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  1. Y'all read wayyyyyy too much into that tweet.
  2. Trade advice

    Ended up working out a deal for Bell that allows for zero risk. He was desperate for TE help fwiw: I get Bell and Ridley, I give Burton and G.Tate. Gives me insurance on Connor. Plus idk that Ridley is much worse if at all than Tate in their current to situations.
  3. Who killed you this week?

    I had Brees, Connor, Hunt, and OJ Howard. Safe to say I led the league in points by a solid margin and now sit 8-1. Even had Mike Evans in there and still had my biggest output (and the biggest league output I think?) this week.
  4. Trade advice

    Think I'm gonna hold tight on both, so we seem to have the same thinking here lol. I have a hard time seeing Bell being the feature back when he returns. Connor has just been too dominant, and you can't tell me there won't be salty guys with Bell in that locker room. If Connor blunders, I stick Michel or Chubb in his place and keep playing Woods or one of those two in my flex spot, with a chance Aaron Jones becomes into play. Obviously if Bell comes back and takes back lead role it'd make me kick myself on this trade, but the worst case doesn't hurt me THAT much. May try for Bell in a far lesser offer. I think the owner that has him doesn't want to worry about the risk of him being the 2nd fiddle to Connor, and I'd like him just in case he does take back over for playoff time.
  5. Trade advice

    Also got offered: OJ Howard and Golden Tate FOR LeVeon Bell, Calvin Ridley, Jordan Reed Edit: feel like I should take that but my team is so solid as is and Howard I feel like is a top 3-5 TE.
  6. Trade advice

    True, but what if Connor sticks as the feature back (like he should)? IDK, feel like Bell has to be involved somehow but how much? Fournette has hamstring issues so that is a big red flag to me...