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  1. He's not wrong... Not until we can actually beat them at least.
  2. As bad as you could hope. Defense allowed 9 points, but Wash called an awful game. Defense couldn't figure out what to do when Mariota came in. He ran all over us/converted on big downs. Bortles was inaccurate, but Hackett also called a bad game and the receivers dropped 5 passes from what I remember. Reed started for Cann and it was a glaring hole. Blake was under pressure most of the day and never had time for things to develop. Based on people at the game, receivers were getting no seperation (and Adoree went out in the 2nd quarter I believe...).
  3. Im definitely upset, but I'm not surprised. I said it all week, games between us and them don't make sure. They never do. Not to mention we got swept by them last year. We just can't figure out what to do against that squad. Sucks as they're in division, but it is what it is.
  4. Cann. Bortles was consistently pressured and had multiple passes batted down (that came from Reed's side, would have to see if they were his fault but I think at least one is).
  5. This. They own us til they don't. Dont acting like they don't.
  6. And yes, our D allowed 9 points. Loss wasn't on them. But if anyone watches that game they see the awful mistakes ala that 3rd down with Dion Lewis in and we go for him instead of Mariota. We didn't even alter anything when he came in and it was obvious the way they playcalled it was going to change what they did. Ran all over us.
  7. Not a good game. Bad game plan, poor defensive playcalling, bad blocking by the Ol, etc. Not a good look.
  8. He may not have had as much zip but he's been fine in the intermediate/short passes from what I see. That's what y'all should be doing anyways.
  9. Think knocking out Gabbert did us in. Had no answer in containing Mariota.