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  1. I get it but Lamb would be a slot with Thomas and TY
  2. Remember tucker was a kicker and punter in College and was a pretty good one too
  3. If you're talking about moving on in any capacity you should trade him now. There is no point of going into next offseason with the mindset to tag him again. If you already feel this way we should trade him to the Jags now for a ransom of draft picks and rock out with Dalton. Do I think we waited to long? Yes but Personally I want to sign Dak long term and I believe we still have the cap flexibility to do it next year.
  4. LAST PICK!!! I Didn't pick my QB yet Lol. So... Matthew Stafford IMO would be top 5 Qb I'f he had quality coaching and GM through his career @MKnight82
  5. 6'3 206LB Wr that runs a 4.38 40 and hates the Eagles!!! Can't get better than Denzel Mims @MKnight82
  6. Hate that I'm doing this right now Jason Peters (G) @flyingmonkey30
  7. I'm cool with it. Graham Glasgow I guess its @MKnight82
  8. I'm confused what happened to @flyingmonkey30 I was waiting for my pick in rd 26
  9. Aldon Smith Because I can @flyingmonkey30
  10. Can I change my Josh Stinton pick to Billy Price since Stinton has retired.
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