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  1. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    lol at them calling it football night in america to take the hockey night in canada cred for some reason
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    thankfully no, not thankfully the country’s in the midst of our longest ever drought (climate change, a reason the fires are exceptionally bad)
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    ok fine it’s like nine million football fields from memory lmao cheers for the support fellas, we’re safe, or so it seems, seems like the south coast are getting it now and the state south of us, victoria, are copping it as well
  4. Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

    @Malfatron people here still advocating for college OT👀
  5. WC: BUF@HOU

    look here’s the thing champ, you’ve illustrated here exactly why it’s a touchdown the arguments that people are using to say it’s not... “everyone knows”... “common sense”... all of these are arguments based on custom however this is the nfl, and we have a rulebook and as was perfectly explained by @Woz above, if you are to apply the rule as it is written then it’s objectively a touchdown. you’re right, by custom, the returner gave himself up. by custom you also don’t take a delay of game, false start, and then another delay of game to run down a minute and a half of clock, but we also saw that today, because rule always supersedes custom and according to the rule it is a touchdown
  6. Tom Time

    fwiw this is my take as well
  7. Tom Time

    i want to make a thread about this and don’t get it locked, if you’re the guy that gets it locked then you’re a simp let’s talk about tom brady! retirement? chicago? new england? hucking supplements? what awaits for the legend?
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    so as some of u would know australia has suuuuper bad bushfires rn, and yesterday i had the privilege of being in the hottest place on earth at the time the temp peaked at 49C or 120F, it was just crazy, can’t believe it you really have to be here to understand how bad it is like, the fires have burned up an area that’s greater than belgium ffs
  9. i meant to post this earlier but i had Stuff™️, so i couldn’t, thanks heaps for hosting @FinneasGage, sorry i couldn’t be more involved with it, would’ve loved to have been! enjoyed all of the challenges and was a fan of how the eliminations worked once we got to the merge - definitely playing again next year here’s to a smug squadder or orca getting it done!!
  10. WC: Titans@Patriots

    brady heads to vegas for a midnight vigil with the silver and black under gruden please make it happen pleasepleasepleaseplease
  11. WC: BUF@HOU

    i meant to post here earlier but i got a lil swept up in the titans texans game and some stuff that i had to do... both teams were imperfect sure but that was a brilliant game, and let me say, sean mcdermott is an amazing coach. two out of three years making it to the playoffs with the bills and more than twenty wins when most pundits would’ve said that three straight 4-12 seasons was more likely with the guys they had on offense i feel for mcdermott because he’s coached brilliantly, and i do believe this buffalo team is a threat for years to come if they can keep this defense together and make mild improvements to their offense... if not for that ridiculous deshaun play in OT slash missing of that sack by the two defenders (completely out of his control) i dare say that there’s more talk about how great a coach he is now question is for the texans, can they not start so slowly against kansas city? because kc isn’t the bills and though their defense is far weaker they’ll be in the hole a lot more than just 16 if they don’t score early and often against the chiefs also how about jj! few seasons ago there were even some murmurs he should retire, he’s going to never come back, and to just rebound from the surgery like that and to come up with the massive sack that lifted his team is just amazing
  12. WC: BUF@HOU

    seriously noticing that both the bills and titans are veering in to the territory of “team picked to get the upset by so many people you can hardly call it an upset anymore” it’s just an observation but i like it
  13. tbf i have no problem being voted out, your loss, but why did y’all have to act like i was going to be safe the entire time when y’all literally had a full voting mandate anyway tbh rooting for orca now the only Real One
  14. oh jeez i had a feeling this was the plan all along hehe, the rest of y’all can still conscience up and save me tho if you’re a cool kid
  15. also here’s to the new year, hope all of you have a wonderful new year’s eve and a great 2020