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  1. this isn’t a big mcvay innovation the preseason has dwindled and been minimised in importance for ages and that’ll continue with the next cba, and it’s for the better
  2. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    i can not stress this enough - anyone mad about luck retiring doesn’t just not understand football, they also don’t understand life. this coming from serial life understander shady slim

    i never actually did this despite being around here for a bit but i plan on being more active in the steelers subforum from now on this season if i can so i’d better properly introduce name’s james i’m 20 i live about an hour and a half west of sydney in the blue mountains currently working as a law clerk (essentially admin) down at a local law firm studying law and economics at the university of sydney favourite pastimes would be keeping fit, i play so many sports and train regularly, plus eating as many crazy and obscure foods as possible with my girlfriend, cooking, karaoke, also travelling which i don’t do enough currently (makes sense as a student) favourite shows would be twin peaks, fargo, the blacklist, seinfeld, jeopardy! favourite movies would be inglorious basterds, fargo, face off, forrest gump and any given sunday favourite steeler is ben, haven’t been around long enough to have a favourite past steeler 😂 my goals for life are currently to have a career in law representing people against institutions and the powerful bodies that take advantage of em, before launching a career in to federal politics with the labor party can’t wait for this season here we go steelers!

    finished tied for fifth or sixth last year but foolishly bet against nick mullens and bet for gruden, which worked so well for me didn’t it - of course i am back for more favourite team’s the steelers my pick for week one is detroit, go big or go home is always my motto I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "<atchway ouryay ditseay>."
  5. NFL Preseason GDT Week 2

    steelers turnover on downs chiefs fumble steelers interception chiefs miss a field goal football baby
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    been thinking of getting in to some casual sport analytics as a bit of a side hustle to see if i can make some side hustle money out of that, and there isn’t a huge established presence of that sort of thing in australia yet either so there anyone with any sort of sports analytics experience that knows where to start or what to start with? i’ve already got experience in statistical modelling and all that jazz so that’s already there
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    screenshotting this and mailing it out to the pennsylvania dutch country as i type
  8. ah would if i could man but can’t uni starts again on tuesday
  9. favourite thing was easily orca quicklynching ksj tho that was hilarious
  10. absolute props to @Pickle Rick for picking that the belichick role would be a godfather role that was superb play and superb knowledge of both the mechanics of mafia as well as the theme of the game
  11. Why isn't John Elway on the hot seat?

    these are the correct takes, came in here to say this but it’s already been said
  12. we also had four or five people sign up who were just MIA through out the entire game as well but life gets in the way etc i understand, i signed on for bcb’s tv mafia but i was busy always for the duration so i can hardly slag on them for it
  13. i’ll post the master list of roles when i get home and do my big thank you and cheers post as well for those who are interested in seeing all the roles was mad that y’all popped gruden early because that was a fun role
  14. occam’s razor is made up and for dorks but as nacho pointed out @squire12 yeah i just forgot to tag him
  15. and by a vote of two to one @squire12‘s dragged to the gallows... they hoist and pull him up and as he’s raised to the air clink clink six clinks in all. nacho moves to inspect them superbowl rings! it takes some effort to keep the noose around squire’s hoodie but they finally get to lynch Bill Belichick, The Emperor, who was the final patriot! (i’m on my phone can’t do red) i’ve got to get a bus so i’ll keep it brief for now but TOWN WINS!! thank you all for playing it’s super duper appreciated, i know i was fairly shonky as a host but i hope y’all had a good time, i know i did tbh