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  1. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    There's not THAT many teams with young QB's that teams would want to trade for. There's a lot of Chad Henne's/Case Keenum's (who has played well) that no one would give up any real value for, so of course the list isn't long. Rivers blows now, why the hell would we trade for him?
  2. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    The Bengals just were prior to this season but we didn't like the price. You just assume everything and state it as fact. I don't get it.
  3. The tWo Hangout

  4. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    Have you watched Brissett for Indy? They got him for a draft bust in Phillip Dorsett. We don't have to get a proven top game manager like Alex Smith to win games.
  5. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    There is an entire draft alongside free agency. Plus possible trade options like TC did his last time here with Brunell. Also, assuming we'll run this same offense with any QB I think is pretty far off. The only reason we are running it this way is because Blake has shown to be turnover prone and make costly mistakes at the worst times. If he could just hit short/intermediate throws at a decent rate we'd be fine right now. We don't need someone throwing for 5k yards and being elite to get away from an offense like we have right now. Edit: Didn't even notice your knock at this whole QB class. Also a wildly inaccurate statement to make in October. Last year was viewed the same way and Trubisky has looked semi-decent (while looking great as far as throwing on the run) and Watson has looked pretty damn solid and has broken records. This class is definitely better than that one from what I can tell right now even if Darnold doesn't come out.
  6. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    So we've went from "We can't afford to pay a QB AND fix our OL" to saying "We'll just find another Glennon" to assuming ARob and the Jaguars aren't talking/he wants to leave. Sound logic @LinderFournette.
  7. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    I can't even imagine. Really think Vegas will end up being a good market for hockey.
  8. The tWo Hangout

  9. The tWo Hangout

    They have decent talent, like it's not like there's none there, but definitely didn't expect them to play this well. Neal, Perron, etc. are really playing well.
  10. Jags Sign K Josh Lambo

    I mean, Lambo isn't an elite kicker or anything but if he can be consistent from inside the 40-45 than everything else is gravy. I'm just sick of being on the edge of my seat for a extra point. Like good lord dude, how the hell are you in the NFL if you struggle THAT mightily with a freaking extra point. Plus all of his struggles from intermediate field goals.
  11. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    Gotta say, really enjoy watching that Vegas team as a new fan to hockey this year. That's a fun team. Wonder if Subban can live up to his hype (not so much now, as obviously BOS let him go). He's looked solid these last couple games.
  12. The tWo Hangout

    Gotta say, really enjoyed watching Vegas tonight. Being able to see a team right from expansion is pretty cool. Wish they were closer...
  13. In season news and notes

    This year has really lessened my combine hype honestly. There's been quite a few guys this year who didn't perform great at the combine that are looked to be really nice players. Dalvin especially with how awful he scored. He looked fantastic and pretty much what you expected him to look like when you saw him at FSU.
  14. 2018 Starting Quarterback

    Yeah, if we could have gotten McCarron back in TC or even now at a relatively low price I would have been down to give him a shot. But boy would that be awfully depressing if he was "the guy" going into next year.
  15. Official Jags Nostalgia Thread

    I'd be down for a re-watch. Relive the glory days of Jags football...