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  1. The tWo Hangout

    I'm going

    So how do you feel about other teams with a plain look? Giants, Packers, Raiders, etc.? I don't need a futuristic look ala TEN/TB/JAX (last year), etc. It's a good, plain, clean look. Everyone has their tastes, you clearly like a lot going on. Just because you like that doesn't mean this isn't a clean look.
  3. This isn't good to hear. Hope Dave and Tom get to the bottom of this.

    Jerseys looking great.
  5. The tWo Hangout

    Going to KC game.
  6. Ranking the roster - #17

    ... Dude has turned his life around after going through a serious illness. Come on dude.
  7. Ranking the roster - #17

    We're talking about the 17th best player here. ASJ also isn't JUST a receiving threat. TEs can't be ranked on pure yardage/receiving production. They just aren't often as keyed in as targets as receivers unless we're talking the top end TEs. I saw Lee top the league in drops and Moncrief also takes a lot of projection as if he won't get hurt like every other year.
  8. Ranking the roster - #17

    I like ASJ here. Him and Parnell are close.
  9. Minicamp News and Notes

    Two beasts.
  10. Jalen Ramsey lands at #17 on NFL's Top 100

    All hail the king. Def too low though. One of the most important positions and he's the best.
  11. He's not wrong... Division will be tougher, but we should be back.
  12. Calais Campbell lands at #14 on NFL's Top 100

    Think him and Ramsey should've been a bit higher. Great to see them up here nonetheless.
  13. Ranking the roster - #14

    Ok, so one or two people like the guy a lot. Doesn't mean it's a forum wide/Jaguar fan thing. I def think he's better than Lee though.
  14. Figure we need somewhere to talk about the results/happenings in the division. Titans lost to OAK. Indy getting wrecked by LAR without Luck. May sit alone atop the AFCS after today.
  15. Ranking the roster - #14

    Have you not watched him or? She had a plenty of other cutups too, these are just a few I retweeted. The guy when healthy has shown quite a bit. I definitely like his upside more than Lee's at this point in there careers. If there was no risk with Moncrief he would've got more than a 1 year deal, but it's not due to talent.
  16. Ranking the roster - #14

    Who is saying that? I like his talent/tape more than Lee though. Only reason Colts let him walk is because of health. He has shown plenty in his time in Indy when healthy.
  17. Ranking the roster - #14

    Eye test says Lee is? The guy who lead the league in drops?
  18. Camp Battles - SLB / 3rd LBer.

    Good off-season so far for most of our picks. Hope it continues.
  19. Ranking the roster - #14

  20. The tWo Hangout

  21. The tWo Hangout

    I mean, you're not wrong.