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  1. as someone from a particularly bushfire prone area of australia, who evacuated during 2013's fire season and almost had to again last summer, i may have some insight here to add to what's been said. in light of those recent fires the right wing here was also pushing the (bush) management angle, saying that "the greenies" (who hold a whopping one seat in our house of representatives and about five or six in the australian senate [NB: here it's the opposite, the senate is less important than the lower house]), the greenies had caused the fires by stopping fuel management and hazard reduction burning during the winter. now, everyone from the scientists from the fire agencies debunked this but they continued to repeat it anyway, but here's why it didn't hold water as an argument. the upshot of global warming and the steady rise in temperatures is not just the hotter summer. it's also a slightly hotter winter as well, naturally. but why is that important? well, to do a hazard reduction by burning you need ideal weather conditions because essentially it's very dangerous to start bushfires. to do so in non-perfect weather conditions is incredibly disastrous. so naturally when the winters are hotter by one degree, and if the range of temperatures for hazard reduction burns is, for example, no wind and temps below 24C, every day that was 23C twenty years ago is now a day you can't do hazard reduction burns. last winter gave us all sorts of new winter heat records. it wasn't just one degree hotter than normal it was significantly hotter than an average winter - as was the winter before it, as was the winter before it and so on. the upshot of this is the window to hazard reduction burn is getting smaller, meaning less of it can be safely done. and simply, you can not do hazard reduction burns in unsafe conditions. to do so is utter clownery, and would put more lives at risk and make the bushfire season run all year long - because as i said before, it's dangerous to start bushfires!! and starting a burn to reduce leaflitter when the weather doesn't let you will inevitably lead to an out of control blaze. the fire that nearly had us evacuate in the most recent summer, gospers mountain, started out of a backburn (when there's a fire about to come through, burning where it's predicted to go so when it gets there, it doesn't have anything to burn) that got out of control, because it was done on a scorching hot and windy day. because they did the backburn in unideal conditions, it went out of control completely and became australia's largest ever bush fire. those calling for more backburning and hazard reduction burns fail entirely to be aware of the synchronicity of weather you need to have the conditions to be able to do so safely.
  2. welcome all to the nineteenth tribal council (whew! we are getting there!) so it seems the b in bcb stands for bobby fischer @The Orca; did you use the world of real life to secretly communicate with pickle during his isolation? i jest; how do you think his game will have been affected by the sidelining? @Pickle Rick; you ready to get back in to communicating, plotting and the like? @bcb1213; is it at the point where you've got to win to survive with how everything's gone? @MookieMonstah; you came very close - how was it coming up against a former state chess guy? is chess a sport? @FinneasGage; think you can go deep in the game? @ET80; think you can go all the way? @Outpost31; still still no challenge win - when will it come on? @mission27; will you ever do an immunity challenge? vote deadline is saturday est 8pm!! good luck and happy voting!!
  3. i wouldn't say that's super bold! to me the guy's an athlete and a raw kid, and admittedly i figured given he was going to NYG and not say, a team with a guy like andy reid, he likely wouldn't develop and take the chance to capitalise on those athletic abilities but he has really shown some good flashes, last season and this week - where he has been able to harness that athleticism and make some big plays. he did well to shrug off pressure a couple times from an elite steelers front, ducking tackles from some of the better tacklers the league has. if he wasn't getting pressure in his face every snap he'd be even more composed. unfortunately, still not enough to beat the eventual SBLV champions on the day😎
  4. surely they would have been the position that could practice the easiest in isolation and with the abbreviated training camps compared to other positions? they are the most individual position on a football team barring the punter if you can identify such a thing
  5. obviously though if bcb straight dodges it i have to make an adjudication but he won't do that, man is a player
  6. @MookieMonstah @bcb1213 i will give you 24 hours from now, and if you can't get it done then i've got to award it to bcb, because mookie it is on u in part to check the thread u are an adult hopefully we can get it done
  7. ted as usual is the only other man with cojones in this building tbh
  8. the theory of men pretending to be trans to abuse women in women's bathrooms is hilarious to me because like (ignoring firstly that it's horrendously transphobic) idk watch the news read a newspaper look at DV statistics or what ever because abusive men don't go to that much trouble to abuse women
  9. oh yeah it's browns time baby let's get it
  10. so @MookieMonstah against @bcb1213 for all the chocolates then? good luck to both of you!
  11. oh i didn’t realise this last bit ur all good we’ll extend the window for you two because you are actual players and have both made efforts to get the game done (the point of the timer was so we don’t get stuck on like mission) @Outpost31, @bcb1213 just get it done when you can and face winner of @MookieMonstah and @ET80 (who also have the benefit of the time extension if need be)
  12. outpost progresses if you two can't sort out a time (unless he was to start dodging play) because i can't in good faith let being hammered but not wanting to play progress over not being able to @ET80, @MookieMonstah, get in there and get battling
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