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  1. The Official BDN Thread

    Guess we'll have to see. But when Blake was super turnover prone and the profits from letting him do hero ball were minimal and didn't translate into wins, it's hard to expect him to trust him I'd say too. Again, it's not like Foles is hero ball all the time either. He had games where he managed and controlled the ball. When he needed to/in big moments hed do his thing, sure, but let's not act like Foles is Favre out here either. I definitely think Marrone/offensive playcalling is different with a much more trustworthy/heralded guy in Foles than Blake. He may not go full speed ahead, but I don't see him doing what he did in that game ever again after all the scrutiny, and especially not with a guy in Foles who has shown out in big moments instead of Bortles...
  2. The Official BDN Thread

    I mean, it's not like what DeFlippo was doing was working great either.There's a balance that needs to be done. Foles shouldn't be playing Yolo ball all the time either with a top 5 or so defense most likely on the other side having his back. He doesn't need to do that to win games here most likely barring some serious problems everywhere else. But he's also good in those situations, and I doubt they looked at his tape and saw him having success with it and said to themselves "we're going to totally reel him back and not let him do something he has success with," either. Pretty easy to chalk up Marrone as too conservative with what we've done since he took over, but when you take into account who he had to work with at QB, and not to mention he did dial it up with Blake at times in 2017 and show more aggressiveness when he absolutely needed to or Blake was having one of his games he played out of his mind ala Seattle.
  3. The Official BDN Thread

    Sure, but he's also on the hot seat and last year's offense/conservative playstyle got us to 5 wins. That happens again and he's out. I'm sure that played a role in the hiring...plus Tom had him on his staff in NYG.
  4. The Official BDN Thread

    I mean, do you think Marrone/Coughlin didn't look into his philosphies/mindset or go through an interview to make sure they could give together? It's pretty well known how Flip works.
  5. Parnell has battled injury problems pretty much every year since being here as far as I can remember. He's stuck it out which was awesome of him, but it's usually quite evident he's not healthy every year as each game had passed.
  6. The Official BDN Thread

    Same. I'm not going into next year confident in him getting back on track, but he has shown the ability to be a quality threat while showing upside of being quite good. Idk if he ever gets there, but having an accurate/legit threat at times like Foles has shown at QB instead or Bortles wobbly ducks/Kessler should do wonders for most I figure.
  7. Jaguars sign WR Chris Conley

    1) 1.8M 2) He said he signed here mostly because of Nick. They seem to have a great relationship.
  8. The Official BDN Thread

    I mean, I definitely thought it was visible going from Hayden on. Harrison was quite good but he also wasn't starting at SS where he now slots in. Hayden compared to a mid/late rd corner/Patmon? I'd say it'd be a decent drop. As far as Gip, I don't view him as a top 5 FS at all. Top 10 probably yeah, but I see a drop off with no Ramsey/Bouye/Hayden alongside him. Interested to see how he works out in Houston with a far lesser secondary around him. He was falling off a bit in Cleveland prior to getting here too.
  9. The Official BDN Thread

    I know you were a big fan of Gip, and I liked him as well but I really don't view him as some massive loss. I'd obviously prefer Gip over Hayden, but Gip was on his way out in the next year whether this or next regardless. It also seemed like he was extremely undisciplined out there. Felt like there was some boneheaded personal foul every couple games in a critical juncture from him. We'll see, but I'm not too hurt about losing the guy. Jarrod Wilson played solid whenever called upon. May be a downgrade but I'm not sure if it'll be that much if he's who we choose to roll out.
  10. The Official BDN Thread

    You don't keep every good vet. You draft to replace guys that are too highly paid because you obviously can't afford everyone. Keep all the "good contributing players" and keeping all your rookies in backup roles isn't even a possibility with a salary cap.
  11. The Official BDN Thread

    Colvin was "great" here to and we signed a "bust" in Hayden yet we're talking about them jettisoning good players and putting in poor draft picks? We cut Malik who although brought a good pass rush, was poor against the run and was being overpaid and had Taven who did flash at 3T in for him. That's how this whole thing works. You don't keep everyone.
  12. The Official BDN Thread

    Chark+Highly drafted TE. Cole is 6'1, Lee is 6'0, Dede is smaller but a great guy underneath who I'm sure will work well. Conley isn't a top of the depth chart guy but pretty much exactly what you describe. Definitely not the talent in PHI though, no doubt about it. Alshon/Ertz was one heck of a duo. Just feel like it's hard to know what we have with who has been throwing them them the ball though.
  13. Not saying that grade is end all be all, just a reinforcement of how well he played in college. We'll see if he can figure it out at NFL level but he definitely has potential to be a starting RT pending development imo.
  14. ? Guys out there now are way after early FA. Definitely can still find bargains/guys we can afford. These we made besides Foles barely dented our cap.
  15. Eh...some guys need more development/wait like what we did with him. We'll see, shouldn't bet on him but he has potential.