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  1. Slappers and Clappers vs Green Bay

    LP has been through 3 coaches none accomplished anything. Im just saying...
  2. Game Balls and SLappers: Dallas at NOLA

    Slappers: Coaching, Witten and Zeke. Two Fumbles killed promising drives. GB: Quin and Defense minus Awuzie. Other than the int that plopped his way he played terrible.
  3. Around the NFL: Week 4

    Did anyone see how bad Devonte Adams injury was. I missed the 4th quarter. I hope its not to serious
  4. Gallup out 2-4 weeks

    This really sucks, but maybe this can open things up even more. 12 personnel ( This can put pressure on Jarwin to enhance his game even more) Development of Cedrick Wilson and Devon Smith. Remember last years training camp Wilson was actually outplaying Gallup before he got hurt. Smith with his speed and ball tracking ability to be a solid 2. More of Pollard. Can he become that mini Kamara that we want. Feeding the Best. More touches in different ways for Zeke. Weapons Weapons Weapons When Gallup comes back our offense should be stronger
  5. I'll pass. Rather have Fitzpatrick. He has a fitting personality for this team.
  6. The Washington Badnames v The Daklas Cowboys

    The best moment of that drive was hearing Dak interview with Pam Oliver. Hes such a Leader
  7. The Run Game doesnt matter

    I speaking career wise. They all are good Rbs but just not as important enough to win games for their respective teams
  8. The Run Game doesnt matter

    Tell that to Barkley, Mixon, D. Johnson, AP and McCaffrey
  9. I wouldn't bet on those young Wrs. Cowboys have way better corners than the trash that the Eagles put out against you guys on Sunday.
  10. The Washington Badnames v The Daklas Cowboys

    Cowboys release RB Chunn. This leaves an open roster spot for who?
  11. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Nice run by Zeke. He looks winded though
  12. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Good play call Kellen
  13. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Say he isn't better than Beasley
  14. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Alex Smith 1st 3 yrs 19TDs 31INTs (Got better with time) Daks 1st 3yrs 67Tds 25Ints ( Still advancing his game) This doesn't add up. Don't compare the 2