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  1. While we’re on the topic of trading a player, the Jets are hurting bad at LB Jaylon Smith will do wonders for them right. I’ll be nice and take a 4th
  2. This looks accurate just switch Armstrong with Bradley A. And take out Noah Brown for Ralston. I don’t why everyone is cutting Goodwin. He a ST ACE
  3. If still on team after final cuts I will get a Wright Jersey
  4. I think Ball will make the roster over knight. I also don’t think D Armstrong or Basham won’t make the team. Fehoko I think will push Brown out. He will be good on ST and I believe is a better overall Wr. Other than that I like it.
  5. In this Order 1. Slater 2. Waddle 3. Horn 4. Trade #10 to Jets for #23, Quinnen Williams and their 3rd
  6. I wouldn’t put much into this. From her videos to her previous relationship battles this is overreactions. Her text messages that she posted from him to me shows no merit. I still want Waddle
  7. The edge is that Slater is proven to play multiple positions across the line.
  8. I went Surtain. I had to strongly pull away from my dream in drafting Waddle. Waddle would make us team 50 burger but, Surtain will be a much needed asset.
  9. Grant is good but we also have Molden that would be good in the Nickel
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