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  1. don't think we've had any sovcit terrorist incidents here just run ins with the cops yikes though, here they're sort of a butt-of-every-lawyer's-joke subculture that's harmless and mildly annoying - you'd hate for it to get to that level
  2. the king of them here is a bloke by the name of Wayne Glew, who's in more than $300,000 debt to the government over a dispute stemming from him refusing to pay council rates (local governments are unconstitutional owing to the magna carta) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-19/geraldton-city-seizes-wayne-glew-land-for-non-payment-of-rates/10619944
  3. need to do seattle to go for the one in a million chance i run in to mina kimes, who is the most talented and engaging nfl analyst and also a really cool person @swooshreeling about the oregon comment
  4. do y'all have Freemen On The Land nutters over in yankeeland perchance? growing movement here, all bonkers, especially prevalent in the state of queensland for some reason: (from Bradley v The Crown [2020] QCA 252):
  5. also evinces a bit of clownery from pff lol not saying that ben was aces or anything but he made big throws when he needed to after looking *** in the first half - rodgers... ah... did not!
  6. strictly speaking the answer was rodgers right? i wonder how many times in the past a returning MVP QB was benched for poor play the first week back on the job
  7. must've been your doing to make biden absolutely clown on morrison on international tv by forgetting his name which is exactly the disrespect that morrison deserves. truly loved that a good deal. would be an essential, surely, cheers much! though as a steelers fan i question if i would be run out of town!
  8. yeah want to do a bit outdoors given i'm an outdoorsy guy and the cold is no enemy to me but obviously i'm not going to be going to beaches in the northwest to swim hehe; i'm not a polar bear will have a look in to that, cheers!! i like the way you think here... i like it a lot!! expecting to do japan first, then NE, then do the buttonhook down and around but again it all depends on the timing of the PIT games i might well be going with some mates - definitely with a mate to japan, and if there's a new mrs shady by that point (though unlikely given we're in th
  9. excellent avatar and title by the way i suppose what i'm hoping to do is to properly see and experience the places that i go - like i don't want to just go to new york and see the statute of liberty and times square, then see the grand canyon then see the brooklyn bridge. those sorts of big tourist attractions are nice, but they're just that, tourist attractions - and i don't want to go across the globe just to see the same stuff that all the other dumb aussie tourists come to see! i'd like to see, experience, do, the places and things that you don't go to or see or experience on an organ
  10. so as i mentioned before, gents, i went on the game show The Chase Australia. now that my episode's aired i can say i won $14K. admittedly this is about twenty bucks in real money given how the exchange rate is but nevertheless it's enough for me to do my trip to japan and the usa after i graduate, that being, the december of 2022 there and there abouts. some things on my agenda are certain such as a steelers and penguins game in the burgh. but others are not certain! i'm looking to have time in the northeast, train down from the northeast through the southeast to texas and stop along the
  11. #herewegooooooooo !! didn't get to watch the game (3am kick off for me) but looking at the numbers it looks like the D absolutely went off and against a top 5 qb in the league rn, heck, top 2!
  12. looking like a dreadful take already lol
  13. oh 110% and as i said i personally don't rate dak as highly as many do but imho the rush yards per game ostensibly being correlative to why the cowboys win argument on those grounds is just wrong. "dallas' online and RBs carry most of their offensive load" would be a legitimate argument if supported by the numbers, but the way to show that is, as you say, not done by dumpster-dropping the guy's record in games where the cowboys run for less than an arbitrarily chosen number, devoid of all context.
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