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  1. Player Rules

    so we’ve got the robey-coleman rule now after the pass interference change from nickell robey-coleman’s actions during the nfccg so brings to mind the question, what are some other rule changes that are the x-player rule, named from an incident or certain play where one player did something or consistently did something forcing the rule change? and further what are some proposed rule changes you think we need that are the x-player rule? my steelers have given you the ryan shazier rule recently that got rid of the spear tackles, as well as don’t forget the hines ward rule for blindside blocks
  2. Mafia Registration Thread

    dingo gets it, meant to say july😂 it’ll be a real fun time because i’ve never run a game before so it will be horrendously imbalanced and the roles and theme are quite fun i think if i do say so myself, if y’all can handle the shady slim mafia hosting experience that is hehe
  3. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    high key tho that raiders o line in 2016 when they got to the ploffs was something fierce i know the line gets neglected by lots of casual fans, and even a lot of knowledgeable fans on here, but what that lot of big boys did in pass pro was just sublime
  4. Mafia Registration Thread

    absolutely sickened by this bureaucracy but also have a game i’d like to run early june if possible if y’all can bear with my timezone differences and my busy schedule
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    one day a week job as a law clerk while i’m at uni, nice... i had an internship but it was unpaid, i plan on keeping in contact with that guy bc he’s got a lot of political connections (which is where i’m hoping to end up, federal parliament as a representative), and he also golfs as well, but economics of my situation dictates i jump at the paid chance, as would any person. money is a good thing iyam
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    man having a relative assignment-free period really came at the right time
  7. Steal 1 Player From Division Rival?

    well i take baker to succeed big ben so we continue to reign supreme in the afcn through the next fifteen years as well, i feel i’ve earned him by being on the baker wagon before the draftniks i could also live with william jackson
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    here’s something that y’all will find interesting; in australia it’s not really commonplace for you to move out of home and live on campus there is still campus living but mainly it’s for those who live five hours away otherwise (because they have to) and those who are supremely rich (because they can)
  9. The Travel Thread

    so myself and mrs s are thinking of going somewhere in our uni break but it’s during winter here what are some nice things to do or go to in winter other than “the snow” (which is also one of our options fwiw) in terms of travel... like obvs not specific overseas places cause it’s a uni student budget and all, but you got any suggestions of like, concepts?
  10. 2019 NFL season predictions

    i am a steelers fan lol having a very normal one today my man
  11. 2019 NFL season predictions

    without doing the actual predictor chiefs steelers pats texans chargers browns colts being the first team out rams saints eagles bears falcons redskins if they stay healthy otherwise green bay steelers beating the chargers afccg saints beating the bears nfccg steelers over the saints 28-24
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    hey guys what’s up what have i missed i’ve been around, but i’ve just been too busy with law and stuff at uni, plus i’ve got an internship as well one day a week (unpaid, but it’s so good bc i got it entirely myself, unlike 99% of the other law students who have rich hedge fund dad’s or whatever)... throw in campaigning for the labor party in the upcoming federal election (may 18) and everything else i’ve just been real busy... i’ve got a lighter period with few assignments for the next three weeks before it heats back up again june for this semester’s finals
  13. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    diontae johnson an excellent pick
  14. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    please hakeem with 66, it makes the ab trade eminently worth it (though given how much of a headcase he's demonstrated to be, i'd argue it already is) also screw the seahawks hehe