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  1. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Lee is not better. I think most of Jacksonville is ready to move on when he's an FA this off-season.
  2. Figure we need somewhere to talk about the results/happenings in the division. Titans lost to OAK. Indy getting wrecked by LAR without Luck. May sit alone atop the AFCS after today.
  3. AFC South Discussion Thread

    You have a feeling or you saw it being reported by several outlets including their GM saying exactly that? Lol...
  4. So because a defense forces a couple turnovers the win can't be related to Blake at all? Blake played an enormous hand in winning the Steelers game. Came out to a fast start that was largely through the air. When they started to come back in the 2nd half that was all Bortles. You can pick apart what the Steelers did or didn't do but fact of the matter is he won us that game in the 2nd half.
  5. Best defense in football since week 5. We should've got obliterated by the Steelers. Don't feed the troll. No other way he can say this unless it's blind homerism or he's trying to get a response (as he's getting). I'd just move on guys.
  6. OL as well. Cam Robinson has all the makings of a franchise LT. Omameh/Cann could be upgraded upon/bring in draft picks to push them and take over if things go poorly. Gotta say, Cann has had his faults but he's really come on lately. Been pretty impressed. Omameh just bullied whoever they put across from him against PIT as well. Very impressed with this unit this year. Obviously need to improve the depth and maybe upgrade a spot here or there/get a successor for Parnell, but I really am not very worried about this unit right now looking at next year.
  7. So because the Patriots beat the Titans and the Titans beat the Jaguars that means the Patriots will beat the Jaguars? Ok... No one is saying that the Patriots shouldn't be favored, but these articles are...bad.
  8. Boston media continues to show it has no idea what it's talking about. Just posting this stuff for laughs at this point.