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  1. Thompson released

    What player could we draft that might be more of a need than Cooper. Note drafting Defensive to an already skilled unit would leave still huge holes in the offense
  2. Around the League Week 8 - Jags like to party

    Lions are looking for a mid rd pick for Golden Tate. Would you guys had rather traded a 3-5 pick for him rather than a 1st for Cooper?
  3. Amari Cooper traded to Cowboys

    Now when Cooper plays well and Dak finally establishes himself which will allow more running lanes for Zeke. Which one of you will be the first one to eat crow
  4. Around the NFL Week 5 - Le’Veon to Eagles?

    Only problem is can they afford him. They have slim to no cap space. Next years cap space is worse. Will he even step on the field with a team that can't pay him
  5. Josh Gordon Eyeing Cowboys

    A 5th rd pick only if he plays 10 games. I thought I seen that condition in the trade. Either way smart move by the Pats. I wish we could have pulled this off
  6. GDT: Week 2 - Cowboys vs Giants - Loser misses playoffs

    Now take that and give me Josh Gordan to go with it. Zeke would be able to eat all day
  7. Josh Gordon Eyeing Cowboys

    He's head and Shoulders above any Reciever in this division not named Odell Beckham
  8. Around the NFL - Week 1 - FOOTBALL. Is. BACK

    I want him in Dallas If this is a no pending suspension issue. I trade a 5th rd pick for him
  9. What do you want in a Head-Coach?

    Kris Richard
  10. The Cuts are coming - Dallas and around the league.

    The only thing I can think of is saving 3 million over the next 3 years ?
  11. The Cuts are coming - Dallas and around the league.

    What did Noah Brown do that outplayed Thompson and Lenoir. Someone please tell me???
  12. The Cuts are coming - Dallas and around the league.

    Dan Bailey cut??
  13. Around the League - Training Camp

    I see why people are saying the Bears robbed the raiders, but if you look at it do you think this could be a semi development year for Gruden. They hopefully already have their QB for the future. Next year they would have 2 probably top 10-15 picks in a draft that's loaded with dline talent. They also will have crazy money come free agency to aquire more. They also have their own 2nd. Then in 2020 they can continue to build through draft without damaging cap space. I know Mack is a Beast but he's not going to push the Bears above the Vikings or Packers. So if the Raiders hit on their draft picks it could be a win for the Radiers
  14. The Cuts are coming - Dallas and around the league.

    He won't clear waivers
  15. The Cuts are coming - Dallas and around the league.

    Forget the 6th rd come back for cheap