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  1. Doesn't mean he's a top 53 player. You have to have a kicker on the roster...
  2. TJ Yeldon injured

    Probably, not like there is a ton of guys who are quality depth on the OL.
  3. TJ Yeldon injured

    Gotcha. I think so too, but I haven't tried cutting the team down to 53 yet so wasn't certain. Feel like with Fournette's toe and Yeldon now hurt how can you not at this point?
  4. TJ Yeldon injured

    Counting a FB or no? I really hope Marquez balls and is kept/our starting FB.
  5. TJ Yeldon injured

    Highly doubt we cut Yeldon as he brings something. I feel like Ivory has a shot to be cut. Bad last yer and he still hasn't done anything this year. Could see 4 RB's kept with Yeldon injury like Ipwn said too.
  6. Again, two games into the preseason. Not sure it matters much. There are teams that look great during this period that look awful come the reg. season and vice versa. Calais Campbell and Malik played like one series last week and neither did a lick. When the actually games start, I expect that to change quite a bit. LB's have been shuffled, Telvin has done nothing either and we all know he is about as consistently good as they come on our defense. No Bouye/Ramsey. Church is a new voice back there/still learning (has looked good though). Lot of moving parts on defense. Pass rush will be up and down but I like our chances this year to do better in that category and getting another elite cover corner in Bouye alongside Ramsey instead of Amukamara should do wonders as well. As I just mentioned, Church instead of Cyp should help too. On offense that is a work in progress. Last week Fournette/Grant looked great. LF was out this week and we looked poor against a nasty front 7 in TB. Not going to fret to much over preseason like I said. This week all these units could go out and look amazing and it still wouldn't change the fact that once the regular season gets going it's going to be a whole new animal/some guys will step up/some guys will disappear just like every year.
  7. Should Blake start?

    No one has touched Kap though who have poor QB situations as well, I don't get it. As for Smith and Tyrod, not really sure. No idea what the plan is behind closed doors/if they have talked. We do know they went to CIN and asked about McCarron but they wanted an insane amount. That's about it. As for the 2nd point, I guess we'll see. I just don't see how you can take another year like we've had for the past several. There needs to be progress shown and if the defense is on the field all the time/being forced into bad situations into turnovers we aren't going to see what we want to see out there. If teams are stacking 9 in the box because we can't throw the ball and we have Fournette in the backfield he isn't going to be able to do much. If our QB can't hit ARob, Hurns, Lee, Dede, Cole, etc. in stride (Henne has for the most part to be fair, Bortles not so much) than we aren't going to see progress there. OL is going to look bad with a QB that defenses don't have to gameplan for/worry about too. Just let Bortles continue to make mistakes/hurt himself and stack the box against the run so it won't allow us to do anything. Just sad. I'm fine seeing what Henne/Allen can do but there's just no way we can put Bortles out there past a couple weeks if he continues doing what he's done. We just can't.
  8. Should Blake start?

    This draft to be fair wasn't exactly ideal to take a guy high. I liked Mahomes but he looked like a raw QB who needed work but had nice upside (not exactly our specialty in recent years, and not a guy many saw getting taken top 5-10). Watson was there but he has plenty of questions and has looked poor so far too. Not sure what other options outside of a trade got us someone that could be looked at as a potential guy for years to come. Obviously some of these QB's will fall off just like every year, but this upcoming season certainly looks better in the QB department. Getting a guy like Fournette and Cam Robinson in rds 1 and 2 (LT and RB) certainly show that they are at least trying to get some building blocks to help whoever is the long term option at QB...although I'm still puzzled why we didn't take an interior OL in the middle rounds...especially when we didn't address it in Free Agency.
  9. Former Jags around the league

    I think so too. I always thought he could be a decent rotational DE who can provide some rush at times. 4-6 sack type imo. Not anything great but also a nice depth pass rusher.
  10. Should Blake start?

    I'd rather win some games and get out of this dark hole picking top 5 and show some life followed by trading multiple draft picks to get one of them than suck again (which likely means some of our young guys didn't take the step we had hoped) and pick top 5 with a poor situation to walk into. I've been on the suck and pick high camp before. After watching Bortles get outplayed by guys who went late rd 1 in the same draft I could care less. If there is a QB we see and we love and we don't have a long term fix there, go up and get him if we aren't picking that high. Sucks to lose the draft capital but I would rather have a guy get brought into a solid situation.
  11. Camp Battles: Starting LG

    Nope, he only played RG today apparently. Same with Cann. I will never understand why Cann is being forced at RG when our LG situation sucks. If he is better at LG like some thing, why not put him there and let RG be a patchwork spot so at least one of those spots is better off than it is now? With a rookie LT in Cam you would think you would want as much consistency next to him as you could get. He's looked pretty darn solid so far for a rookie LT.
  12. TJ Yeldon injured

    I see no reason why he wouldn't. Looks good on ST, outside of Fournette has been only RB to produce, last two games when he got the lion share of the carries last year he absolutely wrecked. We'd be dumb to let him go.
  13. Week 2 of preseason just finished, way to early to know about that yet. Think we are going overboard on the rest of the team outside of a LG/QB/K after this past week.
  14. Should Blake start?

    Just have a hard time believing that unless, again, Marrone/TC think we can pull a 7-9 type year with Henne/Allen similar to what he did with an over the hill/journeymen Kyle Orton in Buffalo. Just would be hard to see us let another year go by anything resembling the past couple with an atrocious option at QB. I do personally think Henne with Fournette/the receivers we have can be a fringe game manager type and win some games though.
  15. Should Blake start?

    Yup, and what if Blake looks good on Thursday? Does that all the sudden mean we throw out all of TC (wasn't bad all the time, but there was some pretty awful practices according to the media) and the first two preseason games where he looked bad? One good preseason game means he's back on track and we're ready to go? Has to be more to this...