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  1. ...these type of takes kill me every. single. time. Who would want to go to a franchise that hasn't had "the guy" at the QB position since the 90s/early 00's and be the guy to put them back on the map? These guys definitely don't have a competitive bone in their body nor want to be the guy to turn a franchise around I'm sure...
  2. He has, but he's definitely a good bit bigger in that cutup...
  3. 👀 Dude has hit the weights hard.
  4. They're revolutionizing the game, who woulda thought.
  5. If Mitsubishi or Foles (behind that OL especially) gets them to more than a .500 record I'd be shocked.
  6. Rank every division's QB situations: AFC South

    While outplaying all the other rookie QB's, both statistically and with wins, AND being one of the most efficient deep passers in the NFL. Odd hill to stand on regardless if you think he develops or not. He literally had a better season (that the film backs up) over any QB we've had since Garrard, all while being a rookie nonetheless. Couldn't be me.
  7. Who wins the AFC South?

    Not sure I see a lateral move there. But a drastic upgrade? Nah.
  8. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    In SLC? I'm not sure about that. Boise you're probably right though. Heck, look at Portland. We need more teams out west outside of CA.
  9. Who wins the AFC South?

    Calais is a quality DL still but the guy is a shell of his former self. Absolutely love the man but he's not his dominant self anymore. Now going into next year another year older... I agree with everyone regarding the Browns. They've been hyped for a few years now in the off-season as a team that will take off. I'm not taking them over Indy who is a lock to be right around .500, with potential to be more depending on Rivers with Reich and that OL. Then you have HOU and TEN who both made the playoffs and likely flirt with 10 wins versus BAL (probably the best of the bunch but not by much) and a PIT team that I've already talked about with a 38 y/o Big Ben. Gimme the AFCS overall, and I hate hyping TEN and HOU.
  10. Who wins the AFC South?

    Also, the NFCN has an aging Rodgers (that also had a garbage draft with their top pick being someone that will be a backup) and the Vikings who have Cousins at QB (who I don't believe in). Then you have Mitsubishi/Foles at QB with a suspect OL that also was not a good team last year as well as the Lions... So two teams that I don't view having any chance at the playoffs as well as two teams I also don't see as much of a shot to hoist a Lombardi...
  11. Who wins the AFC South?

    You have the Ravens and meh. Browns/Mayfield were bad. Expecting a rookie QB to make much noise is super unlikely for the Bengals. Steelers have a good D but we really don't know where Ben is/will be. NFCE has the Giants and Redskins who were v bad last year and I'm not sure how either have shown they have obvious progress this upcoming year. Eagles still have plenty of questions and Wentz hasn't shown he can stay healthy when it matters yet. AFC West you have the Chiefs and... Broncos have a super young offense and we don't know how Lock will look. Raiders still have Carr at QB. Chargers have Tyrod or a rookie QB. Solid team all around but they never live up to expectations and Tyrod is a downgrade from Rivers. That's just touching on a few. But all three of the above I'm not sure really are much better, if at all, and possibly worse. Watson has a legit shot to be able to carry the Texans regardless of BOB. He's that good. Titans made it to the AFCCG and didn't lose anyone that is irreplaceable. Colts won 7 games with an injured Brissett and a couple spot starts from Hoyer. Like...it's not "trash". I expect regression from the Titans but they still likely flirt with double digits wins and the Texans likely get there too. Colts are a wildcard depending on Rivers, but he's likely an upgrade to what came from the position last year and Ballard has built up a quality overall team.
  12. Who wins the AFC South?

    Yeah...big difference between a division being "trash" and not having "easy to see" SB contenders. The division has three teams with legit shots to be .500 or better and one having a young QB who outplayed all the other rookies at the position last year. Whether or not you believe in Minshew there's still a chance he continues to develop/builds on it and carries the Jags to a respectable record/competitive team. A lot of divisions have maybe a team or two that are solid-good with trash after that.