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  1. You are on the Clock: 2.0

    i... don’t take a receiver, i’m taking which ever devin makes it to us
  2. The Amazing Race Game Thread

    look hockey hasn’t responded to my pms bc he’s out and i can only identify the first two movies, and probably those incorrectly, soooooo... my internet was out all this morning which is why i haven’t been around fwiw
  3. Best Intraconference Rivalries

    steelers patriots is the objectively correct answer bears rams should be this in the nfc for the next twenty years
  4. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    @Livewire gudbranson has actually been serviceable since coming over and i’m especially glad they brought him over, just purely by virtue of him being a warm body with pulse after the d injuries we’ve been having hopefully tanger can come back for the games in ‘lumbus... johnson has i must admit been quite good with all these dmen down so hopefully he can keep it up, he’s working well with jultz
  5. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    i want this so bad omf it’s like those genies where you don’t wish specifically enough so they grant your wish but put a sick twist on it
  6. The Amazing Race Game Thread

    can we just appreciate how astute this man must be
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    went to the red hot chili peppers concert with my girlfriend, i just got back home and **** it was just sublime, one you’ve got to see if you’re a big fan like we are
  8. The Amazing Race Game Thread

    if it’s not too late i’d like to have a go around and see if @mission27 is down to go around too on a team unless he’s already got one, right now i’m on my cellular data and don’t have enough to check
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    hey pals i’m in need of a cheeky solid is there any one on the forum who lives in the philippines? i think there is though i can’t remember
  10. i like my own voice when i’m speaking but sometimes when i hear it on record i’m less sold, though on the whole i’m definitely very pro-my voice australian accents are a big winner
  11. it definitely could happen could
  12. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    this is a scaldingly hot take but lev bell depending on where he goes he goes to a team like indy and he avoids this fate but if he winds up on some dumb team like the jets earmark this post
  13. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    yes easily if you say no then you’re a big doof and probably think edelman should be in because of the three rings he has but nobody would be silly enough to think that
  14. i do not hate goodell. he’s exactly what the owners want. you think every time goodell bungles the next scandal or whatever’s it’s him? no, no it’s not, it’s him on the directive of the 32
  15. Do the Chiefs win the SB with Hunt?

    think not