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  1. i'm not in the business of making enemies, so from a game theory perspective i'd best go for the templar my apologies to you @bcb1213 @Nazgul @bcb1213 good luck to both of you
  2. i don’t have anything against either of you really, but both of you signed on for Australian Survivor and then just checked out completely from the game good luck to both of you in the veto challenge!!
  3. it is with a heavy heart i put up for nomination this week a set of twins in @Dwight_Schrute and @Nazgul
  4. cheers for the tight run @bcb1213, and thanks for the plaudits all. pm's open to everyone who wants to have a chat, and, being clear, this is also the case if i'm not HoH - always down to talk shop and keep links strong and talk to people and see if we have common ground😎
  5. gonna make a thread about how no HOF worthy player has been drafted this decade rn
  6. think of even the minimum injury luck, bounce of the ball luck, referee luck, opponents ****ting the bed luck, scheduling luck, weather luck, right place at right time deflection luck, and so on, that can often be the difference between a playoff spot and just missing out. a division and a wildcard. a win in a championship game or a flight to the caribbean. now think of the likelihood of that happening twice, two years in a row. repeating is an incredibly mean feat, especially in a league with a salary cap and a draft structured the way that it is.
  7. huge congrats to the bucs! absolutely destroyed the chiefs in the trenches on both sides and paved the way for a crushing win! i'll make only one post re brady because i'm absolutely tired of the discussion i've been seeing in my twitter feed from a week or so ago until now, eight hours or so after quadruple zeroes of the game. this one doesn't move the needle for me by way of his legacy, like, at all, really. nor does this season change the belichick legacy. unless you're a "the patriots were only brady" or "the patriots were only belichick" guy, well, for one you're an idiot, this doesn
  8. grats on the dub @The Orca, both in the game and the sb at large for your bucs really thought that i was on to something with brate first to score lol!
  9. LFG!! i've got the same problem swoosh does re timing (tho i always do on FF) but i'm so in
  10. the bucs have been really erratic this year, and brady has been too, which is a really weird sentence to say because brady's success was predicated on ruthless consistency. the problem for the bucs is, even if they go off on both sides of the ball, that might still be not enough to get past this chiefs team - LFG KC - please don't let antonio brown get a ring!! if we did all the covid stuff and rearranged deck chairs on the titanic week after week in this league only to see antonio brown ride off in to the sunset with a ring and a puff redemption story i'm gonna riot lol
  11. was floored by this when it happened and i'm still floored - great for the rams in the short term and it's maximising their window well; my question for the rams fans is, if this gets them over the top is it worth it, even if it blows the franchise for ten or more years after - surely yes? i believe in goff and i still think the rams have a winner here, purely because i believe in stafford more
  12. i am a huge tomlin fan. i am a massive tolim fan. i've been a tomlin defender. i will always be a tomlin defender and think he's a top five coach. but that was a guileless, cowardly decision to not go for it. my jaw was hanging on the floor when we didn't, and i still can't believe it. the offense was humming at that point, we punted it away in a game where our vaunted defense had been playing terribly, and we got justly scored on because of it. natural justice. ball does not lie. i will say this i'm probably the only person here who'll want ben back, and maybe it's because i'm
  13. game turned when we chose to not go for it because cowardice is not rewarded in the national football league nor should it be. spineless decision from tomlin who is an otherwise good coach if this is 48-36 i believe that's scorigami so there's that!!
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