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  1. Jaguars release Allen Hurns

    I'm not dismissing it, I just would rather go elsewhere with our situation.
  2. Jaguars release Allen Hurns

    I love ARob but I feel like 2015 is putting him in a higher light than he deserves. He'd be our best receiver, but he had his problems in 2016 and is coming off a torn ACL. Think if the last two years weren't poor for him there'd be a good chance we may have gave him that tag/gave him 14M per.
  3. Aaron got paid 14M per over 3 years. Moncrief got a one year deal to prove he can stay healthy. Big difference.
  4. This signing was a Tony Khan signing. Apparently he loved this guy coming out of college. Analytically, he tested as one of the best ever at the combine according to Lageman on Jaguars Thursday. Just got to watching it today.
  5. Mason Rudolph will be the best QB from this draft

    Really? Seems like a guy who has got SOME talk as a late 1st to a team like us. There's been a ton of rumblings that TC loves the guy. I don't agree with this thread though. I do like him more than some in here from the looks of it, but I'm not sure how anyone can say the guy is a better prospect than guys like Rosen, Mayfield, and Darnold. I prefer Lamar as well, but he's right behind him on my list.
  6. Yeah. Tom Coughlin, one of the best football minds ever in history and a future hall of famer, just doesn't have the smarts to ask teams if they have interest in trading for a player before releasing. What was I thinking...
  7. Yeah, because I'm sure they didn't attempt to do that at any point. TC and Caldwell probably just thought they'd rather cut him for nothing than get something back.
  8. Yeah...wonder what the deal was there. Mingo isn't much of a pass rusher, but I'm fairly sure he'd work well at the SAM position in our defense. Not sure there's much else in that spot left in FA.
  9. Jaguars cut Mercedes Lewis

    Yeah, he's fallen off a bit as a blocker but he's still solid. Iffy hands at times, but overall he's ok there. Bet he's off to Cali though, he was close to going to LA last year if I remember right and that's where he's from.
  10. Jaguars release Allen Hurns

    I just feel like you can do that with most teams. No one can replace there key studs. Other guys have to pick up the slack. I don't think you can really find a guy to replace those types of guys.You just have to hope guys step up to the plate/other positions pick up the slack around them. We were 7-6 in games last year with Fournette. Which is obviously better than not, but I think we can carry the load for a certain amount of time/if we're not playing a guy like Ivory who did literally nothing/fumbled more than he scored while here. Again, not many/if any teams are 5 deep on talent at WR. If we drafted a guy in round 1 or two, that would be exactly where we're at. What's your plan if we did that? Just sit Cole or Dede?
  11. Roll over cap. And as KYDI said, we can't extend those guys until after their third season.
  12. Jaguars cut Mercedes Lewis

    At his age and what he ultimately is, pretty much. Guy is not good enough to do things like that. I'll miss the guy and he was a fan favorite. 12 years is a long time. But you can't be doing that, especially when you're not good enough to make demands like that.
  13. Jaguars cut Mercedes Lewis

    Wasn't happy that we signed ASJ to a contract where he's making more than him. Threatened the org. that he'd sit out.
  14. No help towards the future? If we aren't signing people this is all about the future as it points to opening up $$ for Jack/Ramsey/Ngakoue etc. Hurns wasn't worth a $7M cap hit with his injury problems/falling behind the young guys at WR. Marcedes wanted a pay raise due to ASJ making more than him and was threatening to sit camp. He is still a solid blocking TE but brought little in the receiving game. Neither guy is putting that much of a dent in our team for next year. I love 'em both, but we gotta be realistic on what each has brought the past couple years and how old they are (this is more about Marcedes, he had his best year in a while last year but he's also 32/33 years old). For all we know they also may be looking at guys that are out there still too. Impossible to know. But if Hurns resisted a pay cut and he was clearly behind our top 4 receivers (which I sort of feel like he was/our new regime wasn't high on him), than I'm not sure what the point of having a 5th WR making $7M is besides if an injury comes up. Better off drafting a guy for something like that though.
  15. Jaguars release Allen Hurns

    Gotcha, but I don't think drafting a receiver early really changes those dynamics. Signing A-Rob/Watkins doesn't likely even drastically change that. This team is built to play great D and run the heck out of the ball (as you obviously know), it seems as if our plan is to sure up some weak spots (Norwell, ASJ signed), build up the ST (McCray back, Cody Davis, Niles Paul, etc.), and be deep at the WR position while not having to pay a guy long-term a big allotment of money because that's not the type of offense we are. Our DL is pretty solid as far as depth goes atm and Smoot when given a chances flashed considerably year one. We'll have to draft more guys to hopefully make the defense deeper so if a big piece does go out we can put someone in there that doesn't kill us. Safety especially, probably another corner at some point. We can win games with a big guy or two going out as long as our offense can do something. It'd be nice to add another big time WR, but if we can nab a TE ala Hurst/someone else that's decent whether that be in round 1 or round 3, with ASJ, and Moncrief/Lee (maybe one of these guys is out at some point)/Dede/Cole with a rookie/Wynn/Mickens I think that's a supporting cast that can get it done. It all hinges on Blake not having those games like TEN x2/ARZ/BUF where the only way to win is if our defense is insane and forces multiple turnovers. His weapons weren't great at times, but there was some games where he just didn't have it and couldn't hit anything. Would have been a struggle even with a better supporting cast. Our OL just added an all-pro and in all reality 4/5 of our OL is pretty damn solid. Yeldon showed some serious improvement last year when he was given a chance and was hitting the hole harder. We gave Grant a 2nd round tender so I'd be surprised if he wasn't used more. Fournette is Fournette, when he's out there he's a machine. This was done with some seriously suspect interior OL (minus Linder) and an OT who was all out of whack due to a nagging leg injury in Cam Robinson. Our running game was pretty pedestrian after week 7/8 of last year. All while having a hit or miss passing game and we still got to 10-6 and the AFC Championship game. It's going to be interesting, I just don't think spending a high pick on a WR makes sense with our current setup but then again, it's not like I'm opposed to loading up on weapons for Blake to throw too. I just would rather see another interior OL/developmental OT ala McGlinchey/TE to pair with ASJ than a WR where we have four legit receivers (some inexperience and there is risk, but still) that all should/need to get playing time in the early rounds. Reality is our defense won't be that healthy this year, that's a given. I just feel like it's more on Blake than getting him a WR for our offense to be able to pick up that slack. The weapons he has/should have after the draft will be pretty solid with an OL that is pretty darn good compared to most of the NFL. It's on him to utilize it and take a step in the consistency department. We know he can do it.