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  1. mina kimes!! get onboard before it's too late and you can say you were on the train before it was cool
  2. have said it in the thread in the steelers subforum, i'm haranguing the steelers on twitter to pick mina kimes as their gm. they'll bend the knee to me eventually
  3. got nothing to do with the events of the past couple of days tbh, just think that far and away she's one of the smartest analysts and evaluators in the nfl and someone who i would trust to make exemplary personnel decisions based on real outcomes and real data instead of who best fits outdated models of a good player
  4. mina kimes for next gm. i've started the campaign on twitter, get behind me on this one - you will not regret it
  5. why do more people want to watch jimmy garoppolo and the niners than matt stafford, aaron donald and the rams lmao like deebo is fun and all but cmon
  6. the bolded is hugely important and a super take a lot of people don't really mention your suggestion is the go, too, just play an extra unconditional ten minutes and then do golden point; college overtime is stupid and gimmicky and a minigame, and you don't want a team's season going down to a minigame, you want it to go down to who's better at football, not football on a 25 yard field for ****s and giggles tbh - same reason they don't do the shootout for the hockey ploffs
  7. the raiders were screwed not because of some grand idea that the raiders dbacks would've been able to bat the ball were the whistle not blown but rather because the rule is very very black and white and wasn't applied. it's not as if, if there's a miswhistle the play's dead unless in the refs' discretion they decide the miswhistle had no impact on the play; play's dunzo as soon as it's blown, no if, no and, no but.
  8. steelers 28 to 24 with najee doing for ben what ben did for the bus over a decade and a half prior and promising him one last ride to the superbowl… LFG!!
  9. in spite of everything i’m still so hyped… LFG!!!! steelers 28 to 24 we out here
  10. zac taylor has no chin, never trust a man with no chin
  11. hoping that it is something hog related but as they're all taken i'll take a punt on the washington Presidents
  12. can't wait for ben to lob up 10 yard floaters that look like absolute ducks but perfectly bisect KC's corners on the game winning drive for the steelers
  13. you know im a tie guy @Malfatron but i gotta say suck itttttttt
  14. wondrous that the big guy’s final game at heinz was a dub. legend!
  15. put kahlua in my cereal during the game to pour one out for the bigdog, so good to send him out of heinz with the dub
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