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  1. eric ebron for us i think in terms of pure volume potential he could have 7-10 TDs and have the role of a redzone game changer for us or he could flame and not really be a factor for our offense, and i am hoping he’s a game changer
  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    what’s annoying me with media coverage for all countries is that for places that have not yet peaked - ny, italy, and spain most especially here - every day you see “new peak for daily deaths in new york today!” like yes that’s how exponential curves work this isn’t a surprise and ditto when the world cases hit a million, like yeah, if they are 990k yesterday ofc they’re going to hit a million tomorrow i’m not saying don’t report these, but i do think they should be reported more as a given than as some unexpected development
  3. The Runners Thread

    yeah mate i’ve got a forerunner 35 and found it to be super as long as you let it calibrate beforehand (ie when it says “wait”, damn do it until it gives you the all clear), i’ve found that at the olympic regatta centre at the foot of the mountains i run at sometimes, which has a perfect five k running loop (though i do ten) it tracks your laps pretty well perfectly tbh, and it’s a good measuring stick for accuracy given it’s exactly 5k
  4. let’s just say on account of narrow footpaths and small town mindset the runners here aren’t doing much social distancing and i’d rather not have to swerve like a dope whenever i’m running past someone right now (as opposed to having them wheeze on me lol) i’ve takes a leaf out of @Heimdallr‘s book and i’m ramping up my bike riding instead to get my outdoor cardio that way tbh; when you’re on the cycle people get out of your way it’s much more stress free
  5. Mafia Rules and Registration/Discussion Thread

    and i’ve got australian survivor ready to run as a long game when amazing race and pickle’s saw get wrapped up
  6. yeah how is everyone feeling needing to work out from home now? strength training not a big change for me because i do that at home anyway but not being able to go outside for runs is a drag tbh
  7. Seven Seeds

    so now a big change the owners were pushing for seven seeds is properly approved, i'm sure that most of you have read articles of "what would the playoffs look like for the past decade with seven seeds", and most of the time it's a decidedly mediocre team getting the nod, except for that one time with the bears my question is, how long do we think it'll be before a seven seed makes some noise in the playoffs? if they do, and knock off a two seed, how much of the "this system is stupid bring back the old system" discourse would come of it? is this a change that we think is permanent, or will it get shown to be silly and be repealed? what do we think
  8. What if...

    i think this is a fair take but i would prefer jalen hurts if we got the chance
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    also am i the only one who, upon seeing the tag from @bucsfan333 earlier in the week, thought it was a mafia game he was running where the theme was it not being a mafia game
  10. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    the challenges for australian survivor are coming along quite nicely, great way to procrastinate while i'm not doing uni work if you are a fan of forum survivor but wish it was run by someone who's going to do a significantly worse job than that of @Outpost31, then this is the game for you tbh
  11. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    this rules because we can see an entire division make the playoffs in a year although it is super unlikely this sucks by any other reasonable assessment, but for that specific situation this kicks ***
  12. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    the more i think about it the more i (ceteris paribus) am keen on this signing like yeah it would've been cool to get a proper #1 TE, but as is pointed out above we simply don't have the bolts in the bank to do that as an organisation rn however what we are getting is a guy who's simply going to be the better athlete next to his matchup, and sometimes, that's all you need
  13. @Aussie9er something that i saw on abc news this morning i found quite interesting, jobkeeper payment from the government might well have the completely unintended effect of easing financial burdens on the afl and nrl given it extends to the executives for sure and possibly players... super rugby not so lucky but that's fine because nobody watches the rugby anyway
  14. Your football mount rushmore

    i suppose given my age i've got to say big ben - mike tomlin - james harrison - bill belichick which hey, it's one of the more unique ones you'll see here