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  1. Jalen Ramsey requests trade

    Reports have also been that Chiefs aren't in but I'm not sure I believe that. Eagles or Seahawks I think tbh.
  2. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Nope, against NFL rules. Can't be on an active roster for two teams the same week.
  3. It's us though...I think you'll be safe.
  4. Jalen Ramsey Trade Watch

    Sure, just saying I proposed/asked what if you guys could get or had Ramsey and it was still largely wouldn't touch him just last year. Probably happens with a lot of division rivals players that are easy to dislike but interesting nonetheless.
  5. Jalen Ramsey Trade Watch

    This forum has taken a real 180 on Jalen, huh? 😂 He'll prob go to the Chiefs or Eagles is my guess.
  6. Impossible to be optimistic given our last outings. We'll see though, different team than we were last year at a lot of spots so we'll see.
  7. I don't see him falling on his face. He was this same guy in college. People knocked his arm and size and thus far I see no reason why either will hold him back at this stage. Idk if he'll be "the guy", but he's definitely going to be a good backup worst case.
  8. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    For sure, but I'm going to enjoy it in the meantime.
  9. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    We now have the Minshew. We're good.
  10. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Blake Bortles
  11. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    We have this year, next year, and the franchise tag. He's either getting dealt or gonna be here for a few years.
  12. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    I mean, Ramsey is basically painting it as a team who is holding him back, he just wants to win (and we aren't doing that), and wants to be somewhere where it's the focus. Hard to argue as we've kept an incompetent DC and Coughlin has been a train wreck outside of 2017 since coming on. Ultimately with Jalen, he has a ton of Deion in him as it's been said. I don't see this guy staying wherever he goes forever either. It's not JUST winning with him, the name/recognition and marketing side of stuff is right there with that for him.
  13. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    What you'd expect to go along with a lot of cuss words. Just think, PR wise, was not great for the team and odd that it'd be something they thought was a good idea.