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    I think he's a clear starter at the next level. Why don't you like him as a prospect? He shuts people down. It may not always look pretty, but he's very effective.
  2. Those are the three I chose as well.
  3. Pro Day Results

    Really interesting. Could you find the video? I'd like to share it.
  4. Pro Day Results

    @goldfishwars If you like RAS, I strongly recommend downloading the tool (it's free). Extremely useful database, and there's also link to game stats, film, breakdowns, etc. You can either rely on the 1 - 10 color coded scale, or you can set your own thresholds and see if prospects exceed them -- or fail. Hugely helpful if you're a numbers nerd like I am. https://relativeathleticscores.com/2018/02/17/ras-metrics-download/
  5. Pro Day Results

    Van Ginkel needs to improve against the run, but he's made quite a few splash plays for Wisconsin. I thought this might be an interesting comp, athletically, if not exactly playing style. I promise it's not just the long blond hair. Clay Matthews: Height 6' 3" 77 Weight 240 lbs 53 Arm Length 32¼" 34 Hand Size 9½" 42 10 Yard Split 1.49s 98 40 Yard Dash 4.62s 70 Vertical Jump 35½" 63 Broad Jump 121" 74 3-Cone Drill 6.9s 81 20 Yard Shuttle 4.18s 75 Andrew Van Ginkel: 40 yard dash: 4.56 Height 6' 3½" 91 Weight 241 lbs 53 Wingspan 77⅜" 56 Arm Length 32½" 55 Hand Size 9⅜" 29 Vertical Jump 38" 87 Broad Jump 123" 85 3-Cone Drill 6.89s 82 20 Yard Shuttle 4.14s 82
  6. Draft Comparisons

    I like that one a lot. Good call.
  7. Ran a 4.5 at his pro day. His numbers compare almost exactly with Clay Matthews across the board (except bench). Needs to get stronger against the run, but he is good in space, covers grond in a hurry when blitzing, and can play special teams. I'd definitely take a gamble on him late.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft - Secondary

    I think he's better at football in general, but I'll stick to two stats: tackles and ball disruption. Love has more passes defended this season alone than Long had in his entire career (ditto for tackles). I like Long, but Love is likely to have a longer, more consistent career based on what I've seen. Love reminds me of Logan Ryan, although I think he'll get drafted in the 2nd.
  9. Pro Day Results

    Pauline reported 4.55, which is even better. His agility numbers were great and his jumps are very good, too. I love this kid and think he'll be a pro bowler down the road.
  10. Trey Flowers to sign with Lions

    Makes me think he's never really studied Flowers. Trey definitely deserves this deal. We'll miss him. Detroit will love him.
  11. Pro Day Results

    This is a junior pro day, which plenty of teams do without any NCAA problems. Alabama's draft-eligible players pro day is the 19th I believe.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft - Interior Defensive Line

    I made a custom RAS card for him using these times: https://gobearcats.com/documents/2019/3/6//19_FB_Pro_Day_Log.pdf https://imgur.com/a/ZE9Cn2A
  13. Pro Day Results

    I've been tracking some on another board. I'll copy a few links over: Here he is in action: https://www.daily-chronicle.com/2019/03/06/niu-football-smith-scharping-detail-draft-preparations-at-pro-day/drfxgto/?page=8 https://gobearcats.com/documents/2019/3/6//19_FB_Pro_Day_Log.pdf https://247sports.com/college/colorado/Article/Colorado-Buffaloes-2019-Pro-Day-results-and-takeaways-129792803/
  14. 2019 NFL Draft - Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

    I think I'd rather have both Morgan and Renfrow playing complementary roles for less draft capital than Metcalf playing a single deep threat role. Team building > tantalizing talent. I do like Metcalf, though. I think he'll see success and will command double coverage if a team doesn't have a top tier cover guy who can run with him on vertical routes.
  15. 2019 NFL Combine

    Someone on Reddit made this. Seems accurate. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l5_DeFlHES8o2XGo6f015NFVCKhrghuGjFpx8cEFGgQ/edit#gid=0