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  1. "Proven vets" If a proven vet is available right now than it's because they're completely washed. We signed a proven vet last year in Eifert and this coaching staff didn't think he was worthy of even being rostered.
  2. Hell yeah. This is the the type of content I'm here for.
  3. Because people are definitely saying Tebow, who is likely signing a minimum/no guarantee contract, is a competent NFL TE.
  4. I mean... And yes, I realize this was however many years ago.
  5. Sounds like there's something deeper there if that's how you'd feel about adding a back end of the 90 roster spot player like Tebow with no commitment.
  6. The Jaguars just drafted Trevor Lawrence. One of the most decorated/hyped up QBs in the past couple decades. But yes, I'm sure they did this for the money/publicity that TE3 Tim Tebow could bring.
  7. Gotcha. Outside of the deserved LOLs on the surface I legitimately can't find a downside. And this is someone who was about as anti-Tebow as you could get back when he was coming out of Florida/on the FA market...when he was a QB. Prove it contract at a position that lacks talent (with no upside options on the market) that can help Urban push his vision in the locker room.
  8. I'm shocked hes still on the roster tbh.
  9. What would that be out of curiosity? That he brings media attention to the TE depth chart of the Jaguars in August?
  10. Again, if that ends up being the case, he's cut and someone else is brought in... If, for some wild reason, he is in great shape/comes in and provides something then what?
  11. Again, what TE off the FA heap right now provides what he likely can, at worst, to push Meyers vision in that locker room this off-season/and into TC? There's also at least an unknown/upside to Tebow that most on that FA market your referring to don't provide. I think people underestime having "your guys" in a locker room, especially as a first time HC in this league, can do for you.
  12. What does any end of the roster/fringe TE at this point bring out of curiosity? One happened to have played under Meyer and has an incredibly tight relationship who likely brings something, at worst, to the locker room. He also wasnt just sitting on a couch for the past 6 years fwiw:
  13. Low key think a big part has to do with Tebow knowing Urbans vision and likely pushing that in the locker room. Regardless, the dude is cut if he doesn't measure up to the other TEs in camp. If he does it's an incredible story and likely a good thing for the team. Such a massive risk we're take on this one.
  14. Tim Tebow refused to move off the QB spot. Also, what is the issue with being a story/bringing more media attention? I'm not even saying this is a "good move", but lol at "Urban gonna fail due to signing Tebow in May to a minimum contract to compete for a roster spot at a position where the Jaguars are devoid of talent" thought process.
  15. Lol, because they're bringing on Tebow to try and gain a roster spot at TE (where most thought he had to move to if he wanted an NFL career)? Nick Saban didn't have a QB. That's why he (and most NFL HCs) failed).
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