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  1. He was pretty beloved by most as a prospect and most thought he was a sure fire decade long LT for a team. Not sure how so many people got him wrong.
  2. After this past week, it's clear that there is zero chance we win with multiple turnovers and a large number of penalties (as most would expect). With how stout this Ravens defense has been and the large amount of turnovers they have forced in the early going, it's going to be a very difficult game. London is a different animal and thus far it's been more good than bad over there but with the offense sputtering as much as it has it's going to take a miracle to win this one.
  3. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I mean, the Titans are a talented team but Mariota really hasn't taken that step yet. Was a rough week last week but as I've mentioned, 6-3 game against TEN after the first half. But when you don't move the ball/Bortles is atrocious than the defense is going to get worn down being out there all the time which in turn makes for an ugly score most likely.
  4. Figure we need somewhere to talk about the results/happenings in the division. Titans lost to OAK. Indy getting wrecked by LAR without Luck. May sit alone atop the AFCS after today.
  5. Yup. Titans offense isn't too great either honestly. Mariota has his moments and their OL is legit, but we shut them down pretty good last week too until the defense was completely gassed due to being on the field so much.. SEA trotting out Joeckel every week just makes me chuckle. So happy to be done with that guy.
  6. They have some talent on that D. Pretty hard to say though when we just put 44 points up with zero turnovers against a team that had more turnovers through 2 weeks than we did all of last season though. I don't think anyone expected that. Football is a crazy game.
  7. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Garrett has been out all reg. season, doesn't change the fact that they have some solid pieces on that side of the ball. Didn't expect Brissett and co. to light it up, nor that defense of Indy's to hold down the Browns O (not a good unit either) but that game wasn't even really close. Colts must have just had "one of those games".
  8. Week 3 GDT

    Holding before the pic, holding on the return after the pic, and unsportsmanlike.
  9. Week 3 GDT

    ET with a heck of a tackle on Henry there.
  10. Pretty much. Anyone watching the Titans/Seahawks game? Both of these offenses look brutal.
  11. I really don't know why so many people are worried about everyone leaving. Bad teams keep great players for a long time all the time. Great core players don't hit the FA market for any team THAT often. Hopefully this is a moot point and we start winning, but all our young core pieces aren't just going to walk away if we show them the $$$.
  12. AFC South Discussion Thread

    The Colts have looked completely awful in most every aspect thus far this season. Even their fans on here (Stallyns I think is pretty much the only one though) didn't expect that performance. Plus the Browns have much more upside on defense.
  13. Week 3 GDT

    Hell of a drive by Brady there.
  14. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Can't believe Indy took it to Cleveland like that either. Colts have looked awful this year. Not sure what happened there.
  15. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Houston may have just lost this game with 23 seconds left against NE. TD from Brady to Cooks, 35-33.
  16. DL got some pressure though in that first half. Main problem was the turnovers/penalties causing 1st and 20+ on pretty much every drive. Defense held your offense to 6 points in the 1st half. Just got out of hand when the defense got gassed and the offense continued to do nothing.
  17. Can only play the guy who is acrossed from you. So I don't care really to be honest. He's doing a solid job at beating his man and has done so thus far. All you can ask for. Plus, McCoy/Shorts makes most OG's look bad.
  18. Defense is just absolutely loaded/oozing with talent and it's fun to watch. When the offense doesn't put them in awful positions/make them stay on the field damn near the entire 60 minutes they are just so fast and dominant. Ramsey/Bouye on the outside, speed at the LB spot, and the consistent pressure from the DL is just so fun to watch play out. All hinges on the offense to not screw up all the time/turn it over like they did last week. Turnovers are going to happen, but 3 a game while not being able to produce any offense is a recipe for what happened last week. Dominant D in the first half, gassed D from being on the field too much in half #2.
  19. Omameh was quite solid I thought. Had that one false start but otherwise... Cann and Parnell, blocking wise, blocked decent. Of course I'd take an upgrade and I expect us to bring in a new OG or two this offseason as well as a RT (Parnell isn't getting any younger), but it's just good to see that the preseason was just that, the preseason. Neither of them have looked nearly as bad as they did in those games.
  20. I'm so happy right now. As long as Blake takes care of the ball and we limit the holding calls on the OL we're golden. Problem is, both are asking a LOT from those units. OL is mainly set back by Parnell as far as the penalties go.
  21. Jaguars this season: When Bortles throws interceptions/turns it over = Games like last week When Bortles takes care of the ball (doesn't need to do what he did today to win games, but I'll happily take it if he can continue this trend) = We get what happened today and against Houston. Defense is legit. Running game has some serious promise. All hinges on Blake taking care of the ball and the OL not having constant holding penalties causing us to be in 1st and 20+ like last week. Had a few today but Blake was on his game.