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  1. Even if they do I think at his age he'd rather play in SF or another org closer than us. They can easily offer $20M themselves.
  2. Think that'd he's the most ideal shakeout. I still don't see Trent ending up here.
  3. With Urban in the fold? No chance. 😂 But yeah, this seems like a killer hire. With how bad our PR has been for the past few years here this is refreshing.
  4. Lol...Cam's not even listed as a candidate.
  5. Pretty much. Which is the whole point. If you're asking me, as a Bears fan/their regime if I'd rather Darnold or Minshew it's not really close. Although I don't think Darnold ends up working out, he is the guy between the two that at least has a chance, albeit small, to be "the guy".
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