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  1. Jaguars LB Telvin Smith not to play 2019 season

    Myles, Ryan, Allen, and Quincy Williams. I figure we're fine and I'm quite sure the Jaguars knew about this for a while.
  2. Jaguars LB Telvin Smith not to play 2019 season

    Didn't play great last year. But his leadership is going to be a big loss. Prayers up, Telvin.
  3. Kind of hard to tell what he means/is saying but good to hear him finally speak out.
  4. Feel like this is the right spot for a ranking immediately after. Amazing top two, the rest is a huge question mark. I think Oliver was DeFlippos guy and makes a lot of sense for what Foles likes in his TE's. If he ends up being a strong presence in the passing game this draft will be great looking back. Quincy I have zero idea about, but since the draft we've started to get some "he deserved to go where he was drafted" and considering the school it feels like he could have some sneaky upside.
  5. We signed three LB's today. A lot of 3-4 looks? Telvin? Hmm...
  6. Eh, we'll see on that. Not expecting that out of him as a 6th but we'll see how he develops. His football iq is through the roof and obviously the intangibles... we'll see if the arm strength holds him back from a viable starting QB. Ideally though, no. Not a starting QB.
  7. Just because he's the best at his position in franchise history doesn't mean his number should be retired... Feel like you need to be very special for that. Not sure he was that. Love 'Cedes, but not sure he's at that level for me.
  8. Think we got a great Bortles replacement personality wise. This guy is awesome.
  9. Eh, I love Lewis but idk if he got to that level play wise. Was basically a career Jag and had some good/great years, but...
  10. Rookie Jersey Numbers

    Completely here for Allen with #41.
  11. I'm so here for #41 for Allen tbh.
  12. Eh, looked pretty good in pass pro. He may be a mauler/nasty guy in the run game but wouldn't knock him in pass pro because of it.
  13. Rookie Jersey Numbers

    Idk how I'd feel about that. Edit: Read that wrong. Thought he was getting it.