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  1. Yeah, he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. We're already one of the smaller markets and you put a terrible product out there and expect people to come out? Especially given the fact you haven't got a roof for the brutal heat/sun? Nah dawg.
  2. Shad has looked very bad for most stuff related to football since coming. Talking about JAX as a viable football market? Maybe don't put a **** product on the field for the last decade besides one year.
  3. I think we have a WR1 in Chark tbh. We just need another legit option so he's not the only one teams seriously need to worry about.
  4. Coughlin and Wash 1000 percent. Still love Doug but we're getting to a certain point here.
  5. I obviously can't root for that but if it happened it'd just further the likelihood of making some changes and that probably needs to be done at this point.
  6. Worst part about all of this is the Colts have a ton of injuries and we're still getting run out of the gym.
  7. I like Marrone but this performance, coming out of a Bye, with the playoffs largely on the line...and this is the performance? Idk man idk
  8. Marrone talked all week on how the D needs to focus on the run and they have 200+. I mean...
  9. I doubt after the game he's gone, but this defense isn't good enough to cover for the eh coaching anymore.
  10. If we lose 1-2 more in our next few I hope Minshew goes out there. If the playoffs aren't possible (this loss pretty much ensures it), let the kid play.
  11. I'm not saying coaching has nothing to do with it, but this isn't us just being outcoached. I'm seeing a defense that is getting pushed around like rag dolls with no fire. Coaches can't play for them. Foles isn't hitting his guys/underthrowing guys on deep balls.
  12. Myles Jack legitimately sucks at MLB. I've seen enough.
  13. Also, Myles Jack is NOT a MLB. Can we please move him to his natural WLB spot?