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  1. I really don't care my guy. This is about the fantastic situation the Jags are in financially. Just a tweet I saw. You can take up your argument with him on the Jets placement.
  2. Hence why it's a projection. Not like they're going to assume who is and who isn't brought back midseason prior to the off-season.
  3. This, along with all the draft capital we have is why we should be super enticing for any GM or Coach.
  4. I give up on being able to evaluate QBs tbh. I hated Herbert last year. What he was doing at Oregon wasn't close to what he's shown already in year 1 in LA. He had accuracy issues, you didn't see this big play ability he's shown. There was no indications watching Oregon this is what we'd see from him. I remember our entire fan base freaking out about the idea of Herbert falling to us and wanting nothing to do with him. Just like Josh Allen for the Bills, definitely didn't see Mahomes doing this. He was fun at TTU but yeah, never thought anything close to this was possible. Ultimately as I said in the other thread, I think there's 3-4 legit franchise potential guys on the surface. I think it's close to a lock barring a fall off from Fields he'll be our guy at #2 as I don't think we win two games with only six left but who knows. We just have to make sure we get a good QB coach/OC to develop him and build an offense around his strengths. My issues that I've had watching him is he is prone to holding onto the ball way too long. That's not going to cut it. I've also seen that once in a while he tends to stare his guy down. Neither of which seriously concern me as far as the long term outlook on him with continued coaching.
  5. The draft forum has been stumped.
  6. My god. It's gonna happen.
  7. "There's 3, maybe 4 legit franchise altering QBs in this class. Whoever lands one will be in good hands for the next 15 years." -Draft Experts "With the 2nd overall pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Penei S..."
  8. Man, don't you bring that evil on us. He's a stud but hell no.
  9. The other thing about all this is worst case we pick at 3 or 4 and still land QB3 if someone moves ahead of us. Based on what some of you have said it may even be your preferred scenario if you indeed like Wilson to Fields. Think there's still room for Lance to make a name for himself/be in these discussions too. Good news is we will get a young QB with franchise upside between one of those four in my eyes. We just have to hope we don't fumble the HC hire and we build a good staff to develop whoever it is.
  10. Yeah, I mean we all know this franchise usually ends up screwing itselves. So I still haven't accepted it's likely we'll get 2nd overall. It never seems to. I mean, the issues we're talking about would only arise if we win 2 games. It's possible but I'd say considering we've lost 9 straight I'd say it's a pretty low chance. Although there's technically "winnable" games it's much more difficult than most of our schedule thus far outside of PIT and GB. $24M cap hit for a bridge QB that's below average? I don't think so...
  11. Definitely. The thing we have going for us though is there doesn't seem to be as many QB needy teams at the top. Jets will get Lawrence, but after that what teams even need one? Washington (who may be outside the top 8-10 with their schedule/division) for sure. Then there's Dallas and Atlanta who have guys but maybe could be in for a young guy to learn? Teams like Carolina, Detroit, New England, and SF could be interested but they'd have to fall down quite a ways for that and definitely wouldn't be able to still land Sewell.
  12. Definitely the only concern I see left. The rest should figure itself out with a lot of division matchups within the NFC East/Herbert being too good to lose out imo, etc. I still think if CIN somehow picked ahead of us they'd sprint to the podium for Sewell and figure out where they slot him and Jonah later. That OL got Burrow killed this year, and after that injury they'll probably try and overcompensate to make sure they have good protection for him. Luckily, only worry is if we win two of our last six. At this point I can't say I see it as likely.
  13. Yeah, it's certainly possible. I don't see it as likely (especially if it's not TLaw) but it could happen. Washington on the other hand is pretty much a lock to be in the QB market.
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