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  1. fourth vote is for TLO fifth vote is for TLO sixth vote is for TLO the castaway that is being sent to exile is TLO fear not though @TLO, for you can still win your way back in to the game from exile island. @Whicker stood aside for @FinneasGage, and as such, finn progresses and becomes the incumbent. he must now challenge TLO (in thread) to one of; -a game of TROGDOR, where both have until the deadline of the current immunity challenge to send me a photo of their highest score -a game of chess, where if there's a stalemate it's based on the value of the pieces taken, and if it's still level then the incumbent progresses (send me a picture of the completed game along with who is which colour) -a game of yahtzee, where obviously the highest score is the winner (send me a picture of the completed game) a failure to challenge the challenger means the incumbent loses. thus, finn would then become the new incumbent, and challenge the next evictee to one of these challenges. likewise if there is a challenge and TLO doesn't accept or fails to participate finn wins it by default. if there is a challenge but the game goes unfinished by next eviction for what ever reason, i'll make a judgement as to whose fault it is and who goes home. TROGDOR homestarrunner.com/trogdor-canvas/index.html chess lichess.org yahtzee cardgames.io/yahtzee/ @FinneasGage, you have until the end of the next immunity to challenge TLO. both of you, you have to have your duel completed by the end of the next tribal. winner continues to the next round and stays alive in the game! wishing all our yankee castaways a happy fourth of july weekend - next challenge is going to be posted at 8pm est sunday for your viewing and will be 24hrs long, but it is easy
  2. third vote is for @MookieMonstah so we are tied at three. one vote for gopher, one vote for TLO, one vote for mookie
  3. second vote is for @TLO so that is one for gopher one for TLO
  4. vote in for @gopherwrestler one vote for gopher
  5. it's time to count the votes up tribe 2twins1tribe @swoosh @The Orca @Pickle Rick @Malfatron @MookieMonstah @daboyle250 @Outpost31 @gopherwrestler @TLO @mission27
  6. different mobile for me is all about pocket movement and dodging pressure in the pocket, moving around, good sense and being able to shrug off tacklers. i would call young big ben mobile as an example. on the other hand dual threat to me means posing danger to a defense either running or throwing such that the defense has to credibly think of either on any given snap
  7. D2S submitted it before 2T1T, so that's their third in a row here!! congratulations and a huge congrats to both tribes on a hard fought battle here and now i'll get a proper tribal post up tonight after work and after my post work engagement with some friends but for the time being 2T1T you are on tribal you have until 8pm est friday to get your votes in! somebody's going to get marched on the fourth of july australia time it looks like! after that though we'll pause the game for the weekend. happy voting to you all tribe 2twins1tribe @swoosh @The Orca @Pickle Rick @Malfatron @MookieMonstah @daboyle250 @Outpost31 @gopherwrestler @TLO @mission27
  8. 2T1T said it was The Who Farted D2S said it was Pete Townsend Up both tribes got it wrong: the answer is The Who Watches the Watchmen and so now we go to the tiebreak...
  9. alrighty so here we go Whatever it is that you can smell cookin', the sharif don't like it both tribes got it as The Rock The Casbah This lactose isn't an acid or a base; but it's not what you want if you call the captain to bring you your wine both got it as Neutral Milk Hotel California Thith movie ith about a kid who playth bathketball both got it as Like Mike Tyson Sustained bombing of Vietnam while rocking out to AC/DC both got it as Operation Rolling Thunderstruck the tribes had different answers for the final clue
  10. here are the OT q's and now remember the tiebreaker is submission time, so these have to come by PM Whatever it is that you can smell cookin', the sharif don't like it This lactose isn't an acid or a base; but it's not what you want if you call the captain to bring you your wine Thith movie ith about a kid who playth bathketball Sustained bombing of Vietnam while rocking out to AC/DC Maybe you can use what's behind the blue eyes to do this to those who also do this your deadline is tomorrow est 8pm. good luck to both tribes tribe 2twins1tribe @swoosh @The Orca @Pickle Rick @Malfatron @MookieMonstah @daboyle250 @Outpost31 @gopherwrestler @TLO @mission27 tribe death to swooshy @Matts4313 @TedLavie @Wyld Stallyns @theuntouchable @JoshstraDaymus @Ragnarok @bcb1213 @MWil23 @ET80 @SwAg
  11. down to the last one, and this is my personal favourite because of the hilarity Twin cities where a dad stops a Black Friday robbery 2T1T said it was Minneapolis St Paul Blart Mall Cop D2S said it was Minneapolis St Paul J Fishman 2T1T GETS IT SO WE ARE TIED 15-15 AGAIN. this is so fkin funny. new clues are coming in the next half hour or so and you'll have to tomorrow est 8pm
  12. now on to some more If he did the opposite of every instinct he ever had, then maybe the giant library wouldn’t have burnt to the ground 2T1T said it was Jason Alexandria Library D2S said it was Jason Alexander the Great D2S takes it here. note how the question's framed. 14-13... The mascot who they just killed at the worst possible time dances like Peter’s dog in a banana costume 2T1T said it was Planters Peanut Butter Jelly Time D2S said it was Mr Peanut Butter Jelly Time D2S takes it here too - the mascot is named Mr Peanut. 14-14... Your host wouldn’t actually eat these dried sausage jerky, er, things; he’s far too health conscious 2T1T said it was Slim Jim Fixx D2S said it was Shady Slim Jim D2S takes it again for fairly obvious reasons. 14-15...
  13. let's run through two more First song’s about a guy who trades in the Rat Race to live a life free from all vice; second’s about a guy with one particular vice he inherited from his father 2T1T said it was Honky Cats in the Cradle D2S said it was All Star F*ck neither of you were right! the answer is Country House of the Rising Sun - country house is a song by blur and a personal favourite of mine and house of the rising sun is about the vice of gambling so it's still 13-12 Griffin’s creator does most of his financial service for the bank named after the guy, and not after the city where Peter Stormare and Steve Buscemi meet up with a car salesman 2T1T said it was HG Wells Fargo D2S said it was Seth MacFarlane State Bank the answer is HG Wells Fargo; wells fargo is named after the guy, henry fargo, and not the city titular to the coen brothers film of the name name. griffin is the name of the invisible man, a character that was created by HG Wells, so we are 14-12
  14. Strongest Man in the World and Heavyweight Champion defeated Richard to gain what he desired 2T1T said it was Mark Henry VII D2S said it was Mark Henry VIII indeed it was Henry VII who beat King Richard, and so it's 2T1T who takes the point 13-12
  15. now let's just check up two more Left tackle with a big win for the desegregation movement in the Supreme Court 2T1T said it was Trent Brown v Board of Education D2S said it was Duane Brown v Board of Education D2S takes it. as it was discussed in 2T1T, trent was a right tackle for the raiders 2019 We don’t get it until we close our eyes for good, but she got it when a house fell on her at the start of the movie 2T1T said it was Ain't No Rest for the Wicked Witch of the East D2S said it was Ain't No Rest for the Wicked Witch... they mentioned the wicked witch of the east in their tribe but didn't include her in their final submission 2T1T takes it. so we're at 12-12