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  1. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    The attached link gives a half-way decent assessment of the uncertainty to which I was referring. https://overthecap.com/nfl-and-nflpa-trade-proposals-on-covid-impact/. I think the thing to take away from this is that the NFL and NFLPA do not know what is going to happen this year. This really needs to get clarified.
  2. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    This has absolutely nothing to do with revenue and everything to do with cap space. This year the cap is $198 mil, next year it WAS projected to be $215 mil. If the cap stays flat as the NFL say may happen, then next year the cap will also be $198 mil. KC has (as of today) has $32 mil in effective cap space. Subtract the $20 mil for Jones and their cap space next year is at $12 mil. Assume $6 mil for the draft leaving $6 mil based on the projected $215 mil. What this boils down to is that KC could very well be $11 mil in the hole next year. Yes restructures and expiring contracts will get them back in the black, but if the cap stays flat for the next three years which is also being discussed, KC will be in cap hell for a few years. I would much rather wait until the dust settles, then see what we can do with Jamal. There is just too much uncertainty right now. It is not hogwash, it is reality.
  3. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Yeah, but I always felt sorry for Wile E. Not for JA.
  4. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    The thing that aggravates the hell out me is the stupidity of people. The country does not necessarily need to close down if people would just use basic common sense. Facemasks, avoiding large crowds, etc. Unfortunately, people will not do those simple things, thus we have a self perpetuating virus and the need for measures from the government. The economic impact will cause far greater problems and for a much longer period of time. How many people will be evicted or foreclosed upon? How many states will go bankrupt due to unemployment benefits? How high will our taxes go such that the middle class disappears? Groceries, small business, trade ,etc. Ok, my rant is done. For now.
  5. Around the League 2020

    The patriots will probably shy away from him due to 7 concussions. If anything, they will offer vet minimum. I expect the Patriots to look into Njoku.
  6. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    How do you know if JD talked to JA and his rep or not? JD HAS NOT FAILED. You are only hearing one side of an argument then making assumptions. Really?
  7. Around the League 2020

    As good as Mahomes is, 10 years is a long time to commit to any player. All I am saying is ask Chiefs fans in 7-10 years if the contract is worth it. Maybe it will be and Mahomes will buck the odds, but long term contracts like that in any sport rarely work out.
  8. Around the League 2020

    This is a contract that will bite KC in the ***. But time will tell.
  9. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Crap, now I feel stupid. I should have known. Still recovering from this weekend with a long way to go, obviously.
  10. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Were you being factious?
  11. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Forgive my ignorance, but don't we already have a plethora of ILB on the roster now? If we are going to trade JA for a player, make it a position of need - EDGE, WR, CB, stud OL.
  12. Supplemental Draft

    Agreed, but with the possibility of no or reduced CFB this year, some may feel going in the supplemental draft is better than staring into the unknown. If the NFL allows it, which at this moment I believe they do not, you could see an interesting sup draft.
  13. Supplemental Draft

    Typically the sup draft takes place the second week of July. Has anyone heard when it will actually take place? Potential players involved? This year seems like it will be unique in that players may want to enter because of the possibility of a shortened or no college FB season. I also understand the NFL will not grant eligibility to players because of the pandemic, but things could change.
  14. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    As much as this pains me, comparing a baseball player player to a defensive FB player is not right. JA's issue is that he plans on getting hurt, like Dad, and missing out on his big payday. Baseball players rarely suffer career ending injuries, sans pitchers. But I understand your point. Finish your rookie contract, at least the first 4 years, then ask for a raise. JA is doing this all ***-backwards.
  15. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Did they not “clear the air” after JA melted down because JD did his job and listened to offers? That “clearing” lasted a few months. This kid has a screw loose and nothing is going to make him stop acting like a little ***** until he is off this team. He is Antonio Brown without the off-field issues, YET.