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  1. Don't think we can wait on corner. We have Herndon and nothing else on the outside. There's two guys who I think are good value where we sit with Terrell and Noah Delpit has upside to be very good, but I get a lot of Haha vibes. He's been an ok safety at the NFL level but his tape this year was just so bad. Pair that with the fact safety could use upgrading but is far from dire and ehhh... Cushenberry is intriguing for sure. Just feel like there's some solid guards we can find later. Don't think Linder gets moved off center.
  2. Is Diggs still on the board? If so I'd lean him. Otherwise Terrell here is good value, as would the Auburn CB (don't care to botch the name).
  3. General News and Notes

    He's yet to play there. He played SAM prior to MLB. It just fits his play style/strengths to a tee.
  4. 2020 nfl mock drafts thread

    I love it but I also don't know that we can pass on a WR in a historic receiver draft with for the first 4 rounds damn near. Ideally you'd want one by round 3.
  5. General News and Notes

    Thread on what Ian Rapoport had to say on several things with JAX (Jameis/Cam, Minshew, QB at 9, Yan, etc.). Recommend checking it out.
  6. Nah. Ngakoue is far superior.
  7. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    It's April and less than 3 weeks from the draft. There's going to be a lot of "red flags" on players.
  8. The tWo Hangout

    Yeah, my job is still going as it's considered essential. My office has sent a lot of employees home to work so there's just a handful of us on the floor now. So far everything has been fine thankfully. What about you?
  9. With the need at corner and obviously wanting to get Minshew another weapon to pair with Chark as I said, I think CB and WR need to be taken with the next two picks. Mims, Jefferson, Higgins probably deserves consideration as well. Corner - Fulton, Diggs, Gladney (although I think Gladney makes it close to our 2nd, imo). Mims is def more of a boom or bust, but I love his redzone ability and size. His upside is through the roof imo, but he definitely has some question marks. Truthfully, although I like certain guys more than others above, I could understand/get behind any of them. So we can wait and hear Tugs take.
  10. Austin Jackson is another intriguing guy. Slightly worried because he's more of an upside/risky pick imo. I really want to get Minshew a great supporting cast so my vote is Mims. Can get behind Jefferson to. Think there will be a solid corner at 42, or we can trade up a few spots for one if we need to with our capital.
  11. We still have 3-4 of us in here man. May as well let us all collaborate to make this more of a forum thing and hopefully have other people jump in. This is just a game for fun and to get the discussion going.