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  1. Pitts is gonna be a top 15 pick, maybe even top 10 imo.
  2. Beat an early favorite for the division week 1. Go toe to toe with a division rival who made it to the AFC Championship last the year week 2. Get blown out by a Ryan Fitzpatrick led Dolphins in primetime week 3. That's the Jaguars I know.
  3. Eh, hasn't looked nearly as sharp as the first two games. Just constantly put in a terrible place by the defense. Why Marrone puts the defense out there to start the game and spot them 7 points every week still baffles me.
  4. How he continues to be employed... Same ish every year.
  5. I can't watch this defense much more. Can we just sim it so the offense can come back out?
  6. Henderson having an awful start so far. Yikes.
  7. Now we get to watch this atrocious defense get trotted back out there. How exciting.
  8. Ok? We're the youngest team in the league with 13 rookies on the active game roster. What are you exactly expecting from this group? Especially week 1 against a old vet QB? They played smart efficient football 19/20, 3 TDs from Minshew and won the turnover battle. That keeps you in games.
  9. Why not get momentum going early instead of giving the opponent an automatic 7-0 lead every week though? I like getting it at halftime too but this hasn't worked once...
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