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  1. to say that the 2019 bucs were the worst franchise in the nfl purely because of a playoff drought is wrong on so many levels it isn’t even funny; the fact that the 2010 bucs or some **** were a joke doesn’t have any bearing on the fact that the 2019-20 bucs roster in most departments other than brady was incredibly loaded and being held back by a signal caller who tossed it to the other team twice a game lmao
  2. guy just has absolutely one of the most bizarre career arcs in the nfl in the modern era at least tbh
  3. with ben, who’s better than 2015 peyton; and though the d doesn’t isn’t the 2015 broncos frankly it doesn’t have to be
  4. if only there were some sort of “covid test” that’d eliminate the need to do weird **** with bees to find out if people have it or not 😛
  5. this is also entirely true. blapping outpost then and there would’ve been the smarter game move and swoosh ted and i knew that; however i can say for me, and swoosh has said the same too from his pov, we felt that jase had sort of stepped out of the bounds of cool guy behaviour and had to intervene; i stick by it too
  6. some thoughts as to the orca’s eviction that nobody asked for but i’ll give anyway: when it was apparent ted was about to win veto i immediately got on to swoosh and said brother you’ve got to tell outpost and jason that if jason puts you up, orca might well vote to save me - and the only way to ensure i go home is to put orca up. which isn’t to say that swoosh wouldn’t come to that plan himself, indeed he would have probably, but i just want to reiterate again to my guy @The Orca about how that was a seriously sucky situation; all of us wanted you at F4 with us and the only way to do tha
  7. this is... exactly what the rationale was! the plan was ted's idea initially so i can't take credit for hatching it but i think our implementation of it went pretty slickly, evidently, which is a cool thing - we knew when to gild the lily a little bit and i think that part of ted and i's strategic game shows we were a lot more than just social game players - and definitely had that killer streak that we could have argued to a jury too (my plan that swoosh executed to perfection on the orca eviction being the other relevant example) fwiw @swooshwe didn't tell you about me lying to outpost
  8. although true, i'd argue that a fictional vote of ted or i vs jason sees jason get the boot unanimously - because i don't think orca raises the possibility of a blindside if it's anyone other than ET sitting next to jason on the block - you would have seen the other of me and ted, swoosh, et, orca, gopher, dwight, all voting to bounce jason so i don't agree you had ted and i's life in the game in your hands at that point
  9. just on this, this was actually a plan hatched by @TedLavieand i to not get put on the block - looks like it did actually work to some degree!!
  10. thank you both for your astute answers to my first question - enjoyed both of them immensely and neither of you dogged the gauntlet that was thrown down. on reflection i've got a specific question for both of you too so @swoosh, when you took outpost over dwight, the concerns that you held during the pickle vote were reiterated to you by me and ted. given that it finished 3-2, it would have flipped the vote had you gone such a way. do you still stand by that, and if so or if not, why? @Outpost31, thrice you were saved by members of my alliance; first by me, ted, and gopher,
  11. julius peppers is a hall of famer for mine lol, maybe that's not a controversial take around these parts since most people generally are quite with it, but to me he's in the pretty elite club of guys who deserve it
  12. the fact that he has more assists than anyone else has overall points has to be a part of it lol don't be the **** who acts like the goat of all sports debate can in any way be settled with an absolute answer. it is a great debate in that it's incredibly discursive and open to every person's unique interpretation of the time, such that there's no right answer and it's all about people putting the case forward for the guy they think it is but it's not as if any of the names that get thrown around, gretzky, brady, serena, djokovic, jordan, messi, ronaldo, russell, bradman, whoever; it's not
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