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  1. Jaguars cut Mercedes Lewis

    ASJ got a contract that is 2 yrs, with only 1 year being guaranteed at 4.5M and he's overrated? Sure... Your only argument is the guy averaged 7 ypc in 2017. Great, hardly makes what your saying reasonable unless you have more factual reasons for saying this in every thread he gets brought up in. That aside and back to Marcedes, not enthused about letting a leader like that walk out the door but if he was threatening to sit out camp if he didn't get a pay raise I get it.
  2. Jaguars release Marcedes Lewis

    He had an alcohol addiction. Watch the video in the thread. He didn't work out. He didn't care. He drank himself to thinking about suicide at one point. The guy got paid 4.5M. I'm not overrating him. That's a great contract for a young TE with solid upside. He showed very good things in essentially his first season committed to football. Your damn right I'm excited about his potential.i remember him in college.
  3. Ok, I'm not happy about this one...
  4. Jaguars release Marcedes Lewis

    You watch any of him last year or just box score watching? Ifyou seriously think ASJ, especially at this point in both of there careers, should be paid less than what he is/what Marcedes is making, then, well, that's ridiculous. Dude played for the Jets last year with trash at QB.
  5. This was coming with retaining Lee and signing Moncrief. Love the guys heart but he couldn't stay on the field.
  6. Jaguars release Marcedes Lewis

    He said he was going to hold out due to ASJ getting more $ per year than him. So I don't blame them. Still sucks as a fan and I'm going to miss the big guy, but he can't be doing stuff like that with where he's at in his career/what type of play he puts out there. ASJ is going to make more and there's good reason with his age, upside, and what tape showed last year on what he could end up being in the right situation.
  7. Jaguars release Allen Hurns

    He didn't get mentioned in the list of our WRs that will replace Hurns and ARob.
  8. Jaguars release Marcedes Lewis

    Fair. Overall I'm happy what he did here though. Was a hell of a blocker and had his moments as a pass catcher when he went on routes. Going to be weird not seeing #89 anymore.
  9. Jaguars release Allen Hurns

    Mickens ready to show out.
  10. Jaguars release Marcedes Lewis

    I mean, most of his career he was forced to basically be an OL due to having terrible OL's for years. Who knows if we had a competent GM back during his prime what he could have done.
  11. Jags cut Allen Hurns

    Cann can be upgraded. Interior OL besides Linder was a big reason for our running struggles in the latter half of the year.
  12. Jaguars release Marcedes Lewis

    Well that explains at least a little bit. But still, this and Hurns in the same day and I feel like I got punched in the gut.
  13. Jags cut Allen Hurns

    I think we draft a guy, but round one? Not sure. I'm for it, but I just feel like TE/OL/QB is more likely.
  14. Jaguars release Marcedes Lewis

    Truthfully, he's aging and has regressed as a blocker which is his thing. But I wanted to see him retire as a Jaguar. Plus, his leadership with a guy like ASJ seemed ideal to me.
  15. Jags cut Allen Hurns

    I mean, Moncrief has issues with that too. But I can see why we'd rather try to see if we can swap Hurns out for Moncrief and hope we can somehow get his issues behind him. Doubtful. Moncrief, Lee, Dede, Cole we're all high on. I like Sutton though too, just doubt we want to put any of those 4 guys as a #5 receiver.
  16. The tWo Hangout

    Haha didn't settle it, but leaning that way.
  17. They don't believe that/don't like paying someone coming off an ACL/bad blood between both sides (which TC's quote made it sound like ARob had little interest in returning).
  18. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I think if ASJ's problems are behind him (which they seem to be), we just found a pretty good TE. That video of him saying how he never workout or put time into football besides this past year makes me pretty giddy.
  19. Figure we need somewhere to talk about the results/happenings in the division. Titans lost to OAK. Indy getting wrecked by LAR without Luck. May sit alone atop the AFCS after today.
  20. Jags cut Allen Hurns

    Hurns has been consistently injured since 2015 and has a large cap hit. Hurns when healthy was a very reliable tough guy. But he got his contract hoping that 2015 was a sign of things to come and it hasn't been. Team first guy and will do anything for a team and I'll miss him but this has been coming.
  21. Colts sign Eric Ebron

    That's not how it works in the NFL. You should know this
  22. Took Jaguars out of his bio as well. Now just says NFL WR.