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  1. I feel the Cardinals just suffered a long-term relationship breakup (Palmer) and spent the night at the club (NFL Draft) scoping out their options. But as the guys were chosen one-by-one, they talked themselves into all the positives of one smart-seeming loner (Rosen), without thinking about how they would feel about him in the long run. They wake up the next morning, and in the harsh light of day, all his flaws are readily apparent and glaring as he's preparing them a weak-sauce cup of coffee and stale bagel. He means well, but his ability to WOW just isn't there. They have their polite, sometimes awkwardly bad conversation over breakfast and part ways with a promise to call. Out on a walk, the Cardinals start reflecting on themselves, thinking about what a mess they've been since their last relationship and how they've let themselves go since they Dad (Arians) moved out of town. Maybe they judged that boy too harshly; he trying to do all the right things, but recalling those morning conversations, he just didn't have much of a support system of his own either. The Cardinals get out their phone, romantically hopeful, and determined to at least give him one more shot. Oh, trade down.
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