and see if I can incorporate into posts. Pass rushers are so difficult to evaluate. Along with QB, they me be the most difficult.
  4. Damn, you're good. Waldo. Funny thing about family movie night, at least for me, is that if the movie sucks I am thinking about football. God, I need a life.
  5. Honestly, the front 7 outside of EDGE is kind of OK. It would not be a position group I would assign too many resources to. EDGE being the exception. There was a poster here a while ago that had a chart that reflected physically tested traits and the outcome as a pass rusher. Does anyone remember that spreadsheet? If so, is there any way to retrieve it? I am not sure if old threads transferred over when the site changed. I would kind of like to see where Zuniga tested.
  6. Add Dupree as a high $ potential FA acquisition. Relatively young and good. Pitt may not be able to resign. EDGE solved.
  7. Most us believe JD will do just that. If you back to my post on Oct. 17 on this thread, I think some or all of the FA or Trade acquisitions are reasonable: JuJu/ Robinson, Dupree, TE, Thuney/Miller/Lindsley, Lattimore, Gurley, Marcus Williams etc. Tell me you wouldn't want to see this happen. I think we all would. But the crux of my defense of JD before we kind of went off on a tangent, is that you believe JD should be criticized because he did not address WR, EDGE and RB adequately. It is true he did not for this year. But before criticizing him after just one offseason, how about looking into what he did that will put us in position to have a huge turnaround (dare I say 180?) in 2021. We have cap space to get below market FA's, we have draft capital for trades of good players on cap strapped teams, and we have draft capital in 2021 and 2022 to build through the draft. JD is setting this team to be a good team for a long time, not just a year or two. The old way of spending all cap space or at least most of it to remain mediocre has never, ever worked. Let JD try something different. With all that said, JD better pull through with some of this next year or I will jump on your bandwagon.
  8. So who should JD have signed? Huff, Jenkins, and JFM do not meet your criteria. YN was a poor assumption, apparently. But you do not say who JD should have signed at EDGE? And lets talk about Jenkins. He had 7 sacks in 2018 and 8 in 2019. He signed a one year deal for $5M. He was never a pass rush specialist when drafted. He was more of an edge setter and yet his stats over the last couple of years indicate he is not far off from Clowney (9 in 2018, 3 in 2019) and YN (9.5 in 2018, 8 in 2019). Sacks are certainly not the be-all, end-all stat for an EDGE but it does offer some insight. Would you rather have Clowney or YN for $20M or Jenkins for $5M on a crap team? So who should JD have signed at EDGE?
  9. Absolutely true. But we are 7 weeks into the season. WTF.
  10. What is it with all these soft tissue injuries? Is it the practice field? Poor warmup/stretching practices? I do not ever recall so many and not just on the Jets.
  11. You have skewed my reasoning. YN and Clowney are talented but NOT $20M worth of talent. Maybe they are worth $20M to a team like the Ravens, but with all the holes we need to fill via draft AND FA next year spending so much one one piece is not smart. We currently have $72M not $90M. Will we get to $90M, probably after cutting dead weight, but we do not have it now NOR did we have even $60M in space when the Clowney and YN signings took place. I know you are not a fan of building through the draft due to the fact that ALL draft picks carry risk. Understandable. But, what teams have been built through FA and became great? Oh they may have been good for a year like the Jets in the first season under Rex (I could be wrong on his first season), but does Pitt build through FA, Balt., KC, etc? NO. They built their sustainable teams via the draft and supplemented or fixed a hole or two via FA. We have more than a hole or two we have a damn sinking ship with a rip along the hull. A patch won't save it, but getting the ship to dry dock and completely repairing it will. Bobby, we have tried to add expensive talent in FA and we have failed. Time and time again. Hell, Bell is a great example. Were you happy when Mac signed him? How about Mosely? Both those guys were arguably more talented at their respective positions than YN or Clowney. Get this team in its feet, then as we get better with a core of young players and few holes, splurge on a big ticket FA. Hell, man, you're a Yankee fan, how did all the big ticket FA's work for them in the 80's and 90's? It wasn't until we got the core 4 and supplemented with good, maybe not great, FA's did the Yanks became a team expected to be in the playoffs every year since the 90's. There is my logic. And I believe you will be in for a rude awakening when JD's FA signings next year are not cap killers, but adding enough of them plus the draft thereby putting this team on a path of sustainable success. The Jets will be playoff bound in 2022 and not because JD paid $20M to one player but because JD drafted well and got many players to make this a team on both sides of the ball.
  12. I was one of those guys that thought Herndon was going to really help us this year. I was wrong on that. I do not think it is just coaching or play calling with him. He is dropping easy passes. I can appreciate he is one the few receivers getting open, but drops are a focus thing. Most NFL coaches will not tolerate easy drops or fumbles. Should we keep him? I dunno. No need to create another hole, I guess. But if we have the option of getting Jonnu Smith, Robert Tonyan, Hunter Henry, and, to a lesser degree, Gerald Everett, get one or two and ditch Herndon. Like Sam, time has run out on whether he can be good or not
  13. We are certainly beating a dead horse here. Would RA really have improved this team? You don't have to answer to me, but at least be realistic in your observation about RA and his usage on the Jets with this coaching staff. Geez, it is not like we let Jerry Rice walk. Stop putting RA on a mantle. If you want to argue that JD should have taken another WR in the draft, most would be with you on that. But, for the love of God, let the RA thing go. Gore absolutely was a gase get. Do you really believe gase has no influence? Just like wanting Bell gone, gase was probably banging on the table in front of Chrissy to get his way. If I was GM I would be like fine, we will get him. Just more rope to hang yourself with. Please do not fool yourself that gase has no influence on personnel matters with his direct supervisor who happens to own the team. Unfortunately, we will never be 100% sure until or if gase gets fired and JD is the sole decision maker regarding the roster makeup. What EDGE was available? Clowney? He of the "I want $18M per year even though I had 3 sacks last year and never had double digit sacks?" That Clowney? Or may be it was Ngakoue who has not had double digit sacks since 2017 and was recently traded by the Vikes because they only have 1 win and know they are going nowhere with YN. Plus YN want s $20M per year. I bet the Vikes wished they did not make that trade. But, hey, the 0 win Jets would be much better with him even if he chews up almost a third of our currently available cap room next year. Guys, lets be realistic here. Getting an overpriced player just to say "Hey we have an EDGE, now" even if he does little to improve this current team is not smart. If we did not have so many holes to fill on this team and an EDGE is one of the few AND we have the cap space, then absolutely lets get Clowney and/or YN. Maybe OTC can explain the YN thing better. https://overthecap.com/vikings-trade-ngakoue/
  14. Here is a relatively realistic article regarding Lawrence and the idea of returning to school or refusing to sign if the Jets draft him. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/10/clemson-trevor-lawrence-2021-nfl-draft-jets-its-happening
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