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  1. The edge is that Slater is proven to play multiple positions across the line.
  2. I went Surtain. I had to strongly pull away from my dream in drafting Waddle. Waddle would make us team 50 burger but, Surtain will be a much needed asset.
  3. Grant is good but we also have Molden that would be good in the Nickel
  4. Lance definitely is a 1st rd grade
  5. I actually was a toss up for me. I chose Wilson based on position and being BPA. But if I were the GM I would pick JOK just because of the talent/need. So JOK
  6. Switch pitts with Waddle would be epic but I would Lol this draft.
  7. Because of more experience and the ability to play guard which he did a little in Washington. So I do call it an upgrade
  8. So this basically means the Wr Corp is set Cooper Gallup Lamb Waddle Wilson Brown Moving on...
  9. Now we can go win a super bowl
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