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  1. PFF having Lawrence this low is both hilarious and also not in the least surprising because you know…it’s PFF.
  2. Again, been pleasantly surprised by Arnold as far as his blocking goes.
  3. I think he’d likely end up being better than everywhere except for Josh Allen right when he walked in the door from a pass rush perspective still.
  4. I’d say there’s a chance, but I also wouldn’t be shocked as it currently stands if he goes top 10…so.
  5. Hutchinson and Neal from a talent+positional perspective are tough for me to pass up. I love Hamilton but… Still way too early who to know ends up being up in that realm. I’d say the guys you listed are the only certain top 8ish locks.
  6. He won’t unless more bad image type stuff comes out. Think the belief is more about Urban just walking away more than anything else. Looks like a corpse after Ls and this team is bad and likely losing another 7-8 games.
  7. One hell of a run he had. It’s a shame how it ended.
  8. Oh buddy, we have to go after him no? I realize he isn’t his younger self but still.
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