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  1. Super Bowl Prediction

    i’ll say what i have said the past three years, steelers saints with the saints taking the big one
  2. @smug squad get in here, nail boyle for racism and touch for transphobia, reports up, let’s knock em out of the comp
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    really sick of the santa is bad crowd that hauls their awful opinion out of the cryo chamber every fkin december the disappointment a kid feels finding out that he’s not real is quickly forgotten compared to the ten or so years of awesome christmas memories and the joy that santa brings, especially not to mention the hope that santa brings to poorer communities... love santa or btfo ffs
  4. (@FinneasGage said to do this was kosher given i can’t work out how to do it properly) orca boy there’s no insult in your “roast” i don’t have to say anything you’re already toast but since you’re throwing the challenge and piloting the team tank i’m assuming you’ve eschewed the game for a wank?
  5. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    that it is yeah we have the snowy mountains down near the state border and like i said it snows at the top of the blue mountains where we are... it’s rare though
  6. Notable Stats and Observations

    we want it to be the other way round so the skins continue their death march to the division title
  7. i feel that orca’s attempt at rapping is worse tf is with his rhyme structure AABCC outta here with that
  8. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    i’ve seen it once, this winter, we live on a mountain west of sydney ~60kish and sometimes when it’s super cold it snows at the top, though we aren’t at the top... we trained it there and it was maaaaaaad also if your username’s your birthday we’ve git something in common bahahaha
  9. lol before i start i misread you and thought you said “whites rule” at first and i was like yooooooo now hold up ahem now i believe that you went by “lettheballfly” im bout to spit rhymes to make you cry in bb and mafia you’re a historic pain and you got the dumb half of the twins’ shared brain maybe split from pickle and be your own man but i wouldn’t expect success from a tampa bay fan i’m told that fish are friends and not food these bars are eating you up pardon me if i’m rude
  10. Who gets the AFC's 6 Seed?

    the titans are my steelers top challenger for our wild card spot and i still forget they exist which is really saying volumes about the titans body of work as a whole across recent history
  11. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    hoping everyone here has a very merry christmas season and a happy new year, hopefully there is some snow in the burgh for y’all, summer christmas for us aussies so no chance of that here😂
  12. Notable Stats and Observations

    no this is awful his career record is 116-116 and that’s exactly where it should stay
  13. TNF: Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears

    this who would have known this time around last year the 7-2-1 steelers dropping a dumb game to the raiders would sit them at home through january hey