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  1. the results are in as another man indulges in the self vote, tactically belichickian i must say dwight 14 mookie 13 drew 13 rammy 9 bonanza 5 jay 2 tugboat 2 jay 2 heat five is live @TheVillain112 @bucsfan333 @CalhounLambeau @Shady Slim @ET80 @Darth Pees @TLO @JBURGE well you can’t accuse me of rigging myself into an easy part of the bracket now can you
  2. well helloooooo i’m not shady slim i’m shady... mils!
  3. SB redos for NE

    yeah i was considering adding a caveat like “each game is independent of the other” or something to remove the belichick factor, because it is something that came across through my mind while making the thread
  4. SB redos for NE

    so in the super bowl do over thread we mentioned how all of the pats games could’ve gone differently if given a do over, i agree with this... so say all of them are played as a best of seven series, all of them at the neutral venue, how do we think they’d go? i’d have to say we give them an L against the GSOT they take the panthers, eagles, and pick another W up against the giants they lose in 2011 still, but they do rebound and still take seattle the falcons take them in seven however i do think they beat the eagles so i’ve taken away two and given them two so they finish at 5-3
  5. suspensions

    i agree! i swear it feels like there’s been heaps... and mainly for peds too david irving was the one that got me, think he got done again
  6. derrius guice to go 1k/1k, smith to have another career year, josh doctson to break the record for single season touchdowns...
  7. look in this game u can never be comfortable and i’m not comfortable now i was an active player in the votes in literally every tribal on malf and the horny toads, so i am serious when i say my position in the game is nigh on untenable
  8. the results are in; i may have ballsed the counting but idc here because the winners are obvious flux 15 ruskie 13 pwny 13 lgb 10 heimdallr 3 sife 3 sb 2 ware 1 we had a vote for acclaimed hollywood actor idris elba, and that was definitely not referencing something i didn’t get, and so i awarded the vote to ware instead heat four is now @Bonanza23 @REDandPEWTER @El ramster @J-ALL-DAY @Tugboat @MookieMonstah @MrDrew @Dwight_Schrute highest seed is a 28 here but a lot of big names - you’ve probably come to realise now that every group is filled with eight quality posters and so every group is hard irregardless of the seeding etc
  9. yeah i haven’t watched any since the season after tony’s, we have our own survivor now (lee was so robbed of winning season one) but i’m still a fan every now and then i peep it it’s on but don’t really go out of my way
  10. (people that have been on survivor seasons i’ve watched)
  11. objectively it is tony phillip varner terry (mainly bc of the uncanny mitt romney resemblance) ... ... ... ... colton ... cochran
  12. the results are in for heat two jrry 12 rams 10 vike 10 caribou 8 forge 7 bk 7 irish 5 acgott 1 i have no idea who cariboulou is but he’s saved me from making a tiebreakers decision that i really would struggle with and so i thank him... we lose a single seed, as well as one of @FinneasGage‘s top ten (who else is in this list? stay tuned to find out), in quite a death group... commiserations to the eliminated, again, it’s still quite the achievement to get nominated with the strength of the forum... top 64!! on to the third heat @pwny @LETSGOBROWNIES @RuskieTitan @Venom Sife @Adrenaline_Flux @Dallas94Ware @Silver&Black88 @Heimdallr for what it’s worth we have to wait for like heat six for champion of the people jasonwbantle comes to the fore
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    part seven of this article is brilliant https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/7/19/17587956/punting