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  1. I agree about the smart coach and scheme thing. Unfortunately, we have not had too many coaches do that. I hope our new coaches will. I find it hard to believe a 5th round TE was selected to be featured. I think they coached and schemed to that end. My point about Pitts is that he will join a team that will use him a lot. If he joined the Jets, LaFleur would find a way to get him to that Kelce or Waller level of production. Who would not want that? This is assuming we have a QB. I have heard it said that a good TE can be a young QB’s best friend. We saw glimpses of that with Sam and Hern
  2. His lack of production in 2019 can be attributed to an injury. I don’t see how Fields can be excused for a poor game and Wilson does not get that consideration. As for the competition thing, I tend to agree but you can also make an argument that Wilson did more with less. Without looking in up, name another BYU offensive player that can be considered a day one or two talent. Fields has a great OL, great RB and at least one great WR and one or two good ones. I am not down on Fields and would gladly cheer the selection if so made, but I am more intrigued by Wilson ATM. Of course, I pre
  3. I’ll play along. On O, TE. On D, MLB.
  4. The mistake is considering Pitts as a TE. He is an offensive weapon. He is the only “TE” that can really be considered so in round 1. The real question is will we feature a TE like San Fran did with Kittle? If so, Pitts is the best option this year. RB can be found beyond round 1, like every year. With all that said, Pitts will not last until 23 and if we certainly would not select him at 2. Trade down would really be the only option.
  5. My guess is he is waiting to after the SB. He may not want to detract from the players in the big game. However, a day or two after he will ask if he is going to.
  6. You know I do not want to draft a RB this year in the first two rounds. Maybe get a top back in a year or two after other positions are established. But I have to ask, why are you so down on Johnson? He produced when asked to. I don’t care about his draft pedigree or his status prior to last year. What he did with a mediocre, at best, OL under gase was pretty good. Could we stand to upgrade? Sure. But too many other other positions need fixing first. We can address RB this year in the third or later. I need not tell you that there are just as many success stories drafted in round 3 or la
  7. It is not really up to the Jets. Watson would need to request a trade to force Houston to move him. Without that request, it is just Watson blowing off steam but will remain a member of the team. Also, JD needs to play this right so we don’t overpay or bid against ourselves. That means he should wait until Houston calls. We should be on the top of the Houston list.
  8. I still do not know JD’s MO. We know he wants to build through the draft. We know he values a good OL. We know he likes draft picks. Beyond that we know little after one highly irregular offseason.
  9. I think FA costs are going to be a little depressed this year. Half the teams can’t afford to spend much if anything. There will also be players cut that would normally not be. So with lack of competition and possibly more inventory, that reeks of a buyers market to me.
  10. I knew there was talk about it when we got him. I wasn’t sure which base D Indy used. You, he gone.
  11. I don’t think getting a top DE, WR, or iOL will be cap busting moves. If the top tier players we target are going to cost too much, JD will move on. My point is that I think he may target those three positions to get the tier one players and get a few lower tiered players in other areas. After this year I can see JD retaining our own players and lightly dipping into FA to get that one player to fill a hole. He will build through the draft. But I think this year he may splurge a little more. I am curious as to what lower tiered OLB he may target.
  12. I like Henrickson and Okwara as FA DE pickups. My first preference would be Henrickson. My guess is both will cost $. Assuming we get one of them along with a top WR and iOL, who do you think JD would target at OLB that will not break the bank?
  13. Wasn’t Judon tagged last year? If so, his price is where I would expect it to be. He probably won’t get it. But it is not surprising. I expect Dupree to be similar. Pass rushers have traditionally gotten paid. Now it appears that to get paid you need a track record of success. What a novel concept.
  14. Wasn’t Anderson a natural 4-3 DE and played DT in the Colts 3-4 and the Jets 3-4? We all think he will be cut, but is there a chance we keep him if this is true?
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