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  1. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    He was going to be my breakout player😂
  2. Who will be the breakout player in 2019?

    Blake Jarwin, Randy Gregory
  3. 2020 Head Coaching Candidates?

    Richard said he was looking for the right fit while being interviewed last year. Nothing came up. Remember Jason Garrett is on the last year of his contract
  4. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Brady has the ultimate weapon in Belichick. He don't need anything else. In every playoff game Prescott has played in he has played well enough to win. Its not his fault that the Defense, run game and play calling is not affective in playoff games.
  5. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    Even though a suspension would be crazy for this action.This is why im glad we have Pollard and Weber.
  6. Ranking the (B)East - DC

    Its Kris Richard hands down
  7. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    Zeke shouldn't get suspended for this crap. This is so overblown. Even if so this is why you bring in guys like Pollard and Weber. I would love to see this young 1,2 punch against the weak beginning schedule we have.
  8. Ranking the (B)East - LB Group

    Shouldnt the Cowboys have Lee rather than Joe Thomas
  9. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Would you guys be opposed to trading Anthony Brown and a 5th rd pick for Patrick Peterson? Peterson has been rumored to be wanting out of Arizona and has been mentioned of being on the trade block. Now that he will be suspended for the first 6 games they will be more vulnerable to trade. Being that our schedule is pretty favorable for the first 6 weeks we could have J. Lewis play the outside and Chido in the slot where he can excel. After week 6 Peterson will play on the outside.
  10. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2836140-tmz-cowboys-tyrone-crawford-facing-60-days-in-jail-for-fight-caught-on-video.amp.html Goodell will have fun with this SMH
  11. Ranking the (B)East - OT

    I eliminated Lane because they all are superior talent but he got caught juiced not once but twice
  12. Ranking the (B)East - OT

    I voted Tyron. Even though he had somewhat of a down year last year playing a total of 15 games recording a whopping 0 sacks
  13. Predict the 53 - Post Draft (WAY TOO EARLY!)

    For some reason I dont see us carrying a FB this year. With Pallard and Weber both being good blockers out of the Backfield
  14. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

    Hmm... Does this also mean the plan to bring in Sean Payton as HC

    I really think Pallard also helps out on offense. A RB that is really good catching out of the Backfield. This is what we've been asking for. To change our Vanilla Offense. He ran a 4.37 and would spead out a defense. Would I rather have picked Johnson IDK, but with Jones, Awuzie, Brown, and Lewis Johnson may not see the field. Pallard can be used in many ways