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  1. Umm... Who else are we getting? Bortles has looked great and if it continues we better pay him.
  2. First Jaguars game is a blast so far to say the least.
  3. I seriously don't get what the point of posting "sack" is when we're all watching with nothing else. That's just me though I guess.
  4. The Playoff Chase

    Really hope the Chiefs hold on. Don't want to see LAC in the playoffs.
  5. Pretty pissed the game I get to see live is without Fournette. Otherwise I wouldn't care that much.
  6. Going to be at the game tomorrow then a 21 hour drive immediately after. Doubt I'm on too much so some of y'all gotta pick up the slack.
  7. In season news and notes

    Shean wants it too.
  8. In season news and notes

    Also, no way I'm getting to move up. Sounds like it's going to be more packed than Seattle.
  9. In season news and notes

    Same. So many people disliked the hire when it happened. Not many people liked the idea of Doug at all.