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  1. Also, sounds like Dave was the FO member we all heard about as the one, along with TC, that disrespected him per Ramsey and ultimately forcing the trade request.
  2. Kind of a weird way to portray it. Basically sounds like they needed Coughlins rough edges/discipline and it brought them closer together and had it not happened they likely would’ve never got it figured out. Not that we didn’t already know that, but makes me feel so much better about having Urban in the fold with this current roster.
  3. Trevors got the guys going to Clemson to train huh
  4. I just think the QB position really made things a lot worse on the unit. Outside of Jawaan who really struggled in pass pro at times, I just felt like it was a very solid unit. Way too early to know/can’t take OTAs too seriously but the way Bevell and Warhop are speaking about Little it wouldn’t shock me if he supplants someone by mid season.
  5. Apparently per Brett Kollmann and EJ Snyder there were 11 teams vying for Robertson-Harris’s services in FA.
  6. Way too early in the process to know how that’ll work on game day. All of Chark, Shenault, and Marvin Jones should be heavily involved and it’s kind of a toss up to know how their targets will end up. I’d expect Robinson to be the bell cow with ETN being all over and likely being heavily involved in the pass game too.
  7. The whole unit I never viewed as an issue while watching them though, which is more so my point. Like going into the draft I was wanting more depth to push guys/have better OT depth but I never felt like this OL wouldn’t be able to block for Trevor or we really needed to make a move as far as starters go. I wanted Orlando Brown or Trent Williams sure (one of which being a top 2-3 LT in the game) but I was also perfectly content with running it back with Cam Robinson after watching him last season if they weren’t attainable for the right price.
  8. The interior OL passed the eye test in a big way last year imo. We all saw Taylor have a lot of struggles, but I thought Cam was largely fine as well. All while having the aforementioned issues at QB (especially when Minshew was back there) that didn’t help the situation.
  9. I mean I’m on my phone a decent bit but that’s largely due to my job too. As I said, a full charge on this lasts me through the day and sometimes into the next a ways. So I don’t think it’s my screen time and rather the battery life just being awful on the androids I have had.
  10. Lmao, Tim Walton praising everything holy for us losing 15 straight too.
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