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  1. Also, if Tyrod is an option than I think we go all in for him in FA. Then hope you can draft a future guy incase ala Mahomes in KC.
  2. There is also 3 very intriguing 1st round options that aren't viewed as elite prospects. Guys like that have a very real chance to fall to mid/late 1st. Not so sure about the Rudolph comment. Definitely not ideal but this situation with Bortles outside of a coulple games has been an eye sore. I really dont see us paying him 18M of this continues and we get eliminated in first round of playoffs mostly due to his play.
  3. Certainly doesn't hurt. Either way they've struggled on the run game like I said in recent weeks and we sit 2nd in yard per carry and 1st in rush yard allowed in last 3 weeks since Dareus.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3) @ Arizona Cardinals (4-6) http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/nfl-playoff-picture-standings-wild-card-division-race-afc-nfc-seeds-leaders/jgnat29egi3czmq0h433crez
  5. I believe so. Trading up is an option. Not all tgese teams in need of a QB may like this crop. We saw Watson fall to the middle of the 1st last year and I think we all viewed QB as a need. Brees, Bridgewater, Keenum, Tyrod, Cousins, McCarron on FA/trade market potentially. Rudolph is a potential mid round option. Dont view him as a franchise guy but I do think he could run what we're doing now and move the ball better than Blake if we provide him with sufficient weapon (keep ARob, draft a guy like Andrews, etc.).
  6. Best division in the AFC

    If you take into account injuries with the Texans sure, but until Watson went down there was a legit shot of 3 AFCS teams making the playoffs. With losing their starting QB, sure, they are now in a very rough situation. Jaguars and Titans are behind the Pats and Steelers imo, but I'd take either (whether you like the Titans or Jaguars better) than any other 2nd team in a divison. Barring a drastic collapse, they very well could nab the #3 and #5 seed in the AFC (although I do find the Chargers interesting with that defense/edge rush along with a vet QB in Rivers if they can go on a mini-run here). The conference as a whole is weak. Steelers have a poor BAL/CIN/CLE backing them up. The AFCE would have been the best division if you asked me a couple weeks back but now the Bills are falling like crazy, Miami is very meh, and although the Jets are competitive and play teams tough with a shot at stealing games, it's still the Jets. Then you have the AFCW that is full of disappointments/teams that haven't played the way most expected. Chiefs started out strong and are now 1-4 in their last 5 games. What division should it be if not the AFCS? It's close either way.
  7. On Jaguars Today they just said that Dareus played 24 snaps against Abry's 22 snaps. So he's starting to overtake Abry. Certainly played more than I thought.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3) vs. Cleveland Browns (0-9) Clearly this team is riding some highs. We're on a 3 game win streak (first time since 2010), just won a game in close fashion (first time all season), and thus far we have had zero troubles with the rest of the AFC North, hopefully that continues this Sunday. Browns do have talent even though they're 0-9, so we can't come in there just expecting to win. Hopefully the players don't chalk this one up before even playing.
  9. The running game for ARZ has really struggled these last couple games as well. With our run defense playing the way it is, we should not struggle in that area this week. AP can always break one here or there even at his age though.
  10. In your position I see no reason not to take a flier and hope he turns into a solid rotational type for you guys though. Nothing to lose in your position.
  11. Yes. He has upside and showed flashes rushing the passers. We aren't waiving him if our DL isn't as talented across the board as it is. Just no time with Dareus, Malik, Abry, and Campbell shifting inside on 3rd downs. Not to mention Ankou, another young DT, seems to be someone we really like as well.
  12. As fans, there is no way of knowing. Has to be something they see in practice/thoughts moving forward on how they want things ran. According to Mike Kaye, with the way we want our DL to play moving forward Day isn't a great fit under Marian Hobby/what we want from our DT's now. Day was solid in PR role, but he never looked very good in the run game when I saw him out there. Plus, with Dareus/Abry/Malik locked up long-term, not sure where he was going to get in on PT. This staff also seems quite intrigued with Ankou who seems like a better run stopper.
  13. Sheldon Day claimed by SF.
  14. In season news and notes

    It's close, but man has Bouye been insane this year. The guy had a 20.6 or whatever passer rating against yesterday. Campbell has obviously been tremendous for this team too. Good problem to have either way.
  15. In season news and notes

    That's how I'd put it to, but I'd put him #5 and not think twice. That next bunch is good of course, but we've seen what a lack of edge rush can do to a talented defense. Ngakoue has been absolutely insane this year. I'd rank them in their entirety: 1) Ramsey 2) Bouye 3) Campbell 4) Telvin 5) Ngakoue 6) Dareus (the run defense was the achillies heel, what he has done to help shore that up has been tremendous (and yes, Malik/Abry have improved due to bringing him in which helps, but still) 7) Jack (Him and Telvin are so great in coverage, still have bad flashbacks to TE's in years past) 8) Church 9) Malik 6-9 is very close though, and I could see an argument for switching them around. Church being above Malik I think has more so to do with just how big of a step forward things are in the back end/safety situation after upgrading from Cyp. It's night and day.
  16. In season news and notes

    Not sure about that last tweet...
  17. Counselor's first Mock

    Edit: Double post...I guess?
  18. Going to be away from the laptop after today until Saturday so figured I'd get this one up.